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Purrfectly Kleen Cleaning Service Inc.

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Review: I appointed the company for house cleaning on Apr 2nd, 2013. I was not told in advance that there will be 3 people coming for a 2 person job. Cleaning ladies did the most substandard cleaning. They did not dust big pieces of furniture, top of the appliances, did not vacuum properly, did not wipe clean half of the things and did not take the recycle. They were unprofessional and lied about the work done.

Upon informing the company about the quality of service I received an uncivil email from them. I posted company's review on [redacted] and it was taken down in a few hours, confirming my doubt that they are manipulating reviews online.Desired Settlement: They should be out of business for their unprofessional conduct

I would like full refund of the money paid for the service i.e. $175.




On April 2nd a team was dispatched to the client's home to perform the cleaning.

Prior to this date, on January 29th myself, and my partner did a walk through at the client's home to view the spaces to be cleaned. On this day, we provided the client with two forms. The first form was the Classic Cleaning Package form. This form list the task that would be performed in each room to be cleaned. The second form was the Add-On-Cleaning-Options form. This form list additional cleaning options that the client can choose from. These options carry an additional fee. The information listed on both forms is displayed on our website for any client, or potential to view.

Three months after doing the walk through at the home, we were contacted by the client. She complained about another company that had cleaned her home. I was told the company did not know how to clean well. We set up a cleaning appointment for April 2nd. On April 1st we again sent a copy of our Classic Cleaning Package form to the client, via email, with the following statement. "Attached is our Classic Cleaning Package form. The task to be performed in each room is listed on this form".

After the cleaning was performed on April 2nd, we received a voice message from the client. She indicated our team did not perform task that she believed should have been done. Unfortunately, most of these task were not part of our regular cleaning, as the Classic Cleaning Package form would prove. We were told by the client the following task should have been performed:

Top of the Refrigerator cleaned off, top of the Washer/Dryer cleaned off, trash cans cleaned, Couch vacuumed, under couch cushions vacuumed.

To my surprise, our employees were expected to remove indentations from the carpet where furniture rest. They were told if they had vacuumed these areas, the indentations would not remain. These areas had been vacuumed already, and the furniture placed back directly in the same spot, but at the request of the client, it was done a second time. As well, the team had already vacuumed the couch, and under the couch cushions, but this was done again at the request of the client. The top of the Refrigerator was cleaned, the top of the Washer/Dryer was cleaned, and dusting was done in areas they were told were not done thoroughly.

Our employees reported the client flung the pillows from the couch onto the floor, and yelled at them because she was dissatisfied with the way the pillows were arranged on the couch. Even after these actions, our employees still complied with every request made by the client, and did every single thing she required. We let the client know our employees should not have performed this additional cleaning without authorization from our office. Unfortunately, in this whole complaint, as well as the statement placed on the [redacted] website, the client has not mentioned the fact everything Purrfectly Kleen indicated would be done was done, as well as, everything she asked to be done was done.

I do not understand how anyone with a concience can request their money back if everything they requested to be done was done.



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed Administratively Resolved]

Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because: most of it is false accusation.

I have had recurring cleaning service in the past so I know

the difference between minimal and excellent service. The company I called

before Purrfectly Kleen was good but not great. I did not have to contact the

owner, nor file a complaint against them. I even tipped them if you must know. I

thought I could find better and that is why tried Purrfectly Kleen.

I have thoroughly reviewed classic cleaning package and

would never exploit a worker. Some of the things are common sense and cannot be

part of an agreement. An agreement can give an idea of the depth of cleaning

but since every house is different, an agreement can only broadly define the

duties. I found the workers to be dishonest, untrained and unprofessional on

many grounds. Not only they did not perform the tasks listed below, they lied

about doing them.

- They did not perform the basic task of dusting big

furniture pieces and appliances i.e. bookcase, rocking chair, office chair, washer,

dryer and refrigerator. Please note that I am only talking about the outside of


- They did not dust light fixtures as clearly stated in the


- They did not empty recycle

- They did not clean outside of trash cans. I cannot expect


- They did not replace trash bags in the dustbins

- They supposedly made the bed but the sheets and comforter

were not straightened.

- They did not clean the sofa. There were hair and crumbs on

and under the cushion seat.

- They vacuumed the carpet without moving a single light

weight item i.e. ottoman, floor lamp, my daughter’s small drawing easel, kids

chairs and table.

- Since I was in the room, they moved dining table chairs to

vacuum but left them scattered around.

They made sure that every item they did move to clean i.e.

facial tissue box, candles, toothbrush holder etc was left a little disorderly.

After inspection they cleaned a couple of things unwillingly

when I showed them the dust and crumbs lying clearly. But to have them clean

and fix everything they missed would have been their training for free. I did

not have that kind of time or patience. I had to spend a half hour after they left

to bring the house in good shape.

The management turned out to be even more unprofessional

than the workers:

- Instead of addressing the issue or returning my phone

call, they sent a brusque email blaming me for everything.

- The company accused me of wasting their worker’s time for

using the kitchen. I used the kitchen for 10 minutes to get snacks for my

toddler. I was courteous enough to ask the workers before doing so.

- If the business claims that the tasks I asked for were not

part of basic cleaning, why did their workers lie to have done them?

- If the company had a problem performing task couple of months

after giving the quote, it is their responsibility to come for an inspection

again. It simply shows their laziness.

- The company is accusing me of using abusive language. Of

course the employees didn’t deserve baby talk but all I said was

“I am shocked that this is the kind of training you get”

“Don’t lie to me”

My house is generally in good shape and I didn’t expect them

to scrub or remove stains. They didn’t have to pick any toys from the floor or tidy

anything. An efficient worker would have finished up in 2 hours, what 6 man-hours

of Purrfectly Kleen took. I have never experienced such a horrible cleaning and

customer service in my life.

If the business thinks they can get away with

superficially vacuuming the apartment for $175, they should be charged for





In review of the rebuttal, we have inserted the original email response below, which was sent back to the client the day after the cleaning was performed.

To place a little bit more clarity on this situation, and the services we offer, we have also attached a copy of our Classic Cleaning Package form. This form list the primary service we offer. We have also attached a copy of the Add On Cleaning Options form. This form lists additional task that can be requested for additional fee. Both of these forms were presented to the client at our initial meeting, as well, the Classic Cleaning Package Form was sent back to her again the day prior to the cleaning.

Unfortunately, we can go back and forth on this nonstop until the end of time, but we are quite sure none of us have that amount of time to waste, so please have a look at the copy of the email response sent to the client, and you be the judge of the situation.

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