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Re Power!, Inc.

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Re Power!, Inc. Reviews (11) is a blatant liar as no door slamming(a screen door)or cursing occurredI RECORDED AND PHOTOGRAPHEDCharlie was present for of the visits and was aware of the incorrect parts and
missing partsKathy is very helpful and considerate.(she was not there) all we wanted was a $refund the invoice was marked but Jackie refused
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and have determined that the response would not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below
*** ***

The fact's he has presented is correct
Although Re-Power makes
ever effort to expedite parts orders we have no control
over our suppliersWe failed in communicating to him with regard to his
special orderOur policy is special orders are paid for in advanceWe were unaware that our supplier no
longer carried the WMwheel bracketWe should of at that time notified
the customer of the delayWe failed to do soThis topic has been mentioned
several times in our training of our employeesWhen we found out that this
needed to be ordered directly to a Cub Cadet dealer we didWhich we had to pay
for ourselves on our company credit card to get the part orderedThey too, did
not have the part in stockWhich they had to order from their supplier as
wellOn a transaction we usually will have parts in our possession with
in 3-daysWhen the customer came in I called the vendor to see if we could
cancel and they would not allow me to do so because it was a special orderOur
policy is no refund on special order parts just like theirs isI tried to
cancel and they would not allow me tooI simply stated to our customer that
the part is orderedWhen they receive it from the vendor we would have soon
I tried to explain to him that I do not need
this part in my inventory and that we specially ordered for himI know that
this isn't what he wanted to hearHowever, I tried to get it cancelled but to
no availThis was not acceptable to him and he stated that he would call the
police and say we are committing fraudI do not take that lightly nor do I
want my staff to not follow procedureI understand his frustration as soon as
the part arrives we will contact him.
I am not making any excuses with regard to our lack of communication But we have on an average of 50-people per day who want special parts & serviceswith Re-Power on a dily basis We make ever effort to return phone calls, look
up parts and service equipmentI am sorry that he has had a poor experience
with us but we too are humanThings happen that are totally of our control and we apologize fore the inconvenience
Cathy Clark
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved
*** ***

I called the supplier for the part in question this morning and they informed me that they got the part in but turned around and returned to their vendor When a third party gets involved it creates possibilities of issues happening I wan't happy about the way they handled so I have a check for $to return to the customer immediately After years of being in business I will have to say this has been a horrible transaction and I could hope this customer can find his parts without having any further inconvience Please let me know how to proceed?
Thank you for your time
*** ***-Owner
Re-Power! Inc

Me and my wife purchased a *** by *** *** in July from Bob LedfordsAfter using it days the ceiling was full of water that the AC was producingI took it back wanting my money back or a different unitI was told no by David L*** that they would fix itThat was not what I wanted but was told that's the only option I hadSo after months with the dealer I got it backI stored it for approximately weeks and was then using it for the second timeHowever on this trip I found out the battery disconnect does not work because both batteries were deadAfter plugging the power up I was able to operate the landing gear and hook the camper upWhen I got to where I was going with it the dealer had left a interior door open and one of the slides caught the door handle and broke it while stretching the hinges and some surface damage to the door itselfThen when I proceeded to hook up power and water the hot water heater had failedWouldn't work on gas or electricOn my way home from this trip I dropped the unit off at the dealership on October 23rd for repairsSince then I have been told on different occasions that it would be complete on a different dayI still don't have my RV and up to this point I have missed a total of weeks of campsites that was paid forThey really don't seem to care if it get done or notI bet if they were making these payments while they have it then it would have already been fixedIt's a shame that this business is run this wayI have bought from them twiceMy first and my last

I am very sorry for the experience the [redacted] have had in our service department. I have contacted Mr. [redacted] and updated him. We are sending drivers to Indiana to pick up remaining parts that still have not shipped to us. I then will make sure his camper is repaired in a timely manor and hope to...

have no further problems. Mr [redacted] was very forgiving and we appreciate there business.Thank You

Mr and Mrs [redacted] XLR is currently in our service department. We have been and still are working with the manufacturer to resolve their issues. We are doing everything we can to the very best of our ability to satisfy our customers. I have put Mr and Mrs [redacted] as top priority and covered all...

additional expenses to fix their unit. We as a business strive for 100% customer satisfaction. This takes a good working relationship between us, the customer and the manufacturer. We again are putting forth every effort to get their unit back to them as soon as possible. I have tried to keep open communication  with Mr and Mrs [redacted] and will continue to work through this until it is resolved.

I am responding on behalf of Cathy C[redacted], owner of Re-Power, Inc., as she was out of town when these events took place.  I am her administrative assistant, and was here when the problem...

took place.
[redacted] placed an order for parts on August 5th. I did not handle the order, nor was I in anyway involved with Mr. [redacted] and his order, so I do not know what has taken place with receipt or non-receipt of parts.
The two people who did know that information were not in the shop on August 18th when Mr. [redacted] and his lady friend came in for a refund.
When they came in to Re-Power that day, they were first met by Charlie, who works part-time, and who also knew nothing about this transaction, therefore we were both at a loss. 
Both of us repeatedly explained to the customers that we knew nothing of the situation and that they would need to talk to Cathy, who was out of town, and would return on Monday. They got louder and became very belligerent as more customers entered the shop.  It was like they had an audience and were taking advantage of it.
Mrs. C[redacted] had noted on Mr. [redacted]’s sales order that his account was to be credited, and one part marked as ‘removed’, but I had no idea what that meant since the marked part was still on the sales order in our computer.  I saw no note for ‘refund’.
I told both of them that if they were due a refund, Cathy would be happy to take care of it on Monday when she returns.  If they did not want to make the trip back in, just call and talk to Cathy on the phone.  We could send a check without them making the extra trip.  This was not good enough for either of them.  The woman started threatening that in this age of social media, we were not smart to refuse the customers’ demands. 
In fact, I personally felt like they were trying to bully us into making a refund that neither Charlie nor I felt comfortable doing with our lack of knowledge of the situation.  They would not accept that we would be happy to resolve the situation on Monday, and they SLAMMED a PNEUMATIC storm door on their way out of the shop.
To the best of my knowledge, neither of them has called today.  The envelope from the, which was received in today’s mail is the first I’ve heard from either of them since the event occurred.
When Cathy came in today, she was made aware of the situation and said they are indeed due a refund, therefore, the issue will be resolved to their satisfaction.
As far as the comment about being racist, that had absolutely nothing to do with the situation.  I would guess that our customer base is about 40% African-American, 20% Hispanic and 40%white. 
Mr. [redacted] is African-American, and his lady friend is white!  The refusal to give the refund had to do with lack of knowledge of the situation, and not skin color!  I can’t believe that was even mentioned!!
Jacque L A[redacted]
Administrative Assistant
For Cathy C[redacted], owner

We have resolved this issue with Mr. [redacted] from Bob Ledford RV. Thank you very much for your assistance.

This customer called my company to request that I look at some Leyland Cypress trees which she said looked unhealthy.  After extended observation and examination of the trees, combined with extensive questioning of the customer's horticultural practices, e.g. watering fertilizing, use of...

herbicides, etc., it became apparent to me that the trees were in severe stress due to drought.  The completely bare ground beneath the drip edge of the trees was hard and dry and needed mulch to retain moisture.  I spent more than an hour with this customer answering her many questions about how best to water the trees, where to place soaker hoses, when and how long to water, what kind of mulch to use, etc.  At no time did she request a "free estimate,"  or any estimate.  This was clearly a consultation rather than a request for an estimate for any other services,  and I spent more than an hour providing this customer with insightful information which I feel will help her save her trees.  Afterwards, she thanked me and gladly wrote a check for the consultation fee of $125.It is my professional opinion that drought stress is the primary cause of her unhealthy trees and that treatment to mitigate this stress is the primary treatment required.  The possible presence of Siridium [redacted] would be secondary and probably brought on by a weakened immune system caused by the drought stress.  I shared this information with the customer later when she phoned to complain about being charged a consultation fee, but she seemed unable to understand the primary role of drought stress, just as she is apparently unable to understand the difference between requesting a "free estimate" versus seeking an extensive consultation without requesting any other services.  After more than 26 years providing tree services to the Roanoke Valley and Smith Mountain Lake areas, this is the first and only complaint I have ever received, and I have countless impeccable references and letters of recommendation.   I suppose there will always be some people who want something for nothing.

I have reviewed the response offer made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this proposed action would not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
His response is only part truth. When I called, I never used the word "consultation." I called two other companies that also came out and neither of them charged me a dime to tell me the trees had Siridium [redacted]. He was at my residence a while but he NEVER provided an extended observation and examination of the trees. How can he say this when he NEVER even looked at the bark or inner branches of the trees as the other two gentlemen did? He certainly did not need to provide me with "consultation" of what kind of mulch to purchase as I have been buying and laying down mulch for my acre yard and plants for many years. I had been watering these trees for months before I ever called him using a 2600 sq. ft oscillating sprinkler. Both of the other gentlemen said this was preferable over a soaker because it covered more area than just the bark. I certainly did not "happily" write him a check but was caught off guard. When I again reviewed the advertisement in the yellow pages, and my notes on the pages, I had even circled the words FREE ESTIMATES on the ads for all three of the calls I placed. He still states in his response, that IF the trees have Siridium [redacted], it is secondary to drought stress. How can he charge me $125. for a extensive observation & examination of the trees when, again, he did not even enter the trees to investigate the bark or inner branches. I do not call touching a few dead limbs of a few trees on the front side and a cursory walk to the back side of the trees extensive observation. If he had investigated the bark HE would have seen black cracks and oozing-both signs of Siridium [redacted]. His own statements over the phone and in his written response, stating IF they have Siridium [redacted], do not support that he spent a long time investigating the trees. Despite regular watering and mulch and care, the trees have continued to deteriorate. All he did was waste my time and give me false hope and take my money. And no, I do not expect something for nothing...but I also do not expect nothing for my money which I exactly what I got.

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