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RadAdvantage, A Professional Corporation

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Radadvantage is NOT Rad!
I don’t know if I can go in as much detail as everyone else. The last time I talked to Rad the said not to worry. It will be taken care off. I checked online at my account and sure enough. No balance!i had been working on this for a year. Back and forth. Medicare. Hospice and Rad. Hospice said no, it is not related to hospice so they wouldn’t be taken care of. Our insurance, Medicare and AARP United Health, said the company was not entering the right code. Back and forth. Thought it was taken care if as the was no balance! I went thru my piles and piles of papers with notes on who I talked to, when I did and what they said. Then I tried calling Rad and it looks like they are now permanently closed. I called the collection agency to tell them where I am so far. Kinda mad. Frannie

I have insurance my name was send to collection by this dammed company when I called wants to know whom the bill of $872 from since I have insurance I was told by a receptionist from the company that I have wrong number and I need to call the collection agency itself told her hell no because when I did called the collection agency I was asking a bunch of personal questions that I refused to answer. How can you charge my insurance then charge me a bill also have the balls to send my name to collection am suing


This company sent me to collections while being on a payment plan and after they cashed my check for the month of JulyThis company took care of a bill I owed for [redacted] dollars when I went to the hospital last year and I called to get put on a payment plan. I set up for 25.00 a month until it was paid and everything was fine until last month when I sent in my payment and the check was cashed on the 17th by the company. Then I received the letter at end of July saying they sent the remaining balance to collections and trying to get a hold of someone at that company is ridiculous. If the company was going to send me to collections why did they cash the check? I know cause they want to profit more....Would never want to do business with this place againDesired SettlementI would like the remaining balance of my account dropped due to them sending my account to collections prematurely and for also cashing the payment check the same month for my payment plan.Business Response Rad Advantage is using another billing agency to assist with their balance. [redacted] offers both early out billing and bad debt services to assist with Rad Advantages billing needs. Please contact [redacted] to discuss any concerns. [redacted].com is not longer a part of Rad Advantage billing.


RadAdvantage sent my bill to collections ignoring my phone messages and hard copy mail wherein I gave them the correct [redacted] info. I was contacted by [redacted] that they had no patient listed for the info. RadAdvatage submitted for payment. The provider had failed to use my husband's info and/or my benefit number correctly. I called and left a message with [redacted] department to clear this up, called again and got a full voice mail, called again next month and was told she wasn't available, called again and actually talked to someone who said he would call me back and never did. I also, during this phone calling, sent a hard copy of my insurance info. by mail and explained how to use the info. Days after waiting for a call back the last time I received a collection notice from [redacted]Desired SettlementI have contacted the collection agency and they will submit the correct information to the [redacted], office. This should get payment for RadAdvantage.Business Response We have submitted all your information to the client so that the insurance can be filed. Your account is currently on hold while we wait for the filing.


RadAdvantage sent my account to a collection agency after agreeing to monthly payment arrangements on the account. I received the first bill from RadAdvantage in the month of March, 2014. After being unable to get through to their customer service department to inquire about a monthly payment, I went ahead and made a payment in the amount of $20.00 in April, 2014 and another payment in the amount of $51.96 in the month of May, 2014. On May 20, 2014 I was finally able to get in touch with a customer service rep to arrange for a monthly payment plan. RadAdvantage agreed to a plan that would begin in June, 2014. Pursuant to the agreement, I made my monthly payments in June and July (all on time). Before my August payment was even due, I received a collection letter from [redacted]. stating that my account has been assigned to their office for collection, and that RAdAdvantage had given me all the extension of time they felt was justified.Pursuant to my agreement with RadAdvantage, I had 5 months of monthly payments for the balance to be paid in full. However, they preceded to send my account to collections while 3 months were still remaining left on the agreement. Additionally, RadAdvantage doesn't reflect the correct balance due. Desired SettlementRemove account from collection and continue to honor the agreed upon monthly payment arrangement, reflecting the correct balance. Business Response This email address is no longer associated with Rad Advantage/Imaging Advantage. [redacted] handles both early billing and bad debt billing for Rad and any follow up questions will need to be directed to them. Below is their information.[redacted], Suite [redacted]) [redacted]


I received a collections letter from CMRE for RADADVANTAGE, APC. The letter states I owe $49 & I've been contacted, which is false. I received a letter on 12/7/2015 stating that I owe $49 to RADADVANTAGE, APC. I have never heard of this company, nor have I ever been contacted by them. I went online to try and find the claim based on the number given to me in the collection letter. There is only a payment screen. I have never been to collections with anyone, especially not for $49. I would like someone to look into this company since I have NEVER received any phone calls, letters, emails etc. from them. This is very suspicious and illegal to send a collections notice without any further information. I see on here that there has been several other complaints with billing/collections for this company. The letter states account # XXX-XXXXXXX.1 for RADADVANTAGE and phone number for CMRE XXX-XXX-XXXX with Account #XXXXXXXXXX pin:8675. I will not give money to someone over the phone or online without receiving the information for what this is about. I am yet to get an answer to what I am paying for, date of service, what the service is etc. There is only a payment screen.Desired SettlementI would like them to look into collections and billing of this company. I will not give payment information for a service that is unknown to me. This seems illegal and shady. I do not want something on my credit that I have no information about.


Rad Advantage refuses to acknowledge payment of my bill, even though I have repeatedly contacted them and provided them with necessary documentation.January 8, 2014-I had a mammogram at [redacted] February 22, 2014-I received a statement from Rad Advantage indicating that I owed them $74.72 for the professional radiology physician services provided to me on January 8, 2014. I paid the bill online at the site I was given in the bill, which was:[redacted]. I used my [redacted] and I conducted the transaction at 19:14:39 Eastern Standard Time. The approval code was: XXXXXXXXXX. I received an email message confirming this transaction (attached). My [redacted] statement shows a transaction taking place at this time (attached). The payee is listed as "RADADVANTAGE [redacted] and the amount on the statement is listed as $74.72.March 24, 2014-I received another billing statement from Rad Advantage, claiming that my bill had not yet been paid. I called the phone number listed on the billing statement, X-XXX-XXX-XXXX and left a phone message, indicating that I had paid the bill online. I quoted the authorization number I had been given in the confirmation email, as well as the authorization code I had been provided with at the time of payment, which was XXXXXX.April 7, 2014-I received a telephone message from Rad Advantage, indicating that my bill had not yet been paid. I called Rad Advantage once again and spoke with a representative named [redacted] (at least, that is the name she gave me). [redacted] informed me that I needed to send a copy of my credit card statement, showing the transaction, to the following address:Rad AdvantagePatient Financial ServicesAttn: Correspondence421 Fayetteville St., Suite 500Raleigh, NC XXXXXApril 8, 2014-I mailed a copy of the [redacted] statement showing proof that the transaction had taken place. I also included a copy of the email message I received verifying payment. I sent both items in the same envelope to the address I had been given, listed above.May 5, 2014-I received yet another bill from Rad Advantage, indicating that my bill had not yet been paid. Included in this bill was a letter stating "Our desire is to work with you to reach an agreeable solution to resolve your balance; however, we cannot help you if you do not contact us." I called Rad Advantage once again, using the X-XXX-XXX-XXXX number included in the statement. I spoke with a representative named [redacted] She told me that Rad Advantage had not yet received proof of my payment. She told me she was going to "request a review" of my account.June 7, 2014- I received the statement from your company, [redacted] I am now creating a document indicating my desire to dispute this erroneous claim by Rad Advantage that I have not paid my bill.Desired SettlementIt is my desire that Rad Advantage acknowledge the payment that I made online using my [redacted] on February 22, 2014, and contact all three credit reporting agencies [redacted] and [redacted] to inform them that the bill has already been paid in full.Business Response I received Ms. [redacted] email today 06/25/14. After review of email content, proof of payment was attached showing that payment was made.We requested her account to be withdrawn from collections and did verify account was not report to any of the credit bureaus. We are updating her account balance to show it has been paid in full.I have called Ms. [redacted] and advised her of all of these and offered to mail her a paid in full letter for her records.Thank you!


We just received a collections bill from [redacted] and was never ever sent a bill from this company. I called both hospital and where this collections agency CEO number of [redacted] who sent me to collections but they [redacted] never gave me one when I ask they told me they don't have a number and speak to [redacted] co thru electronic ie. fax. I find it out because I feel I'm being given the fun around when all companies should have a number to figure out why it took them this long and with no prior bill to send me after 3+. Years to collections. Desired SettlementI am seeking for them to decrease my bill by half and to speak to whomever this [redacted] company is. Business Response This customer service address is no longer associated with Rad Advantage. [redacted] handles both early billing and bad debt billing for Rad Advantage. This email belong to a separate billing service that no longer handles billing for Rad Advantage/Imaging Advantage.

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Description: Collection Agencies

Address: PO Box 2858, Raleigh, North Carolina, United States, 27602-2858


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