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Quality Service Plumbing & Heating

1219 Caledonia Dr, Warminster, Pennsylvania, United States, 18974-3941

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I asked for plumbing service quotes from ***.com. David H, owner of Quality Service Plumbing and Heating, responded. I called him on 2/25/2019 in the morning and described I had a dripping faucet in the hall bath tub. He quoted me an estimate on the phone and offered to come out to get a more accurate estimate. He came out within 90 minutes. He started taking apart the faucet and determined the cartridge was in good shape. He replaced the rubber seats inside anyway, without first giving me the accurate estimate or asking me if I wanted to hire him to do the work. The dripping continued after changing the rubber seats. He took out the cartridge again and used a sand paper to sand the rubber surface. After he put the faucet back in place, the dripping continued, though appeared to be slower. He spent over 2 hours to do these. He never suggested replacing the cartridge, but he claimed the tub and shower faucet was too old to be fixed and should be replaced. He then packed up and asked me to pay him $100. I was not happy that the issue was not fixed and he offered no other option. Reluctantly, I paid him with a check for $100. After he left, the dripping was worse than before he came. I texted him and he said he could give me $50 credit towards replacing the faucet which the labor and materials would cost $465. A week later, my friend *** came and took a look. He found that one of the rubber seats put in by David H was defected with a notch. He also said that the plastic cartridge should not be sanded which would cause the surface to be not smooth and caused leak. He put in a new cartridge and the dripping stopped. I asked David for a $50 refund instead of credit. He refused, first claiming the dripping issue existed for a while that should have been fixed before I bought the house. He then asked me for the replacement part number. I did not give him that, and he stopped communicating.

Quality Service Plumbing & Heating Response • Apr 23, 2019

Dear ***,Customer inquired through ***. I responded in a timely manner, she asked for a price to fix the Tub & shower faucet, I told her that I do not like giving a price over the phone since I am not able to assess the job without seeing the issue first hand. She stated that her friend pulled it apart and tried to fix it, but it was beyond his expertise. The friend told her to call a plumber. She insisted on a price, so she sent a picture of the faucet that needed repairing to my cell phone. Then I told her to replace the whole cartridge, if I can get a cartridge since it is an a very old faucet, it would cost $150.00 for time & material. The customer then said to come out and do the job. I went to the customer’s house, when I first arrived, she took me around the house to other problems she had, for example, the kitchen faucet, the master bathroom skylight, and other areas, nothing pertaining to the jobshe hired me to do. Finally, she took me to the hall bath where the dripping faucet was located. I told her the faucet would have to be taken apart to see why it was dripping, she said ok, to go ahead. I took the faucet apart, the rubber springs and seats were bad, cartridge seemed to be ok, I explained the faucet is very old and even the repair that I do may not solve the problem due to the fact the main shower valve is bad. I told her best bet is to replace the whole faucet unit, the customer asked for a price and I told her for the entire unit and installation would be approximately $485.00. She did not want that option, she wanted me to fix the existing, very old faucet. I put the faucet back with new rubber springs & seats and there were no drips coming from the faucet. I spent three hours at this customer’s house between the tour of problems, repairing the faucet and speaking with thecustomer. When the job was completed, she asked how much the bill was. I went out to my work van, figured out time & material and went back to the customer with a bill of $100 for the job. She complained about the bill, even though it was $50 less than the quote she received and accepted over the phone. She begrudgingly paid the bill with many complaints about the cost. I then gave her the opportunity to tell me what she thought it was worth,my time spent and worked performed, service provided? She responded that she didn’t know. I guess she expected the job for free, that I should not get paid for my time, my expertise and materials provided. I left the job with no leaks, went on to work the rest of the day.About a week later, she called and said the faucet was dripping very little. I then reminded her that I did tell her that it is a very old faucet and should be replaced. I then offered her a $50 credit toward the purchase and installation of a new faucet. She then said that she would think about it and get back to me. About a week later, not hearing back from her, I sent her a text message asking if she would like me to come and replace the faucet. She responded saying sorry I didn’t get back to you because my back was really bothering me, and I have to think about it some more. I responded-sorry to hear about your back, hope you feel better and let me know when you are ready for me to replace the faucet. Days went by, and then customer texted me that her friend and her got a part at *** and fixed the faucet so she would like a $50 refund. I then asked her for proof of purchase for the part, i.e. receipt or part number. I told her if she could provide the proof of purchase, I would refund her $50 not because I did not repair, it was fixed when I left, but I would refund $50 to make this customer happy. I did not hear from her after my request, assuming she was story telling just to get back $50. Since, so much time lapsed, no evidence of proof of purchase, and ill will since she has put in a complaint, I am not willing to refund herany amount of money. I did my best to appease her, but she must realize it costs money to get work done.I pride myself on my excellent customer service. For her one false complaint, I can provide multiple excellent recommendations from many of my regular customers. My plumbing service is so good that I advertise very little and depend on word of mouth and referrals for a majority of my business. I have a great track record as you can see.

Thank you,David H

Customer Response • Apr 29, 2019

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your complaint will be closed as Answered]

Complaint: ***

I am rejecting this response because:

1. I agreed to have Mr. H come out to take a look of the faucet to provide a more accurate estimate, not agreeing for him to do the job.

2. Since I was asking him to give estimate, I thought to have him take a look of the master bedroom skylight to provide an estimate to replace the skylight. I did not take him all around the house as Mr. H claimed. I asked him specifically how much to replace the skylight and how much to fix the faucet, and he did not give accurate estimate.

3. As a new homeowner, I do not know if a plumber need to open up the leaking faucet or not to find out the issue to provide an accurate estimate. Therefore, I allowed David to open up the faucet.

4. He tried to fix the leak by replacing the 2 rubber seats inside the cartridge instead of the entire cartiridge. When he left, the faucet was still dripping. He knew that it was still dripping as he was there watching me timing in between drips with a stop watch app on my phone. It was dripping every minute. He was inaccurate with his claim that there was no leaks when he left. That was why I was shocked that he decided to leave when the leak was not fixed; and that was why I was reluctant to pay the $100 *** when I was in no better position. He told me since it was leaking so slowly, it would be cheaper to pay for the wasted water than to replace the entire unit. A couple of hours later after he left, the dripping got worse, leaking every 15 seconds or so. I texted him to let him know about it since his invoice stated guarantee for labor and parts. However, he only asked me to replace the entire unit and pay him more money.

5. Later on 3/2/2019, when my friend *** opened up the faucet to examine the cartridge and the seats, he found that 1 of the 2 seats put in by Mr. H had 2 notches, that is, defected. The seat was not completely smooth. The attached photos clearly show the defected part that Mr. H put in. *** advised me to replace the cartridge and seats. We went to *** and found a replacement cartridge, along with some silicone faucet grease. Please see attached photo for *** receipt for proof of purchase. *** replaced the cartridge and the dripping slowed significantly. After I used the faucet for a shower, the dripping stopped completely. It proved that replacing the cartridge fixed the leak. In the text messages exchange with Mr. H, he asked specifically for the serial number of the replacement cartridge and not the receipt. I have to question why Mr. H, the professional plumber, would ask me such question. My friend *** is not a professional plumber. He found the replacement cartridge at *** within 5 minutes just by studying the old cartridge that he took out from my leaking faucet.

6. I contacted Mr. H to let him know the leaking continued and got worse after he left to give him a chance to fix it, as stated in his invoice about his guarantee, but he offered no other option except to replace the entire faucet and pipes for almost $500. Since he did not fix the problem and costing me time and money, I believe it is fair for me to get a $50 refund, while Mr. H could keep $50 for his time and the defected parts that he put in.


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Address: 1219 Caledonia Dr, Warminster, Pennsylvania, United States, 18974-3941


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