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Pure Sunshine Naturals

13266 Byrd Dr. Suite 262, Odessa, Florida, United States, 33556

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Paid for product and did not receive it.
August 24 ordered 5 bottles of CBD oil. Paid $199.00 for order. Never received order. Contacted customer service phone number is disconnected. Emailed several times no reply from customer service. To this date Oct 31 still no contact or have I received the product or return of the $199.00 that I paid for product. This company is scamming people out of their money and should be stopped.

Desired Outcome

A refund is being requested of $199.00, because of the Pure sunshine disconnected phone and no reply from emails. This business is a fraud.

Horrible company they sent me another cbd oil which I did not request the automatic shipment tried to cancel shipment no phone will cut up my credit card

Unwanted product and billed to my credit account without my consent.
This product does not work as advertised, and it was a one time purchase only as advertised, they have now sent me more of this product and billed me account without my permission. I have tried to call their phone number but it is not a current in use number ( 800-814-0117 ). To try and resolve but cannot reach them. Their on line address is
[email protected]
I do not want anymore of this product and I want them to stop using why credit account any more. They did send me another product that I did not order or want if they want I back have them send me a pre paid product return label and I will gladly
Return. The packing slip shows an order number of XXXXX.
Please stop this . Thank you

Desired Outcome

Refund refund all money and stop delivery of product.

Pure Sunshine Naturals LLC is associated with Cachet CBD. I ordered once from Cachet CBD and then, shortly thereafter received an unauthorized order and I was automatically billed. I contacted 3 times with no response to my request for a refund and there is no way to process a return shipment for a refund. The Cachet CBD support
phone number is out of service. The credit card charge for this order was processed by Organic Twist. I called Organic Twist with my credit card company on the line. Organic Twist said I was in some type of regular shipment plan which I never signed up for. Organic Twist could not tell me that Cachet CBD was their customer. Organic Twist would not give me their company address so I could report them to the I only had the Organic Twist phone number and the reps name was Jacob. Jacob said he cancelled me out of the revolving purchase plan and deleted my credit card number but he could not supply a cancellation number so I am not sure that this happened.

Pure Sunshine Naturals LLC and Cachet CBD, both located at 13266 Byrd Drive Suite 262, Odessa FL 33556 and Organic Twist located at god knows where are all very devious businesses with NO customer service and no effective return policy.

I recommend that NO ONE do business with this company and its affiliates.

phone number invalid, no response from website
I want this account closed
Initial order on 6/22/2019 was in error. company would not reverse the order when I called immediately to tell them I did not want all that product. Bait and switch. stated a price for a free trial and was charged $199.00
Now the company has sent another shipment.
Phone number listed for the business is not a working number. The second phone number listed with the is also not a working number. That seems fraudulent to me. I have submitted requests x 3 thru the website to follow the instructions for sending back the product, as they say a refund number must accompany the return. NO response.

Desired Outcome

I want my account closed. And no further shipments. They need customer service capabilities

they made a charge to my checking account that I did not authorize and I have no idea who they are or what this item is concerning.
09/27/2019 I did not purchase or order anything from this company. Have tried calling but phones are no longer in service. Tried emailing but eamil don't work either!!!

Desired Outcome

Get them out of business or stop them from chagring peoples cards.

Credit Card Charged for something I didn't order
Customer Service (3rd party) argued with me would only give me 40% refund said I had a subscrption
The company below said I place the below order oon 9/17/2019..and charged my card.. I called them said I DID NOT place order, they said well you are a auro ship becuase I was a subscrober..I explain no I wasn't.. they refused a total refund said 40%.. then said they would gibe me 40% off ALL future lifetime orders.. I told them NO.. wanted 100% refund.. Lily (Customer Service: 877-472-5927) the Supervisor I was speaking to continued to argue..I tried to call company directly phone is disconnected (800-814-0117 ) TOTALLY A SCAM Cachet CBD
Order Confirmation
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Customer Service: 877-472-5927
Order Number: XXXXX

Please note you will see the charge on your
credit card from BalancingAsanaVida
Ordered On: 09/17/2019 02:00pm

Bill to
Oakdale, CA
United States

Ship to
Oakdale, CA XXXXX
United States
Items in Your Order

1 Jar of CBD Topical Cream (250MG)

Order Total:

Desired Outcome

Total Refund to my card..

Coul not get in touch with company pone disconnected. Kept billing and sending cream I didn't order. Scam

Order Not ordered and sent and billed without authorization
order received 9-16-19

Desired Outcome

no more products to be sent

Advertised try CBD oil free but charged $199
July 18, 2019. Advertised to try CBD oil free. gave info and was told credit card info was for S&H. Charged $199. I called immediately and was told I could not cancel order. Told in fine print - non-refundable. Order#XXXXX. I was refunded $49.75 (price of one bottle)that was my free bottle!
When I called #1-800-814-0117 again, told it was a non working number. Looked the business up and found #1-800-814-0017. called it and it was a promotional line for a cruise.
I am concerned that in the fine print they may automatically charge me like a subscription. I am also concerned about the scam they are advertising and them getting rich off of unsuspecting people.

Desired Outcome

No further charges from business for CBD oil.

I tried to contact this company several times for a refund. The phone number they are giving is disconnected and they do not respond to emails. The time for a refund has now passed and I still have not heard from them. The product Hemp Cream 250mg. is useless. This is a scam. The only reason I clicked on one star is because it would not let me submit without it. There should be
stars for poor service and scams.

Sales tactics, unkept Customer Service agreements & commitments, product quality, not explaining the auto-ship program and lack of product knowledge.
The letter (see below) provides a good summary of the issues. I sent this letter via registered mail and never received any response.

Pure Sunshine Naturals d/b/a Cachet CBD
13266 Byrd Drive STE 262
Odessa, Florida 33556
ATTN: Dr. Ashok T. M.D.
August 5, 2019

Dr. T.,
I'm writing to you personally hoping that I can get resolution to my problem with your company. I have made several attempts to get this resolved with Cachet CBD Customer Service and have been unsuccessful.
I placed my initial order (#XXXXX) on the website for 3 bottles of CBD Oil with an additional 2 bottles free for $199.00 on February 15, 2019. When I paid for my order your system added Gummies @ $34.99 and Pain Relief Cream @ $34.99 to my order. I immediately contacted Richard in Customer Service and was told that there was no way for them to correct or cancel the order now totaling $268.98. Customer Service said they would ship me, without charge, 3 additional bottles of CBD Oil to compensate for the trouble. There was no discussion regarding any auto-ship or subscription program.
On February 19th my order arrived without the 3 additional bottles of CBD Oil. I contacted Roger in Customer Service and was told that the 3 additional bottles of CBD Oil were being shipped separately. On March 4, 2019 I spoke with Crystal, a Customer Service supervisor, who told me that the 3 additional bottles would be shipped in three to ten days. Since I did not receive the 3 additional bottles of CBD Oil and it was now March 20th, I spoke to Jamie in Customer Service who actually issued Order # XXXXX for the 3 additional bottles.
I had not yet used any of your products because on January 3, 2019 I was diagnosed with SIBO a small intestine bacterial overgrowth. I was placed on a 14 day program taking three 550MG of Xifaxan daily. I informed my gastroenterologist that I was planning to start using CBD Oil but he advised against it until we resolved the bacteria issue. On February 22, 2019 I was retested and the SIBO was worse. On February 27th I was placed on a very restricted 90 day diet by my doctor and was strongly advised not to start using the CBD Oil. I followed the doctor's orders.
I actually began using your CBD Oil on June 12th. I was taking two full droppers daily. After three weeks, I contacted Oscar in Customer Service on July 2nd to discuss why I had received a bottle of CBD Oil, ordered on 6/24/19 and charged $64.81 (order #XXXXX). I was told that I was on an auto-ship program and he would cancel the auto-ship program and send me a free bottle of CBD Oil for my troubles. He said that the charge of $64.81 was already processed. I told him that I wanted to return all the products that I had for a complete refund. He said that the refund policy was 30 days and he couldn't help me.

On 7/29 I contacted Joseph in Customer Service informing him that I was still having no results from the CBD Oil. He suggested that I should take it three times a day. I suggested that the product does not have enough CBD Oil in it to do anything. I said that from what I could tell the test results on your website look like you only have 2.565% CBD oil in your product. He said he didn't know. I requested to be transferred to a supervisor for an answer. I was on hold for 25 minutes waiting for a supervisor to answer. During my wait I received an email from Customer Service thanking me for calling today. I hung up and sent another email requesting that a supervisor reply to my question. I received a response later that day. It appears that I was correct that your CBD Oil only has 2.565 % CBD and has 97.435% Organic Hemp Oil.
I am requesting a refund of $333.79 ($268.98 + $64.81). I have 7 bottles of CBD Oil, Gummies and Pain Relief Cream that are all unopened. I would be happy to return them when you agree to the requested refund by sending me a check for $333.79
Macedonia, Ohio 44056

Desired Outcome

I offered to return all of their products unopened and requested a complete refund.

did not authorize co to process order. I did not receive a full refund. Co refused to give it to me
on July 27, I saw on my statement that the company did not refund full purchase price. I called and they said they would give me 1/2. This is not acceptable as I didn't order the Gummy product, Rather than argue with a sales girl, I told the representative that I would contact the

Desired Outcome

full refund of $39.63

I ordered 4CBD Oil vials and received 3 free for a total of $39 and some change. Upon checking my Debit statement I noticed another charge for $279.70. for bottles of CBD capsules which I did not authorize. I contacted the bank on this and had to change my cards. The bank will be going after this company for fraudulent claims and scamming the people for unauthorized orders

I am not to happy at this time with this Company and the false advertising practices.

Pure Sunshine Naturals Response • Aug 07, 2019

Thank you for sharing this information and experience. We have combed through our records and do not see any record of your purchase. We suggest looking on the sides of the product received for the company's contact information. We are sorry we cannot assist you further and wish you the best of luck in getting this issue resolved.

Pure Sunshine Naturals Cachet CBD Oils is skaming
people out of their money and using the mail to do it.
Me and ohers asked to be taken off their mailing list, they said they would, but keep sending bottles and charging them for it. They won't answer their phones now and using the mail to cheat people out of their money.

Desired Outcome

Stop these people from stealing from everyone... that should be out front with you people...

Like the other complaints I never voluntarily opted for a subscription. I came home from vacation to find a bottle of cbd oil I hadn't ordered so I emailed Pure Sunshine aka Cachet cbd and said I didn't order it and I wanted a refund. They left a message on my phone that I had a subscription. I emailed again and told them I don't answer my phone except for family as I have severe hearing loss so send me the info to return their product. Again I get a message that they tried to call me on my phone.???? Apparently they ignore email instructions. I was concerned they wouldn't refund my money per their return policy so I informed my credit card company to contest it. Angel*** at customer service said since I contacted my credit card company they would not let me return their product for a refund. Stay away. Horrible business practice.

This is a fraudulent card transaction made by them.
I ordered a product one time and they ended up subscribing me to a subscription with them and they unknowingly and fraudulently charged my credit card and sent me another one of the product. I did not authorize this. I did not sign up for a subscription and was not told I was going to be enrolled in a subscription. I called to try and get my money back and I said I would mail them back their product but they refused.

Desired Outcome

I want a refund and I will mail back their product.

Pure Sunshine Naturals Response • Jul 24, 2019

Thank you for reaching out with such valuable feedback on your experience with our company and our product. Please allow me to review the events and let me know if there's any help you'd wish to volunteer to help us make sure such discrepancies never happen again.
On 2/21/19 *** placed an order online for 1 Bottles of CBD Oil and I bottle of CBD Gummies, she also opted into a recurring subscription for the CBD Oil. The monthly renewal reoccurs for $64.81 until the customer cancels. Ms. called customer care on 7/3/19 to request the subscription be cancelled and we cancelled her subscription at that time. We apologize for any misunderstanding that may have occurred. We have refunded Ms. on 7/23/19 in the amount of $64.81 for her most recent supply. If Ms. has not yet returned the most recent supply they are hers to keep as a gift for the misunderstanding and confusion. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to customer care Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm EDT or Saturdays from 9am to 6pm EDT

Unethical sales and bait and switches
This company switches customers orders at the end and illegally charges them packages they did not order and only returns money when being threatened with the and AG

Desired Outcome

I will be seeking attorney representation and anyone who would like to join me my cell is(XXX) XXX-XXXX and my name is *** and I live in PR but I will not let this go

You have caused me to cancel my credit card because of two unauthorized charges for product. I do not trust your business practices and expect that you are business scammers taking advantage of trusting people. SYSTEM ERROR is a lame excuse and this will be disputed. A refund would be the honorable thing to do. Should I hold my breath?

Pure Sunshine Naturals Response • Jul 25, 2019

Thank you for providing us with such valuable feedback on your experience with our company and our product. On 2/25/19 *** placed an order online for 5 bottle of the CBD Oil Tincture for $199.00 and selected the check box to receive the Tincture monthly for $64.81. She again order a 5 month supply on 5/7/19 for $159.20 and opted to receive the products monthly for $64.81. Because these were 2 separate orders made each would renew monthly for $64.81 causing Ms. to have a monthly renewal on the 22nd and 26th of June. On 6/28/19 Ms. called in and requested cancellation of the renewals. She was offered 2 free bottles of product for the confusion that she accepted. Then on 7/8/19 we received a communication from her bank or credit institution that the charges were both being disputed for 6/22 and 6/28 charges. She was applied 2 credits at that time of $64.81 for a total of $129.62. If *** has not yet returned the products they are hers to keep. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to reach out to customer care Monday through Friday 8am to 8pm EDT or Saturdays from 9am to 6pm EDT.

I personally have not ordered anything from this company unless they are affiliated with a company called B+ CBD Oils. I received a bottle from these people with a $68.00 charge against my Banking Account. I think the government needs to step in and shut these scammers down. Besides this CBD Oil craze is a joke. It does not work and a total waste of money. My opinion only.

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Address: 13266 Byrd Dr. Suite 262, Odessa, Florida, United States, 33556


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