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Quartermaster Properties

500 W Poinsett St, Greer, South Carolina, United States, 29650-1553

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Extremely professional!!!
Was very polite and all the work was completed on time. Me and my wife could not be more pleased with Mary and our place looks great!!! We highly recommend her to anybody that needs someone they can trust.

I rented a house for almost 11 year from a gentleman that changed property managers 3 times without ever notifying me in advance. Someone would literally show up at my door step or call and say I’m you new property manager now. However, Quartemaster Property became the property manager in the middle of August. The owner was encouraged to increase my rent by an additional 200.00 per month. In shock and disappointment they gave us 2 weeks to decide and if we didn’t agree we would have to be out of the rental by the end of September. 3 days before we were to sign the new lease, I reached out to this company with a few questions and the next thing I received from them was a move put notice stating the property was no long available for my family to rent. I had 30 days to find a place. I tried calling this company to get a better understanding and she would not answer my calls nor text or email on this matter. The next time I heard from her was about the key to the house after we moved out. Matters of fact I had to call her and she didn’t not answer so I text to ask where should I leave the key. She finally text back. Now as for my deposit she told me I would be responsible for a light fixture that fell during a storm and the roof sprung 13 leaks. I informed the owner and the other property management company and was told no problem they would have someone come look at it and never did and then this company Quartermasters called saying they were the new property managers. Nonetheless, there had been a scary incident with one of the garage doors that came crashing down due to the spring popped suddenly and crashed down on my husband tailgate to his truck. It damaged his truck and the garage door was dentedI immediately reported this to the owner and the other property management company. This could have been fatal because it was Easter Sunday and I had family over for dinner and if my young nieces and nephews had been out playing it could have come down on them and killed them. Although it damaged my husband truck I didn’t try and make the owner of the house pay for the damages because I understood it was out of anyone control the spring just popped.The owner had the spring fixed but was not concerned about the dent on the garage door because it still was operational. Well this now new company that has not really managed the property with myself in it . She is charging me for the damage to the door and will not respond back to any of my call, text or emails.I sent her a email explaining what happen and she has ignored the fact that this happen with out anyone causeing it. I do not think this is good business. I have tried communicating with this company and I have not been successful. The owner of this company will send out a email example move out instructions when you have no clue that your lease is not being renewed automatically I had questions that she refused to answer in any form of communication. Also with this deposit issue she sent out what I was being charged for the damages and now is refusing to answer my calls,text and emails. I am so frustrated and don’t really know which way to turn with this situation. I feel I had no choice but to report this company . I just need communication and this company has not been good with that at all. A+ companies surely can’t do business like this and remain A+. Please help me with this issue

Quartermaster Properties Response time Oct 31, 2018

The following communication was emailed to the party initiating the complaint this afternoon, October 31, 2018. I believe it fully answers all aspects of the complaint. Please let me know if additional information is required. "Thank you for your email. Ref our phone conversation yesterday (October 30, 2018), I'm sorry you disagree with the security deductions and supporting photos. Based on the complaint you submitted yesterday, our attorney has advised us to communicate with you in writing only. Therefore,As you stated in your complaint, our company has managed the property for the owner since August 2018. Consequently, Quartermaster Properties cannot be held responsible by you or anyone else for any issues you may have had in relation to the property, with the owner, or with any other management company involved prior to that time. With that said, at all times, Quartermaster Properties has and continues to act in accordance with the SC Tenant Landlord Act. Ref the claim of poor communication with our company, I have communicated with you as needed via phone, text and email throughout my involvement with the management of the property. It is unfortunate that I have not been available to discuss via your preferred mode of communication--phone, at the dates/times you requested and with the frequency you desired.. However, your communications ultimately were answered in all cases and/or as information was available.Ref the rent increase, it is our understanding from the documentation provided by the previous management company and confirmed with you, that the property was initially rented for $925 a month over 10 years ago and remained flat--with no increase--until a small increase implemented in December 2017 by the previous management company. The owner made the decision in August 2018 to raise the rent to more closely match the current comparable rental market rate. His decision; not Quartermaster Properties. At that time, you were provided adequate time to make a decision, but instead persisted in debating the increase. separately with myself and the owner. Consequently, the owner directed Quartermaster Properties not to pursue a lease extension, at which time you were given 30 days notice to vacate the property. All actions taken were in accordance with the SC Landlord Tenant Act. After further review of the evidence available to us: 1) it is clear that the garage door damage was done by some type of vehicle from the outside of the garage based on the dents and not from the garage door coming down because of a broken spring, and 2) the damage occurred during the term of your lease as documented by the publicly available photos provided. Consequently, per the lease, you are responsible. As far as the kitchen light fixture charge, it is impossible for us to determine how the kitchen light fixture was broken. One could conclude that a leaking roof and any associated water leaks could also cause some sort of ceiling/ sheet rock damage perhaps causing the entire fixture to fall. But photos taken at move out show a smooth, intact ceiling without even a water leak stain. In addition, at no time after assuming management responsibility did we observe or were we ever made aware by anyone of the issue. Therefore, per the lease, the cost for replacement of the light fixture is your responsibility.Finally, if you can provide further evidence to support your claim that you are not responsible for the above referenced deductions, please do so via email or postal service. We are more than happy to review and reconsider the deductions taken. . Otherwise the findings stand. "Regards,MaryAnn MQuartermaster Properties LLCwww.quartermasterpropertiesllc.com864-266-9928Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPadBegin forwarded message:On Monday, October 29, 2018, 2:33 PM, lynn S <***> wrote:
Ok first I need to state that the garage doors were already dented at time of move in. We put that down as a issue upon move on we questioned it and was told it was from previous tenant. Also the left garage door spring broke one evening while it was up and damaged the back of my husband truck I informed Mr. M and he sent someone out to r place the spring and we ask the repair person about the dent that it made on the door and he state they were still in good shape and Mr. M was not concerned about the small dent it made because it did not affect the door from operating.. if the dent was a problem now the that is on Mr M because he sent someone out to repair it but did not bother repairing the dent. Because it fell without cause and we realized it was a accident we did not file it to our car insurance for the damages to my husband truck. But if that what needs to be done then I can call them today. But Mr. M was well aware of then dent on one side was there almost 11 years ago when we moved in from previous tenant on the left side. Then the right side as I explained above the spring popped and felll down on the back tail of my husband truck. Also you made mention of the light cover . Mr m*** was also was made aware as well as the property management company that when the 13 leaks happen the day of the torrential rain fall the Globe came clashing down and we reported it immediately. Mr m*** exact word were don’t worry about it I will take care of it. Creative house was to send a handy guy over to replace it and two weeks later you appeared. So I do onto agree that those two item we should be responsible for. The garage door and the light fixture.

Customer Response time Nov 07, 2018

I lived at a property where this company just became property manager in August 2018. I have lived there from May 2008 until September 30,2018. This company has decided to charge me for garage doors that were damaged when move in on one side and the other side fell down one day when the spring popped and hit the tail gate of my husband truck. Nevertheless she has sent back the deposit minus the charge for the garage door . Because the property management has changed three times the company that would have proof of this is no longer in business. I guess the burden of proof is on me however the door at the rental property have not been fixed as of today 11/6/2018 even though she took the money out of my deposit and she is marketing the house for rent now. It seems to me if you keep my money then repairs should be made to what you claim I damaged which I did not.

Refund me for the charges she took out of my deposit for the door. I was the tenant and any time a repair person is sent to a rental property the receipt is not left with the tenant it goes to property management company which is no longer is business.

We have rented our home in Simpsonville SC for nearly 3 year through M and Quatermaster and the service has been outstanding. In all aspects they have exceed expectations. It all starts with the professionalism, responsiveness and genuine care of their clients. If I every need to rent the place again I know who my call will be to. Please do yourself a favor and give them a call you will be blown away by care and service you get from them.

Quartermaster Properties Response time May 30, 2018

Thanks so much for the feedback--very much appreciated. And thanks for entrusting us with the management of your home. It has been our pleasure.

I have a home in the Greenville SC area and #M*** M of #Quartermaster Properties is my property manager. When dealing with #M*** M I feel like family. She will stay on the phone with me for an hour if that's what it takes to resolve an issue. #M*** M has been a blessing for me from the time I initially called her. I would be lost without her. She handles everything with professionalism and proper documentation. She was able to get top dollar for my property through her expertise in preparation and advertisement.
Personal, like family, experienced, realistic, down-to-earth, prompt, professional, demands excellence, goes the extra mile, cares about my investment and future, I feel like her only client, a blessing, on my 5th month and couldn't be happier.
The thought of having to try to find someone to replace #M*** M. She is very, as she says "Persnickety", which is tough for me to deal with at times, but in reality she is keeping the best interest of the property, current tenants, future tenants, and myself in mind for an ongoing and successful future. I only wish I would have contacted her earlier.

Quartermaster Properties Response

Thanks so much for the feedback—you MADE my day??! It has been my pleasure to work with you through prepping the property and finding the perfect tenants who appreciate such a great house. Here’s to a long and mutually beneficial relationship.

J*** S and Quartermaster Properties have completely changed my opinion of renting my properties. Past experience with another unnamed company was just plain terrible for multiple reasons. After speaking several times with J, I decided to give renting one more chance before I sold my property. I couldn't be happier with my experience thus far with Quartermaster Properties! They have exceeded all expectations and have proven that my property is in great hands. I would highly recommend them to anyone whether you are looking to rent your property or looking for a property to rent.

Quartermaster Properties Response

Thanks so much E for the feedback . We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience and pledge to always exceed your expectations. Thanks for trusting us with the management of your property. Regards, J S

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Address: 500 W Poinsett St, Greer, South Carolina, United States, 29650-1553


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