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Quick Quack Car Wash - Rancho Cordova/Sunrise

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Review: 08/01/15 at about 2:30 PM, I took my brand new 2015 Chrysler 300 to the Quick Quack in Rancho Cordova, CA. I paid for the best wash possible. When we got home, my Mom and I noticed scratches on my back chrome bumper, scratches on the passenger and driver trim along with swirl scratches from the brushes on my car. I contacted them immediately after via email and voicemail. I finally was able to get ahold of Adrienne on 08/03/15 who cancelled my unlimited car wash membership and refunded the money. On Monday 08/03/15 I went into the Rancho Cordova Quick Quack and spoke with [redacted] who is the manager. I told him what happened, he looked at my car and immediately said it could not have happened from their establishment. No way to prove it happened here instead of somewhere else. He was very unprofessional, insensitive and lacked any empathy. He even chuckled. I then asked to speak to his Supervisor who he stated was [redacted] and that he would contact me by Tuesday morning. Today is Tuesday 08/04/15. I have called 4 times and left 2 e-mails, and went into the Quick Quack and spoke to [redacted] twice. I have not gotten any returned call or e-mail of acknowledgment. I have gotten legal advice along with 3 estimates of repairs. In this last e-mail I have sent today, I gave them a deadline of Wednesday afternoon 08/05/13 before I pursue legal matter and punitive damages. [redacted] from Quick Quack stated on 08/04/15 she will send [redacted] and [redacted] a email to contact me immediately. I just got off the phone with [redacted] again today who ensured me that [redacted] will be calling me by the end of today 08/04/15. I have documented every email, name, time called. This stress with being a single Mom of 3 children is very hard. I am losing time that I cannot get back. Instead of this company being professional and taking ownership of their machine car wash mistake, they are ignoring the problem and myself. I would hate for someone else to go thru this with the Quick Quack.Desired Settlement: I would like for the Quick Quack to step up and show Ownership for their error and mistake. Instead of laughing and being unprofessional in a customers face be empathetic apologize and fix the issue. I want my car fixed to the condition it was in before I brought my brand new car here to the Quick Quack in Rancho Cordova, CA. I have gotten 3 estimates. I would also like for them to actually respond to my calls and e-mails and their coworkers e-mail [redacted] sent.



We are sorry that we could not come to an agreement with Ms.[redacted] The manager of the location met with her and reviewed her claim andnoticed scratch marks below the bumper of the trunk. She also indicated she hadscratch marks along her chrome moldings. The manager asked if she hadscratches on the hood, fenders, doors , and roof and she replied no she did not.The reason for denial was her scratches were not consistent withthe wash pattern of the wash. The manager explained to Ms. [redacted] if thewash scratched the car, there would be scratch marks on the fender,doors, and rear bumper. The first point of contact with ourequipment is the hood and fenders. The equipment will then proceed alongdoors and wrap around the bumper. These scratches would also be horizontal andapproximately 1-2 inches long. Ms. [redacted]’s scratches did not match any characteristics of ourwash scratching her car. For that reason we denied her claim. Weare sorry she is upset, but we are confident we did cause the scratches.Sincerely, Quick Quack Car Wash



I am rejecting this response because:This incident happened August 1st, 2015 at around 2:30PM with my brand new 2015 [redacted] 300. Prior to this wash their was not one mark, scratch or imperfection to my car. As soon as my Mother and I got home from the car wash we noticed the damage to my vehicle. At that point in time we immediately took video and pictures of the car. I then reached out to the Quick Quack Car Wash via voicemail message and e-mail. Still to this day I have never gotten one response or acknowledgment regarding what has happened to my vehicle. I have e-mailed, called, left messages and even stopped in regarding this issue multiple times and not yet one response. I find this very unprofessional for a Company to treat a customer this way. I feel they are avoiding contact so I will hopefully drop this case and not pursue any legal matter.This whole situation could have been so simple if they were to be proactive with their customers and professionalism by responding and stepping up to the plate. I appreciate the for finally getting me a response on 08/27/15, this was the first response I have gotten from the Company. I submitted my complaint on August 4th, 2015. This whole situation could have been handled differently. If someone from the Quick Quack Car Wash responded right away and was empathetic of the situation and offered to look at my vehicle and fix it this would not have to be prolonged and taken to multiple sources for help. I have had to reach out the, [redacted], News Stations, Social Media and have been in contact with [redacted]. They instructed me to get 3 estimates of my vehicle and then send a demand payment/repair letter by certified mail to the Quick Quack Car Wash and give them 14 days to respond with payment or repair. I sent that out August 15th, 2015 giving them until August 29th, 2015 to respond. Still to this day I have not gotten any call, e-mail or response until today by the rejecting my claim.As stated in the response from the Business I supposedly told the manager their were no scratches on my vehicle: "hood, fenders, doors, and roof." This is not correct information at all. In each and every e-mail I have sent to the Quick Quack which I have printed copies...states I have damage to my vehicle with scratches all over, stains to my chrome, scratches on my chrome and bumper. As I even stated my vehicle is a Pearl color with 3 layers of paint and sparkles. Which makes the scratches harder to see in the sun light. In the evening time and in the garage you can see them everywhere. I have met with 3 body shops along with the dealership who showed me how brushes would go and matched the damage to my vehicle to those. I even have brush scratches on my temporary cardboard license plate in the back from the dealership. The scratches go from one end of the bumper and chrome all the way to the other. The Regional Manager even went as far as saying looks like I dragged something out of my trunk to get that. I have not used my trunk at that point in time and the scratches are brush scratches from all the way to the left and all the way to the right and even under neath where the brush would hit on my cardboard temporary license plate. I have before and after pictures and video that show the time stamps and all the evidence I need to prove my case.I met with the manager of the Rancho Cordova Quick Quack on August 3rd, 2015 and the Regional Manager on August 7th, 2015. I recorded my interactions with them. Where I stated my vehicle had scratches along my car including the side window trim and chrome rear bumper, along with stains. The Chrome is a lot more noticeable than the car paint, because the paint has the pearl and sparkle finish, but the marks are their. The Regional Manager stated that I bought my brand new vehicle this way. That the dealership puts something on my car to hide the scratches, stained and imperfection. The first time I brought my vehicle here on July 25th, 2015 to purchase their best wash possible unlimited car wash. No damage was done to my vehicle. Something must have malfunctioned on August 1st, 2015. The Regional Manager stated that out of 700 cars that were washed that day, I am the only one who came forward stating I have damage to my car.This has caused me unnecessary stress and a lot of time dealing with this. Every time I look at my brand new vehicle I am reminded of what happened and what I continuously have to deal with. Buying my first brand new car should be a great happy experience where I can show it off to family and friends. Instead I have to explain why these marks all over my new vehicle.At the end of their response they said,"We are sorry she is upset, but we are confident we did cause the scratches." There you have it. They are admitting to fault. My videos, pictures and audio from them do not lie and speak for themselves. I have sent them a packet of 22 pages of documentation by certified mail including the demand for repair/payment on August 15th, 2015 and have not gotten any response or acknowledgement.I would like them to fix my vehicle to the condition it was prior to bringing my car into the car wash. I could understand if this was a used vehicle with blemish on it it prior. This vehicle was not even 2 weeks old when this happened. This car is garage kept and was in immaculate condition prior.The 3 estimates I sent them are roughly around $2,600 taking them to court for that and the time and suffering will be added if this cannot get resolved. I feel bad for all the other people that go through this with them. Who get ignored, hung up on and neglected with their issue. I have had multiple people reach out to me with similar issues and received the same type of treatment from the Quick Quack Car Wash.If you look into the Quick Quack Car Wash you will see several claims and issues with cars having damage to their vehicle after taking their car here. One particular one that stands out was a man that had damage to his VW Beatle on his bumper same marks I have on mine back in 2013. This one was broadcast on the news. The Quick Quack refuse to admit to fault and fix the vehicle until the gentleman reached out to [redacted] who then publicized this event. At this point in time they stepped up and took care of his vehicle. I am very disappointed that I was very diligent to ask questions before I brought my new car here. To make sure their was no possible way for damage to happen to my brand new vehicle. I was told no possible way. Unfortunately, I believed them and took my vehicle here without doing my research prior. The woman who sold me the membership stated if anything were to happen they would fix it very fast without problem, but ensured me nothing would happen.Depending on their response after this I will go ahead and close this complaint that way it can be published for others to read along with the news and will be pursuing legal matter if they again refuse to take ownership and fix the damages that their Rancho Cordova Quick Quack Car Wash has caused. Hopefully after all of this information is posted publicly others will see the true colors that this Company has showed.Thank you,[redacted]



We are denying [redacted]’s claim. We have concluded that we did not cause the damage she is claiming. We understand from her position it seems we are being unfair and dishonest, but this is not the case. We are sorry we could not come to an agreement.



I am rejecting this response because:As previously stated they continue to ignore me and the problem until the last day The Better Business gives them and then they respond to them. Very unprofessional Company. I am not accepting their response. I would like this complaint closed as not approved and not satisfied by the customer. I would like this case closed so it will finally be published online for other customers and future customers to see. I will go ahead and persue legal matter. Thank you for at least getting them to respond to me. It only took them 24 days the first time and 12 days the second time.

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