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User Reviewer9782339

RE: Compliant # [redacted] Patient, Mother is [redacted]
Date in question March 3, Missed appointment fee
Revdex.com Representative,
Currently that account has been inactivated and the charges credited off as of last monthLikewise the allegation of "Credit Reporting" is not an issue because she was never sent to collections nor would she for that amountFrom that concern the Revdex.com is free to report everything is as she suggested in her "Desired Settlement" area
What is curious about this case is the depth, time and commitment to reporting us to the Revdex.com when they never answered any of our contacts about the account? Our office policy is to charge a patient a missed appointment fee of $Our other office policy is for a first miss—which this is for the patient and mother together can be forgiven by the asking by any front desk personA second miss can only be forgiven by the office manager and the third by the owner
This policy insures that the patient especially families don't schedule multiple family members then miss several back to back scheduled appointmentsWhat is curious about this case is we have NO notes on any calls by the family about the charge? In fact a credit card payment was returned by mail for $to finish up previous work after insurance payments were received in full—as is our office policy for yearsA token finance charge was put on the $twice to come to the total bill in question of $
We have no record of a 1pm appointment but rather a 12:appointment that was missed and no conversation about a reason or contact of that day—which is not typicalWe also have no calls or contact to the office about the bill in general which would have resulted in it being credited off at that timeYet, here we are some months later writing letters and involving outside agencies
What is also curious is the total lack of patient reporting how they contacted the office to challenge the "prospective problem" to make sure it was not a clerical error or miss understanding? Even that day if a patient calls in or in this case shows up late we usually -and I can't say never- don't charge the patients in bad weather
So while I appreciate the problem the patient seems to feel they are in...it is simply not the caseHer fee is waived and droppedThey are NO reports to any agency about this issue except the Revdex.com and her account is inactive due to failure to correspond.
Thank you,

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User Reviewer1289320

Review: I had a dentist appointment on March 3rd for my son. I live in [redacted], which had freezing rain that morning and due to the lack of salt, [redacted] was declared a State of Emergency. My husband called the office and said they would likely be late, he was told that would be fine that they would be out of the office for lunch until after 1. He arrived after 1 and was told there was no way they could be seen and they were sent away. We were then billed for a "broken appointment".I do not feel we should be billed for a missed appointment that we did not miss especially since there was an emergency situation. We have called the office to request this be fixed and have not had anyone with the authority to do so call us back. Now they are adding finance charges since it is overdue.Desired Settlement: I would like this bill cancelled (51.50)and any negative reporting removed from my credit reporting.



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Address: 1075 Harrison City Export Rd Ste 3, Jeannette, PA, 15644


(724) 744-2099

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