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Quinn's Auction Galleries

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• Nov 04, 2021

Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
David Quiinn has been linked to a front operation, a closed business, White Glove Estate Sales, and doing business from that closed entity (Google reviews lists as a close business) is

The website,, is furthering the fraudulent schemes and "Ms Baker" from that entity is advocating David Quinn "as a very fine man" and all the reviews as fraud just "people who don't like David and want to say bad things"

Wow...tell that to the elderly woman with cognitive problems he scammed out of $25k on BBB...or the over 40 bad reviews, all peppered with elderly victims of financial exploitation.

Here...the conspiracy of David Quinn and

and here: />
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue
Quinn's Auction Galleries fraudulent schemes targeting elderly continue

• Sep 29, 2021

360 Estate Sales & Cleaning dba Quinns Auction Gallery
Quinns Auction Gallery is a fraudulent scheme, targeting the elderly for financial exploitation as reflected in the reviews on this Yelp page.

Other victims of this scheme also reported this elderly scam on Revdex:

More victims of the financial exploitation of the elderly were also reported on The Magic Cafe:

David Quinn is the owner and President of Quinns Auction Gallery with dual citizenship in Arizona, and is believed to be the same David Quinn with a criminal record of fraudulent schemes, conspiracy, and theft of property, which would account for these myriad of complaints for this scheme:

This same David Quinn incorporated another scheme also targeting the same victim population as in Virginia, elderly retires and estates of loved ones, under an enterprise called 360 Estate Sales & Cleaning:

This new estate scheme targeting the elderly for financially exploitation is marketing estates of deceased retires in Sun City, Arizona, a popular retirement destination for retirees from the east coast:

Any past or present victims of these fraudulent schemes are encouraged to contact law enforcement, your state's attorney general's office, the BBB, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Victims of the Quinn family's schemes are also encouraged to post reviews on these several review sites to alert families and relatives of deceased estates to avoid further victimization of vulnerable adults in our community.
360 Estate Sales & Cleaning dba Quinns Auction Gallery

I want to report just how poorly Quinns fails to set expectations about their services. After having my brothers complete estate of assets handed over to them for auction I netted just 1K vs cost for them to pick up and/or dispose was 2K.. Clearly I should have just donated everything directly without involving Quinn's at all. I could not even get a phone call returned for a status inquiry. They dont even let you know how to sort through your sale items on their site. They are true bottom feeders so a great place to shop but poor place to sell.
At this point it is done and I really don't know what I can do as they do not promise anything in the way of returns but only turnaround time in selling. I can see why the gives them an F and I can validate the rating.
Do not use these guys if you care whatsoever.


Review: Quinn's auctions are not what they seem. STEER CLEAR.SCAM SCAM SCAM. A big rip off. Items come up missing. They tell you the good things will absoilutely not sell for $5.00 and then they sell for $5.00. Any other professional auction company in Washington, DC would be able to hand over items to reputable buyers but the good buyers at Quinn's are gone. Absolutely go to [redacted] or [redacted]. These people are thieves. They broke our things and then things came up missing. We got paid only stipends and ignored. The [redacted] quality they are not. They took two of our gold watches. Many people are turning to downsize and we feel we have a good story here to help warn consumers what could happen to them.Desired Settlement: To be paid $700.00 for the missing items, 2 gold watches and low sell antiques such as the Louis the XVI French Clock and the TIFFANY Style Slag Lamp which they said would not sell for $5.00 but would be reasonable to sell for hundreds of dollars7

Review: I dropped items off to be auctioned on Nov. 22, 2013. Most of the items were sold quickly, however I was told 6 quilts and 2 toys were being held for special auctions. Many months went buy. I called and emailed in Feb 2014 and was told my items were being held for a special auction. I called and asked specifically because I was planning my mother's estate sale and if the items were not going to be in a special auction I wanted them back for the March estate sale. Several more months went buy and I contacted one of the owners, David Q[redacted], he told me they lost 3 of my quilts and asked what I wanted to do with my toys: sell or return. They found my quilts, and I emailed evidence of how much they cost me because of the price inferior quilts brought at the estate sale. I also provided a gallery contract from a quilt exhibition the 6 quilts were included in, from Jan. 2013. They found my quilts, sent them back, David and I agreed on a sale price back in July 2014 for the two remaining toys and as of today, I have not heard if my toys were sold, and they have not been returned. I know nothing, and they have profoundly bad customer service, I would use [redacted] in Ohio, they are much much better to deal with. :Desired Settlement: I want $500, without any Quinn' Auction commission removed for my two remaining toys.

Review: Quinn's sold family property taken by my sister, who did not have permission from the rest of the family to sell it. He went ahead and sold the property without seeking permission from the other members of our family. When we asked him to provide an accounting of what was sold, David Q[redacted] at first said that he would. Over 6 months, he has grown increasingly uncooperative and unhelpful. He has never sent us any accounting of what was sold.

He obtained and sold this property in 2009. We only discovered it this year when we found some of the family items fon sale on [redacted].Desired Settlement: We are not seeking any monetary compensation. We simply want the information to which we are entitled, that is is a complete accounting of what was sold.

Review: On April 7, 2011 I brought two [redacted] 14K gold rings and a pair of green jade and 14K gold earrings to David Q[redacted] of Quinn's Auction Galleries (receipt #[redacted]). He checked them in and weighed them. They were described on his receipt as "Lot of 14K gold wedding band (size 4-41/2), 14K gold rope braided ring with 4 small pearls (size 4-41/2) and Pair of jade earrings in…".

Subsequently I called many times to find out when I would receive my check, and was told that the three items had not yet been auctioned.

About six months later, I called and was told that the three items had been lost.

I talked with David before Labor Day 2011 and he indicated that he would work out a settlement to reimburse me for my loss, and that he would call me after Labor Day. I never got that call or any reimbursement check.

I called again later that year and spoke with David; he told me that the company was in the process of moving and he would get back to me after the move was completed.

I never got that call or any reimbursement check.

After a hiatus during which I experienced several serious health problems, I called on August 27, 2014 and left a voice mail message for David explaining that I would like to get this problem resolved. I received a call from Linea on August 28, 2014 indicating that David would look into it, and he would get back to me the following week. I never got that call from David or anyone from his company.

I sent an e-mail to David on September 14, 2014 asking him to investigate my claim for lost jewelry and to get back to me forthwith with a proposed reimbursement.

I did not receive a reply of any kind.

I sent a fax to David on October 28, 2014, with my e-mail of September 14, 2014 attached, and asked him to propose a settlement to me by November 11, 2014, and indicated that if I did not hear from him, I would file a complaint with the appropriate authorities.

I did not receive a reply of any kind.Desired Settlement: I would like David to pay me for the present retail value of the three items. The two rings were purchased from [redacted] jewelers in Washington, DC; the wedding ring was purchased in January 1978 and the braided ring with pearls was purchased around 1975. The jade earrings were purchased from the [redacted] catalog in the 1980s.

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Description: Art Galleries, Dealers & Consultants

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