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Hello, Please see excerpt of our Return policy below (for complete information go to for complete details). While our return policy is limited to 1-year, any purchases prior to June 1, 2013 are exempt from this time frame. According to our...

records, we do show a pair of ski boots purchased online in 2012 under the customers name and OP #[redacted]. We were unable to find any contact between Mr [redacted] and our Sales & Customer Service department nor to the REI store location closest to the address we have on file regarding a request to return a pair of ski boots. Mr. [redacted] is free to contact his nearest REI location or our S&Cs team at 1-800-426-4840 with his OP#[redacted]. As long as the boots are the same as the ones on his order they should be able to assist with a Return or Exchange. Please let us know if you have any further questions,REI Retail OperationsReturn PolicyAll Help Center topics100% Satisfaction GuaranteedWe stand behind everything we sell. If you're not satisfied with your REI purchase, you can return it for a replacement or refund within one year of purchase, except for outdoor electronics, which must be returned within 90 days of purchase. Outdoor electronics include activity monitors, GPS-enabled devices, bike trainers, emergency-communication devices, and cameras.REI’s guarantee doesn’t cover ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents.If your item has a manufacturing defect in its materials or workmanship, you can return it at any time. See our limited warranty.Returning ItemsYou can return your purchases from REI by mail or at any of our retail locations, regardless of whether you made your purchase online, by phone or in an REI store.  Proof of purchase is required.Please retain all product packaging and tags until you're completely satisfied with the condition and performance of your purchase. Please return all product packaging and tags with your item.Mailing Your ReturnInclude required proof of purchase: order number or purchase number, store receipt, eReceipt, gift receipt, shipping invoice or member purchase history.Please include name, email address and member number if information does not appear on the proof of purchase.Non-member returning a retail purchase?  Name, address, phone, and email, are required to process your mailed in return.

Thank you for forwarding [redacted]’s concern.
Per REI policy, [redacted] was refunded $268.44 to the original form of payment on order #[redacted]. The refund transaction was completed on 5/4/16 and documented with the Acquirer Reference Number (ARN) number...

Unfortunately, [redacted] no longer has possession of the original form of payment. The REI Payment Services team has provided support and made every effort to assist her in retrieving the bank gift card numbers. These efforts include providing the MasterCard and Visa bank gift card phone numbers as well as the ARN number which was emailed on 5/17/16.   
With REI’s assistance, the customer was able to have the $100 bank gift card refunded. We offered to pay for her fee of $5.00 to have that card refunded. To date, she has not provided us the necessary information to reimburse that fee.
REI has provided all the assistance we are able to and we wish her the best as she works directly with the bank to recover the remaining bank gift card numbers and value used on the original purchase.
Matthew F[redacted]
Customer Support Supervisor for REI Sales & Customer Support

Thank you for forwarding Mr. [redacted] rebuttal. 
As noted previously REI’s policy does not cover damage caused by accidently cutting the jacket. We have made several attempts to assist Mr. [redacted] by offering 20% off of a paid replacement Mountain Hardwear, Glacier Guide Down Parka, THUNDERHEAD GREY, M, Men's(8865080012) jacket. Also we have provided an alternative to purchasing a new jacket which is to purchase a repair kit (several options are available on
As members and stewards of the co-op we all are expected to abide by and administer all REI policies. REI stands by all decisions and considers this matter closed.
REI S&CS Leadership

[redacted]'s complaint has been escalated to the REI Claims team within our Legal Department.  The complaint has been reviewed and a correspondence between both parties has been ongoing.  A review of the binding retention settings and review of the installation of the bindings has been...

performed.  A clear dialogue between both parties regarding this review has occurred.  REI is very sorry that there was an injury.  At this point, the request for escalation has been met by our Legal team.  REI considers this complaint to be closed.
Thank you,
Ted W[redacted]
REI Retail Operations

Hello,Thank you for forwarding the customer's rebuttal.To clarify again, REI is not disputing the condition of the REI Half Dome 2 Golden/Apricot/Platinum 2 Person tent that was sent to the REI Returns Department. We are, however, stating that per our records Mr. [redacted] purchsed the REI Half Dome 2 Golden/Apricot/Platinum 2 Person tent on July 25th, 2010 and was refunded on July 26th, 2010. As stated above he cannot provide proof of purchase for the tent in his posession and unfortunately to possess the tent is not a REI recognized or accepted proof of purchase. REI has exhausted all resources to identify a valid proof of purchase and has made the decision to not honor Mr. [redacted] request to exchange without the required documentation. REI is very clear in documenting the responsibility of customers for merchandise returns and Terms of Use states:“Returns may make you ineligible for promotions and we reserve the right to require identification, proof of purchase, or additional verifiable information to help REI locate the purchase in our records.”“If you do not comply with any of the above conditions, we reserve the right to refuse the return or exchange, or to impose different or additional conditions, including (without limitation) basing our response on the current sales price.” Return Policy states: “You must have a proof of purchase (store receipt, gift receipt, shipping invoice, or member purchase history) for all returns and exchanges.”Mr. [redacted] is unable to provide a valid proof of purchase or support with documentation that he indeed has provided payment to REI for and is the the owner of the REI Half Dome 2 Golden/Apricot/Platinum 2 Person tent in his possession. REI stands behind the decision to deny Mr. [redacted] request for exchange and considers this issue and complaint resolved. We wish Mr. [redacted] the best of luck in future outdoor adventures.Sincerely,Matthew F[redacted]Customer Support Supervisor for REI Sales & Customer Support

The REI Retail Operations team has contacted [redacted] by phone and at this point the matter is being addressed internally by REI and also by Thule.  It does not seem that any further resolution can be attained by the process, if [redacted] agrees, REI is requesting close the complaint.
Thank you,
REI Retail Operations

Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: THe initial return letter I received from rei on7/31 made no mention of inspecting the items for manufacturing defects.  The letter merely states that the items "must be returned within 1 year of purchase."One item was bought in July 4, 2016.  How can an air pad not hold air when it is Barely over 1 year old .   This has to be a manufacturing defect .I do not believe rei checked the items for manufacturing defects.  I believe they are merely just saying that now.  Their initial review of the items could not have been that thorough or else it would have been mentioned in the letter from rei on 7/31.I can provide a copy of the letter sincerely[redacted] 

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:The item wasn't just added to the cart. The order was placed and confirmed through your system. I could understand if the item was just added to the cart and then went out of stock before checkout. However, confirming it would indicate that the item is reserved. I don't think it is equitable that your inventory error results in my detriment as a customer. Please honor my original request so that I can purchase the replacement at the original price. Sincerely,[redacted]

The original order has been reviewed and it appears Mr. [redacted] should have received a Promotional Bonus Card. Please accept our apologies for our mistake.An electronic gift card has been sent to the email address on file.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: REI simply reinstated their policy. As I mentioned before, there is no mention of this change in policy on my receipt nor was anything mentioned at the time of checkout. I am not able to return the item to a store, as I stated several times, because I am currently living far from a store. I do not want to pay to ship this item back to REI at my own expense and then have them arbitrarily deny the return and not return my shipping fees (which they claim are only refundable if they decide the item is defective which, again, is an arbitrary determination and allows them to basically deny any return after a year's time).  
I am asking for a simple accommodation to be able to return this jacket since I am nowhere near a store, which the company seems unwilling to provide. I want a prepaid label so that I don't have to front the shipping cost for an item that may very well be returned to me with no reason given. 

I want to thank [redacted] for taking the time to contact the concerning his recent purchasing experience with and I apologize for the inconvenience that this situation may have caused him.
The order details have been reviewed including all communications,...

actions and decisions that were made. [redacted]’s desired outcomes have been addressed below.
“Fix the horrible experience I had”: REI strives to provide above and beyond customer service to all members and customers. We value [redacted]’s feedback and applied it to develop and evolve our processes. Please know that based on the information provided, in tandem with our research, feedback has been provided appropriately.
“Order the items that were in my cart but not available over the phone.”: Please know it is always REI’s desire to fulfill all requests for order but unfortunately in [redacted] case we were unable to do so. I am sorry that items requested in the cart were no longer available to purchase from REI. For additional information please see REI Terms of Use; Part Two - Section 3: which notes that some items may be backordered or unavailable even if the Sites indicate that they are in-stock, and adding an item to your cart does not guarantee the availability of that item.
“Honor the online price”: Prices are clearly marked on and remain the same across all of REI’s purchasing channels. It is important to state that some items placed in [redacted]’s cart did not qualify for the sale based on documented exclusions. Also price can be dependent on style, color and size and after a thorough review all prices on and order # [redacted] were confirmed as accurate. 
“Refund the shipping charge”: [redacted]’s order # [redacted] qualified for the offer of free standard shipping for orders exceeding $50. No shipping was charged for his order.
“Refund the money for items that were not shipped”: Preauthorization of payment is required for all order requests. REI does not collect and finalize payment until the item ships to the designated delivery address. All REI tenders and authorizations have been charged in accordance with REI policies and procedures. This information is also stated in the REI Terms of Use; Part Two - Section 3: We (REI) will not charge your payment card until the item ships to the designated delivery address.
We thank [redacted] for his feedback and appreciate the opportunity to review and respond to his requested outcomes.
Customer Support Supervisor for REI Sales & Customer Support

Thank you for forwarding Mrs. [redacted] rebuttal. 
As stated above REI’s Return Policy always has been 100% satisfaction guaranteed and has never covered ordinary wear and tear or damage caused by improper use or accidents. The update to the policy is for general returns or exchanges within a year of purchase. If the item has a manufacturing defect in its materials or workmanship, it can be returned at any time.
REI has always requires the opportunity to inspect items prior to making a return decision. Mrs. [redacted] can visit any retail store or follow the return instructions found in the link below.
To remain consistent for all of our members and customers, REI will remain consistent with our policies and it is the responsibility of the customer to deliver requested return items to REI for an inspection thus allowing us to make a return decision.
As members and stewards of the co-op we all are expected to abide by and administer all REI policies. REI stands by all decisions and considers this matter closed.
REI S&CS Leadership

This complaint has been sent to the Store Manager for review.
Please note that our Return Policy does require a proof of purchase, and any exception to our return policy would be decided at the store level.

Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because:
It seems kind of beligerant.  Where is the spirit of compromise?  I have the right to request a fair refund, you know.  50% wool socks do not sell for 2.98 at REI.  What about a settlement of a $15.00 gift card?

We do apologize for the confusion regarding the orders.  Both orders [redacted] and [redacted] are at the Tacoma store and available to be picked up.  The payment method provided for the orders failed when it was re-authorized by our order system.  At this point, Ms. [redacted] has...

not been charged for either order.  If Ms. [redacted] would still like the items, she can come to the Tacoma location and pick them up, at which time the store will be able to resolve the pay hold for her.  She would need to provide another form of payment to have the pay hold removed. 
It should be noted for Ms. [redacted] that order [redacted] has been at the store awaiting pick up for two weeks as of 4/6/16.  She would need to come into the store by end of day on 4/5 to pick up the order, or the order will be cancelled and the item absorbed into inventory at the Tacoma store. 
Order [redacted] will have been at the Tacoma store for two weeks on 4/7.  Ms. [redacted] will need to pick up the item by end of day on 4/6 or the or the order will be cancelled and the item absorbed into inventory at the Tacoma store. 
Ms. [redacted] would still be able to purchase the items at the store or place a new order if she desires.  If the orders are cancelled due to not being picked up within the two week timeframe, there would be no payment due, and no further action required on behalf of Ms. [redacted].
Again, our apologies for the confusion on resolving the pay hold.  I believe our Representative was trying to assist with resolving this issue, but we failed to pass along the understanding.  The orders have been available for close to two weeks, if Ms. [redacted] still wanted them.  At this point, REI does consider the aspect of this issue to be resolved.

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