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Purest Colloids Inc.

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Review: over two months ago mailed the bottle and receipt back which was purchase the bottle held a not so pleasant smell and I was alarmedDesired Settlement: refund or replacement



1. The existing address of our company is at: [redacted] Iwill send a separate email to confirm this as you requested.2. The name of our company is: Purest Colloids (NOT [redacted] silver). [redacted] Silver is a generic name for a product that we may, as do many other companies (though their product not the same as our product). Our name is noted on every bottle, so he would have known our name if he actually bought our product. I am doubtful this person is a customer at all actually.3. We have no record of a [redacted] as a customer in our database.4. Please ask him to provide a copy of the invoice for his purchase. We have a 90 day moneyback from any items purchased directly from us, and would be happy to replace the product or refund his purchase if he actually bought from us. We would like to have the bottle returned so we can see if anything is wrong with the product.5. If he purchased from a health food store or an online retailer, he should consult them directly for a replacement or refund, as he is their customer. We will then credit the retailer if there is a product issue. He should return the bottle to the retailer, for return to us, so that we may inspect it.6. We are an [redacted] and State inspected facility.7. I am at a loss as to why he simply did not contact us directly, as we certainly would have taken care of the issue.I appreciate your help in resolving this.Thank you.Sincerely,

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Purest Colloids Inc. Rating

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Category: Vitamins & Food Supplements

Address: 602 Highland Dr, Westampton, NJ, 08060


(609) 267-2112

Website: http://www.purestcolloids.com

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