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Real Property Management Southeast Wisconsin

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working with real property management has been a 'real' smooth experience right from the start. they assiduously screen tenants to ensure you get a qualified occupant in your property right away. it is a reassuring feeling for me to know that not only do they place these qalified tenants but also make two annual visits/ inspections to the property to insure proper upkeep is maintained by the leaseholders. their (rpm's) automated emai system informs me when rent is collected and is directly deposited into my bank account. it can't get easier than that! of course, there are those occasions when tenants do call rpm because issues arise in the property; drains not draning, garage door won't open, basement water leakage, etc. this is where I am most impressed! rpm takes care of it all for me! they repair whatever the issue is right away without overchharging me. in fact their rates are very resonable and their work is of good quality. I sleep well knowing my propertty is in good trusted hands with rpm. I am a atisfied customer and feel blessed to have found a management firm that truly cares about my property as if it were their own.

Review: I hired real property management to manage a single family home I own. They were supposed to do all the typical property management duties (supervise maintenance, collect rent, etc) in my opinion they have not followed the contract or done what the verbally told me they would.

1. Last summer, new doors were supposed to be put on the property but never were installed.

2. They are supposed to supervise the maintenance but I have had to go over there to check on things (recently they had a stoop installed but the downspout was installed incorrectly, I had to inform them of this), I also requested they remind the tenants that they were responsible for trimming the hedges, after a couple of weeks they required I go see if they were done. For the stoop project the original estimate included new railing and they charged me again for new railings.

Prior to me hiring real property management the tenants changed the locks, when I hired real property management they were supposed to get a copy of the locks but they never did.

In the contract it says they are supposed inspect the property twice a year, to my knowledge this has never been done (I have not ever been billed the fifty dollars stated in contract or given any update on condition of property/preventative maintenance needed)

Numerous times they have not returned emails or calls. When I was on vacation the tenants were texting me about a health situation, I attempted to contact real property management on weekend but no one responded till normal business hours, they are supposed to have 24 hour coverage. I was in another state and was counting on them to handle the situation, not have the tenants contacting me numerous times.

The tenants have contacted numerous times because of the lack of response they get from real property management.

The tenants have been behind on rent, late fees and water fees and I have asked them what they are doing about it but they have not responded to my emails/calls. I have copies of numerous emails I have sent them.Desired Settlement: I would like to get refunded the amount for the railings since that was in the first estimate for the stoop. I would also like to get rid of the contract after the tenants move August 31. 2014. I also think I should get some management fees refunded since I had to check on things to make sure they were done and they were not doing required maintenance or enforcing the lease.



Review: RPM advertised a rental home located at [redacted]

3BD | 1.5BA | $995 /mo. The ad was placed on 2/13 or 2/14/2015. It was listed on [redacted], and [redacted]. It was a self viewed property where you can register and get the lock box code to view the home on your own. Which I did with no problem. I called while I was still at the home and left a message on the voicemail saying I was interested and wanted to apply. I went straight home after viewing the property and applied on their website. During the application process it never asked for the address. I called AGAIN and left a message stating I had just applied online and that I applied for [redacted] I never got a call back so I followed up Monday morning. [redacted] is the leasing specialist and he didn't know which property my application was for. I had to tell him which address and he said he would process the application. Bottom line after speaking with him back and forth a few times we realized there was a listing error. The correct rental amount was $1,195 per month. I even sent him screens shots from [redacted] and [redacted] showing the price as $995. He asked if I still wanted it at the $1,195. I told him no, that was too much plus you had to pay your own water. I then started asking him to remove the credit inquiry from my credit report and requested a refund of $20 I paid online during the application process. I made it clear that I was applying for a specific property and not just randomly submitting an application in hopes of them listing something that suits my needs. They only had 3 listings at the time. Had it not been listed at $995 I would have NEVER applied! [redacted] referred me to [redacted] who was in charge of that property. She explained it was listed in error by maintenance staff. They need to have access to the property to make repairs etc. [redacted] said she had to wait until her boss got in that Friday to request my refund! There is no reason I should have to pay for the admitted mistake of the this company. Why on earth would they feel the need to keep my $20? [redacted] didn't even check my rental reference! Nor did he submit it to [redacted] for final approval because of the price error. All he did was do a soft inquiry on my credit. Well [redacted] never followed up with me after I followed up with her trying to find out the status of my refund. I also followed up with [redacted] via email. He said [redacted] was out sick etc etc and offered to transfer me to her. I had already contacted her so I didn't reply back. It's March 3rd and they still have not refunded my money! I shouldn't have to keep tracking them down to get MY money. It's very unprofessional and bad business!Desired Settlement: I need my money refunded ASAP as well as the soft inquiry removed from my credit ASAP!



This customer stated she contacted someone via phone. After searching the phone records there is no conversation pertaining to this complaint. Furthermore, this tenant applied online and expressly agreed to paying the $20 fee and consented to a credit check per applicable law.The property she was interested in is being sold and we didn't learn of this decision by our Client until after she applied for the property. As such, we are not in control of the unfortunate outcome that this customer describes.I have mailed a check for $20 to refund this customers application fee. I also left a message with [redacted] credit bureau to see if the inquiry can be removed.We told this customer she is per-approved for similar units in our inventory because she completed the application process. Even though we have similar units, she rejected our offer to find her another suitable property.We apologized to this customer for ANY inconvenience.Kind Regards,[redacted]



First of all, I spoke with [redacted] and now he's saying there is no record of the phone call which is a lie. She is the one who told me that the maintenance staff listed the house in error so they could put the lock box on it and gain access to the home for repairs. She told me there was still a lot to be done on the home. Now he is saying the house is being sold by the owner. This is my first time hearing this story. [redacted] also told me during our conversation that she had to wait until Friday when her boss returned to get permission to give me the refund. That was the first and last time I spoke with her. The next phone call is where I left the message. Had she issued my refund promptly I would have never had to make the second phone call to her where I left a voicemail following up with her about my refund because I never heard back from anyone at the company!

Their response states, "As such, we are not in control of the unfortunate outcome that this customer describes". I'm not in control of THEIR mistake either. Why should I have to pay for their mistake?!

They stated I'm pre-approved and they offered to "find" me another similar listing. [redacted] never checked my rental reference so I'm not sure how I was preapproved conveniently after requesting my money back! Also, I never refused as he stated. I asked [redacted] when would they be listing more homes? I also asked him will the homes be overpriced? He never has a definite answer to any of my questions. Did they really expect me to wait around for 90 days to see if by chance they list a home that suits my needs?! Seriously? As I stated in my complaint I applied to that SPECIFIC property. I have no interest in getting pre-approved to a company "just in case". RPM is not even one of the larger management companies in Milwaukee. At the time they had a total of 3 listings. None of which were similar to the house listed in error. Today they have a grand total of 5 listings. None of which are even single families! NOTHING similar to the single family listed in error!

He stated they apologized to me for the inconvenience. I'm not sure when that was because [redacted] called me AFTER they received my complaint and said she wanted to verify where to send my refund and said she would send it out that day. That was the end of the conversation.

The listing was an error which is no big deal. All I wanted was my money refunded! It shouldn't even had to come down to a formal complaint to get results!



We have issued the refund, inquired about reversing the credit report inquiry and told the customer this has been done. We realize the customer was upset about not getting this home. However, this was due to circumstances ENTIRELY out of our control. We realize the home was marketed for a very brief window in time prior to us learning about the owners intentions to sell this property. Website syndication does not happen in real time. Therefore, this consumer saw an add during a small window of time. We don't know what else to tell this customer other that we'd like to help her potentially find another property.She states that we only have four listings. However, we have listings coming online frequently as tenant move out of homes and they become available again. We've made every attempt to help this person and at this point I don't think anything will make her happy. Regards,[redacted]

I have found it very frustrating to work with this company. They were paid (and are being paid) to find a tenant and look after my property. Because the Housing Authority is involved they feel they cannot do anything to get my rent money in a timely matter. What have I paid them for?

I was actually looking at a property listed and managed by RPM Milwaukee. I filled out the application and paid the fee, but unfortunately it got rented before we could even get in to see it (had a viewing scheduled--and it was rented before the viewing). I wrote the RPM to request a refund of the application and they issued me one. I think this is great service.

Review: My husband and I are currently renting a home through the real property management company. On the day we were scheduled to move into the house (August 1, 2013) we ran into numerous problems that were entirely the fault of the company's including giving us the wrong keys to the house. When we were finally able to get into the house, we noticed several maintenance issues. They then wrote down all of the issues and promised to address those concerns promptly. I asked the maintenance manager at the time how long it would take and he assured me that it should all be handled by the end of the next week. Weeks went by and we called the company numerous times to get an update on the status of the maintenance issues, none of which had been addressed. After over one month, they finally sent someone out and they addressed only 3 minor issues we had brought up. This included replacing broken blinds (which they installed backwards) and placing a new transition piece between 2 rooms (which was not even close to long enough for that doorway). They also removed a screen from an upstairs window for no reason during their visit and we still do not know where they took it or why it was removed. We have heard nothing back on when they might be coming back to address the remaining problems and although they have made vague mention that they will return at some point, they have forgotten about many of the other issues (all of which were written down on move in day during our many problems with them). After over a month with no progress on any of the maintenance issues, I spoke with the maintenance manager who was extremely rude when he had no reason to be since it is his job to address maintenance problems. Additionally, they were responsible for telling the water/sewer/garbage company that there had been a change in tenants at this house. We then received a bill from the company in our names for months prior to our move-in for the water/sewer/garbage. We have called the company several times and have heard no response. On numerous occasions, we have called and left messages or emailed the company and have had no reply from them at all.Desired Settlement: We would like the company to finally come out and properly fix the issues that have already been addressed as we have waited a month and a half with no real solutions or timeline. We would also like to have them handle the water company issue as we are not allowed to make changes with the company since we are not the home owners. We would also appreciate being called back to address our concerns specifically regarding the water company. If this issue has been resolved, we are not aware since they have failed to return our many calls.



This property has been deactivated in our system after the repairs were complete. Unfortunately, this customer was not happy with our services. We've completed the requested repairs and have transferred management of this property back to the owner in hopes they will fully satisfy this customers requests in the future.

I have 8 properties in the US and the one in Milwaukee handled by Real Property Management Southeast Wisconsin [redacted] is by far the best performing under their managment. Before the property was rented [redacted] got to know the surrounding neighbours who were able to keep him informed while it was vacant. They arranged to cost effectively help secure the property with sensor lights. They were patient in finding a suitable tenant, follow up any rent defaults promptly, make it easy for the tenant to pay via echeques and remit funds to our account promptly. The online portal is excellent and kept up to date making for easy accounting of expenses and income. They quickly and cost effectively have dealt with any repair issues. I would recommend using them to any property owner in the area. [redacted] Director
King Investment Kansas LLC

If I could put 0 stars I would! 1. Communication is so horrible it is laughable. Emails go unanswered, voicemail messages left with no response, and even if you get a hold of someone, there is no follow-up communication or status. 2. Follow thru does not happen! I have requested simple things like a copy of an inspection report from a tenant leaving (its been over 4 months and still nothing). I have made requests and been promised by the owner to have market data on the property (over 6 months nothing). 3. Quality of renters... horrible!!! I have had more turnover of renters breaking leases than anything. I have yet to have a renter stay full lease in the property. This was not an issue before. 4. Maintenance staff - IS NOT LOCAL! The Maintenance person is in Indianapolis, and my property is in Milwaukee... I have tried several times to have my issues addressed, and every time I am left with the same thing - nothing! It is clear this is only a property management company that only cares about their monthly 10% and not about the customer (on either side). I have had to deal with renters directly and they complain to me about the same thing on communication issues with this company. My only recommendation is to look elsewhere.

I would like to make a complaint about the service and knowledge of two of your employees. I initially contacted this company to set up a viewing of an available unit for rent. I was told that there would be a non-refundable $20 applicant fee per adult, which was acceptable to me as I liked the apartment very much and was eager to apply. The appointment was set with [redacted] on April 16th at 4pm at 8934 W. Burleigh. When I and my family arrived at the home we were a few minutes early, but proceeded to approach the home. [redacted] did not greet us as we walked up and avoided eye contact until I said something to her. I asked if she was the one showing the unit and told her my name. What she said was, "Ya'll are early, I don't like it when people show up early." I didn't like that she shared that out loud, but then she told us it was cool and said we could go on up and look around. We went upstairs and observed the home for about 10 minutes. During that time she was informational, telling us about the features of the unit but failed to mention certain requirements. All she told us was, "Basically don't be a sex-offender and don't be a drug dealer." As I and my boyfriend were filling out our applications I told her that I was the only one working and I make approximately $1200/month. She not once said ANYTHING about there being an income requirement. Before the showing I had already purchased a money order for $40 made out to Real Property Management because I knew we were going to apply. It was sitting on the counter the whole time we were filling out our applications and she knew about me being the only one working. I'm just wondering why she didn't inform me of the income requirement. It is her job to be friendly and informational about the company's requirements, as well as the home. For one she was not very friendly. For two when she proceeded to show me the basement and storage unit down there, she said we'd have to hurry because other people were coming to view the home. Which is understandable to me, but I was holding my baby and before I could even pass my daughter to her father, [redacted] was already down the stairs. She called out, "You're not making me very happy-y-y-y-y!" She sang the phrase and did not say me, I just can't remember what she referred to herself as. Then a few days after, I submitted the rest of my needed information via fax. The following day I missed a phone call and received a message from [redacted] When I returned her phone call, we spoke about our applications and she told me they had been processed but denied because she realized how much income we have per month and explained to me how it wasn't sufficient according to the company's policies. I told her I did not know about this prior to applying and had I known I never would have wasted $40 on something that would never be. She told me that this information would have been on the front page of our applications which we did in fact have possession of. I was upset, I said thank you any way and we ended our phone call. After speaking with [redacted] I looked over the paper again and again but no where on that paper did it say there was an income requirement. It did not say that I should be making three times as much as the rent per month. So I decided to call [redacted] back and point this out to her. From the get go I told her that I understood the application fee was non refundable and that I wasn't calling to get my money back. In mid conversation she asked, "Haven't you ever rented before?" Implying I should have automatically known about the income requirement. Which I thought was very rude because I do in fact have a rental history, and a very good one at that. I felt offended all because I didn't know about this policy and to top it off she was getting snappy with me. Not once did she apologize to me or make an effort to alleviate my irritation. I was getting very upset but I maintained a professional tone with her and kept my cool. She on the other hand did not maintain a professional tone and made me very upset. She was then not allowing me to talk and giving me a full on attitude. I then said something to her which included one profane word and we again ended our phone call.
I spent money unnecessarily and feel as if your employees don't know what it means to provide excellent customer service. And when things like this happen between a worker and a client, they should know how to handle it properly and make an effort to fix it or make the client feel comfortable again. I feel as if I spent money so your company could gain a profit and I was spoken to rudely not on one occasion, but two, which is completely unacceptable. I am a shift supervisor at my job and I would never allow my crew to speak to customers as I was spoken to. Not once did she apologize about what happened, nor did she say sorry for [redacted] failing to communicate to me the requirements. It was an unprofessional and negative experience for me and all I can say is this, in my continued search for a new home I will completely avoid renting from Real Property Management.

Our experience with Real Property Management was very positive. They found a tenant for our property very quickly. They ensured that the property was properly maintained, conducted thorough inspections, and addressed items promptly and thoroughly.

Review: After the tenants moved out of my property that was managed by Real Property Management, I had many damages to the property. The property manager sent out an email with details of damages equaling $2982.92 back in July of 2013. Being that I only received the deposit money of $975, I was told that the bill will be sent to a collection agency. I then sold the house. After several months, I called RPM, around February 2014 and was told to wait until after tax time, which is when the best odds of payments would be made. I called in May, June, and July and left a message with RPM, and no call backs or emails back to me. I then emailed the original email statement that was sent to the tenant, back in July 2013, just asking a status, with no reply from RPM.Desired Settlement: All I would like is information or a response. Will I ever get the money back? Did they ever file with a collection agency as I was originally told? If so, what is the name of the collection agency? Why am I being ignored?



This account is being processed through collections. However we can't submit all of the paperwork without written invoices from the owner. We will be communicating in detail about necessary documentation to resolve this matter.

Collections of debt is never guaranteed and we hope to satisfy this Client's request. The former RPM employee that this Client was working with has been terminated.

I am now taking personal care of this account.


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