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Info overload
My wife and I are bankrupt after our first flip. We paid for the whole setup. The three day, the one on one, Mr Butler and Anderson. Seed capital especially misleading. We paid for a "second round" of funding thru them only to find out that we had to have paid down the original cards by at least 45%. We were down at least 80K in startup costs before our first property was bought. Did not need incorporation, LLCs and all that yet. First flip smashed us. Getting reliable contractors is incredibly difficult when there are dozens of other flippers doing the same thing. So that forced us to hold property too long. Meanwhile CC companies want their payments. Too much outgo and not enough back on the flip. Do yourself a favor, stay away from all those "systems" and go to Bigger Pockets. Tons of the same info there that we paid for, all for free.

High Pressure Sales Tactics, $30K to get in, plus $25K more
I went through all of the hoops, paid the $30,000 for my partner and myself, spent the money to fly to California (was encouraged by the speaker to "fly first class, you deserve it"--DIDN'T!, paid for our hotel and food while there, and spent the whole time being pressured to spend thousands more on Incorporating, LLCs, MR. BUTLER, and of course an extra $25,000 for one on one training, which they didn't reveal until we were in our seats at the seminar. We expected to get the training we needed after paying $30,000, but that was, alas, just the tip of the iceberg. So now we are told that if we want to really learn what we need to know in order to be successful, we (I, the attendees), would need to spend $25,000 for one on one training.
The shock to my system! We met some really fantastic people at the seminar, all hoping for this venture to really change our lives in a positive way. When they announced that we needed even more money, one of my now friends, burst into tears. She and her mom had used the last of their funds, including her mom's retirement, to pay the $30,000 and their expenses, only to now learn they needed thousands and thousands more. I will tell you something further, which should have alerted me to who these people really are. When I was still in Houston at the seminar, trying to make up my mind about whether I wanted to invest in this venture, the young lady assigned to me at the seminar tried her best to get me to sign up for the commercial program, which would cost $25,000 more. When I told her that would clean out my retirement account, she pushed even harder (having now learned that I had more funds she could get her hands on). I should have paid attention to my gut.
Fast forward to the California bus tour. Whole days of pressure tactics, pushing for all of us to spend more money. Not teaching us the practical aspects of flipping, but keeping us in our seats for hours on end while they spun tales about other peoples' success. Our sessions started at 8 in the morning, and didn't end until ten o'clock at night or later. One of the attendees said to me, "they're trying to keep us so tired and overwhelmed, we can't think." It's the herd mentality at work, where you need to disconnect from the herd and give yourself enough distance to make a rational decision that will affect the rest of your life, and definitely your financial future. I spent my retirement money on this, not all at first. Not until I figured to take it slow and become a Gap Funder, which at the time sounded like a smart way to ease into the business. NOT! I had two couples as partners, one, the developers, and the other, Gap Funders like me. When the dust cleared, the house we jointly purchased in New Orleans was not selling at the price they wanted, I asked them repeatedly to just sell it so that we could at least get our money back. They would not reduce the price. Took the house off the market, and when I told these two couples I just wanted my money back, through numerous emails, the other gap funder, David and Tracie Halter, told me "responding to me was not his primary concern." The developer, Kimberly Pingol, who had initially not put her own money into the deal, told me, "I didn't make you invest."
They took the house off the market and finally gave me an IOU for the $25,000 I had invested, refinanced the house and turned it into an AirBNB. That apparently did not work, I got less than $200 back yes, two hundred dollars), and then they stopped sending me the quarterly reports we had agreed on. No word from them, no response since Fall of 2019. They won't return a phone call or text or email. I tried to warn others about these people on the Nick Vertucci website, but they hurriedly removed my post, and now are monitoring everything anyone writes, if negative, they won't publish it. In doing this, Nick Vertucci's company has become complicit in helping the members to get bilked of their hard-earned money. I specifically tried to tell people who were using their retirement money to think hard about it before investing, and wanted them to be aware and to consider whether they could afford to lose all their money before making that kind of commitment. They removed my comment, but not before another person quickly announced that something very similar had happened to him, only he lost $100,000!
We formed a flipping group here in Houston, but that lasted about six months. The only persons making money were the ones who had money in the first place. Without your own money source, you are out of luck.
Kimberly Pingol and David and Tracie Halter, I want my money. They have placed the house on the market to sell, not a word to me.

Nick Vertucci hosted an event at our property two months ago and we have yet to receive payment for their $17,000 of debt. The "event contact" has disconnected her phone and will not response via email. After calling the "corporate number" over 30 times, no one picks up.

We will soon be putting Nick Vertucci Real Estate into bad debt with all Marriott, Sheraton, Westin, CY, FFI, Ritz Carlton, etc. and they will no longer be able to book events.

While I have not attended any of Mr. Vertucci's REI classes - I am still a victim who fell prey to his teachings. I am a general contractor in AZ and unfortunately met and did business with so-called investors who attended his classes and believed what they were told by his instructors. They were clearly taught that if the project goes over budget due to unforseen repairs, costs, inspection/code requirements, is the GC's fault!? They are instructed/taught to "use other people's money" ...including the GC's and their subcontractors. They don't understand what pre-liens or liens are. They are willing to just keep monies released to them by their hard money lenders (that are provided to them at the seminars) and NOT PAY the GC for work completed. FYI - that is FRAUD! We are filing legal complaints against 2 sets of investors from this NVRE investor group and if the stars line up right - we will file suit against Mr. Vertucci and his company as well. Enough is enough! I worked hard for our money - it would be nice to be paid! NEWSFLASH PEOPLE - SOMEBODY HAS TO PAY FOR YOUR FIX AND FLIPS - AND IT SHOULDN'T BE THE GENERAL CONTRACTOR!

Hello Denise,
My name is Monique and I work in the corporate office here at NV Real Estate Academy. I am so sorry about the troubles you have been having. Please give me a call at (800) 328-6418 so I can assist you.

Here is how this program is advertised:

'Learn to flip houses with no money using Nick Vertucci's proven system'.

Here's how it works:
Step 1. Spend $1,000+ to learn that you can wholesale contracts to investors, and learn a few cheap tricks to make a house more attractive like using cheap carpet but high quality padding. The second half of this one day seminar is a sales pitch for a 3 day seminar. The seminar leader says attending this next seminar will give you access to their exclusive network of investors.

Step 2. Spend $30,000 to $40,000 for a three day training seminar. The trainers recommend a 0% interest finance who has $3,000 in hidden finance fees initially, and 18% interest after the first year. The seminar leaders will tell you to pay this off after your first deal.

Step 3. Attend the 3 day training seminar. Learn the basics of certain home systems, including remodeling bathrooms, kitchens, and how to compare properties. You will go on buses to a few properties with a clipboard to evaluate trainer selected properties.

Step 4. You learn the "exclusive network of investors" described in the one day seminar is just other people who have attended the three day seminar. You learn how to put agreements together with them.

Step 5. If you want more personal attention, they offer field training with one of the seminar leaders for $25,000. In this setting the trainer wel give you a thumb drive if documents and walk you through making phone calls and meeting realtors to see potential properties.

There are more steps, but essentially it's just a huge money siphon with premises that things will get better the more you spend. You are not buying into a team of real estate professionals and experts. You're dealing with people that are new and have often never had any renovation or real estate experience. The way this company misrepresents itself is immoral. The way this company pushes shady financing, and encourages using retirement savings to fund the series of seminars is sickening.

All True. That was my experience as well.

We were involved with Nick's program for the 3-day class, the Bus Tour, and the Advanced One-on-One Training, Seed Capital, and Warren. After spending all the money for this (around $75,000 to $100,000), we sunk another $120,000 in our first deal as a GAP funder and found that our "Pride" partner spent all of the money on other things. My retired husband has had to find work again, our credit score went from 800's to 400's due to overleveraging our money from Seed Capital, and we haven't had the money to simply do repairs on our 30 year old home. We hold Nick responsible as he personally told us not to worry that he would take care of us, and then walked away and washed his hands of the whole mess. We had vetted our deals through (3) of his own people before forging ahead. This crooked thief, from the Pride, that robbed us of all of our GAP money continued to solicit deals on NVREA's Facebook page, and had at least 3 more houses that he scammed others on. Nick would not block him from Facebook, but instead decided to edit all postings so that only favorable comments were heard.

True. I tried to recount my experience with my partners, and they speedily removed my comments. I lost $25,000 to developers who are still soliciting business on the NVREA website.

We were recently contacted by NVREA regarding this complaint. In speaking with their team, we have accepted an equitable solution and wish to withdraw our grievance

Folks, all these real estate seminars are the same whether it's Scott Yancey, Fortune Flips, Don Lapre, Cameron Dunlap, etc. They are nothing but frauds! I came in with a open mind hoping NVREA would be different but they all the same...SCAMS! those that can't afford to financially pay for the $30-$40k Bus Tour they will try to talk you into using a company called SEED CAPITAL. I was lied too, they said seed capital is a direct lender when in reality they are a credit card shopping company. They want your credit score to see how much money they can get for you in credit cards with a 12-18 months 0% interest rate. They will say based off your credit score you qualify for this much, so on. If seed capital is able to get you that amount with these credit cards, you have to pay seed capital $3,495 while the amount you qualify for pays the bus tour directly goes to NVREA. Keep in mind, when seed capital is credit card shopping for you all these credit companies is doing a hard pull when they do a credit check. It lowers your credit score to poor rating. I went from good to poor credit status now, nearly 200 points dropped. The NVREA presenters at the 3 day WILL NEVER MENTION THIS! After listening to all the blah-blah-blah at the 3 day, who really has the time to read the seed capital contract. All you want to do at that time is go have dinner and go home. They do this cause they know the average person like me who knows nothing about this will not read it and just sign whatever cause they know they have your trust in them. It's all planned out and a deception! Also to mention, you need to have some sort of funding mechanism in place to have your rehab properties financed. They work with a HML (Hard Money Lender) called IMC money. Read it on their website, you have to have at least 680 credit score for them to even work with you. With seed capital pulling down your credit score to poor status, it's nearly impossible to get funding from them. The people who are successful at this flipping business, are people who have some type of financial backing themselves. (This is also what NVREA doesn't tell you) Don't believe this bull they tell you that you can do this business with no money out of pocket. It can be done, but your chances at success at this is slim to none. Nick Vertucci the man himself, doesn't even know the success rate of those people who bought into his program. My estimate is probably 5% if even that. I do believe you can make money off flipping, I had a couple friends and family member flip. But like the ole saying goes, it takes money to make money and if you don't have finance backing it will be extremely hard to make money in this business. Anyhow, I will write this off as a loss but remember this quote about life. There are alot of scams going on out there, if it sounds too good to be true it most likely is!


Please remove post. In good faith the company and I resolved our differences. Thank You.

Firstly, as a guest of a lady friend, who invited me to attend a 'flipping' seminar, she had heard about on a local orlando radio station... , that was scheduled to start at 6: 30 pm... After driving 45 miles to arrive early... , nothing was set up till after 7pm... , because the guest speaker was late arriving... The power point presentation was so dis-organized.. , an amateur could have done a better job... After a dis-jointed presentation.. , including what appeared to be a steve harvey tv endorsement.. , everyone was 'given' the opportunity to receive a $3k discount, and pay $900 [?] to attend a later 3 day seminar... After receiving a marriot hotel boxed sandwich 'diner'.. , we politely left.. My friend was told by the phone registration lady, that there was ample free parking.. , and charged $16.00... , when my handi-capped lady friend returned to the desk. To complain... , the fellow with the pony-tail became extremely rude and told her she got a free diner.. And refused to make an adjustment for the parking fee... You may rest assured I would never recommend this company to any of my friends.. , and I intend to inform the radio station and the florida state ombudsman office of the outrageous treatment perpetrated upon a dis-a-bled senior citizen

Went to the free seminar. Waste of time, nothing but a sales pitch to join. The promised dinner was a soggy sandwich.

Njs llc
the training in this seminar is a false advertisement to all those in attendance. All that is taken is your money and all that is learned is that nick vertucci, is not interested in your success only in lining his own pockets, he can not bring himself to part with a simple 1695.00 from a serious property investor, looking to gain applicable real time knowledge of the property investing trade training outline, its merely a marketing, props, actors, and hype scam. Again the police department is only viewed as unlawful and untrustworthy, shooting down innocent people. I simply requested a full refund, and all I got in responce was treatment of unlawful porportions. Not even a response from his people to negotiate a resolution. Or even a call from nick himself.

Or even a response to the email I sent that stated with the nick vertucci companies / innovative holdings group / nick vertucci / nv companies, you are invited to contact them directly via email: [email protected] (again, please be sure to cc: [email protected] so we can keep track of the company’s response and to insure customer satisfaction). You can call the nick vertucci companies directly at 800 328 6418 and ask for jamie tomlinson

which I called and still no response, again I simply want my 1695.00

disappointed in nick v.


Myself and a friend went to the free flipping workshop in Calgary Alberta Canada July 28, 2016. They discussed a 3 day workshop for $599 CND for myself and a guest. I paid and received my books and cds. We went August 12,13,14. We didn't go the last day because this workshop is a complete joke. The main speaker had NO clue about Canadian rules, laws or EVEN the websites for information. Talking about increasing credit cards to buy a house for $200,000 with that money on your credit cards but not talking about how you would have to pay back the 10 cards you needed to buy the house with or renovate. Teaching us the "way" to phrase things and the specific language to use to the banks to get increases. The "legal" way to use Square Register to take money of your credit cards from a business merchant account and swipe your personal credit cards to get the money off of your credit cards. This guy was so slimy is was gross. I and a few other people corrected him quite a few times about certain information the very first day and the second day he was getting roasted from the crowd for all the mis information given. It was offence that this company would come to Canada and pitch flipping real estate, make reference that the principle used in this company can be used anywhere in the world (US or Canada mainly) but not have ANY clue about our Country. I had my hand up to ask/discuss how the closing costs in the USA vs Canada were vastly different and had thousands of dollars in differences and I was shut down before I could finish my sentence. He called me analytical, challenging and dismissed my intention to discuss this. He paraded around saying was studying to be a lawyer, an accountant, he was a pastor, a marriage councillor, owner of 3 corporations, and spent 48 weeks of the year in the air travelling. I would say that a lawyer or an accountant are especially analytical The guy was so OBNOXIOUS and phoney it was hard to even listen to. The premise for this workshop is to ONLY get you to the bus tour and to sell sell sell and sell the "sizzle" of $40,000. Seriously?? To get your RE license is only $5,000. I felt like I was at a timeshare presentation. It was a waste of time, learning absolutely nothing that is remotely useful in flipping houses. It was all geared towards generic information that you could have gotten from the internet. A total waste of money and time. I should send them a bill for my time. I decided to leave on the second day at 3pm because I couldn't take anymore of the time filling conversations and information that he was giving. As I left one of the coaches ran out and said "hey, are you in or out?" I said "in or out of what?" he said "the bus tour for $40,000 and you get to bring someone for free!" I said "most definitely out!" I would like a refund. Period.

Review: This company keeps sending phone texts asking for my email adresss, 23 in the past hour! I had signed up for a real estate seminar but once learning I could not get a ticket for my wife and business partner, I cancelled. I want them to stop sending texts. I called their number at [redacted] and despite having my number displayed in front of them they would not cancel the texts. I am also contacting the Illinois Attorney General.Desired Settlement: Have their practices investigated by States' Attorneys.



The owner contacted me and I am dropping the complaint, I was satisfied with his response.

Review: They advertise on the radio and hold an "informational meeting" at a local hotel meeting room. Once there they sell you on a 3 day seminar for $1495 that will teach you everything you need to know to invest in real estate. The seminar is a joke. They give you information that is not relevant and the whole process is structured to not answer questions or talk with other attendees of the seminar. The entire reason to get you to that seminar is to sell you a 30,000 dollar advanced seminar in California at their home office. They ask for confidential information on the pretext they are going to help you clean up credit issues. They were only interested in you as an individual if you have the credit to pay for their schooling. We are out $1500 plus hotel and got nothing but lied to.Desired Settlement: I really cant believe what their doing is legal. It is certainly unethical.



To whom it may concern. We at NVREA are saddened that Mr [redacted] feels the way he does after he has attended our class. We have thousands of students who attend that class and love it. They love us and the training. After the free event Mr [redacted] had no obligation to pay for and attend the 3 day class. That was his decision and I would be curious if he hated the free event why he went decided to pay and go to our class.

Review: I attended a seminar in Sacramento California about flipping homes. I was interested in finding the different ways of purchasing homes for lower prices. The seminar was supposed to be followed up with a three day training class for $2,995.00. The first training was supposed to be on a date I had a vacation paid for in Cancun so they said I could join a later training session. Once I returned I hadn't herd from anyone so I began calling and Mindi Cicero,Director of Seminars @ 800.328.6418 ext. 305, 714.580.6282 direct 949.861.6584 sent me some training dates. I have not been able to get a hold of anyone after that date and the phone numbers say the mailbox is full. I am not sure what to do but it looks like this may not be a legitimate business. The training was held at the Double Tree Hotel in Sacramento.Desired Settlement: I think at this time if this is actually a business there would be some hard feelings if they were to place me in a training and I would just like my money back and just wash my hands of this group.



I am writing because the company listed in the complaint has been in contact with me and sent me a check for the full amount. I wanted to wait a few days to make sure the check has cleared and it did. The company actually offered to me a free seminar because of the issues and said they were installing a new phone system and I must have fallen through the cracks and that they were sorry for the inconvenience. I think they should have answered the email even if they were working on the phone system but we are done. I told them I would not be attending a seminar because the hard feelings and my thoughts for how I was treated would get in the way.

Thank you for the assistance in this matter.

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution would be satisfactory to me. I will wait for the business to perform this action and, if it does, will consider this complaint resolved.


NV Academy has been the major reason for the starting on my own company. The Owner and People that work for NV Academy have always been there if I need a question answered and business advice. The best was to explain the NV Academy is basically like a College Degree in a few short months, all of the teachers/mentors refuse to leave any behind, their motto is if one person succeeds then everybody succeeds. Their Nation Wide Network is the strongest I have ever seen, I have made new business associates and friends all over our great nation because of the Nick Vertucci Academy Network. I am proud to have had the opportunity to learn and grow with the help of the Nick Vertucci Group. My Rating...A++

Review: On September 19th we attended a free real estate investment conference. At the conference we were sold the thoughts that we would received step by step coaches to assist with wholesaling "paper flipping" is what it's called. We were told we would learn a "system" and be provided with special access websites the public didn't have access to that would structure our deals once we put the numbers in (worth so much in memberships). We were also told we would sit down with a assigned coach to write up a game plan of what we would focus on going forward after the seminar to begin. But in order to get all of this we needed to pay $1695.00 and attend the three day seminar to get it all. They pressured and push stated we could pay and if we couldn't come to the dates they have then we could go to an upcoming event but the $1695 was only good for that day. That they have a zero risk if you're unhappy and try all the coaching given and put in at lease 10 offers on your own and 15 with your coach they would give you back all of your money. We were hesitant about it and informed them we would think on it and that we were worried about that big of an amount affecting our daily limit on our card. They pushed more saying only today just split the payments etc. We were given a phone number to a gentlemen that was another speaker there and told if we needed any thing to reach out and assured everything was legit. When attending the seminar (Oct. 2,3&4) we didn't talk much about paper flipping at all only covered it on the last day for about 30 minutes Instead of what was presented we received a list of basic websites that are on Google example trulia, etc. Never met with any assigned coach or received any written game plan. Instead they promoted a bus tour telling us we needed to pay $30,000 or $ 40,000 to get in their network and learn the system and be able to get the coaching and that was in November after we were denied seed money they pretty much washed their hands with you.Desired Settlement: At this time we pretty much would rather our money back we've put in several offers pretty much blind lost money to how to accomplish what we learned in 30 minutes or so. It's clear that it's not as easy as they make it seem. No money no credit. We've received no help at all on paper flipping so their customer service contact is pointless. You aren't any concern to them unless you're spending money to go to the bus tour and if you just can't come up with the money they don't care. We even had their speaker tell my husband that we won't make it without the bus tour when he contacted him to ask about help with the paper flipping. I even reached out via email to someone named [redacted] replying to her email giving reassignment contract forms. Actually twice but no reply I would've liked it if they could've lived up to what they presented and been able to actually paper flip to go the bus tour but it's clear it's all about money to this company and taking your last is what they do



Regarding this complaint I could systematically go down the list of the complainants issues and refute most allOf them. Considering we do not usually receive complaints and we do care about our reputation I feel it just makes more sense to refund the monies requested. 1695.00 in total and they can keep all

Review: My partner and I signed up for a real estate seminar under the impression the seminar would be a three day program teaching wholesaling techniques. The seminar was in reality a whole weekend of information pushing a bus tour to teach rehabbing, for an additional $30,000. We did not proceed with the bus tour and as such received follow up calls from the academy inquiring about our satisfaction with the program. We advised the rep that we were not satisfied with the program as it did not teach what we were advertised to learn. We were then followed up with a call from a "specialist" who offered to teach an exclusive wholesaling class for an additional $5,000. I already paid $1,695 for the initial program. I submitted the request for refund and waiver via e-mail on a document provided by the academy. I have yet to receive a response or even acknowledgment. I would like a refund of my purchase.Desired Settlement: I have no further desire than a refund of what I paid. I am willing to sign the waiver to indicate I will not make further complaints/requests of the program.



I have spoken with [redacted] this morning and we have resolved her complaint. She has stated that she will be in touch with your office to initiate a closed and resolved status request.Sincerely,[redacted]Vice PresidentNVREA



I have received a resolution to my complaint with the business. I would like to request a closed and resolved status for this complaint. Please feel free to contact me if you have further questions.


Review: I attended a free live seminar on April 3, 2015 at the Doubletree Hotel in Rutherford, NJ. On the bottom of my e-ticket it stated the following: 50 free tablet computers will given away, but to qualify you must register and attend the free live event.

I registered and attended this free live event. I stayed until the end of the event and at no time was there any mention of a free tablet computer giveaway. They were giving away a mobile charger and DVD but, when I asked about the free giveaway, one of their representatives stated flippantly and arrogantly the folllowing, "well did you come here just for the free gift." #1) The reason I attended is my business. I shouldn't be harassed if I ask about a free gift they stated they would give to attendees #2) the e-ticket states there will be 50 tablet computers given away and there wasn't even one tablet computer given away and no mention of the tablet computer giveaway at all.Desired Settlement: An apology in writing.

A free tablet computer that my e-ticket stated 50 would be given away. I don't think there were much more than 50 attendees so if they were supposed to give away 50 tablet computers then almost everyone would have received one.

A free seat at their 3-day workshop since they wasted my time, deceptively advertised the giveaway of 50 tablet computers, and were nasty, flippant, and arrogant when I asked about the free DVD and mobile charger.




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