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Randolph-Brooks Federal Credit Union

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• Jan 07, 2021

Terrible service
I have had an account with Randolph Brooks for three years now. I have had seven loans with them. Three months ago I went and put my debit card in the ATM to make it loan payment. The ATM kept my card. I reached out to Randolph Brooks and was informed that I owed them $350 from a account 15 years ago. I asked them for proof of it, seeing that I had open the account and nothing was ever said, I had multiple loans paid off through them over the few years. They sent me a PDF file that I could not open. Seeing that it was way pass the statute of limitations, I applied to refinance my loan so that I could have a debit card back. I was declined because of my credit, same exact credit that they approved me on the other multiple loans. You would figure that paying off loans through a institution would mean something. But they don't care. All I get when I call are excuses. I work just about every day from 8:30 AM to 8 PM. Without a debit card I cannot make a loan payment through the ATM and I cannot leave work to go to a branch and wait in the long line of the drive-through. So they have my hands pretty tied on the situation

One of our loan representatives spoke with our member twice yesterday about this situationand the progress that was made in obtaining the necessary paperwork Is it possible thatthe latest comments were sent prior to these conversations? We hope to have a solution very soon

RBFCU does not show an account open for this member during April of The account was not established until May 29, The savings account was funded with a $depositNo funds were deposited in to the checking accountNo additional transactions occurred during this time Also, there are no records of any transactions occurring from May 1, through December 31, We would need additional information to proceed with this research

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I, nor my mother submitted any mortgage applications or credit requests of any kind to your bank and we request that you remove the hard inquiries from all credit reporting agencies immediately I will need a copy of any applications that my mother or I submitted to your bank An "individual" was not authorized to submit any credit requests to RBFCU on our behalf Remove the inquires that you have illegally obtained, immediately or provide copies of any applications or requests for credit that were submitted to your bank on our behalf.Please see picture of the letter we received from your bank, "in connection with [my] application for a home loan" I HAVE NOT SUBMITTED ANY CREDIT REQUESTS OF ANY TYPE TO RBFCU AND REQUEST COPIES OF THE REFERENCED HOME LOAN APPLICATION THAT WAS SUBMITTED TO RBFCU IN MY NAME ON 1/29/BY AN INDIVIDUAL Regards, [redacted]

It appears this matter was addressed the following day after the complaint was issuedOur member has received the refund to his account as of October 1, We apologize for the issue this has causedWhile it would be most beneficial for transactions to post as soon as possible, some tend to pend longer than othersSome merchants process their transactions in a manner that the funds are not debited up to 5-days after the consumer has authorized the transactionsUnfortunatley, this can become an issue for the member when reviewing an account for pending itemsIf available, we encourage our members to use their debit card as a PIN based transaction so that the transaction will post immediatelyWe understand not all merchants offer this and therefore some transactions take longer to post Should our member have any additional questions or concerns, he is encouraged to call our Member Service Center at ###-###-#### and speak to a representativeWe value his memberhsip and that of all of our members

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:Thank you for clarifying that title is lostAs stated before; RBFCU has lawyers on staff that can easily navigate the process of a lost title applicationThere is no reason for me to wait months, and have to file a complain with Revdex.comI am being ignored by loans office personnel; they are "waiting" for previous owner to complete more documents; documents that were all completed at time of transaction in MAY If there was no title, then I would not have been able to obtain or secure a loan.I have a vehicle that I am unable to use, do to errors on the part of RBFCUThis has gone unattended for far too long.I still contend that RBFCU is in breach of contract on this matter.I still request a rate reduction to 0.00% APR for life of loan.I still request a refund for lost payments to maintenance plan and insuranceInsurance that I am required to maintain for a loan, that is not being serviced properly.I still refuse to make another payment on loan until title/registration is correct Regards, [redacted] ***

Complaint: [redacted] I am rejecting this response because:I have never received a letter with any explanation I did receive a xeroxed copy of a 3-month statement on my account, but there was no explanation as to why my checking account was closed; there was no explanation as to how often and in what amount I am to make loan payments, how far it was past due - NOTHING!!!! This is what I'm stating - I keep asking for information and RBFCU does not answer ANY of the questions I ask!!!! I DON'T UNDERSTAND! What have they go to lose? I know they have a lot to gain by all of the Late Fees they are charging!!! Which is what I am trying to avoid! AND I'd like to pay off this loan sooner rather than later, but I cannot get any information from them! Regards, [redacted] ***

RBFCU has continued to work on this issue for our memberShe will be mailed a letter addressed to her that she will be able to provide to the airline companyDue to timing, the letter will be mailed tomorrow (Tuesday, November 4th) via certified mail to ensure she recieves the letterWe apolpgize for the inconvenience this has causedRBFCU is looking into any stop payment issues we can address in an effort to take care of member requests. Due to miscommunication and confusion in the matter, we hope she accepts the letter as our apology for the flight and travel delay this issue caused her and her husbandFor any questions, please call our Member Service Center at ###-###-####Please ask to speak at *** *** at ext.***

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:i did not authorize the credit inquiry on my report I do not have a bank account NOR did I submit an application for any kind of service or loan to Randolph Brooks Credit Union My mom did not either Your website absolutely does not clearly state that a hard inquiry will be ran for LOOKING at the application and why would anyone in their right mind expect a bank to run a hard inquiry check FOR NO REASON My mom and I did not request a service from your bank at all and your hard inquiry has lowered our credit scores This inquiry has directly affected my mothers ability to buy a home Is this your idea of a lawful credit inquiry? One that was ran when no services of any kind were requested of your bank? Please provide the account# and/or copy of loan application that my mom or I submitted to your bank? We are not the first people that this has happened to and we are definitely not the only ones that feel you unlawfully checked their credit You have done this to countless people and their complaints are all over the web You have ruined so many peoples chances to buy a home with your shady business practices and it is such a shame that you have such disregard for peoples lives You absolutely CAN have the inquiries removed In fact, you are the only one that can have the inquiries removed from our personal credit reports because you placed the inquiry The truth is, you don't want to remove the inquiries Remove the inquiries as we have not requested an account be opened nor have we submitted a loan application to your bank I did not authorize my credit to be checked for any service requested from your bank so you have unlawfully checked my credit My mother looked at an application online, looked You were not and are not authorized to check my credit Remove the inquiry.I will be submitting the letters we received from your bank regarding "our applications for home loans", that we never requested from you Please explain why we received letters from Your credit union regarding a home loan we never applied for? We both received letters but neither of us applied for a loan or opened an account of any kind with your bank
*** ***

The Paperwork involved in this loan was forwarded from our branch. The packet included the original POAs, but the original title was not included. Requests for the title were made to both the seller and buyer to see if they picked up the title in error. Both
have indicated they do not have itRequest for a duplicate has to be made, but a signed Release of Lien from the previous lienholder is neededto accomplish this. We only received a copy, but an original is requiredMultiple calls have been made to request assistance in obtainin the original

I am rejecting this response because: There is no business need to check my credit for a savings accountCall the credit agency and expunge it! I don't care about your legalese, there is no business requirement for this destructive actionREMOVE IT! Stop doing this! Stop damaging Airmen with useless credit checks! You are not serving the community that you allege to support
*** **

Complaint: ***
I am rejecting this response because:I have not yet received any letter/documentationI have made two attempts to contact *** *** about this matter, and have been unsuccessful in reaching her
** ***

In an effort to get a better understanding, we have contacted the member and discussed some additional details to the situation about the first initial phone conversation that occured requesting the stop paymentUpon additional investigation, RBFCU will provide a response to the matter once
further research is conductedIn conversation with the member, we shared that further contact with her would occur if neededThis case remains open.If she would like to contact us directly, she may do so at ###-###-#### ext***Thank you

I am rejecting this response because: Although a representative has contacted me, the issue was not resolvedI was told that there would be further investigating and that I would be contacted again shortlyI have not been contacted as of yet, and the issue still remains unresolved
** ***

Upon reviewing each of the transactions in question, the member did have adequate funds at the time these transactions were approved. Before the transactions were sent to us for payment by the vendor the funds were no longer available. In this case, funds were unavailable due to a check
clearing the member's account. Unfortunately, we cannot control when items will clear or when/if a member writes a check using the available funds that were used to authorize an approval to the merchant for a debit transaction. A member cannot rely solely on the "available funds" in their account if they are not taking into consideration checks being written and point of purchase transactions from merchants that do not currently reflect on the account because RBFCU has not received them to process. As a courtesy to our member and due to the size of the actual transaction amounts vsthe fees charged we will refund the four fees in question. We would encourage the complaintant to contact us to make sure he understands the processing of these items or he may continue to incur fees due to no fault of ours
Thank you

We have attempted to reach out to our member by leaving a voicemail for call back on January 9, and January 14, An email was sent to her on January to inform her that a letter and the most current statement have been mailed to herThe letter includes more details about her loan
information that she was requesting and also explains why she has not received a statement over these months while her checking account was closed Contact information has been provided as: *** ***Office ###-###-####Email ***
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me
*** ***

The *** *** received confirmation of the counterfeit bill yesterday. The $will be refunded to the account today. We apologize for the lengthy processThank you

Let me begin by apologizing for the inconvenience experienced by our member. I spoke with the supervisor of our Escrow Department and was assured that this escrow account is not negative, the -is simply the disbursement from the account. The account maintains a positive balance. The supervisor will transfer the Safeco refund once it has been deposited into the account. The transfer to the escrow account will be added to the current balance and the funds will be available for the payment of the property taxes. Thank you

After reviewing this member's account it was determined that the fee he refers to is a legitimate fee, but the confusion may have occurred because we recently changed the fee "description". It is, in fact, the same fee that we have always charged an account in this circumstance but
is a little more descriptive.A member can actually have funds showing in their current balance, but have zero in their available balance because of pending transactions from the debit card.This is actually the situation that occurred in this case. The current balance showed $271.67, but there were $in pending debit card transactions (basically transactions where the member used the debit card for purchases, etcbut the actual amount was pending until the transaction finalized). The available balance was actually negative.We are refunding the $fee as an exception. It will appear in the account today 3/6/15. Thank you

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