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I purchased Quicken 2017 as a standalone product to use for my home finances. To Force users to upgrade to their membership driven product, Quicken Has purposefully and illegally "broken" the 2017 product I own to try and force me to purchase their new product. They are trying to force people to do there financials ONLINE, which is very unsafe. I purchased this product as a standalone product to use on my own home systems WITHOUT placing my financials online. Quicken "Upgraded" my product and the only "upgrade" is that now I get a popup that forces me to create an online membership account and will not let me use the product I OWN unless I do so.

I purchased Quicken 2017 in 2017. I was able to connect to my bank and update accounts through the program. I understand that Quicken would like to make money and charge for the convienence of connecteing to all your finanial instututes at once. But I also used to be able to go to my bank or credit card company and download transaction and import them into the program. That is between me, my bank and the program. Now quicken forced an update that prevents me from being able to import data into the program. I purchased a full functioning program and it has been tampered with by quicken without my permission.

Purchased Quicken 2017 when it was released in 2016. Have been using the capability to download credit card charges since then successfully. Today 1 May 2020 I received an error message OL-295-A "Your Financial Institution has rejected your request". Contacted my credit card company they have not changed. Appears that Quicken has disabled Quicken 2017's capability to download credit card transaction. This is a capability I have paid in full years ago. Appears to me that this is an attempt to harass me to force me to sign up for the new version that is a subscription service which I do not want or need.

I registered with quicken merchant services under the pretense that the service would make accepting payments easier and more expedient. I was notified today that my first transaction would take up to 5-6 business days before the funds would be released to my account. This was not stated upfront when service was set up for my business I now have contracts that I cannot fulfill due to the mis-information given to me by this company.

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:See the attachment for my complete statement.Sincerely, [redacted]

Please see the attached response

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I have attempted to schedule a call with them several times, per their request, and they have failed to respond timely or confirm a scheduled call at all Remember, this started with an hour long event with customer service and since filing this complaint they have not responded timely at all First attempt to schedule was via email at 10:a.mon 3/requesting a call at 3:that same afternoon and no response at all until 3/ I was unavailable that day but did again attempt to schedule via email sent 3/at 8:a.mand no response until 3/at 9:a.mI again responded at 10:on 3/and have no response at all as of this writing I am not available at their convenience and have wasted too much of my time trying to work with their customer service That they are unable to be available to do their job in a timely fashion and respond within a few hours is unacceptable At this time I am requesting a refund of the software purchase price since I am unable to use it and have to use another solution in order to prepare my data for my accountant to do my taxes.Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Please see the updated, attached response

Hi [redacted] I’ve attached a follregarding complaint case [redacted] for [redacted] Thanks, [redacted] [redacted] Alger | Quicken Escalations & Reporting Manager

Complaint: [redacted] I worked with [redacted] in Quicken's Office of the President for several hours last week on April 25th, 26th and 27th trying several possible solutions none of which worked [redacted] frequently took screen captures of the results which I assumed he shared with in house techniciansI did not hear anything on the 28thI received the following message today, May 1st and responded that I could be available at their convenienceFrom: [redacted] [mailto: [redacted] ] On Behalf Of [redacted] .com Sent: Monday, May 1, 10:AM To [redacted] Subject: RE: Quicken Support [ ref:_ [redacted] :ref ] Hi Mr [redacted] , When will you be available for to further troubleshoot on this issue with connectivity? Will you be available tomorrow for a call? I have the connectivity team involved on this and I am asking if they can join us on the callThanks [redacted] Quicken ref:_ [redacted] :ref I responded at 11:AM that my schedule is openI sent a follmessage at 1:PM asking [redacted] to please respond by the end of the day so I know what to expect before tomorrowI have not heard anything backSincerely, [redacted]

Complaint: [redacted] I am not rejecting this response but just adding additional info: They did contact me by email and phone I emailed back same day with the documents showing the error and the transcript of the hour long conversation with their customer service previously The person that emailed, [redacted] a generic customer service phone number rather than a direct number I did call that back today and was on hold for over minutes before I hung up I emailed him again and asked for a direct number to call Attached for reference are the documents I sent to Quicken on Wednesday Sincerely,Laura Smith

Hi [redacted] I’ve attached an update regarding MrJ [redacted] and complaint case # [redacted] Thanks, ***

Please see the attached, updated PDF

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: See the attachment for my complete statement.Sincerely, [redacted] have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me I have verified the refund offered has been processed by my banking institution.Sincerely, [redacted] ***

Please see the attached PDF

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because: Please see attached consumer response.Sincerely, [redacted]

I attempted to contact this company, via phone, to cancel a product I purchased which does not at all fulfill the business need I have. The purchase was made on August 3rd and I attempted to call at the end of August. The phone number kept giving me an "all circuits are busy" error message at the number listed on their website *** By the time I was able to dig in to this again, the 30 day window had passed by 7 days.

The bottom line is that the product does not work for me and I tried to cancel in a method that worked for me, which Quicken advertised, but ultimately did not make accessible. The phone number still does not work as I type this - I just called it twice. I tried to use the chat system today and was able to reach someone, but they informed me that I could not get a refund now due to the 30 days passing and that I should have used an alternate method. Frankly, it should not be my problem that a company is advertising a cancellation method that doesn't work.

I would like a refund for the product that I am not using, never used, and attempted to cancel using a method that Quicken advertised on its website. If calling wasn't a viable option, that should have been clear from the onset. I should be able to pick up the phone once and cancel, period.

I have had quicken for almost 3 years now and the last few months its been asking me to update but I didn't need to my version was working fine. Today it gave me me some errors, after calling quicken they told me I have to upgrade. I wanted them to trouble shoot my problem but she refused. The new version is giving me issues, it wont show sent emails records and it wont show all the items on invoices.

Review: I have been using Quicken for years. Intuit has always tried through various deceptive means to get access to my financial records but I have been able to resist up until now. So now when I log into quicken on my personal computer I must first log onto Intuit allowing them access to my software on my computer. There is absolutly no need for them to be connected to my computer. There is absolutly no service I wish to get from intuit, I demand they not have access to my quicken account.Desired Settlement: I do not want to be connected to intuit while I am using the quicken software. The only reason for their want access is to snoop into my financials. I absolutly do not want any service from them requiring my being connected.

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