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R. L. Wiley Electrical Contractors

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Their Statue of Liberty gold coin is advertised as pure gold when is fact it is only 24% gold or K as I understand it The agent told me it was pure solid gold I feel I have been misled and overcharged for the product I receivedI thought it was K gold

I got a call from National Collector's Mint today around I told the sales rep that I was in no position to buy anything right nowShe went into her scripted sales pitch for Morgan Silver dollars a a great priceAgain I told her I am not in the position to buy anything right nowShe then asked me to get a pen & paper to write something downI again told her that I was in the middle of a paint job and could not stop what I was doingAgain she still would not give up and was going to make me a great deal on these Morgans but needed to talk to her supervisorAt this point I just shut of my blue tooth hearing aid and went back to workI will never buy anything from them again and wrote to them just thatMy rating of this conversation with the sales rep-

this company advertises pure gold coins that are easily confused with 24K coins this may make the novice buyer believe the coins for sale are pure gold instead of 24% gold- a real difference in valueYou show this business not rated but then give it an A+ rating ! Why?????

In 2016, I responded to a Television add selling Morgan Silver DollarsI was to receive Morgan Silver Dollar a month for with the assurance that at least one of the Morgans would be a Carson City MintThese coins are overpriced but the prospect of receiving a Carson City coin made the purchase appealingI recently had the coin appraised to find out the coin is a fakeWorth nothingUpon contacting National Collectors Mint was advised to read the fine printAnyone doing business with this company should be wary

I normally have a very good ordering process with this company.. but tonight I called the ordering line at 6:30pm EST..and I had a very hard time trying to order simply just the three (3) original coin items, I wanted to order..since I had specifically those coins in mind to order and no others....and I also had the item numbers and cost available in front of me from the Holiday Collection 2018 Catalog I was ordering from to make the ordering process as fast and efficient as possible, so no mistakes were made with my order. When I called..the man on the phone, mentioned that the phone call was being recorded and asked for my name, numbers..and email address, and then my credit card information, before proceeding with my order. Normally companies ask for the order first...before the credit card, not the other way around. Moving forward, I gave the man on the phone my first item number, for one specific coin...and he immediately went into a discussion to try and sell me a collection of coins..that I did not want. I had to firmly tell him I was not interested in any other coins he was trying to sell...just the coin I had already mentioned the item number for. I had to firmly move him along to my next item number to order...and he immediately tried to sell me yet another set of coins that I did not want..whereby I had to state that I had only wanted three items..that totalled under $200.00, after he tried to coerce me into purchasing more coins..and one set was around $3,000.00 he tried to sell me. I kept trying to move him forward to finish the order with just the three items I was asking to order..and nothing more.. He tried to state, "I am trying to save you money, on these other sets while you are on the phone, don't you want to save money?" I firmly stated "I want to save money, by buying only the items that I want to order, not those other items, which will keep my order under $200.00. Can you give me a total on just the three items that I gave you the item numbers for already, and that's it." He told me the total would be $135.85, including NY State tax and shipping. He then proceeded to ramble off the confirmation number..before I could reverify the free items that were supposed to come with the order. He stopped and told me Buffalo Nickel and 1964 Kennedy Half Dollar...and as he was finishing I asked him to repeat the confirmation number..and he hung up on me. I think these very harsh, hard selling tactics are very wrong for any business to practice. When a valued customer states that they are not interested in other items, for sale..just the ones the customer specifies..the business should listen and not keep trying to make the customer feel inadequate in their choice to not want to buy just their own choices.. instead of adding the business' hard sell choices, being repeated over and over again to them. When the business tries to engage in pushing a customer to spend $3,000.00 on a coin set, that they did not even attempt to ask for, even trying to say that it was a sale and only available "during this phone call" to entice the customer to buy...when clearly the customer stated.."the complete order should not be over $200.00"...that is unfair to the customer. My time and money is valuable to me, and I should not have to deal with someone trying to strong arm me to purchase, something I don't want, outside of my original order intent, and that I have stated I don't have that kind of money to spend on..and spend over 45 minutes, on the phone to order, three single items, I clearly had the item numbers ready to order with, prior to even calling to place the order, so it should have taken less than 10 minutes to take down my original order. I think this is unfair sales practices to be pushing onto potential customers, who deserve respectful and more efficient processing of specifically requested ordering, without hard ball, directed sales, by the business, with the business overlooking the fact the customer knows firmly what they want, when they call, and don't need to be sidetracked to make unwanted purchases..even after they clearly state that fact to the business. I was very dissatisfied and disappointed with the way that I was treated on the phone, by the man on the other end of the phone..who would not respect my clear direction to move forward with my own specific order, even after I had to state that fact to him a few times, during the phone call, as he pushed to still continue to hard sell me other items to buy, similar to what I was buying, but for more money, than I was originally wanting to spend. The man on the phone even was wanting to know, "why don't you want these money saving other items?"..."Don't you want to save money?". As if I needed him to tell me my reason for my choices and how I should use my money. I hope that others do not get this same ordering sales tactic from this company, it is not a good way to gain trust in future and continued customers.

My husband passed away months ago and National Collectors still call EVERY DAY (I very seldom answer when I see their number), even after I have informed them 3x my husband has passed and to please take our phone number off of their call listTwo different males call and they harass me when I ask them to stop callingOn I called their customer service department and requested my number be put on their DO NOT CALL listI was told I had to send them a copy of my husband's death certificate, which I'm not sure why I have to do that, nor am I comfortable doing thatWhen they have called and I tell them not to because of my husband's passing, they just start in on their sales pitch with me and get what I consider abusive towards me when I ask them to stopHow insensitive!!! I consider this HARRASSMENT!

company advertisement market a $worth of gold, coin for $and a $silver coin for $both coins are cladThe value is so inflated it makes me speechlessA scam like this says a lot about the company agenda makes 300% inflation on firework prices look like child's play Your average American is going to buy this "$50" coin for $10.00usd and it's only work 14mg of gold ($0.51) sadly I check the for hope and I see the company gets an A+....-->gives real hope for REAL American's like myself

Ordered replica items of interest of out of date obsolete coins in November,2016; have received solicitation brochures since then on average of 1-per 10-days endorsed by Barry G [redacted] and Angel Marie[Bay] B [redacted] , despite having notified them personally [4] times by phone, and [6] times via mail reservation prepaid postage envelope; which have since been replaced by stamp required envelopeHad expressed no further contact at time of ordering At time of phone notification was informed this could/would take up to [60] sixty days, if not longer Of note here is that items offered are extremely beyond market values and presumption of orders in excessive quantities

I received an email advertising Statue of Liberty Silver Dollar struck in Pure Silver for just $19.95.I click on the link provided [redacted] It was charging $ When I called the ordering number, they said it was $ When I said the email said it was $ 19.95, they said for price, I had to have a codeA code was not provider in the email for that priceIt did have a code for free shippingWhen I told him this, he said I was not the first person to call about thisWithout the code, I had to pay $

These people keep harassing me with their junk mailI have told them several times, at least 20, to stop harassing me & put me on the DO NOT contact listEvery time I get mail from them, I can feel my blood pressure increase, & recently I can feel chest painsI will admit that lately I have been quit vulgar with them, but this is because they won't put me on the DO NOT contact list like I have asked them several times STOP HARASSAING ME!!!

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