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Review: In May of 2012 Pro Web Solutions Inc offered to provide an upgrade to my existing company website at a discounted rate of $750 from their usual fee of $1,500. As of August 2013, no website upgrade has been provided or a refund of the money invoiced for the service offered. Since the amount is not worth the time and expense of a small claims court settlement, I have periodically requested a refund in the full amount of $750 via email and by phone (when and if they elect to answer it.). A several minute conversation that included shouting obscenities by the PWSI owner Mr[redacted]; M[redacted] verbally agreed to honor my request for the refund. Some more time passed before I received an email that stated PWSI considered the matter closed and where not planning to send the $750 refund after all. After repeated emailed protests that they can not unilaterally declare the matter settled because they say so. All correspondence to date has been routinely ignored.Desired Settlement: Refund in the full amount of $750 by certified bank check or money order.





[redacted] and [redacted]


Further review and investigation of this matter was required, the details are listed below based on our internal investigation.

The assertions of Mr. [redacted] are incorrect and highly unprofessional in regards to the flagrant accusations of [redacted] personally, the communication timeline, client services, as well as the matter of no work and delivering nothing as stated in this in this false accusation. PWSI takes our clients satisfaction of work very serious and spent countless hours reviewing what we could do to help Mr. [redacted] after his claims, the following information reviews our findings with attachments and data.

Client agreed to payment for website Order Number: [redacted]

The site file directory/ CSS / (See evidence attached: homepage [redacted]tic CSS 06 NOV 12 and homepage screenshot) Style and date of work completed can be shown while built with this company is in use and we can provide verification that the directories were basically taken from our servers from recorded access logs. We attempted to explain to this former client how the site could be finalized however client chose to use a former contractor to deploy the work outside of our servers. Communication with former contractor shows this contractor agreed that he worked for them outside of our capacity and without PWSI knowledge, IP address of access logs prove this fact as well, former contractor made contact with [redacted] and forwarded the following message as we thought matter

was closed: see evidence attached and below: [redacted]


-------- Original Message --------


Date: Tue, 6 Nov 2012 15:00:23 -0500

I just spoke to Mr.[redacted] and he said he will not be making

contact with Pro Web Solutions anymore regarding past issues.

I also mentioned that you offered to provide him free hosting;

and he has decided to not take you up on this offer.

Let's put this matter to rest, and move forward. Thank you.

################################End of Copy of Email Message####################################

See our privacy policy and terms and conditions for further reference.

This client opted to leave PWSI with work that was on our computers/servers against authorized access terms.

If a client uses files and core software that were built under PWSI contractors, employees or otherwise, this effectively taking our work that was completed/in progress/etc. and using it, transferring out of our server to a server of your choosing which is a not practice we

endorse or take part in.

IMPORTANT: It is our policy that if PWSI clients deserve a refund they get it, this case was fully investigated and we see major issues here. Much to our dismay in the stance [redacted] have decided to take in this matter... our intention was to work with them to build a website and business tool that would build a brand and provide a powerful web presence, this process can sometimes take years to effectively take vision and ideas and replicate them on the web. To include offers of free hosting and additional good faith additional

scopes work to help them because ofthe client not fully aware of the technology involved to build such web applications. We spent many hours on this scope of work to include Review, Analysis, Development, Template Construction, Deployment, Coding, Style/CSS, Project Management (Well over $750 pricetag in hopes of longstanding relationship) The client contacted us in regards to additional IT related issues, and other services NOT covered in this

scope of work and wished free services for these billable issues. We offered advice regardless as seen in June 2012 and showing continued communication. (See evidence of our ticket support system: Ticket_Histor[redacted]

The below information shows 21,272 files transferred in and out of the server from March 2012 to 27 AUG 2012. The files build (2) completed CMS website builds and there are (2) databases set up to run both builds. We have FULL Documentation of these file transfer protocals FTP

The transfer shows unauthorized access by former PWSI contractors to our systems as well as replicating our scope of work on another server other than PWSI.


After careful analysis of our team concluded that the site contracted to be built was transferred out of our system and rebuilt on different server than ours, correlating IP addresses have been logged and are being investigated internally at the moment. Full support from our datacenter administrators will enable the reconstruction of the site built by PWSI contractors hired to complete work on our behalf. We give access to our clients secure servers to approved contractors, after they stop working as a contractor for us they are NOT allowed to contact our clients or access our servers by any means.

The following review of details in question: (websites can sometimes take time to build, can have bugs, etc.. and server placement is paramount to proper hosting which we take very seriously)

Market Value of CMS website range from $4500+, (this level of service in question would be $7500+) we offered our discounted website to [redacted] for $750. Our hourly rates for this type of job is $125 per hour for example PWSI built original Joomla 2.5 Website to our server on 04 JUN 2012, which was not approved. PWSI Contractor ([redacted]) updated the website for [redacted] to [redacted] CMS build to match client request in better fashion. [redacted] asked for minor tweaks to the completed website ( reference: email on 14 AUG 2012 0748hrs)Quote from text from email address [redacted]): " I liked the direction [redacted] was going with it but there were several tweaks that needed to be made before I would be satisfied with it." PWSI Management was not notified and did not authorize our contractors to send outgoing FTP of files, however full FTP was completed 15 AUG 2012 - 27 AUG 2012 Continued FTP from IP Address correlating to former PWSI contractor ([redacted]) [redacted] was completed 27 AUG 2012 DNS Updated to domain [redacted] outside of PWSI servers.


Each of our accounts maintains a file directory (by default) which is called 'access logs'

FTP Logs show us the following information:

current-time transfer-time remote-host file-size filename

transfer-type special-action-flag direction access-mode

username service-name authentication-method

authenticated-user-id completion-status

(What does this say? - Basically this shows us the completion of files uploaded to the account for a full website build, the IP Address of who sent it, and if we put them all together we see a completed site, and completion of the transfer) We host the site on our computers and the software is there for clients to 'rent' or 'use' while paying for monthly services.

NOTE: We log the IP Address of our Contractors when performing work for us for required security and added protection of our clients.

The direction tells us whether the file was incoming or outgoing ( "i or o" ) so we can clearly see the the entire directory transferred in then transferred out. Details below:

Correlating IP Adresses show us where the Incoming and Outgoing files are sent.

ACCESS LOGS DETAILS : originating from file ftp.[redacted]

Show successful transfers of the entire directory and history of transfers back to Thu May 27 13:08:34 2010

What does this say?

04 JUN 2012 ACCESS logs show FULL Installation of Joomla 2.5 CMS

16,121 Files transferred on Mon Jun 04 11:07:23 2012 path .../home[redacted]/public_html/site0612/ DIRECTION: Incoming

26 JUL 2012 ACCESS logs show OUTGOING transfer of original Site

291 Files transferred out

01AUG 2012 ACCESS LOGS show full Installation of website files for a

[redacted] CMS: Incoming to IP address of approved contractor correlation.

03 AUG 2012 ACCESS LOGS show OUTGOING transfer of website files

15 AUG 2012 ACCESS LOGS show OUTGOING transfer of [redacted] CMS

16 AUG 2012 ACCESS LOGS show OUTGOING transfer of files

27 AUG 2012 ACCESS LOGS show OUTGOING transfer of files to Correlated IP

Address of (inactive, unauthorized) PWSI Contractor [redacted]

DNS Updated on 27 AUGUST 2012 to point to ALL files that were transferred out

(What does this mean? PWSI Contractors were contacted by this company to perform work outside of our company and access to our servers were made without our approval)


The refund policy was not followed in this matter. We are happy to offer refunds if so warranted according to our TOS and client discussions, however in this case our files and access logs show very different results and full support and scope of work followed.

We also offered FREE hosting for life for a single domain and complete rebuild/review of the file directory which was verbally declined.

- We maintain all access logs from our account which shows Geographical Data, the FTP (file transfer protocal) records and show the completed website was effectively moved to a another host than ours. this does not constitute the accepted protocal for a refund to just move our files and rebuild it on another server.

The last update of the DNS records for [redacted] are as follows: (which coroborate the moving of the files to another host) the details were obtained publicly from http://www[redacted]


Domain Name: [redacted]

Registrar: [redacted]

Whois Server: [redacted]

Referral URL: http://[redacted]

Name Server: [redacted]

Name Server: [redacted]

Status: clientDeleteProhibited

Status: clientRenewProhibited

Status: clientTransferProhibited

Status: clientUpdateProhibited

Updated Date: 27-aug-2012

Creation Date: 09-nov-2006

Expiration Date: 09-nov-2013


The current live website [redacted] is effectively a PWSI scope of work and was sent to a new host by a former contractor contacted outside of PWSI communication lines, which is very unfair to our company. The response showed just a few more updates to be made on 14 AUG 2012, we maintain the old directory which is not 'online' however exists in our archives and is a copy of the current live site that this company uses. What does that mean? The client is utilizing a website that was built and paid for by PWSI contractors and wants a refund for a work they are using.

Quoted from email "I liked the direction [redacted] was going with it but there were several tweaks that needed to be made before I would be satisfied with it." -

Confirming the scope of work near completion and hours completed for work on the site.


We maintain the file directory of USER: [redacted] - [redacted] which has remained on our server. This shows the site that we built for the client and the database of the files.


IMPORTANT: The database was 'moved' to include the files and replicated database which is ('database' => '[redacted] 'username' => [redacted]_maad1') and website on another hosting platform (and no longer hosts the live site on our server)


We currently maintain the file directory in a compressed file for our records that show the [redacted] CMS website that was created by a PWSI Contractor that was under a signed contract with us to provide this service.


Full records and verbal acknowledgement show the files were 'copied' in unauthorized manner and replicated to produce the current LIVE website on servers other than ours. The IP address used was one of former Contractor to perform the transfers which we maintain record of.

Our terms of service clearly state "There are no refunds on dedicated servers, administrative fees, and install fees for custom software." Whereas a drupal CMS installation is custom software, also that a request to cancel the account must be made in writing. This was agreed

to when paying online for our services and falls within the parameters.

Accusations of promise to pay has been misrepresented by Mr. [redacted] as Mr. [redacted] stated that IF this account warranted a refund, it would get it. We have kept this client notified and offered free Web Hosting and various IT Services because

of the issue that had with us and our desire to keep our clients happy, the client declined this offer which would have been of value similar as website in total.

We are continually getting harassing emails and personal attacks towards our corporate team and wish for this to stop

END OF INVESTIGATION - Reviewed/Approved by [redacted], CTO PWSI

PWSI contacts

[redacted], CTO

[redacted], Owner



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