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Please use caution in dealing with this property management companyWe notated on our moinspection form that the dryer was brokenIt took over one month to be replaced on the note that they were waiting on a part to arriveTown association rules prevented us from hanging clothes outdoors so we had to hang our clothing throughout the inside of our home which was a major inconvenienceOur property manager Darlene H*** was on vacation with failure to notify us until we made a fuss about it to the officeApparently she had, "proactively" cancelled the part order and order a new dryerThis magically coming to light after we so rudely disturbed her time offWe had a bee hive in our dryer duct about a year laterThere was a hole allowing bees into the compartment holding our water heater which essentially allowed them into the homeOur kitchen was swarmed, and we had to duct tape the door to the water heat shutThis was a hazardous situationIt took over a week for them to have someone onsite to address the situationIt took repeated remindersWe weren't given proper info for our termite tenting so we were harassed by the termite company while at work with threats to break into our home so they could complete the jobPer the termite company, all info was given to our property managerWhen our roommate moved out, they did not handle the move out procedure properlyThey ran a credit check on my girlfriend and tried to move her in on a rental agreement that still had our old roommates name on itDarlene checked out on us after we decided we were not comfortable with how they were handling thingsWe requested to speak with the owner because there were threats that we were going to be liable to damages to the floor that we didn't causeThe owner was to sell the unit so we unit so we knew they'd be renovating the floorsThere was a bad leak that Darlene failed to address for over a month that was coming through the kitchen cabinetsIt was so bad in our kitchen we filled a pitcher multiple times and it spread to the downstairs bathroom wallBy the time we moved out, it had built up mold along the bathroom wallThey tried to shove multiple contractors and plumbers on us the last week of our move outI lost my professional cleaning company because the plumber was rude and insisted I accommodate him although I already had multiple times only to be stood upGuess what? The plumber never showed again so I wasted my day off plus I cancelled what would have been our cleaningIt was too late to book another cleaner so we lost out on our depositDarlene ghosted us the whole timeIn the end we got our "partial" deposit back which was disappointingThe whole situation wasWhen I went to pick up my deposit check, she hid around a corner and had another person bring my check to meMy heart would have been a lot lighter had she just shown faceVery cowardly company

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because:
First of all, thank you for your response Mr. [redacted]. I appreciate your time. To address your first statement regarding lack of empirical knowledge, your representative [redacted] was provided with copies of communications between myself and the previous Property Manager on August 14th 2014 regarding the history of issues with the neighbor who smokes in his apartment/on premise against House Rules. This is in addition to verbal information I have provided to her/Property Profiles regarding the issues that have persisted. I also let Ms. [redacted] know at that time that I would be pursuing this issue formally if steps were not taken to address it. This tenant continues to smoke in his apartment(much less after I filed this complaint) and was seen smoking outside his apartment on premise as recently as January 30th, 2015. E-cigarette and to a lesser extent(currently) regular cigarette smoke can be smelled emanating from the tenants apartment on a regular basis. After I filed the complaint with the the tenant who smokes started opening his door again and even started to smoke outside(very little). Prior to that, he did not go outside regularly to smoke nor open his door much at all. This is a pattern that takes place on every instance where I pursue the issue of his cigarette/e-cigarette smoke entering my apartment. After the tenant who smokes was given notice, I was absolutely inundated with cigarette smoke and carbon monoxide exposure. Initially I thought it was just him blowing off steam from the notice but as 50 days had past and no movement was taking place I realized that he knew all along he was not going to have to move and I was being “smoked out”. I believe that part of the reason the Property Management was changed is to “reset the clock” on the issues I have endured/experienced regarding some of the other tenants and to facilitate my removal. Your statement that you have no knowledge of previous events and that they cannot be verified support that belief. A close friend of the owners told me [redacted] was recommended because she is a “pit bull” when it comes to dealing with issues. Ms. [redacted] has stated to me when I inquired about random inspections that she had made two passes in her vehicle and saw the tenant in question smoking on the sidewalk. When asked approximately when that was I was not able to get a definitive response. If you folks or any tenant can provide an approximate day or even week when the tenant who smokes was outside on the sidewalk smoking, I would be willing to provide documentation to prove that the tenant in question has in fact not gone out regularly to smoke if at all for the vast majority of time I have resided here and when he does go outside to smoke, he does so on premise. The tenant in question is a chronic smoker. I have nothing against smokers. I do however have something against someone who knowingly and willfully endangers my health. I used to smoke myself and I have family members who smoke.  I don't know any smokers that would 't try to avoid having a non smoker breathe their second hand smoke if it's within their power. Especially considering how generally available information is now regarding how bad second hand smoke can be for your health. Most smokers I know are courteous and respectful.  As you stated Mr. [redacted], you folks have taken over Management for five months(it's actually been six) but yet you have already decided in that short  time that I am a trouble tenant and should be removed? If you folks did a fair investigation of facts you will find that the complaints from neighbors are retaliatory just as the termination notice I was served with is retaliatory. I have been bullied by some of the neighbors for a significant amount of time. The last conversation I had with the tenant who smokes in his apartment proved as much. He told me that “we don't like you because you don't say anything or say hello”. He used “we” a lot in that conversation. I let him know that I keep to myself/mind my own business. I do not trouble anyone. I am very quiet and try to keep a low profile. If you take a look at my schedule, someone would really have to try to run into me on premise. On premise I have had food thrown at me, property stolen after asking that tenant not to take my property twice, blocked form entering my apartment and premise, blocked from leaving premise, repeatedly exposed to very loud car/apartment door slamming and knocks/thumps on my ceiling, dog feces placed by my door and vehicles, tenants started having loud meetings/conversations in front of my residence, visitors would start honking their horn when they arm their security systems on their cars in front of my apartment, etc. Those are highlights. I am not one for making frivolous complaints. I have spent over a $1000 of my own money trying to abate the cigarette/e-cigarette smoke/carbon monoxide from entering my apartment. I have gone as far as purchasing a window fan for the smoking tenant which began blowing cigarette/e-cigarette smoke in my face when I went to go check the mail. I have asked him nicely to stop and he told me sarcastically “what smoke?” then pulled a lit cigarette out from behind the door jam while talking to me and puffed on it. The last discussion I had with him he told me that he did not know what smoke I was talking about when I mentioned it to him but I find that very difficult to believe. The physical layout of the structures here would not readily lend itself to other tenants being affected by the tenant in question's smoking. The apartment directly above him has been vacant for well over a year. The apartment directly opposite him has had spotty tenancy and has a concrete/hallow tile wall and paint dividing it. The other apartments are too far to really be affected. Furthermore the tenant who smokes began being very friendly with other tenants and even neighbors as I began pursuing the smoking issue and some of them have participated in unfriendly behavior towards me over time that continues till today. The last communication I had with Property Profiles was December 3, 2014. As an aside, it's been very difficult to get answers/responses from Property Profiles. I had been trying to get answers regarding the cigarette smoke issue as well as persistent carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide exposure that I have been experiencing. Based on my daily living experience, none of those issues have been addressed. To date the persistent issues with cigarette/e-cigarette smoke, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide affecting my health have not been addressed by Property Profiles.  I have contacted the [redacted] regarding these issue several times. While the tenant who smokes has greatly curtailed his smoking after I filed the complaint with the, he certainly hasn't stopped. Historically, every time I've inquired or submitted a complaint about the tenants smoking, he slows down or stops for a very short while but then starts smoking again in short order. I understand how difficult it is to prove someone is smoking in their residence but certainly most reasonable people would agree that asking a chronic smoker to promise to stop smoking, doing two drive bye's  and asking tenants who had complaints issued against them to verify his smoking is not enough to conclude that someone has in fact stopped smoking or is not smoking in his apartment nor should their testimony of complaints  be a substantial factor in determining my removal.I make $250 per week and have not been able to get a response from people/Realtors regarding rentals much less find an affordable unit and that's not even mentioning the cost of moving itself. The tenant who smokes has installed a trike kit on his motorcycle, purchased new guitars, a vehicle and installed fiber optic cable in his unit shortly after his lease termination notice in August of 2013. As a Realtor Mr. [redacted] you have a code of ethics that includes fair and honest treatment of customers. I do not believe I am being treated fairly. You seem to be making a very harsh decision based on limited knowledge/single/skewed perspective from what you've stated. I have purchased a new toilet and sink for my unit, I've done some finishing work on the unit after the electrician left some work undone, I put carpet in to protect the floors, I tried to repair the crumbling wall on the apartment adjacent to me after someone hit it, I kept an eye on the vacant apartment for the property owners, I called to get a water leak repaired even though I don't pay for water, I've painted some areas that weren't covered well/peeling, I pay my rent early, I sleep at reasonable hours, I don't watch TV, I listen to music with headphones, etc. What am I doing to give credence to my removal? To you Mr. [redacted] this may just be a “business” decision but it affects a personal life and livelihood. Making these kinds of decisions within a short period of time based on one sided and limited information doesn't seem fair or reasonable. Furthermore, given the context of our most recent communications or even communication history, the termination notice appears very retaliatory in nature. I'd like to ask you to re examine/re assess the situation and make a decision based on all the facts. I would also like to address the “Termination” vs “Eviction” issue you mentioned. I am not a lawyer and do not understand a lot of legal terminology. To me and I believe most common people would agree, when someone knocks hard on your door at 630 am on Friday morning before work to give you a paper that says you have 45 days to leave the property, that very much feels like an eviction. I would like to ask you Mr. [redacted] if the tenant who smokes was served with a Termination Notice in the same manner. I would like to discuss with you how this feels personal with your response. After Property Profiles took over management, I was told several times a lease agreement would be dispersed for signing. An inspection was performed on my unit but a lease agreement was never provided. Something doesn't seem right in all of this. I ask for your consideration in reassessing the situation and thank you again for your time and consideration.Sincerely,[redacted]

We would like to answer and clarify/dispute the accusations made by the tenant First, we'd like to clarify one point. .We just took over the management of the apartment complex and have now been managing the property for about 5 months.  ...

 Anything that transpired prior to that time cannot be verified by us nor do we have any empirical knowledge of any events or communication between the former property manager and the tenants involved.Regarding the neighbor smoking within his unit, we did take immediate and appropriate action to curb this activity.  Upon receipt of [redacted] allegations of the neighboring tenant smoking within the unit, a notice was issued to the tenant to cease such conduct.  The tenant acknowledged and promised that he would not smoke within the unit anymore.   Spot inspections were conducted to check on further violations  and we did not notice any violation taking place.  Inquiries were made with other tenants in the building but none have confirmed or validated :Mr. [redacted] claim that smoking continued to take place within the unit. Upon further complaints by Mr. [redacted], the neighboring  tenant was again notified that there was a complaint and that he must cease such activitywhich he has denied.   Again no other tenant within the building has come forward to verify or validate Mr. [redacted] claim, nor have we been able to catch the tenant smoking within the unit.  We have however noticed that the tenant had been smoking on the sidewalk area outside of the property.We decided not to renew the neighboring tenant’s lease and the tenant agreed to vacate the property with a 45 day period.  Unfortunately,  the tenant could not find another place to relocateto and the owner of the building directed us to give him more time to relocate and not to pursue a summary Possession  action. in court at this time.We have also received numerous complaints  about :Mr. [redacted] from oilier tenants and have decided to not renew his lease as well.  :Mr. [redacted] was given notice that we are not renewing his lease, but we are not "evicting" him as he claims.  It is well within the owner's right not to renew a lease with a tenant.  Mr. [redacted] should understand that this is a business decision and not a personal one.

If I could I would give this company a negative star review. I inquired on a rental with this company got a prompt reply and showing, at the showing got handed the needed applications to apply and was reminded of the $10. fee per application. My husband, my father and myself would be the three adults needing to complete an application each (3 total so $30.00). We went thru agent Darcie whom was covering for the property manager Robert N[redacted] and so I addressed my sealed envelope with my $30.00 and 3 applications to Darcie with the said rental address we were applying to and dropped it in their drop box on a Sunday. The next day I get a call from Robert that our number of tenants would exceed the max amount the owner wanted (3 adults including 6 minors). I was a bit upset as this was not mentioned in the ad nor advised to us at the showing, but I understood. I asked if he had processed our applications which he confirmed he did NOT so I asked if I could get our fee refunded, he agreed and said it'd be at the front desk. Two days later I am finally able to pick up, in my mind, our $30.00 which I'm bummed that this rental fell thru but ok with because this is money back into my pocket as I have been on TDI/Maternity leave. I open the envelope and only partial of my fee was returned. I contact both parties, Robert stated he only got $20 and went on to say he thought my dad's fee was gonna come later, I clarified in my hurry to get these applications processed I had paid my dad's fee as well so there was $30 not $20 in my sealed envelope. He said he would check with the front desk then call me back. I then called Darcie, she advised me since Robert was back in on Monday she did not do anything with the envelope, just placed it on Roberts desk. I was kind of annoyed but waited for Robert to call back, when he did he said yea I only got $20. He informed me the envelope was open and that was that, oh and the fee was non refundable, yes nonrefundable when you process my application, but he didn't! I could not talk to him any longer as I'm dealing with so much in my personal life and didn't need to deal with this, so my husband spoke with him and got the name and number of the president of the company. Which he was no help at all!!! Last call we got back from Robert now a different addition to his previous story, my dad whom already rents thru their company did not need to pay a fee so he doesn't know why we would add $10 in for him. Ugh because no one told us! Darcie said ok 3 applications so $30, yes I got that. I don't know where Robert got the story of my dad paying his fee later!? Then changing to my dad didn't even need to pay a fee. essentially I feel like they are saying I am a liar and need to give it up because to them what's $10!? That is not the case, it's about showing the public , myself, good, hardworking people who go to them that this company and thier employees are trust worthy but we got shown a different side of that.
This is on top of a previous bad experience we had when renting from this company in the past. Be warned when dealing with this company.

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