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ProFast Deliveries

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This business has an advertisement on [redacted] for employment as a shipping clerk. They give a phone interview and make you sign a contract and they do not pay you after 30 days. Which just so happens to be the first payday. Do not fall for any of it. They use the website ([redacted]) You have been warned.Product_Or_Service: Shipping clerkDesired SettlementThey should be flagged and all advertisements following or similar should be removed or marked spam. They want free labor for something that is so elementary.

I was contacted by representatives of this company to work for them routing packages received by mail. I was suspecious and went on their website to check them out before giving them my filled out employment form and consenting to work for them. The pay was to based as $30 for every package sent after my trial period of mailing 5 packages. I received my pay for the first 5 packages. I was asked to send my report to receive my 3 week pay and submitted it with confirmation from [redacted] that it was received. That was on July3rd. The pay was never received and although I have emailed the people I was contacted by, no one has ever replied and I have still not been paid. I only went with trying this because after hundreds of resumes to jobs posted on [redacted], after a year I still do not have a job and was told I don't qualify for unemployment. I am sure this was a scam and only hope the company that I am currently training with wont do the same. They need to be stopped as I have still received packages to send for them and received rude comments from [redacted] when I told them they needed to pick them up and return to the sender.Desired SettlementI want my pay for working for this company and I want it made known they are reputable in their business dealings.

Please dont let these people or person scam you like they scam me. This is not a legitimate business. The trick is they put you on a 30 day waiting period for your salary and have you forward all these packages while waiting. Then when its time to get paid you will never get a response from them. The packages will not come in your name, they come in other people name. Then you will start to get random mails saying credit card billing address has change to your address and PayPal account with a negative balance. DONT TRUST THIS PERSON OR PEOPLE.","neg-1

On June 29th or 30th, I had received a email from a company called ProFastDeliveries LLC offering me a position as a Shipping Coordinator and that my duties will be involving me receiving and shipping packages. During my probation period you get paid $20 per package and then after the probation period I will get paid $40 per package. Also I get bonuses for packages shipped in time. Also, I do not pay for shipping.I have attached a detailed Job Description and Application form. Please fill out the application and send it back by e-mail at your earliest convenience. ProFastDeliveries LLC is an international mail and package forwarding company that provides people overseas access to the US consumer market. Using our service non-US residents are able to purchase any item from US store and have it shipped to their home location anywhere in the world at a reasonable cost.Please let me know if you have any questions.We look forward to welcoming you to our team. Sincerely, [redacted]. After checking out the company, I decided to go ahead and apply for the position. On July 2nd, I received a email back saying that after the security manager look over the copy of my photo Id to see if everything was good then I will receive a email with the instructions. So, the next day I did receive an email containing instructions on what exactly Im suppose to be doing and etc. After four days, passed I receive a email from [redacted] saying my first package should be on its way soon. Then the next day I receive a email from [redacted] containing a shipping label for the package and that same day I shipped it off. I did that same process for at least three weeks. During those three weeks I shipped at least 5 other packages and received some unregistered packages as well. Also, I did get paid as well but not the full amount that I was promised. On July 28th, she sent me a email with three different shipping label for five packages out of the fourteen packages that I had. The [redacted] store wont allow me to ship of the packages due to the size of the boxes I needed and also for the labels having the same billing info on them. I came home and emailed [redacted] telling her exactly what the [redacted] manager told me and she couldnt believe it. So after about 6 emails, she told me that we would just shipped them in smaller boxes. On August 10th, I had received a billing invoice for a customs fee charge for one of packages from [redacted]. I emailed [redacted] about it. I havent heard anything back from her since. I have emailed her and called her multiple times . Every time I called her I always get told that the person Im trying to reach is not available. I still have all fourteen packages.Desired SettlementI would really like to get rid of all fourteen packages and never did deal with this company again

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Description: Work At Home Companies

Address: 88 Union Avenue, Memphis, Tennessee, United States, 38103


+1 (844) 394-9269
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