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Quality Inn & Suites Pensacola Bayview

7601 Scenic Hwy, Pensacola, Florida, United States, 32504-6841

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Although I stayed at the hotel and paid my bill, they charged me for a "no show" and have refused to refund my money.
August 18-20, 2017

Desired Outcome

I just want my money returned.

We evacuated from Tampa because of storm Irma so desperately seeked hotel room which were mostly all booked but walked in at time of person canceling.
Fleeing from Irma hurricane, we drove 16 hrs from Tampa FL to Pensacola FL. We arrived at Quality Inn hotel a little after 6pm exhausted and hungry so we dropped off luggage and left to get something to eat, my husband informed me that the hotel was not clean so we decided to get another hotel. We head back to Quality Inn hotel to cancel. *** (Quality Inn Rep) indicated that they would have to charge my account because we didn't informed them immediately so we explain the circumstances of the 16hrs drive and hungry so could not inform immediately because we had kids with us. He accused me of not checking in and trying to get over on them. So I question how could I know he had complications with his system and wasn't able to charge my account. So he said that I never check in so I said than that means you didn't charge my account do we're fine and I turn in key and left. While in parking lot I checked my account and noticed he charged my account for 3 days. I return to hotel and video situation, asking him why did he charged my account for 3 days knowing I wasn't staying there not even one day so I requested a receipt which he didn't want to provide so I stayed in lobby until he gave me a receipt and credit my account for 2 days. Now I'm back in Tampa FL and see that he charged my account again for 2 days know that I didn't stay a day in that disgusting hotel so I'm disputing charges and feel they took advantage of us at a time we were dealing with a crisis. We have family throughout the islands, Miami, Naples, Orlando & Tampa FL that were impacted by this storm and also dealing with this hotel that doesn't seem to care about this whole ordeal.

Desired Outcome

I need them to credit me back fully my account aprox $300 and apologize for taking advantage of my circumstances when we desperately needed comfort.

Checked into a room, it was gross and mold on the walls. Asked for manager to refund the one night, she has not.
Aug 5th 2017 I checked in the Quality Inn and Suites, *** Highway in *** I asked for a non smoking room as my children are highly allergic to smoke and other allergens.
We arrived and checked in and it smelled stale, but the air was off and the room had been shut up, so I turned on AC and we left for dinner. We returned and after sitting in the room a few minutes the smell was unbearable, and I went to the front desk to request some air freshener or cleaner. The girl at the front desk could not find any, she offered her perfume from her own personal purse. I refused and requested a different room, she then told me they where sold out and she could not move me or she would have. She also stated that I should stop by at check out and they would make it right.
I went back to the room and tried to sleep, we were exhausted. I wake up in the morning with something on my feet and when I pull back the sheets what do I find.... a USED *** in my bed! Get up the next morning and could not swallow. My children where both complaining of sore throats and not being able to swallow either. Everyone is sick and this is the first day of our vacation. I go to turn the AC off and the floor in front of the AC is WET, the wall next the AC has carpet baseboard that is falling off and you can see the MOLD. I proceed to start to look through the rest of this GODFORSAKEN room. I cannot believe I let my children sleep here.
Picture 1- A cute little sign at the front desk that TELLS ME to let them know if there is a problem and they will make it right. Right????
Picture 2- USED *** in my bed sheets
Picture 3- The inside of the microwave
Picture 4- Chewed up piece of chewing gum on the dresser/stand with microwave/mini fridge and other food crumbs/dirt
Picture 5- Hair stuck to the wall
Picture 6-BLACK MOLD on the ceiling
Picture 7- Cobb webs and dead insect on the ceiling
Picture 8- Urine/Feces/hair on the bottom of the toilet
Picture 9- More hair, water on floor from? (we didn't dare use the shower)
Picture 10- Opening in bottom of door to outside (while shut and locked), dust and dirt
Picture 11- Curtains-Black burn marks
Picture 12- Curtains- Black/Brown mucus/buggers?
Picture 13&14- The wall by the AC-MOLD
Picture 15- The internet did not work
After all of this, I go to the front desk and I request to speak to the manager and am told she will not be in until 3pm. I show the front desk girl the pictures and she agrees she would not stay in that. She then tells me she will call the manager, and get back with me later. I told her I'd wait. She then proceeds to check other guests out , goes to the back and calls the manager and leaves a voice message. After waiting and going back to my room, the front desk girl calls and tells me the manager says she can give me 10% off my room.
$11.60 off???? Are you kidding me?!?!?
So I tell the girl that is not acceptable and *** needs to contact me.
I am told if I want to wait on *** that she will be in at 3pm but I have to check out and sit in the lobby or they will charge me MORE.
I left and called the hotel several times to speak with ***
She will not take any phone calls from me. *** she is "away" or "in a meeting" and at 9pm, she "was gone for the night"
I have yet to receive a return phone call from *** and have emailed her the pictures and called and left several messages. A Guest Relations agent even called the hotel and told her to call me and she did not. After checking my bank statement online, she charged me for the FULL STAY. Not even the 10% off as offered.

Desired Outcome

I am requesting a FULL REFUND for the night myself and my children where put through. This has ruined my entire vacation as now, both kids are sick and we will never stay at another Choice Hotel again. $115.46 full refund, anything less is unacceptable. I have contacted the health department and the Corporate relations department and will file a charge back dispute if needed.

Paid cash for motel stay and motel still charged debit card on file.
Monday, July 10 2018, when we arrived for our stay we paid for the entire stay in cash. I specified when I made the reservation that the card on file was just to hold the reservation and should not be charged that I would be paying in cash. We ended up leaving the motel two days early and asked for a refund for the remaining two days we didn't stay. The front desk clerk handed me cash and then said they would have to credit the debit card back. I was confused as to why they would have to charge it back to the card if they didn't charge the card. When the clerk went to refund the card the money it ended up charging the card three more times.Therefore, overdrafting my bank account when they were not suppose to charge the card in the first place. The front desk clerk said the GM was in a meeting and couldn't talk to us then. We called back later that afternoon and was told the GM was still in a meeting but she would relay the message to her.
We called the next morning and spoke with a different front desk clerk that had no idea about the issue and we asked to speak to the GM again and once again she was out of the office. We called *** to find out what needed to be done to get the money put back into the account. BB&T told us that the GM needed to fax them a paper that states that the bank can release the funds back to the account and needed details from our stay and details from the motel. We called the GM numerous times and kept getting told she was not on property. We left several messages with the front desk clerk and even told the clerk what needed to be faxed and the number it needed to be faxed to. We left our phone number so the GM could contact us when she was available so we could get this handled. At this point my bank account was overdrawn $841 and we could not get in touch with the motel GM so she could fix this issue. We checked out of the motel on Tuesday, July 12,2018, and called her Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to get this issue resolved and the GM refused to speak to us. Her front desk clerk kept telling us she was unavailable because she was not on property. The only thing the GM had to do was fax a sheet of paper to our bank so the funds would be put back into our account and she didn't do it. We called her maybe five times a day to get her to fax this and she wouldn't talk to us and she wouldn't fax it. I had to put off paying important bills because she wouldn't fax a simple sheet of paper. And not to mention the General Manager wouldn't even speak to us directly to resolve the issue. So not only did they charge us four times for a four day stay, they wouldn't resolve the issue like a GM is suppose to do. I am not happy! Because of their mistake I was not able to pay the bills I needed to and I was charged overdraft fees because of their mistake. I'm also not happy with the fact that the GM refused to fix this issue. Something needs to be done!

Desired Outcome

I want the money put back into our account for the full amount they charged and I want the overdraft fees to be paid for.

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