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I do not show in our record a customer that purchase vehicle with that name, maybe if we have a vin#

The consumer provided fake check stubs and a fake WThe contract states that we do not issue refunds when fraudulent information is provided
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 11232911, my check stubs were not fake they
were from my job the W-form was fake which was done and generated by the car salesman himself not me as the consumer so I should not be held liable for what the salesman did he took the money that I gave him and went and purchased a W-from a guy via email

This person *** ***, he was yelling at me
over the phone and hanging up twice, when I was giving them an oportunity to correct the contract with the right price I have the pictures from their website and other advertising places showing the price the sales people told me was the priceAnd then they changed the price on the contract with out telling me nothing, and I have the record calls where *** *** was threatened my husband telling him I dared take the car back and he was going to report to my credit a reposition and he was going to sue me and he was going to take the case to its lawyersMr *** *** here's my attorney information so your attorneys make contact with her and not wasting my time to contact meHer name it's Attorney *** *** phone number ###-###-#### so they can arrange with her about my money back for the down payment because of your unfair and deceptive acts and deceptive advertising.Thanks for helping on this situationAs a result of the conversation my husband and I have with *** ***We return the vehicle and took pictures of the vehicle at their lot of every single side and spoke with the finance company the day we return the vehicle and the finance company representative also spoke with Alex the owner of Qmotors and confirm with him that he has the vehicle on his possession Business like QMotors should not have to be a member of this such a fine organization

We believe this complaint is now resolved
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 12148433, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
Chemier Andrews

I have read the complaint and will investigate this furtherI have no knowledge of this customer requesting his refund or the cancellation requestThis conversation took place on a cell phone?I have not been contacted by neither her, her lienholder nor the refinancing lienholder regarding her or
the cancellation request nor any refunds owed to herI take these complaints very seriously and will do my very best to get this resolved immediatelyIf she is owed any monies, we will resolve as soon as possibleMy apologies for any inconvenience to her, we will do our best to remedy this situationHave a great day

Review: I went to a car lot in search of a car for school and work. I picked a car that I liked and swiped my card I was told that if I was approved by the bank they would take the funds off of my card to process the down payment method. The same day I was told I could drive the car off of the lot even though I was not approved. 2 days later I was contacted by the car lot telling me that I had to bring the car back because I could not afford it according to the"bank". I then asked if I would receive my money back considering that I didn't get approved. I was told yes by the manager. When going back to the dealer ship I was then told they weren't going to give me my money back. I was also denied any paper work that I put my signiture on. They told me that it was all "Shredded".

I received a letter in the mail providing the proff of denial that I need for non approval, therefore they should have never charged my card. I have been fighting this for some time now and I am now involving the I hope you will be the to some assistance.Desired Settlement: I would like to receive a full refund amount that I was told I would get my the manager of the lot [redacted].



In respond to the above complain Mrs [redacted] have purchased a 2008 Vw Passat signed a contract and took a car home for 2 weeks and brought the car back to us because she purchased another car from another dealer, we explain to her she have signed a contract with q motorcars if she choose to return the car it will be consider a repo, we do have the copy of her contract and other supporting doc's if necessary we can fax it to to have this matter resolved, its unfair business to expect a refund when she chose to return the car back ..



I did not have the car for 2 weeks. About 4 days after having the car I received a phone call from [redacted] at the dealership stating that according to the bank I could not afford the car. He then tried to argue with me about how much money I made. This is unprofessional and insulting. While on the phone with [redacted] I specifically asked "If I bring this car back will I receive my full amount considering that I didn't get approved"? He then answered"yes". When I arrived at the dealer ship he asked for the keys before saying anything else. I gave him the keys then he pulled paper work and stated that I owed him $200+ and that I would not be receiving my refund. I should have never been told that I would receive a refund if that was not the case. Once again I do have the documentation from the bank stating that I did not get approved for a 2008 Volkswagon Passat.

I bought a white Cadillac CTS from this car lot 8 months ago. The car broke down in 2 weeks and it needs a whole new transmission and many other things. When I called and spoke to the manager he told me that it wasn't his problem and hung up in my face. The worse anyone has made me feel ever. I will never ever recommend them to anyone. Really hope this doesn't happen to anyone else.

I bought a 2006 audi a4 from this dealership and loved the vehicle. It had a check engine light on and I assured that q motorcars would take care of it. The finance manager that did the paperwork never gave me a copy of my documents. Only documents I have gotten were the registration paperwork. With that being said [redacted] the finance maanger and the salesman assured me I would be getting my paperwork and the check engine light would be fixed. He told me to bring it back. I brought it back one time to pay part of my remaining balance on my downpayment. I asked him if was gonna fix the check engine light and [redacted] told me to bring my car back. I brought another payment in on my balance and again asked him to fix the check engine light and again [redacted] told me his mechanic was out this day and to bring it back. I came back a 3rd time to get my plates and david asked if the car was running fine and it was but I still needed to get this check engine light fixed. He again told me to bring it back. So I drive the car as I normally do and the oil pressure sensor comes on and the engine cut off. I checked the oil and oil was in the engine and tried to crank it again and it would not start. I had it towed to dfw audi and the tech told me because that sensor that caused the check engine light to come on was not taken care of. It messed up other sensors in the vehicle which led to my oil pressure to read as if there was no oil in the vehicle which caused the camshaft to lock up and caused the timing belt to break and warp one of the heads. I called [redacted] to tell him what happened and he basically told me that's your car you fix it. I still have a few dollars left on my downpayment but I refuse to pay any thing cause he and the dealert hip have not fixed the problem in which [redacted] assured me that they would fix. Now because they did no fix it like they were supposed to, I need a new engine basically. I called david again to explain to him that this is their fault for not fixing what they said they would do. And his response was pay me the rest of the downpayment and I'll pay for the labor. I explained to him that I should not have to pay for any parts or anything when they did not fix the original problem and because they didn't it caused a bigger problem. Now I'm stuck with a car that I am paying a car note on that is not working and this is not fair. If q motorcars would have fixed this issue from the start I would not be having this problem according to dfw audi.

Review: I mailed my 1st payment to the bank that was suppose to be financing me.. Then I get a call from the car lot remind you I havent had the car for a whole month yet and the manager by the name of [redacted] contacted me stating that I would need to bring 140 to him and that he would be putting a GPS on my car.. So had a friend bring the money to him and he tells her that this is a repo because the bank no longer wants to deal with [redacted].. I called the bank and they stated that [redacted] faxed over paper work and paid off the car so that was the reason for them telling me to contact q motors and [redacted] stated to the finance company that I requested not wanting to deal with them WHICH I DIDNT.. The bank refunded me my 1st payment and I think that [redacted] from Q motors should refund me my down payment of 500 because this is some crooked mess that went on and I strongly believe that they are doing this to many people... Taking peoples down payments and taking there cars when there first payments are due... and this issue needs to be address and if I dont get my down payment back I will SUE Q MOTORS....Desired Settlement: I would like my down payment back...



That is a some BULL everyone at the business lies they don't know left from right... If I wanted to file a law suit could i??

Review: I purchased a vehicle from Q Motorcars 9/27/2014. This car is a 2007 with 32k miles. I was told on 9/26/14 the car had been thoroughly examined by their mechanic and everything is good. Exact text message received is "The car drives great. I've driven it. Our mechanic had inspected it and its good." I reviewed the Carfax and noted "Structural Damage" reported in May and June of 2014. I questioned what the damage specifically was and was then referred to the manager of Q Motorcars, who called 9/27/14 and stated that the structural damage was that the car was in a wreck and had front end damage that had since been completely repaired. This is absolutely not the case. I've been reporting extremely dangerous issues with this car since 9/27/14 to the store manager that I have documentation of through text message with pictures as well. The car has no front bumper, the latch to pop the hood was conveniently broken, the gauges are not reading correctly, tire pressure does not read, once the hood was popped it was found to have no coolant, no power steering fluid, no wiper fluid, zip ties are inadequately holding things in place, my headlights do not work. Upon further investigation it was found that the headlights were not on a headlight mount (missing from the vehicle) but instead were duck taped in. The A/C does not work properly, speakers are blown, the seat does not move forward or back. The inspection expired in June 2014 and there's no way this car could pass inspection in the condition I received it. This car is unsafe. I was told that the seat motor was an open recall that I could take to Nissan and have fixed for free. Everything else was not communicated whatsoever. I understand that I purchased this vehicle "as is" with no warranty. I'm questioning if it's legal to sell someone a product that is grossly misrepresented as this seems to be outright fraud. My safety is not secure. I would like to know what my options are and what my rights are involving this situation. Thank you.Desired Settlement: I was blatantly lied to regarding the condition, safety, and structural damage in the carfax report after repeatedly asking for the specifics. I want to return the vehicle for a full refund. If this in not an option despite the obvious fraudulent actions of the seller, I would like to take it to a mechanic and body shop of my choice, with Q Motorcars paying the entire bill of repair to the vehicle and the cost of a rental car in the meantime. Most importantly, I do not want this to happen to anyone else. This has been a nightmare and continues to be one on a daily basis. This car is not safe for the road and I am certain that my safety and life are at risk directly because of the blatant misrepresentation of this vehicle.



helloI am sorry for the delay for this respond I was gathering more information and investigation, we have give Mrs [redacted] all necessary documents and extra picture of the Nissan 350z before she made a decisions of purchasing the car,( including facetime thro iPhone ) more over we have several text messages that was sent from mrs Lepoo texting how nice the car was, we e mail all the documents that needed to be sign and was sent back to us after she read and understand all the doc's with her consent of signature, More over she went to her credit union obtain financing which means she was happy with the car and precede with the purchase, and a two weeks later she complain about a couple of things on the car and we have told her to bring the car we would look at it and make her happy but she didn't wanna bring the car, even though she have sign the AS IS doc which leave all the responsibility to her, please the all the doc's that is sign by customer and a note of a happy customer promising to have the car deliver to her



I did not see the rebuttal from Q Motor Cars. None of what he said is accurate. All "happy comments" made about the car was prior to purchase. As you have in the paperwork faxed to you, you can see that my text messages regarding the serious misrepresentation of the vehicle started the DAY OF purchase, followed by empty promises to come pick up the vehicle and repair it after I asked if they had a preference on a mechanic for me to take it to. This is ABSOLUTELY NOT RESOLVED as I am still driving a vehicle with no headlights, no engine mount or headlight mount, no front bumper, and expired over 6 months inspection sticker.

Review: I bought my vehicle from Q Motor Cars March 25, 2013 and I immediately noticed that the car was having mechanical problems. I called the dealer (owner) and requested that they repair my car which was determined to be the catalytic converter. The told me to bring my car back in which I did and they explained to me that they fixed my problem. However, once I picked my car up from them it was having the same issues. I called them again and the owner promised me that he would fix the issues with my vehicle. To date he has been ignoring my repeated phone calls, messages and has not fixed my car. I took my car to Autozone and asked them to conduct a diagnositc on my vehicle and my printout (which I have) states that the catalytic converter is bad, the same problem Q Motors stated they fixed. I honestly believe they lied to me so I could not return the car to them, and now I cannot receive my ispection sticker for my car.Desired Settlement: I would like for Q Motors to repair my vehicle as promised.


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Customer brought vehicle due to issues with the vehicle. We did take her car to

be looked at and fixed, we also provided customer with a loaner car so she would

not be on her feet while her vehicle was in the shop. It was impossible to make this

customer happy no matter what we did to help her in the situation.

Horrible stay away they are unprofessional and liars. Me and my girlfriend went to see if she qualified and they said they only were gonna run it 1time but they ran her credit 5 times to 5 different lenders affecting her credit score. I dont understand if she got approved with the first lender why they kept running her credit and then continue to raise the down payment 2 different times on the same suv. They need to be shut down theyre garbage.

Review: I went into this business looking for a used care. The salesman [redacted] showed me a car and I liked it and I stated I wanted to know how much it was and how long my payments would be. I had a folder opened up with my lease, electric bill, car insurance and my checkbook and debit car ready in case I made a sale. He asked to look at the items I pulled my debit card out to the side of his desk and he looked over items and we talked about where I wanted my payment to be. But I need to find out how much the car was and how long the car loan would be for. He got up and while I was not looking he took my debit card off his desk and went into the sales managers office. I noticed my card was gone I ran into the office and there was my card on the secretary's desk and low and behold they had put a 700 charge on my card without my approval or a signature from me. I reported it to the police and they have yet to give me a refund. The manager told me to leave and would not give me my items left on the salesman desk which was my check book they could write checks I closed the account immediately. I m just beside myself with what they did to me. I will be pressing charges on this business. I have reported it to the police.Desired Settlement: They should refund my money and pay extra for all the stop payment fees I incurred to put stop pay on all the checks from the checkbook that was left on the salesman's desk they would not let me have. They should pay me for the problems they caused me I had to close my account.



Hellothank you so much for contacting as in this matter, first thing first we do not run a credit card with out customer handing us the card secondly the refund was done same day which Mrs Hughes have a copy of return credit card recipts...



[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.] I never gave him my credit card to run a charge for a car that I did not even say I wanted. He even took me in a room and said there was visual and audio. I told him in that room that I never gave my card to the salesman to run a charge on a car I had not even state I wanted. I was just in the process of looking and I had not even been told how much the car was.

Review: I saw an ad in greensheet I call to inquiry about the 500 hundred dollar cash cars I were told that they only one a ford ranger I told pete the salesman that I would not have until I receive my disabitiy check so he told me that if it were sold before then let me know for two weeks I talk to him trying to make deal I did not so on the day I got my check I call to make sure the truck was still there and it was pete told that I need money for tt&l when I have call back when call back pete got sick went so salesman told call back on 11-1-14 I ask what all fees I needed for the ranger truck he told me tt&l so on I call when they frist open and pete were still off but the said the truck were still there so I told as soon as I find some to bring me there I would come get the truck I about 10 times before I got for direction but when I got a salesman and the would not sale me the truck and did not tell me why and they did honor their ad or price that were quoted to me the manger told I tt&l when I told him I had all the money I could not buy it I would like to whyDesired Settlement: they honor there ad and quoted price and let me why I could not buy that truck



it must been a misunderstanding we were not able to see you the truck because we did not have the title at the time you were here ... we did have more than 5 cars under $500 which came in as a trade in so we did advertise those cars for $500 the ranger was not included... we do not want to drew a paper work and sell you a car with out obtaining a title for the vehicle



I called many times about this truck and even called when I was on the way to the dealership to buy it and was told it was there and ready but after all of that they would not sell it to me.

[redacted] the arrogant "man in charge" overcharged me by 500.00, they secretly added an interest rate of 24.99% and this is with a $2500.00 down payment. [redacted] then said he would add additional time on my written warranty items. They "Triple Teamed" me, for those of you who don't know what that is, please look it up. I went ahead and signed the Contract and asked for my copy. They were in a rush, [redacted] had suddenly become very ill and had to go home. They said that the finance company would send me a copy, and ushered me out the door. I had called my insurance company to provide them with proof of coverage. I looked up the VIN number provided and it showed to be a stolen vehicle. I went to the Granbury Police Department to report it. As I read another agreement that they had me sign, I could read the writing on the wall, they intended to eat up my $2500.00 in fees, and regain possession of the truck. The contract was signed on Friday, on Monday I returned to get my copy of the contract. Jeff stopped me outside so that other customers would not hear. Jeff said the contract was not on the property. I had looked up the Registered Agent for the company, [redacted], and asked to speak with him. Jeff was very surprised that I knew the owner's name, I then told him I was not leaving until I had my copy, even if I had to call the police. He went inside to [redacted] and got me a copy. When it was time for my tags to come in, I emailed multiple times that I wanted the warranty work done when I came to pick them up. No answer back, so phoned and sent more emails. When I got there, got the tags, then asked to get the work started, [redacted] said, since I didn't get it done within 30 days, they did not have to do it. I sent Certified Mail to Mr. Adane trying to get these problems resolved. He ignored it. I found out that Park Place Motorcars owns Q Motorcars and Jeno Autoplex. I recommend staying away from all three. In addition, my vehicle does not pass inspection!

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