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This letter is in response to *** *** ***' complaint against Realtor Assist Indy and Erik R***.First, I would like to state clearly that I strongly object to any and all complaints that the homeowner is making.The first stating that the project took weeks longer than it was supposed to
takeThehomeowner was moving into this new home and would not allow us to start right awaySecondly, once we started, she delayed us days due to a wreck (car accident) her husband and children were in(email proof included) I am not able to just drop everything I am doing and get there when each of my clients want me there, I have a schedule and when that schedule is interrupted we have to adapt, so yes, we were not able to get right back on it, but we were back there three days after she "demanded" we be there(Aug4th instead of Aug1)The second, the quality of workNot only did we do one walk through (with my sub and the husband), but I came back to do a second walk through with the homeownerI brought my wife to each meeting with the homeownerI wanted to protect myself from any other claims she might have broughtIn our original meeting the homeowner changed several items on the original estimate so on July 8th my wife and I met her at her home to go over everythingThe homeowner and I had a conversation around the painting (because if you ask her, this is the only item she stated to me that was not satisfactory) and stated chat if she did not allow us to do the ceiling and the trim that the paint would not be perfectWe were originally contracted to paint her family room one color, at the last minute she changed it to two colorsThe contract clearly states that the homeowner is to purchase the paint and choose the colorEven though that was clearly in the contract, I paid for BOTH gallons of paint and reimbursed the homeowner for the cost(proof is in the paperwork provided) there was one small area near the fireplace where the dark blue pain bled over to the trim (previously warned) and I told her we would get someone out there right away, but she refused to allow us to come back.Third, a revised invoiceThe proof revised contract and the email sent is included in the paperworkIf the invoice was requested, we sent it.Fourth, harassing emailsI have enclosed all emails that we corresponded on and I ask you to look at them and see if they were harassingEven though I was confronted about my professionalism and had a client hiding behind email, I maintained my professionalism and kept assuring her we could make any problems right and would not take payment until she was 100% satisfiedOnce I realized the homeowner would never be satisfied I began to send emails requesting payment after our final walk throughIn the paperwork I have included I have the homeowner's signature indicating that the work was completed and that everything she askedfor was provided to herI even accommodated the homeowner by meeting her at the Police Department because she felt threatenedI am very glad she suggested it because I would have suggested it anyway. The fifth, unprofessional in emailsUntil the very end, when she was billigerant and verbally assaulting me and making statements, I was very professionalOnce I realized I needed to start defending myself, things were not nearly as friendly as they were throughout the processI ask that the homeowner provide communication with all parties and we will see where the lack of professionalism lied.The sixth, promises not adhered toI ask that she provide proof of this statementThe homeowner asked and I reacted immediatelyIf there is any proof, I am happy to respond to that proof.The seventh, changing what he agreed toI again, ask for proof and I can respondThis is a statement.The eighth, we had one time where I had a contractor go out there when she was not homeThe contractor was in the area and I was trying to expedite her irrational and unrealistic requests.The ninth, this is the same as the statement aboveIt was one time and I apologized.The tenth, payment under duressIf she felt duress or I was harassing her, we were IN THE FISHERS POLICE DEPARTMENT, she could have easily said something to someoneInstead, she brought her daughter and husband to the meetingDoes that sound like someone who is in fear of harassment? Does that sound like someone who is under duress? My answer would be no.The eleventh, my 100% satisfactory is not a lieI honor my work for year and stand behind it!! I have been doing this for years and have never had a complaint and never dealt with a client like this homeownerHer requests were unrealistic and her behavior was irrational.The thirteenth, they gave us multiple opportunities to make it rightWe were only at her home three timesThe delays were due to her family delays and schedulingWe had things scheduled and she moved them due to various reasons.The fourteenth, invoicesI have no idea of what she is talking aboutAll work was completedHer main concern was the roofIn our final walk through I asked her if she would like to get up on the roof and verify the work was complete, but she declinedAt that point I was out of options to prove to her that the work was completedI gave her photos and a copy of the invoice my sub contractor providedI had no other was of proving itThis is an example of her irrational and unrealistic behavior.The fifteenth, work done and not competedI, again, ask for proof because I have no idea what she is referencing.The sixteenth, having to remind me of promisesThere was no reason for her to remind be because all the items we were responsible for were indicated on the contract, which she signedThis statement is not true and is yet another example of the irrational behavior the homeowner showed.Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with the proof that we completed the project and that we were unable to completely satisfy the homeowner due to her irrational and unrealistic requestsThe homeowner stated to me that there were many more issues with the home than shethought there to beShe complained to all parties involved in the process and has accusedmany of wrong doingMy opinion is that the homeowner did not anticipate they were going to have that much money in the home when they purchased the home and I am being used as an opportunity to re-coop some of that moneyI ask that the homeowner state the truth that we went through a walk through and all was fine and that we met at the Fishers Police Department and she signed all the documents that the work was complete, because it is all included as proofThe homeowner is portraying herself as a victim, while in fact, she did not do her due diligence to know what she was buying and the Cost involvedAny and ll request for a refund will be denied and fought at any pointI have already come out of my pocket $additional for the windows she asked to be repairedIf anything, I should be asking for that money, but along with paying for the paint ($80.81) and the windows, I will not be willing to return any funds to the homeownerMy question would be, why would she pay me if she was not satisfied? Also, this is the second home I have done work for the homeownerIf she thought I was so unprofessional, why would she choose me to do work on the second home?Thank youErik R*** ***

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