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Pulliam's Auto Center, Inc.

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Review: Pulliams has the WORST customer service I've ever come into contact with. I write a note with my keys (word for word) "Call when you find problem. If it's water pump, fix it. Anything else, I'll let you know. Do not fix without calling please." The men working in this repair shop are either unreliable or incompetent. I called multiple times that day because I heard nothing from them. When I did get someone on the phone to ask what is wrong with me car, I was rudely told that my brakes just snapped, which were new brakes, and they had to push my car back to the shop. I was not asked if I wanted the problem fixed or not. They fixed it without my authorization which is a disgrace in it's own. When I went in the ask for my brakes that somehow snapped on the phone, I was hung up on. When I asked in person how my brakes snapped, I was handed back brakes which have a mark on them where it looks like someone tried to cut it, and where it is cut. On my receipt it says my brakes were rusted. There is not such rust on my brakes and I have the brakes I was given back as proof. I also was not told of the problem I initially wanted fixed. They fixed a hose that broke. They had no authorization to fix it without calling first. This business is cutting brake lines to make money. I know this for a fact by my brakes I got back. I also overheard while there they were fixing the same problem on another car. That's not a common problem. I did my research. It's ridiculous that when I go in there, I have three grown men not talking to me, but bombarding me. I was yelled at and word for word say "I wish I wouldn't have fixed your brakes and you wouldn't just crashed your car right in front of me." For a business, or anyone for that matter, says that to someone is not a good business. I was so scared to drive my car I had someone else look at it. I was scared that they cut more brake lines or did something to it for me to crash me car like they wished. I am extremely dissatisfied with this so called busniess. I'm thankful there are other companies around because this is not one that should stay in business.Desired Settlement: I had to pay $90.00 for a hose that I did not authorize to be fixed. They took off the brakes, because I caught them, and was told never to come back again. I would have had to pay $120 for a job that shouldn't have needed to be done and wasn't authorized to be done in the first place.



Date: 26 September 2013 Case # [redacted] – Pulliam’s Auto Center, Inc.

Customer: [redacted]

Statement in response to customer’s complaint:

When the mechanic checked the water pump on the customer’s car, he found the coolant was leaking from the water pump hoses. After replacing the hoses, the mechanic test drove the car. When he applied the brake pedal; the brakes did not engage until the pedal was almost down to the floor board. He drove the car back to the shop, it was not pushed. I am the owner of Pulliam’s Auto Center and I instructed the mechanic to replace the brake lines which cost $10.53 (parts/tax only, the customer was not charged a labor fee for installing the lines). I take full responsibility for the mechanic installing the brake lines without the customer’s permission; I should have called her even though the cost for the repairs was only $10.53.

In response to the customer’s statement “This business is cutting brake lines to make money”, I have been in business for over 18 years and neither I nor any of my mechanics have ever caused damage to a vehicle in order to make unnecessary repairs. Why would Pulliam’s Auto Center cut the customer’s brake lines so we could charge her $10.53, our profit after we paid for the parts equaled to several dollars.

Yes, I was discourteous to the customer but only after she became rude to us and accused Pulliam’s Auto Center of unethical conduct. We explained had we not fixed her brakes she could have crashed her car; after her comments and accusations, I did tell her I wish I had not fixed her brakes.

The total cost of the bill was $135.65; $125.12 to fix the water pump leak and $10.53 for the brake lines. The customer paid a total of $100.00 (cash); she was not charged for the brake lines and actually paid $25.12 less than the repair cost for fixing the water pump leak ($125.12) which she authorized.

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Description: Auto Repair & Service, Truck Repair & Service, Auto Repair & Service - Equipment & Supplies, General Automotive Repair (NAICS: 811111)

Address: 411 Lafayette Blvd, Fredericksbrg, Virginia, United States, 22401-6032


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