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Reliant Medical Group (Headquarters)

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Dr Thomas Kesman
I had seen him on 9/18/18, at Reliant - St Vinvent in Worcester MA for a second opinion. I was so very disappointed. I have problems with my disks in my back. He didn't look at MRI's. He looked at x-rays and said it was fine. He even told me that if the first surgeon couldn't do anything neither could he. I was shocked! I mentioned that I drove 25 miles for a second opinion. That didn't matter.

I deserve to get an honest second opinion!

just want to make a complaint against my doctor. I have been telling him for a year now that I have been in a lot of pain. my upper and lower back is bother me.. I have problems walking and he told me that sciatica is not a diognosti. I also have depression, ptsd, mood swings and adhd,.. I have been told I am not disabled by him.. I don't know what to do here.. any help would be great.

Company fails to properly apply insurance payments to balances due to reflect zero balance in patient account.Service dates as follows: 9/21/2012; 10/5/2012; 7/5/2013; 10/7/2013; 12/12/2013 The patient balance due after primary insurance processed and, in most cases, paid the claim is as follows, respectively: $20; $20; $132.03; $29.17; $33.41The secondary insurance now processed each of the claims. With the exception of 9/21/2012, the application of secondary insurance payments toward each of the service dates listed resulted in a credit balance for each claim. The breakdown is as follows: 9/21/12 $20 minus 15.06 [redacted] payment (secondary insurance_) = balance due $4.9410/5/12 $20 minus 48.28 [redacted] payment = CREDIT BALANCE OF $-28.287/5/13 $132.03 minus 185.09 [redacted] payment = CREDIT BALANCE OF $-53.0610/7/2013 $29.17 minus 54.71 [redacted] payment = CREDIT BALANCE OF $25.5412/12/13 $33.41 minus 94.35 [redacted] payment = CREDIT BALANCE OF $60.94Reliant Medical Group continues to bill for $125 in erroneous charges up to and including the 12/12/2013 service date. The entire balance for account number XXXXXX should be zero balanced including any amounts sent to collections.Desired SettlementBring entire account including amounts sent to collection to ZERO.Business Response Patient: [redacted] Account number: XXXXXXDos: 08t29/12Charged amount $179.00[redacted] paid $81.30[redacted] Paid $10.84[redacted] Contractual Write/off $66.86Patient Responsibility $20.00Dos 09/21/12Charged amount $310.00[redacted] paid $133.76[redacted] contractual Write/off $141.18[redacted] paid $15.06Patient Responsibility $20.00Dos 10/05/12Charged Amount $179.00[redacted] paid $68.86[redacted] Contractual Write/off $41.86[redacted] Paid $48.28Patient Responsibility $20.00Dos 07/05/13Charged Amount $268.00[redacted] paid $0.00[redacted] Paid $185.09[redacted] Contractual Write /off $57.91Patient Responsibility $25.00Dos 10/7/13Charged Amount $181.00[redacted] paid $62.51[redacted] Paid $54.71[redacted] Contractual Write/off $34.61[redacted] Contractual Write/off $4.17Patient Responsibility $25.00 Dos 12/12/13Charged Amount $268.00[redacted] Paid $100.74[redacted] Paid $94.35[redacted] Contractual Write/off $39.50[redacted] Contractual Write/off $18.41Patient Responsibility $15.00Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I absolutely do not accept the response from the business. I stand on my previous theory on how insurance payments should have been applied and how this application should effect the patient balance with the provider. This entire issue is focused on the contractual agreement between the provider and the secondary insurer [redacted] is telling the provider they are entitled to the balances due, as manipulated, by the provider. Once [redacted] made payment on the claims, the balance due according to the primary carrier [redacted] was satisfied. Therein lies the unfair and deceptive act according to Massachusetts consumer protection laws. Within a few weeks this complaint will be forwarded to the Consumer Protection Division of the Massachusetts Attorney Generals' Office. It may eventually be decided by a judge or arbitration.Final Business Response Hi [redacted],Thank you for your response to this, I know a lot of research has gone into this account so I appreciate your help again.Hi [redacted],I am sorry the patient has been dissatisfied with the resolution of his account. As you can see from [redacted]'s response below, billing the patient at a later day is standard practice when there is more than 1 insurance involved.The patient has a obligation to pay this bill as the services were provided and the insurance(s) are also stating this is patient responsibility.Several people have reviewed this account, the process and services attached and have all determined the patient owes this amount. If you have any other questions that we could answer regarding this complaint, please let us know.Best Regards,[redacted] From: [redacted] Sent: Monday, January 26, XXXX XX:XX PMTo: [redacted] [redacted]Subject: RE: Complaint # XXXXXX[redacted] and [redacted], I am responding as [redacted] is out of the office on medical leave.I am very familiar with Mr. [redacted]'s case as I provided [redacted] with all his account information.Reliant did not collect any copays from Mr. [redacted]'s services as he has two insurances [redacted] and [redacted] With 2 insurances, it is impossible to co-ordinate benefits to inform any patient of their financial responsibility, therefore we bill the patient according to the explanation of benefits after the secondary insurance has processed the claim. [redacted]RELIANT MEDICAL GROUP[redacted] - [redacted] AccountsXXX-XXX-XXXXInternal Ext. XXXXXFinal Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This case needs the attention of the attorney general. I will prepare a complaint of this case for filing with the attorney general very soon. Unfortunately, Reliant Medical Group is basing the continued billing for the service dates, in question, on information from [redacted] Incorporated (secondary insurer). I would suspect many more hours of research will be necessary for all parties involved before a legal and final resolution is decided. It may take a courtroom and judge to make this final decision.

I made $ plan and have made pmts, but they sent bill to collectionI called to make pmt plan on a bill. 1st time I asked if they could pay automatically from my acct, and was told I couldn't. I made a pmt over the phone, then they were forcing me to pay more because "is the law". I told them I couldn't afford what they wanted, because I don't earn that much and have many bills including medical. I called later date and made another payment; then I mailed a [redacted] check, which they cashed. Today I received a letter from a bi collector, notifying me they sent my bill to collection demanding full payment or they're reporting to credit bureaus. I am making pmt what I can afford, they don't want to take money automatically, they take my money yet send me to collectionDesired SettlementI want them to take it from bill collector, because I am making payments to themBusiness Response The account was sent to collections after payments were not met according to the mutual payment plan agreement. Following the complaint, [redacted], the Manager of Patient Accounts, spoke with the patient to address her concerns. The patient requested copies of payment distributions as well as a copy of all balances in collections. Copies were mailed to the patient on [redacted] and the manager asked the collections agency to put the account on hold while the patient reviews the information.

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