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Review: The salesman never informed me of the cost of the vacuum cleaner. He was also extremely assertive which made me feel very uncomfortable. I did not completely understand the method of payment as I have disabilities and now my future credit may be in jeopardy. K & R did reimburse me for the two payments I made after they repossessed the cleaner.Desired Settlement: I had two overdraft charges in the amount of $100 and I want my good credit rating back.




Every customer we sell to receives a cash receipt, or a sales contract that they must sign. I has all the terms of the sale on it. Mr. [redacted] did have a copy of his contract. Mr. [redacted] decided to cancel his sale after roughly 30 days or longer. K and R is only obligated to cancel transactions within 3 business days. However after finding out he may have a disability we canceled his contract and sale even after 30 days. We refunded him the two payments he made and returned the Kirby. This should not affect his credit that I am aware of.

Review: Our Mother, [redacted] has demensha, is 73, and is not in good health. Six months ago, Kirby (K & R Distributors) came by to demonstrate their vacuum cleaner, a sister in law, [redacted] was there, and a sister, [redacted] came in while they were doing this. [redacted] later as they were leaving told them she, [redacted], could not afford this, and has short term memory loss, (demensha), and asked them to please take her off their mailing list and to not contact her. Monday 4/22, they came by again, gave demonstration, and sold one to our mom, [redacted] for $2,397.70. And used a credit card. We since have tried to contact the office, have left numerous message via cell phone so that we have proof. I have dropped a letter state all above information and have requested a phone call. It is so frustrating that you cannot get a hold of anyone for help, and am so upset how our elderly are taken advantage of, especially after explaning the situation and asking nicely.Desired Settlement: Would appreciate them contacting us to pick up their vacuum and hand over the refund.

Review: My mother received a phone call that she "won a free carpet shampooing" back in December 2014. I called this company and asked that they NOT come to her home as she is an elderly lady with Dementia. A few months later I was doing some paperwork for her that involved me getting into her bank acct and I found this debit out of her acct. When I asked her about she couldn't remember what it was for but then said it was for a vacuum cleaner. Inquiring some more I found that these people STILL came to my moms house after I had called and asked them not to. And she ended up buying this $3600.00 Vacuum Cleaner.. I called the finance company that this went thru and they claim they don't need any income verification as she is on SSI and Social Security. so I asked how they were able to get this elderly lady financed as she doesn't make enough for her own month to month bills and they told me what was turned in from the Associate that sold this to her ([redacted]) and it was $1000.00 MORE than what my mom brings in. I explained that this is NOT what she makes and that he lied. They wouldn't cancel and gave me no options for cancellation. I was able to get this cancelled thru the Kirby company. When the salesman returned "my moms vacuum" he told me it was hers (which was a older model Kirby). I took it to our local repair dealer and it was not hers and this one has corrosion from Dog urine in it. I have left this company multiple messages and the kirby company has sent them emails with no response from them. When the salesman metme at my moms house to bring this vacuum we have him admitting that it was his idea to add the 1000.00 to her monthly income since she WOULD NEVER GET APPROVED. and she seemed like SHE REALLY WANTED THIS... Complete bad ethics, Elder Abuse and Taking Advantage. This company is a absolute fraud and I need a vacuum to replace this garbage that was brought to my mom.Desired Settlement: I need a replacement vacuum for my mom that is not full of corrossion. I would like this to take place thru the Kirby repair shop that is located in Boise Idaho so that it can be verified that it is in working order.

Review: Someone from K & R Distributing called my home and asked me if I wanted my carpet shampooed for free. Well of course I said yes and asked what the catch was. He told me that they were advertising carpet foam and offered to shampoo my dining room, living room and hallways. No purchase necessary and it would only take an hour. All I had to do was tell people if I liked their product and don't tell anyone if I didn't. Well, I tried to return their call and reschedule and the number they called me from didn't work anymore. I couldn't even leave a message. 6 o'clock came, the time of my original appointment, two men showed up with a Kirby vacuum system! Nobody mentioned anything about a Kirby! All that they told me is that they were advertising carpet foam! They spent 3 and half hours badgering me to buy this 2900.00 dollar vacuum. They would not leave! We missed our dinner and everything! I couldn't even get my 4 year old daughter to bed because they just kept hanging on. The supervisor came to pick up the cleaning guy and he badgered us as well. I felt like I had to buy the thing, just to get them to leave. I refused their cleaning system. On top of that, they only shampooed part of living room. NOT the living, dining and hallways as previously advertised. I am not impressed with their advertising at all! One hour as opposed to 3 and a half! Also the amount of work they did and last but not least, the product was NOT what they said they were trying to sell! They told me on the phone that they were selling carpet cleaning foam. NOTHING about a vaccum or Kirby was even mentioned. I consider this false advertising and an invasion of my home. I usually don't complain about such things but this sent me over the top! To top is all off, the price got lowered to 1100.00 before they left! Think of all the people that are getting jipped at the 2900.00 top price! That is robbery! Thanks for the time! They shold be scolded and taken out of buisness!Desired Settlement: I think that they should be investigated. I think they are scamming elderly people. They stay so long that older folks feel the need to spend their money on a machine they can't even use.



K and R distributing does offer a free carpet shampoo. It uasally takes an hour to hour and a half. That usally depends on the size of the room or rooms. We are sorry that you had a bad experence. We are looking into why it took so long. K and R has many indepent sales dealers. And works hard to insure they follow our sales policies and procedures. Kirby has always advertised in peoples homes that way you get to see it work for you. Kirby also has policies in place for elderly people to cancel there order for up to 9 months after the sale. So I don't think it is a fair assumption that we pray on the elderly. K and R Distributing has been in business over 22 years. We pride ourselves with our customer service and word of mouth advertising. Our phone number is ###-###-#### if you have any concerns or questions.

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Description: Vacuum Cleaners - Household - Dealers

Address: 3812 NW Stallings Dr, Nacogdoches, Texas, United States, 75964-1412


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