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Review: I contracted Q Web Design around January 2013 to design a web site for my new business. [redacted] met with me at a [redacted] in Louisville. We filled out the information for the site, signed an agreement for $500 and she set up a nice web site to fit my needs. This agreement has her controlling the site based on what changes I need.

I made one change and sent her $25 for it.

In June 2013 I needed more changes. I called and emailed her since June over 27 times. She has never responded. Instead I get no email or bad email back. Her voice mail says she is driving truck and you must leave a message.

The company she has gone through to set up the site is called [redacted]. I had a professional web designer friend call this [redacted] Co (he found out who it was). They would Not give any control of MY site to me as [redacted] paid them after I paid her. Therefore [redacted] will not release control of the site to me or anyone else. [redacted] web site is apparently fraud - NONE of the businesses are in business today. I can't reach any. I need my very own web site back. I pay [redacted] for the right to have [redacted]. No one else should control it.Desired Settlement: My web site which I own through [redacted] (the name [redacted] is a protected site and very dear and valuable to me. I want control over my web site. QWeb Designs has to relinquish in writing and physically this site to me. I will then find a company suitable to run the site if I do not.

I also feel my $500 needs to be refunded for fraudulent behavior. AND Ms [redacted] has no right to interfere or change or do anything with my site ever.

Review: This is the 2nd website that q web designs has completely wiped out of mine. I have mad her mad so like the last time she just makes your website fall off the interenet. I have contacted her with a copy of the chat from in motion hosting telling her she has to give me the cpanel log in info to make my site live again. Her host bluehost told her the same thing. SHE IS IN COMPLETE control of my sites destiny. It clearly states it in her chat with her host and my chat with my host. I believe you have the emails for them with that content. Her answer to me was to do not contact her and have my attorney contact her. All I am asking for is my log in information that she will NOT release to me and if she doesnt within 30 days my site that I have had for over 3 years will poof be gone like the last site she killed. This woman is a juvinielle web designer posing to be a professional. She clearly isnt either. If she was professional she would just give me the information and let it go instead she just wants to be spiteful again. This woman is the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with. She loses files takes forever to get anything done cant be contacted before noon and when you complain about it which how dare you POOF there goes your site. I want my log in info for my cpanel or the 525.00 I spent with her making this site 3 years ago. This is a total between both sites almost 5 thousand dollars. I am a single mother of 2 that could clearly spend money alot wiser then with her. [redacted]Desired Settlement: 525.00 or cpanel log in pretty easy fix if it is completed with in the next 2 weeks, if not I lose this site as well as the last one from her doing the EXACT SAME THING. She needs to be stopped.



I received notice of another complaint from [redacted] about a different web site. Here is my response. Please also see the attached pdf file which shows my e-mail correspondance with [redacted].

[redacted] paid me a total of $240 in August of 2011 for designing, registering and hosting a web site at [redacted]. That is only 1 year ago, not 3, and it is hundreds less than she claims she paid me for that site.

Before the hosting and registration for [redacted] expired, I contacted [redacted] via e-mail (on Oct. 23, 2012) and informed her that I did not wish to renew her hosting and registration through my company. I gave her the transfer authorization code that she would need to use before expiration in order to simply TRANSFER the domain registration to her own different hosting account. Also in that e-mail, I attached her web files which gave her the ability to simply upload them when she got a new hosting account elsewhere. Furthermore, I gave her FTP information for pulling files off of my server if she chose to retrieve them that way. She never transferred the domain registration. She let it expire. I have attached a copy of the e-mail that I sent her. It reflects the date that I sent it, and it shows that there was a zip file (compressed folder of

files) attached to the e-mail. If necessary, I can forward that original e-mail to you so that you can download it and access the files in it. You would see that she had all of her web site files (prior to expiration) and therefore, she had no grounds for any refund.

On October 27th, I sent [redacted] a reminder e-mail because she still had not transferred her domain registration or hosting. That e-mail is also attached.

As I have explained to her in the past, once a domain expires the web site falls off the internet. It is not my fault that she did not do what I told her to do, again.

I have attached a pdf file that has several e-mails in it. There is also a screenshot of a chat session that I had with [redacted] (my hosting provider). In that chat, [redacted] confirms that the domain has expired and there was nothing I could do to give her access to the domain at that time. [redacted] also informed me of how she could get the domain on her own (without me). I passed that information to [redacted], but she still hasn’t done it. My guess is [redacted] hasn’t registered or transferred her domain in her own name yet because she has no clue how to, and she refuses to hire someone who does have a clue. [redacted] is relying totally on hosting companies (not web developers) that only have her side of the story … which is incomplete and inaccurate. If she would have just done what I told her to do before her domain expired, I would not be facing another frivolous complaint from her.

[redacted] is still able to register her domain in her own name, upload her files and get her web site back online in a matter of minutes. Everything is in her hands. She has always had the ability to get the site back online. I have no idea how to resolve her dissatisfaction.

Well, I just came up with one way. But I would definitely require witnesses, mediators, whatever you want to call them. I am willing to meet [redacted] at the office in downtown Louisville on a date and time determined by the I will need an internet connection. If necessary, I can try to use my cell phone to access the internet with my laptop. I can bring my laptop (necessary for required software), and create a new hosting account for [redacted] in her own name with her own credit card info (that she would input without me looking) through [redacted]. Then, I will upload her web site files to that hosting account for her. I will do all of this in a matter of minutes there at the office in front of staff and [redacted]. Once I have done that, we can call [redacted] to confirm that everything was done properly and confirm that her web site should show up on the internet shortly thereafter with no further action required from [redacted] or me. I will do all of this at no charge to [redacted] as long as she will remove ALL negative comments/reviews about me and Q Web Designs that she has posted all over the internet AND leave me alone once and for all. I would also like her to stop contacting me about new deals available on her [redacted] web site, and I want her to stop requesting connections with me on social media sites. I want [redacted] (aka [redacted]) to leave me alone.


(502) [redacted]



She has deleted a 2nd site of mine. I have attached her chat with her host showing she denied me access to it. [redacted] of q web designs is a low cost service for a reason. I had 2 sites with her. They both have just disappeared of the web. She is a very spiteful woman. If you dont go with what she suggest and [redacted] her off POOF the sites disappear. Thousands of dollars wasted because of her. She contacte her hosting company and you can clearly see she tries to wiggle out of being in full control of my sites destiny. She refuses you valuable information that you have to have, she is a control freak she sleeps til noon and takes forever to do anything. Horrible stay clear here is a copy of the chat so yet another site of mine is just gone.You are now talking to JCHow can I help you?You said: how do I transfer where my domain is pointed toYou said: I was hosted by [redacted] of q web designsYou said: she made me move it and now it wont workJC: In the Domain Manager tab of your cPanel, if the domain in question is pointing here.You said: I went with inmotionYou said: I dont know how to get into thatYou said: she has all that and this is the 2nd site she has killed on meJC: What are you trying to do exactly?You said: point my domain to inmoitin hostingYou said: they have already been paidedYou said: paidJC: okYou said: all I have is ftp informationJC: What tool did you use to build the site with? JC: What is your domain name? You said: [redacted] built itYou said: all under her controlYou said: never mineYou said: auntbscleaning.comYou said: FTP>[redacted] this is all I have from herJC: Before we can proceed I need to make sure you are an authorized user on the account. I need you to provide me with the either the last 4 characters of the cPanel password OR the last four digits of the credit card on the account (if you paid with PayPal, I will need the invoice number from your purchase). Alternatively, we can accept the PIN you may have established from cPanel -> Profile/Billing tab. You said: The domain was registered in my name through Bluehost, and I would like> to>transfer the registration to you. Here is the transfer authorization code>you will need to provide to the hosting company that you decide to>transfer the registration to. [redacted] did not validate the account for me. You said: I had no control over this site, no passwords, no pin numbers nothing she had it allJC: Then you are going to need to contact her for further assistance.You said: this is from [redacted] allenYou said: The domain was registered in my name through Bluehost, and I would like> to>transfer the registration to you. Here is the transfer authorization code>you will need to provide to the hosting company that you decide to>transfer the registration to. [redacted]45You said: she will not respond to meYou said: so now whatJC: There is not anything that we can really do for you without validating ownership of the account. JC: I am not able to open the account withoutvalidationYou said: are you kidding me?JC: NopeYou said: she didnt supply me with any cpanel log in infoYou said: would she have know I needed this to contiue with the transferJC: Possibly....You said: well its obvious isnt itYou said: I dont know it and cant get itYou said: I have to have it and she would of known so correctJC: I can't answer for someone else... I would like to apologize for any issues that this may have caused you. JC: Is there anything else I can do for you? JC: I'm sorry. It appears you have stepped away. Please feel free to contact us again by Phone, Email or Live Chat. JC left the chat session. Thank you for contacting us.Thank you - we have received the form you sent us. My 2nd domain she killed is

Review: On April 15, 2013, my husband, [redacted] and myself entered into a contract with [redacted] (dba Q Web Designs) to build and design our website for our company, [redacted] Electric LLC- www.[redacted]. We paid [redacted] $250.00 for the deposit (total cost was $500). [redacted] had the draft of our website complete on May 9th but indicated she was still working on a few things, but to begin to look it over in order to give her some feedback. She then requested we pay her the remaining balance of $250.00. We agreed assuming she would honor the contract and her word that she would finish the website upon us sending her the revisions. After thoroughly reviewing our website and asking friends and family for their feedback we spoke with [redacted] on the phone on June 1st to go over revisions and followed up by sending her several emails with our final revisions the same day. She indicated on the phone the same day that it would just take a couple of days to get all of the revisions complete and that she'd be in contact shortly to let us know when it was complete. Within that same telephone conversation [redacted] also stated the she was sorry for the couple of times she had to push our phone conference back, but that she had decided to take on a different career path and that she'd been in Indianapolis going to truck driver school. She went on to ensure us that even though her career focus is shifting this would not effect her work on our website as she will still be continuing with her web deisgn business. Perhap we should have questioned this a bit more, however, at the time we had no idea what was to come in the next 2 months. After not hearing back from [redacted] for nearly a month, seeing absolutely no changes to our website, and having to prepare for our next advertisement to be published through [redacted] Magazine (with an unfinished website) my husband sent an email to [redacted] asking her for an update on when she thought the revisions would be complete on June 24th. From that date we have called, text, and emailed [redacted] countless times practically begging for some sort of a response and have not recieved ONE response to any of our attempts to contact her. Since then we have undoubtely lost business due to the fact that our website looks as though we just started our business yesterday. The photos still have "stock photo" stamps on every single photo throughout the website. There are typos that I asked her to fix that still have not been corrected. It is far from being the finished product we paid [redacted] to do. All in all we are very disappointed in [redacted]'s complete disregard to us. Even if she is tied up with this new career venture, the least she could do is respond to an email or text and let us know what's going on. We are not unreasonable people.Desired Settlement: We want the website completely finished or we want our money back so we can pay someone else to do the work in a timely manner.

Review: I contacted [redacted] back in May to do a plug and chug website for me. I am not computer savy so I believed everything she was telling me. First off she convinced me to purchase this site from INDIA. If I had know this I would not of done it. I couldnt even understand them on the phone. This was the most expeinsive site there was on the net promising me a start date of May 16th. Needless to say the 16th came and went along with 10 more days, so I was out the radio advertising, looked like a fool and no one could even purchase anything. All [redacted] done was skype with these people one excuse after another why it wasnt up. She is very pushy about making logos and things anything for a buck. I had a logo and she said she could design me something different if I just wanted something cheap? Really? So she signs me up for domino barter another site she runs with out my permission then sends me emails stating I need to pay my monthly fees or late charges would be applied for something I dont know anything about. Obviously this is where she put my hosting account. She contacted me via email that my files needed to be moved off her hosting which is the same one I choose to go through they charge 104.00 a year she was charging me 144.00 year again anything for a buck. I tried to access my website on Friday morning she had already terminated it. Amazingly my files were all corrupted or missing for in motion to transfer them quote the previous web designer had to do this un qoute. They are basically trying to dig from scratch and my site thanks to qweb designs, melissa my site has been down for 4 days now. In motion has told me if it comes down to a legal battle they have everything I need against her. She personally just told me on the phone she deleted all my files, I asked her why and what were they hurting sitting there waiting for the other company to retreive them. She is a shister and very vendictive. She knew I was transfering all my files, why would she delete them. They were not hurting anything just sitting there. She is vendictive and as far as I am concerned she does not know half of what she claims to know. She will sail you down a river if things dont go her way. Stay away. She just told me to shut up on the phone and hung up on me when I asked for all my money back. Domino barter is another one of her sites stay away from she will sign you up without your permission and then threaten you with fees and late charges, I still to this day do not even know what that site is all about but I owe fees, really?Desired Settlement: I want a full refund . she has cost me thousands of dollars in down time.



Don't worry about the attached pdf. It is just the fax that I received from you a few minutes ago. I was delighted to hear you say I can just send my response via e-mail, but after reading everything she has accused me of, a simple e-mail may not be enough. [redacted] has twisted the truth so far out of context that it has absolutely amazed me. Everything she is accusing me of is either totally false or completely out of context. I have e-mails, recorded phone conversations (that she knew were being recorded), text messages, and even videos to disprove everything she is complaining about.

I am not willing to give her a refund. She hired me to for consulting and technical support. I performed the services, documented everything, and she paid me part of the fees owed. In fact, she actually still owes me

$159 for services rendered. In an email, she acknowledged the debt and agreed to pay it ... but still has not paid.

I have been printing out tons of e-mails and a few photos to present to you in my defense. She is accusing me of sooo much stuff, that I feel like I have to defend myself on each of the accusations. Therefore, there is a lot of documentation. I ran out of paper, so I will be buying more shortly.

Is it possible for me to meet with you to address everything she is accusing me of? I don't mind if she needs to be present. I just don't want this to end up being her word against mine, and the end up posting her complaint & reviews online. I can bring my laptop to show you the actual emails straight from my email account, or I can provide you with printed copies of the emails. So far, the printouts are about 1/4" thick (until I get more paper).

I can log in to my barter software and prove that she actually logged in to her account on June 3rd from her ip address. On the same day, she sent me an email asking for some training on the barter system. How is that possible if she knows nothing about it? Also, I have her social security number in the barter system (for tax purposes). How would I get her ss# if she didn't give it to me? She certainly would not have given it to me just for me to do consulting & technical support.

I have e-mails from the hosting company that prove I did not shut down her hosting on the day she says I did. I can even re-create exactly what she experienced with [redacted] and with [redacted] to show you what really did and did not happen. Of course I would use one of my testing domains. I have proof that I am innocent of everything. Well, I did tell her to shut up, but she twisted it out of context. That conversation was recorded, and she knew it was being recorded. I don't mind sharing that recording with you.

[redacted]Q WEB DESIGNS, LLC




I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID 9110757, and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.


She is such a liar. She shut the recorder offf and then screamed at me with 3 witnesses here on speaker phone, btw are going to court with me, heard her say SHUT UP. I also told her not to record me.

I have not twisted anything. I have proof also from voicemails from clients trying to purchase on Friday, proof from go daddy she did in fact shut it off and proof from in motion that she made NO BACK UP FILES of my site and openly admitted once again on speaker phone with 3 witnesses here she deleted my files and when I asked her why she said because she didnt want them there. Why would I kill my own site, lets think about that one for a minute. She also knew we were in the process of transfering these files and needed them to complete the process. She spitefully deleted my text and code because I wouldnt join the dominio barter site and refused to pay the remaining balance because of all her mistakes she made on my website that I in turn had to pay someone else to fix. She does not accept any responsiblity and plays dumb about deleting the files, she knew when she done it it in fact would kill my site. She was more worried about getting me signed up for the domino barter site than my project which she openly called daily deals hundreds of times which was the text she put on my site.....hello its daily coupons 247. Really? We were in the middle of building the site when she threw this domino barter crap on me. She said she needed my social and once I figured out it was nothing I wanted to be a part of and didnt sign up for is when all this came apart. She knew I had no clue what it was about and I have an email telling her I didnt sign up for it and didnt want any part of it. she told me she needed my social for the website building and passwords . I was none the wiser but I am now. I already have an attorney and plan on suing her for everything she has cost me. She will need more paper. I have 2 nationally recogined companies stating in emails she is to blame and in fact if she was such a great web designer they state she should of known to run a backup file which she states she didnt. This is pure malice on her part. EVERYTHING I HAVE STATED IS TRUE SHE IS TRYING TO WIGGLE OUT OF A RATHER COSTLY SITUATION SHE HAS PUT HERSELF IN. SHE IS NO MORE A PROFESSIONAL WEB DESIGNER THEN I AM . SHE KNEW DELETING THE FILES WOULD KILL MY SITE. THEY WERE NOT HURTING ANYTHING SITTING ON THE SERVER FOR IN MOTION TO FINISH TRANSFERING THEM HER RESPONSE WAS SHE DELETED THEM BECAUSE SHE DIDNT WANT THEM THERE. REALLY PROFESSIONAL. LIKE OTHER NEGATIVE POST I HAVE READ ABOUT HER MISSING FILES, MATERIALS DISAPPEARED TOOK FOREVER FOR HER TO DO ANYTHING AND OFTEN FELT LIKE THEY WERE DEALING WITH POT HEADS QUOTE UN QUOTE. I HAD THE SAME EXACT ISSUES SO IT IS NOT JUST ME.



If she is any kind of professional web designer she would have a back up of my files. If she will put my files and code back up for in motion to retreive them I will leave her alone, if not I will go forward with a lawsuit.

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