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Real Good Dog Rescue

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• Jan 13, 2021

I contacted about adopting a dog, submitted application, all requirements met. Lisa never returned my call but eventually responded to an email. She was incredibly rude- but I went with benefit of the doubt as tone is hard to read in email. I get a frantic call from Lisa I needed to get the dog within the hour because her foster was unavailable. This is the first time I’ve spoken to the woman and she was yelling in the phone and proceeded to hang up. She was awfully judgmental in the process- that is until suddenly her foster couldn’t care for the dog and she needed to put the dog somewhere. I get “having a bad day” but that was the most atrocious interaction I’ve had with anyone- let alone someone in the business of caring for animals.

Oy, if anyone thinks Lisa is a compassionate animal lover, you’re as nuts as she is. I was at her house. Probably 2 dozen dogs under her sole care. I was interested in adopting an advertised pet, no response. Then the third degree. No response. So I volunteered for her event —. This was tge most horrifying experience of my lifetime. Most of tge dogs have behavioral problems because they’re fostered by neurotics. A dog at tge adoption snapped at a little girl, and the foster yelled at the little girl. Another passerby said she had rescued a great dane from RGDR, but had to return it due to aggressive behavior. The puppy I was interested in was a ball of nerves — shaking and cowering —. She showed no compassion, comfort, reassurance to tge animal (easily rehabilitated in a healthy dog environment). So sad to leave him there knowing his life will be miserable. I think she cares about her authority, she’s rude and bossy, even to volunteers —. I pray for that dog every day and feel so sad for all the other emotionally neglected pets in her possession.

When she told me she’s had TOO MANY cases where a placed dog would run away I wondered how do these dogs get so kennel crazy? To have it happen often! The dogs can be rehabilitated—. Lisa is hopeless!

Lisa is nuts. She allowed a dog to die after I told her he was sick and she did nothing. She always has litters of puppies and I'd bet they're all sick. Intestinal worms and demodectic mange are no issue for her because she somehow has the authority to vet pups herself. She is reckless and ruthless.

Lisa Trenthem is a terrible president of a rescue group. She left a terrible voicemail on my phone saying all I wanted was gimme gimme gimme money to care for an abandoned pregnant high heartworm positive beagle that I paid for everything. I don't believe all these positive reviews. She told me "you are dead to me ". She's blocking negative reviews. They're are too many rescues that are a lot better than her organization. She trusts no one. Even her own volunteers have tried to have an intervention with her to stop her attitude towards volunteers foster parents and donators to no avail. Work with other organizations and shut her down until she gets over her burnout and quit taking it out on all her worker.

Abner and I had the same experience. Lisa seemed only interested in turning the next litter of profit. I fostered a sick pup and she approved me taking it to the vet but refused treatment, claiming she had necessary meds. Unfortunately, she made no arrangements to pick the dog up. I brought the dog to an adoption event, where the sick pup stayed in a crate in the back of her vehicle for the duration of the event. I later discovered the dog passed and Lisa claimed it was from a suspected "gut injury" sustained in my home. The dog was sick. A vet confirmed it. Lisa let the dog die. She also worked as a tech in medical research involving canines at UT. Very sketchy.

Lisa is the rescue group and she has very questionable motives. She challenges the ability of living families to care for a dog while she fails to provide adequate care for pets under her roof. She is abusive and her volunteers are an army of maniacs. She seemed more interested in monetary gain than animal placement, has a suspicious inventory of litters of puppies without mothers, and previously worked as a technician who administered unimaginable abuse to animals for medical research. I don't know if she's involved with backyard breeders or is in it for profit but she is the slumlord of all rescues.

Poppy is in SOSBEAGLE in Knoxville under great care with money to take her from C section puppy care spaying heartworm treatment and adoptions for all. Complete compassion. Lisa doesn't have this. No one will ever talk to me that way again when I'm trying to get the best care for a dog that needs financial and foster care for her and her puppies to make it!

The Real Good Dog Rescue is a first class rescue group. I have worked with them, and fostered for them for many years. Lisa T[redacted] is extremely conscience in the care she gives the dogs. In addition, she is concerned that adoptions are good for both the dog, and the adopter. She will not adopt to anyone, she does not feel is right for the dog. For example, if there are very young children in the home, who she feels will cause the dog to become unpredictable, she will not adopt to them.
I have worked with many rescue groups throughout my volunteer activities. TheReal Good Dog Rescue is an extremely responsible group.
Anne F H[redacted]
901 [redacted]
Please feel free to contact me. ","pos-11

She didn't even know if I had possession of two puppies following an adoption event. She thought I did and later handed them over.

This is a great organization. I adopted 2 wonderful dogs from them and have been lucky enough to volunteer with them as well.The fosters and the administration go above and beyond for these animals.","pos-19

Real Good Dog Rescue works tirelessly and selflessly to make sure the perfect match is made between pet and human. ","pos-23

My husband and I have adopted 2 wonderful dogs from Real Good Dog Rescue. They are a wonderful organization of people who want to see that the dogs in their care go to forever homes. I appreciate that they only want safe and loving homes for the dogs in their care. I highly recommend them. The fact that they have very high standards is to be commended.

I fostered 2 dogs for Real Good Dog Rescue, and adopted the second one. I participated in several adoption events. They were great to work with. They welcomed my kids to help during the adoption event (ages 9 and 11 at the time). I am so thankful that we found our newest furry family member, and for all of the animals that this great rescue helps to place in forever homes.","pos-22

Lisa and her staff & volunteers are AMAZING. Our family has been blessed with 2 fur babies from RGDR. Our family welcomed the back ground checks to ensure their pets go to loving & responsible owners. I have recommended RGDR to several people in the market for pets ","pos-24

Absolutely love this organization. After our schnauzer of 11 years passed away, our tiny poodle was heartbroken. After meeting with several fosters, Maddie (formerly bubbles) came into our life. She is definitely the queen of the house. I love what RGDR does to help keep the community informed about new laws and what is going on in the 4 legged community. ","pos-26

I have had 3 successful adoptions through this company - they are great to work with and thorough to ensure that all the animals adopted go to homes that will be committed to caring for the animals. Love Lisa and her volunteers! ","pos-29

My husband and I adopted a senior dachshund from this rescue 5 months ago. It was an easy process and I was so happy that they took the time to save a 14 yr old deaf and half blind senior from a shelter. Now we get to live her for the rest of her days. ","pos-3

This is the best dog rescue organization I have ever dealt with. They are very thorough in making sure one of their dogs goes to the right people and they have the right environment for a dog. I have two dogs from them one we got six years ago and one we got a year ago. They were very helpful in finding the right second dog for our household. I recommend them highly","pos-25

I have been volunteering with this group for about four years.
The reason I live RGDR is as a foster I get a say so in where my foster goes.
I get to stay in touch if the adorive family wants( they usually always do)
I love it how so much thought and care goes into finding a great match between pet and new person!

My fiance and I have adopted TWO dogs from Real Good Dog Rescue and I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else. Our first dog, Molly, (fka Kate) is absolutely perfect! Laid back, had a wonderful foster, loves us and all other creatures. We thought she might like a friend, so we adopted Murphy (fka Yogi, Hoagie) who is a ball of energy and a complete nut, LOL. Again, a wonderful foster, again we thanked our lucky stars for Lisa's great eye for Real Good Dogs. Murphy is also perfect! He is a best friend to Molly and also to our two cats. Even though we live in Maine, we were happy to pay for the transport to get our new "kids" home from TN. On the business side of things, Lisa and her crew have the entire process down pat. Vaccinations are always done and on time, every piece of paperwork is included in the doggie packets sent with the dogs, adopters have the opportunity to speak with the fosters, which is hugely helpful and videos and pictures are provided. I can't say enough good things about Lisa, her crew and Real Good Dog Rescue - we won't go anywhere else for our next dog(s)! There's just something about those Real Good Dogs.....THANK YOU, LISA and RGDR! -Carole & Tuck, Wells, Maine","pos-6

I highly recommend Read Good Dog Rescue. I adopted my first rescue through them and they were very easy to work with. My dog, Chaz, has been the best pet I have ever had! I really appreciate all that Lisa and the others do to save these animals and find the right fit for them when someone applies for adoption. ","pos-18

Wonderful, caring group of people that sincerely care about both the pets and the people that adopt them. I have adopted 2 pets in the past 2 years from Real Good Dog Rescue. My son that lives in Nashville also adopted a puppy from them. I really appreciate all of their hard work and devotion to all of the dogs they foster and find caring homes for. ","pos-9

Love this rescue group. They verified my past vet visits and made sure I took care of any animals I had and that I had the appropriate space for the animal I was looking to adopt. We now have the best dog ever.","pos-20

I had a great experience with this rescue group. I was looking for a new "fur baby" and wanted to help a precious little one to be able to find his or her FOREVER HOME! I was able to work with Julie C[redacted] during the adoption of my very energetic lovable pup, Maddie (formerly known as Kona). This organization is full of REAL people trying to give REAL animals safe and loving homes. I have and will continue to stand behind their cause and their furry friends. I will also continue to recommend this group to any and every one! When you truly find the pet that belongs with you and your family you will know. I didn't choose Maddie she chose me and I couldn't be happier. Over a year later I still keep in contact with Julie to share photos and stories. Not because I have to but because I want to. This group is well appreciated by me and my family and I wouldn't have changed a thing! With Love, Maddie and her mom ","pos-4

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