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Reviews Probate Attorney, Attorney Advertising Reviews (20)

• Nov 21, 2021

Couldn't ask for more
This program really works. I told these guys what exactly I was looking for and they were able to deliver. Results have been amazing. More and more new cases. They have been an instrumental part in my firm growing for years.

• Nov 03, 2021

Recommend the service
I am a current subscriber to probate counselors. My firm has tried almost all forms of advertising with limited success. I am of the belief that you never know what might work until you try it. Probate counselors has surprised me in what I actually get from the website. They aren't as expensive as other online companies and have outperformed the vast majority of them in the amount of new cases I consistently get. They have a different approach than most other online programs and I believe that is the reason that I have had plenty of success with them. I encourage anyone to try the service, it is working well for me.

• Oct 23, 2021

First Rate Advertising
My overall experience with probate counselors has been outstanding. Their customer support is good. Whenever I have reached out to them with questions or needed help, they have responded back to me in a timely fashion. Every year I have been part of this website, I have obtained new clients from them. The program has worked well for my company.

• Oct 10, 2021

Good Service
I have been a customer of probate counselors since the beginning. I took a chance on a brand new website and have been very satisfied since. Throughout the years I steadily have added new clients that found me through their service. I recommend the program!

• Sep 25, 2021

Highest vote of confidence
Hello! I recently spoke with on behalf of a close friend that was considering their service. As an owner of an advertising agency , he wanted my opinion to determine if I thought it was worth it to join their program to create additional business for his law firm.

I want to say that I was impressed with not only their knowledge and expertise after talking "shop" with them, but most importantly with their service. They were overly generous with their time with me and have no hesitation to recommend their service. They certainly have my vote of confidence.

• Sep 05, 2021

Love the website
Probate counselors has given my firm a big financial boost. I haven't been a member for very long, however, I am already off to a very good start. I received a new client my very first month. Their staff is a helpful, professional group. Great service. Thank you Probate counselors!

Last year I spoke to Probatecounselors about how to advertise for my law firm. After having several informative conversations with them, I decided to give their program a try. They have exceeded my expectations in almost every way. I am happy to say that my business has steadily increased and I owe it all to them. Very effective!

Hello. I wanted to share my experience with this company because I think they deserve the worthy praise. I heard about probate counselors from a fellow attorney in my area. He mentioned that he was using a company that advertised for him online and he was getting quite a bit of business from it. I told him that I knew nothing about advertising on the internet and wouldn't have a clue on how to do it. He told me to give them a call and they would explain how the program worked, just like they did with him. I decided to call just to have a conversation with them to see if it's something I could understand and maybe get involved with. They were super nice and took the time to explain in detail how it worked. I was actually very impressed with their knowledge and expertise, so I decided to try it out for myself.

It has only been 4 months and I am very impressed with their service in many ways. First, their customer service is one of the best I have experienced. They are very supportive and always are there to help. Second, I have many new clients that have found me from the advertising that they have done for me. So, from a financial perspective this has been a great experience for me. Lastly, I want to thank this company for their time, effort, support and successful advertising that they have done for my business. If you need more business, talk to the people at probate counselors. They are a pleasure to deal with and deliver results!

My boss signed up with them in 2016. Fast forward a year later in which we had not gotten 1 referral from our listing with My boss said to cancel it. I was told it was too late to cancel that we had to pay for another year because it auto renews. I said well that is frustrating, but a contact is a contact. The annual amount, $5,000 for which we garnered nothing. I explained that we will make sure to cancel it on time next year and paid another $5,000. A good business would be working hard to keep you as a customer. We received no email, phone call, or even a letter trying to keep us a customer. Fast forward to the end of the contract and now we have spent $10k and received NOTHING for it. I sent an email to cancel the subscription, per their instructions and asked someone to respond to confirm the cancellation. A week goes by and no response. I send another email and finally received a response. Horrible customer service. Shady, at best, practices. DO NOT sign up with this company.

We have been a customer of for a few years now. We enrolled with the hope that they can send us a few extra clients here and there to help our firm. We have been surprised with the results of their program. We have received many cases almost every month since we have subscribed to their services. We never knew that there was this many people online that were looking for attorneys. Their staff is very nice and knowledgeable, seems they always try to go out of their way to help as much as they can. They have been very attentive to our needs. The bottom line is they have a very effective way to advertise and promote law firms for a relatively inexpensive cost. has added an significant amount of new growth to my company. I have only been with them for a relatively short period of time, however I have made a nice return so far on this investment for my business. I realize now how effective digital advertising can be with a company that really knows their stuff. They have an outstanding service.

My partner and I are two experienced attorneys that have been practicing for 25 years. We both have had a fair amount of success for most of our careers. However, in the past few years our practice has grown considerably and we credit the use of one company in particular which is Our outlook has always been to look for "quality" cases as opposed to "quantity". They tailored a program to suit our needs and it couldn't be working any better. They have given us specifically what we were looking for. They have a fantastic program and exceptional customer support. We love it!

We are a small law firm in a fairly busy market. We have always struggled to compete with "The big boys" that have large marketing budgets to advertise their practice. We were referred by one of their subscribers to I thought at first we definitely could not afford it after hearing how good their service could be. But after a lengthy discussion and their willingness to help "A little guy", we found a way to get signed up. Since then, we have been delighted with the results. They have sent us plenty of high quality business and we are starting to be able to compete with those big boys. So glad we found this company!

I have been a client of for 18 months now. Before discovering them, I have done a ton of advertising with little to no success. Needless to say, I have lost
a tremendous amount of money on plenty of worthless junk. After learning about this company, I figured it wouldn't hurt to talk to them. I had my guard up because everything I tried did not work. At the end of the day, the made sense about many things that I wondered about and learned why I lost in many other things. So, I figured I would give them a try. Worst case scenario, I lose a little more money. Best case, I find a way to get more business. So, I have to say without any hesitation that this vehicle has worked like a charm for me. I get a steady stream of business from this website. I cant believe it but it really works for me. I would highly recommend this for anyone like me that had absolutely no luck, but didn't give up looking for a way to drum up more business!

We were signed up with the promise of 10-15 referrals per month and asked to pay $2,900 for a year's listing. We got exactly ZERO new cases off of this service -- then we were put on an auto-renewal despite the fact that we raised with them our complaints of a total failure of their service. The rep was very pushy on the front end and of absolutely no help on the tail end. I strongly discourage attorneys from signing up with this service.

I have worked with Probate Counselors for more than five years and they are incredible. They are expert advisors on advertising speciffically for Probate Attorneys. They take extra steps to ensure our messages are reaching the right audiences the right number of times and that our budget is well spent. We have had an excellent relationship with them and they always get us the best rates possible. They have added value to our marketing operation.

I have found to be an extremely responsive, friendly, flexible, and creative organization. They were very generous with their time to find out exactly what I was looking for, which was something I had a hard time finding when I spoke to other companies. I would encourage any potential customers to use for their advertising needs.

I set up a phone appointment with to find out more about how their services could help me. The rep I spoke to was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional. They were able to provide solutions I didn't know were possible. I can't wait to get my campaign started with them.

I set up a phone appointment with to find out more about how their services could help me. The rep I spoke to was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and professional. They were able to provide solutions I didn't know were possible. I can't wait to get my campaign started with them.

I received a message from Japin (or Chapin) from, stating that he was following up on a call I don't remember happening. I called back one evening and he explained his business - he has a directory of clients needing probate assistance and was presumably offering to sell me advertising space on his site. I asked for some written material, he said he didn't have any and didn't need any and also began questioning why I'd want it. I ended the call. The next day he left me a message, asking that I follow up, seemingly forgetting we'd spoken the night before. When I called back, a similar conversation occurred, he said he didn't have any written information, became hostile over the phone, saying "Why do you need written material?" "I don't have time to write you an email" and "So are we wasting our time here?" Again, I ended the call.
It's entirely possible this was an isolated event from a rude salesperson in an otherwise fine organization. But the following things make me think it could be a scam:
1. He was completely opposed to putting anything in writing or sending me any information.
2. He stated his company had an excellent rating with the but I am unable to find his company listed on your site.
3. I've never heard of his site but he claims he has over a thousand people in his Richmond directory, looking for probate attorneys.
4. He said I could probably expect about 75-80 new clients a year from this listing, and if each client paid only $500, that would represent an extra $40,000 in revenue. Claims like this sound suspicious, if not unethical.
Thanks for your time.

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