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R K Autobody & Sales, Inc.

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RK Auto body, after being paid in full for a job they did not complete, refused to release our vehicle after we told them to stop repairs. We hired RK Auto to replace and repair damages to our vehicle per insurance quote. RK Auto was paid directly and in full for the replacement of parts/repairs. RK Auto took it upon themselves and did unauthorized repairs contrary to the insurance quote without our knowledge or written consent. These changes were discovered by my husband accidently, when he was in the shop at a later date. We got an uneasy feeling about the repairs and lost our trust in RK Auto Body. We went over these concerns with [redacted] in person on Saturday, August 24th. after being presented with additional paperwork (that we had not have prior knowledge of) [redacted] did "agree" to perform the replacement/repairs as indicated on the insurance appraisal. We left without a decision, asking [redacted] to put everything on hold and we would call him on Monday morning. After discussing this over with each other, my husband and I came to the conclusion that we were being scammed and that we did not even trust RK Auto to go back and do the necessary replacements/repairs as per insurance quote. We wanted to protect ourselves so we faxed over Monday AM to ask that RK Auto stop, release the vehicle, and were sending over a Tow truck. When I and my daughter arrived, he said he got our fax/email but couldn't release. I said that is not acceptable. He then said he could release but need 20-30 minutes to find all the parts and that a car was blocking the bay door and would need to be removed. We agreed to wait the 20 - 30 minutes. He asked the tow driver if ok that all the parts go into his tow truck as they could not fit in the vehicle. The tow truck driver said ok. An hour went by, the tow truck driver said he couldn't wait any longer. I asked for RK Auto to forget the parts, I don't want them. Just release our vehicle. He stalled and stalled. I said I will have to get the police involved. In the mean time, the tow truck driver left - he said they wanted no part in the dispute. Then the police showed up however I never called them. The officer talked with [redacted] and said there was nothing he could do because RK Auto has a lien on the vehicle. We said "what lean", he has been paid in full by [redacted]. The officer told us that if we signed some paperwork, RK Auto Body would release vehicle. I looked at the "paperwork" and one of them was an authorization form they had just typed up, asking for my authorization to do alternate repairs of old parts vs the replacement with new parts that insurance had paid for. I refused and the officer went back in to talk to [redacted]. [redacted] then claimed he had a lien on the vehicle and it could not be release. the office advised us to go home and let RK Auto do their final paperwork so we could "settle". RK Auto Body informed the office that they did not want [redacted] calling them and that we had no right to even see or inspect our vehicle. Side note - while in the office today at RK Auto Body & Sales, we noticed a Revdex.coms plaque on their wall. Upon returning home, we looked up on the Revdex.coms website to make this complaint, that RK Auto Body was not a member. I called and spoke with [redacted]. He looked up and informed me that RK Auto Body & Sales in Blackstone, MA was a member but had not been one since 1995-96. [redacted] stated to me that they would send a letter to RK Auto Body & Sales asking for the plaque to be removed and they would follow up in person shortly after that.Desired SettlementAfter seeing the work that had not been completed and after realizing that repairs had been made to damaged parts that should have been replaced, we feel that we are do the full insurance amount since nothing had been done per insurance quote. We do not want RK Auto to charge us a "restock" fee of 20% (as [redacted] mentioned) because we do not want the parts he did or did not order. We want our vehicle back as it sits in his garage and we want the insurance money rightly owed to us so we can take it to an honest repair shop.Business Response 7/29/2013 Rk Auto Body recieved a call from Mr. [redacted]. Mr. [redacted] stated that his vehicle had been in an accident and he would like to schedule a repair job with our shop. At this time the customer stated that there was additional damage to the vehicle not related to this claim. He stated that he would like this additional damage repaired as well and would like to discuss this. He stated that he could not afford the additional repair work and asked if there was any way that we could "find extra money" or "save any money" from the insurance work and apply it to the additional repairs. We informed him that no determinations could be made at this time as we have not yet assessed the damage to his vehicle, nor received an estimate from the insurance company. He was informed that after all of the insurance-related damages had been identified, and the insurance company had written their estimates, that we would look them over and see if there was anything we could do for him. Customer was asked to come by and sign the necessary forms to tow the vehicle in and begin the repair work.7/29/2013 Vehicle topwed in for repair. Left another message with customer that vehicle had arrived at the shop but we needed authorization prior to starting the repair work.7/30/2013 Customer called to say he would send his wife down to sign paperwork right away. No one showed up.8/01/2013 Left another message for customer to come in for paperwork8/01/2013 [redacted] came in to complete required paperwork. 8/03/2013 [redacted] came in to shop for his appointment to pick up a rental car. Customer again inquired about having the non-claim related repair work performed at no cost to him. Again we explained to him that the vehicle needed to be torn down, all damages identified, and the insurance company appraisals written and received by us. We explained that at this point, we did not know how much work needed to be done, nor the amount that the insurance company was going tom pay, and therefore, could not possibly determine an amount that we could save him. Mr. [redacted] adamantly stated that the the insurance check was "his money" and that he could spend it anywhere he liked. We agreed and told him that was correct. We informed him the only thing we would not allow was for him to make any requests that were unsafe. Other than that, yes, he could allocate the funds in any way he saw fit. We told him that we would notify him as soon as we had figures put together for him.8/10/2013 Per our request, customer came in to discuss additional, non-claim related repair work. We explained that we had at this time fully evaluated the damage to his vehicle, as well as the insurance company paperwork. We showed him a list of all possible items in the insurance company estimate in which the repair processes could be be modified to save him money, without impacting the safety or the quality of the repair. We explained that the insurance company estimate is simply a cost analysis, and does not govern the methodology of the repair. We explained that should we be able to complete all said modificatins in a safe and proper method, that the customer would be able to save $979.41, which he could either have returned to him in a check, or he could allocate to the non-claim related repair work that he had requested. Unfortunately, the customer had much more non-claim related repair work required than the savings would allow.8/19/2013 After several more meetings with the customer, outlining what additional repair work could be performed for the saved amount of $979.41, the customer reached an agreement on which specific repairs he would like done. At this time we instructed the shop technicians to begin both the insurance related repair work, as well as the non-insurance related work.8/22/2013 Customer came in to shop to review the repair work done and to check the status of the job. He was informed that everything was going well, and that the repair methodology modifications had been successful to date. The customer stated that he was happy with the progress and instructed us to continue with the repairs. We informed him that on his next visit we would have all of the repair modifications printed up and that he would be required to sign a statement to that effect.8/22/2013. Customer called requesting that we stop the repair work at this time. Apparently, he did not have his wife's permission to authorize all of the changes that he had made. He stated that he would like us to wait until she came in and authorized the repair procedures before we continue. 8/24/2013 Customer came in with his wife to go over the repairs. Mrs. [redacted] stated that she was happy with the repair work and that we should continue. Mr. [redacted] told her to "shut up". He stated that we should have saved him more money than we did. We explained that was not possible, and that we saved him all we could in order to still do a safe and proper repair. We asked him if we should continue the repair as requested by him, or if he would like to revert back to the repair in the way that the insurance company had written the estimate. We explained that if we did that, he would not save any money, but left it at his choice. Mrs. [redacted] again attempted to tell him that she wanted to go forward with the repairs in the manner in which they were being performed. He told her that they would "not be making a decision in front of us", and that they would "call next week" with their decision on how to proceed. I told him that I would need that decision by Monday, as the vehicle was taking up valuable floor space in our shop. Mr. [redacted] became infuriated and told me that I would not tell him when he would or would not be making a decision. His wife asked him to leave and told me that she would call me Monday morning with instructions on how to proceed with the repair.8/26/2013 An email was received from Mr. [redacted] requesting that we stop all work on the vehicle. He stated that he would like to pull the vehicle from our shop and have it repaired elsewhere. I replied promptly informing him that while we deeply regretted his decision, we would begin the process of making the vehicle ready for transport. I also informed him that we must complete all of the paperwork and billing forms. I told him that I would begin that process right away and do my best to have it completed by the end of the day. Approximately fifteen minutes later, Mrs. [redacted] came in to the shop, and stated that she would like to retrieve her vehicle immediatly. I explained that was not possible as her vehicle was on a lift, and in an immobile condition. There was also another vehicle dismantled in front of it that we need to move in order to get hers out. She said that was unacceptable and that she had a tow truck driver waiting outside and wanted it "right this minute". Again, this was simply not physically possible. Mrs. [redacted] became extremely belligerent and threatening towards our office manager. At this point, we decided it best to call the police for the safety of everyone involved. Mrs. [redacted] became belligerent with the police when they explained to her that we were going as fast as we could to get her vehicle ready for her. The police officer explained to her that we requested that she sign a receipt for the vehicle and all of the parts that she was taking with her. She became enraged and the police officer instructed her to leave the property. She did. We continued to prepare the vehicle for release. We also completed all of the paperwork and billing. The billing result was actually a refund to the customer for work not yet completed. We cut a check and placed it with the release paperwork. 8/26/2013 we contacted our attorney and requested advive. We were instructed not to release the vehicle without a receipt signed by the customer. 8/27/2013 We contacted the insurance company to inform them of the situation. We requested that they come by the shop and take photographic evidence as to the current condition of the vehicle, and of all of the repair work that had been completed to date.8/27/2013 We received a call from an Atty, [redacted]. She informed us that she had been retained by the [redacted]s and asked for information regarding the situation. She was told that the [redacted]s simply had to sign a release, and to come and pick up the vehicle, all of the related parts, and the refund check.8/27/2013 After learning that the [redacted]'s had hired a lawyer, and of Mr. [redacted]'s extremely troubling criminal history, we decided it best to retain counsel of our own. 8/29/2013 Spoke with the special investigations unit from [redacted]. The investigator informed me that The [redacted]s attorney, [redacted], had called and told them that we had committed insurance fraud, and had attempted to put the [redacted]s in an unsafe vehicle. The SIU investigator informed me that he had already completed his thorough investigation. He had concluded that we had done nothing wrong, and that no fraud had been committed. In Summary:1.) We followed the instructions of the customer to the letter. 2.) At no time did we perform ANY work that was not directly requested by Mr. [redacted]3.) For us to change a repair method, unknown to the customer, only to "surprise" him later with a refund would be nothing less than silly.4.) We have been in business for over 34 years, at the same location, without ever receiving a complaint5.) We have done everything possible to accommodate this customer6.) We have more facts and supporting documentation, should you require it7.) It is our position that we simply want the customer to sign a receipt, and remove their vehicle, its parts, and their refund check from our property

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