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Renewal By Anderson of WNY

80 Newbury St Ste 1, Rochester, New York, United States, 14613-1567

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I signed a contract with RBA on the 14th of March. I was told repeatedly things I was signing was to “lock in a discount price” as well as papers to run a credit check for financing. Shortly after I was warned that the products were extremely over priced and when I began to look into it I emailed the company stating I wanted to discuss things as well as get other quotes. I heard NOTHING, on the 19th I called the salesman to let him know I wanted to pump the breaks, get other quotes and that I wasn’t ready for people in my home because of the current pandemic. He informed me that wasn’t possible because we were in a legal contract and I only had three days to cancel ( naively I didn’t know this was a NYS law) so I asked to discuss options as my husband was laid off and I was home as well. He said “we are an essential business and still working, sorry” so he had a manager call me back. When we finally spoke this man was beyond rude, pulled the salesmen into the call saying it was for “investigation” purposes. He mocked me, talked over me, was loud and beyond disrespectful. When I asked options he gave me options explaining they were “Covid specials” but prior the salesmen had explained this was part of their practice. He explained we could amend the contract but not below 10,000$. I told him I needed to speak to my husband first. After this call I called the general manager who was kind and said she would call “higher ups” to see what she could do. They NEVER sent me a contract and when I finally asked for it a third time I was sent to me. The page explaining the three day cancellation process wasn’t signed by me. Lastly, the manager told me she would reach me by today with a resolution, I asked her to email me the names of those that she sent my grievances to, the “higher ups” and I have yet to hear back from her. I am in now way shape or form trying to squeeze my way out of something whether or not I had knowledge of the 3 days policy, but I also do NOT feel good or confident in allowing a company to treat a customer this way, nor do I want to give them my hard earned money.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Apr 01, 2020 I have been briefed on this situation and I need to speak with ***. I have sent her an email asking for the desired time to talk.

Customer Response • Apr 01, 2020

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
I appreciate the owners time to speak with me and resolve this issue together. It was a pleasure to speak to her.

I live at an address owned by someone else. I answered the door one day and was asked about new windows. I told them I did not own the home and couldn’t make the decision. They asked for the home owner who was not there. They ask for his phone number to activate or send some coupon but I didn’t want to give his number. So they asked for mine for the coupon and I gave it to them. I’ve ignored and blocked different numbers from them and they continued to call. I finally answered and the owner talked to them and asked to remove my number. They said they removed it but I’m still being called. They need to stop calling me.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Mar 18, 2020

To whom it may concern:

We apologize for any inconvenience, your information has been removed from our calling system.

Thank you for considering Renewal By Andersen for your window needs.

Stay safe

In my town you need a permit to go door to door, yet this company continues to send out their employees in my town without permits. And they are very aggressive to old people, and they get very nasty when you ask them about not having a permit, The lie about the permits and tell stories. I called the company a few times in the past few years to complain about them coming to my door without a permit. They always try to lie about it, they say they have permits when they don't and it turns into a nasty fight on the phone. They keep asking to get my addresses so it will not happen again, but I don't want to give out my name and address to them, besides why do they need my address to avoid coming to my house the next time they are illegally going door to door in my town?? Why can't they just operate their company LEGALLY and get permits in my town and come to my door and when I ask for the permit show me it????? I might be interested in getting new windows from a company that operates legally, but I'm not interested in nasty people that are breaking laws and forcing their employees to break laws by operating without a permit.

My daughter is not even 6 months old. Since her birth renewal by Anderson has rang our doorbell 6 times. I have asked multiple times for them to stop. Yesterday 1/23-19) they rang my doorbell twice and pounded on my door twice. Waking my teething baby from a nap, my toddler, and interrupting my husband’s work call.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Jan 28, 2019

It is never RBA's team to upset or disrupt any household. Our technology does allow us to have your property flagged for no disturbance, which we process upon request. We do apology for any inconvenience.

Your property address has been addressed and taken care of. If there is anything we can do for you in the future please contact the office directly and we will handle immediately.


Renewal By Andersen

I had a front door installed in February/March of 2018 that is still not installed correctly.
Originally, the door arrived with the wrong color and the wrong privacy rated glass. When I complained, I was made to feel as if it had been my mistake and not theirs. Only after multiple service visits to try to get it right did they notice the door itself was warped. They offered to replace it (by going through the warranty) with the color I had chosen and a glass with the privacy rating I wanted.
When the door I wanted arrived, they again had issues getting it level and flush to the frame. After multiple service attempts (again), I was told that it was "as good as it was going to get." The door was not level with the ground and the sides were not flush against the frame. I had to use two hands whenever I wanted to open it or lock it as it stuck and moved around quite a bit. Once the col weather returned, I noticed a significant draft at the base. It was noted that NO insulation had been applied around the entire frame. Another attempt was made to level the door that now created a draft in a different spot and required ANOTHER service visit at which point I was told I needed a new threshold. One of the service techs left two pieces of staples on the floor that I only noticed after my toddler cut his hand on one of them! My gas bill has gone up a considerable amount from the draft and all the time the service techs spent here with my front door wide open.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Jan 09, 2019

Renewal By Andersen had responded to this consumer prior to the complaint being filed with the, and we have a set date for an appointment that The consumer is aware of. The date is January 18th at 10:00am. The ordered parts will be received by that date so RBA will complete the service at that time.

I will update the with the results at the time of the service completion.

Thanks in advance

Windows are top quality. Personnel were very professional and answered all our questions prior to installation. We have recommended them to friends and family.

Renewal by Anderson had one of their employees just show up one day in early May 2018. We never asked them to come by. We never called them. They asked for our number 2 (to) call us in the future. We asked them 2 (to) please wait at least 3 weeks as we were in the process of purchasing our home. They only waited 2 days before they started calling and they haven't stopped calling since May 2018.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Oct 16, 2018

It is never our intention to disturb a household without the acknowledgement from the consumer/homeowner.

On May 3rd, RBA was assigned to the Cheektowaga area. The consumer had signed up with an understanding that they were purchasing this home shortly. The marketing call center team tried to contact them to get a verification for a call back date. They never answered our calls, so the lead was quarantined on May 23rd, and was never called until the request came from the homeowner which was on September 8th, 2018.

On September 8th, RBA was marketing in the town of Cheektowaga, and at that time a Rba representative spoke with a homeowner of this property and they requested a new appointment for September 12th. at 6pm. RBA attempted to confirm appointment and was unable to make contact. If an appointment is set and confirmation is not made, it automatically flips to our re-schedule list, so that our marketing team can attempt to contact the homeowner and assist in re-scheduling their appointment.

RBA would immediately put this contact information in the DO NOT Call list if requested by the homeowner. No return calls to RBA were ever received, and this complaint is the first and only request to stop communication.

This has been quarantined and will never be contacted again, unless the homeowner signs up again.

Renewal By Andersen takes pride in customer satisfaction, and will continue to improve the systems that are currently in place, to help reduce any and all concerns for the consumer/homeowner.

I had a sliding door installed in 2013 by Renewal by Anderson. I have no complaints about the product even though it was over priced. (didn't know that at the time). I currently have contractors at my house doing some remodeling, when the kitchen floor tile was removed, it was found that the bottom of door area is rotten both inside and outside. upon further investigation, it was concluded that either 1. the damage is a result of improper insulation or
2. pre existing damage. If this is the case the door was still installed without notifying the customer. (no door should ever be installed with pre-existing damage as this affect / impact the overall safety of the home, the installers never did notify the home owners. If indeed it was pre existing, did they just care about making the money and moving on?
I reached out to Renewal by Anderson, they did have someone come and take pictures, however they told me I am outside of the warranty and it is the manufactures responsibility. My complaint is not about the product but about the installation. I would like to have my work completed, the contractors are being held up and that cost money.
I believe Renewal needs to work with me to secure the safety of my home.
How can you assist me?

Customer Response • Jun 28, 2018

Consumer called stating that she just submitted the complaint against the business yesterday, and the business called her and stated that they will do repairs.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Jun 29, 2018

Renewal by Andersen has been contacted by this consumer and they claim to have contacted the*** at extension ***) to remove this complaint.

RBA was in contact with this consumer immediately after they called in and an appointment was set to review and resolve the issues at hand.

On March 09, 2018, I entered into a contract with Renewal by Andersen of Western New York to have two windows installed in my kitchen, a side window and a bay window in the front of my home. The agreement was that I would pay a $900 down payment with an outstanding balance of $8,100 for my windows to be installed within two days, April 30 and May 01. I left my mother to handle all communication with the company and to oversee the work in my stead due to my work schedule and unavailability. The company sent two employees to install the windows within those two days but upon the day of completion (May 01), my mother noticed numerous flaws with both windows The side window was unevenly set and had breaches. On the inside, the bay window pane had chips, the caulking was unfinished and not neat, the casing was uneven, and holes were left uncaulked. On the outside of the window, the metal frame had several dings and appeared uneven. The workers cracked the shutters by my window during installation and they removed the gutter from my home and had replaced it crooked until my mother had to ask for it to be straightened. She had one of the employees call his manager to explain that we were unsatisfied with the work and he said he would be out the next day to look over the issues.

When the manager arrived on May 02, my mother showed him the issues, which he called minor. She told him about the incident with the gutter, to which he argued his workers did not remove the gutter because it is against company policy and could make them liable for a lawsuit. After my mother insisted they did remove the gutter, he said he would tell his employee not to do that in future instances. My mother had to emphasize our frustrations and explain that the quality of the work was not worth $9,000. He ultimately agreed the work was poorly done, and said he would have his worker come out the same day to resolve the issues. He said "We'll take care of you" and then asked my mother if our family liked football, alluding to some sort of arrangement where he would give us football tickets to compensate for our troubles. My mother explained that we only wanted the window we agreed to have installed and if we could negotiate a discount for our inconvenience. The manager agreed to take these requests into consideration. He asked for the contract, which my mother informed him that I had not yet signed because I wanted to wait until the work was full completed before I did. He agreed and said he would be in touch.

In days following, he called my mother and asked about the contract once more. She explained that I still had not signed it because the work was not completed. He never sent his employee back as he said he would and no discounts were offered to us. He threatened to contact the company's legal department and my mother informed him that we would seek legal counsel as well.

I had my mother contact the Town of Tonawanda building inspector to look over the work done by Renewal by Andersen. He agreed that the work was of poor quality and also informed us that we had been price gouged. I composed a letter to several managers and directors of the company to explain all communication and issues that my mother and I had with the company thus far. I sent pictures as well. I was then contacted by a new manager who said he needed to come to my house to see the problems in person for himself. I agreed, and I used my lunch break to come back to my house to meet him and speak with him. My mother and I showed him the issues and explained our dissatisfaction and why I would not sign the contract. He also agreed that the work needed to be redone. He wrote a new contract in front of me stating all of the repairs that would be done, but said there would not be a discount. After I explained that the first manager said there would be, and that I even stated that in the email I sent to the company, he said the best he would be able to do is about $200 and that he would have to speak to the president of the company to negotiate a resolve that would meet our satisfaction.

Weeks had gone by with no reply. I had to email him on June 07, and on June 08 he sent an email apologizing for the delay and he claimed he sent an email to me but it had not gone through. He said the company ordered and received new trim items and that he wanted the installers to come back out and reinstall the parts of the window. A couple days later, my mother was contacted by the president of Renewal by Andersen's Western New York branch. He left a message because she was at a doctor's appointment so she was not able to take the call. The manager emailed me and said the president made several attempts to contact us and we had not responded. My mother informed him that she left a message that he had not returned. He (the president) finally called my mother back about a week later and said the manager had been trying to communicate with us but that we were not responding. She explained that she had just emailed him the day before, to which he responded, "We're not trying to prove anything." He was very aggressive and threatening, demanding I sign the contract and let the installers come back to complete the work. My mother explained that due to our schedules, we could not simply take more days off at a moment's notice to accommodate them coming back to our house. She also asked if there would be a discount, as the first manager said he would be willing to negotiate. The president said there would be no discount and that the company's legal department would be handling all communication moving forward.

On June 19, we were sent a letter from "counsel representing Renewal by Andersen." The letter explained that the company continues to attempt to work with us and that there are only "several minor items" which caused us concern. It stated that the company has a significant investment in our property which they must protect and that the items that need to be addressed are "not material in nature," although the second manager outwardly expressed that new materials were needed and were ordered for replacement. It concluded that time is critical, since the credit application will soon expire and that payment would then be my personal responsibility. The letter did not address replacing my shutters, which both managers who came to my home agreed to do, nor did it address fixing the breaches in both windows, bribes of football tickets, breaking of company protocol by removing the gutter from my home, or that my mother and I have been in frequent communication with everyone who has contacted us throughout this entire ordeal. I am beyond frustrated and dissatisfied with Renewal by Andersen's products and customer service. Their employees do not communicate with each other, which spills into hostile communication towards my family and me. They contradict themselves with what they agree to do to meet customer needs and they are unprofessional. As a consumer, I feel that my rights have been violated by this company.

I love my new windows from Renewal by Anderson! They are attractive and easy to operate for cleaning. When I had questions they sent someone out to help, and replaced a window I was not able to get out for cleaning. Andrea has been very helpful. I found everyone easy to work with.
They are expensive, but a great product.

The company made many mistakes with my order and then wanted more money to fix their mistakes. My10,000 dollar bay window has ice forming on it every winter and they want 250$ to fix it when they claim a lifetime warranty.

We purchased replacement windows for our whole house approximately 2 years ago. In addition, we purchased a patio door including a screen door a few months later. Within 2 days, the screen door broke (the mesh came off the screen door), so we had someone from Renewal by Andersen come and fix it. Well, it broke again within a week. Since then (over a year now), we have tried to obtain a replacement screen door from Renewal by Andersen. It has been more than 3 months now since we were assured that the new scree door would be ordered and installed. I have called customer service twice during that period, and every time I have to retell the whole story as it seems like nobody keeps records of interactions with their customers. My last call was exactly a month ago. At that time, we were told once again that the screen door would be ordered and delivered within a month. Not surprisingly, it has not happened. I also asked to talk to the manager. He was supposed to call me within a few days. I have not heard from the manager for a month now.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Apr 30, 2018

Our Service manager has been in contact with this consumer concerning his patio door screen. This has been re-ordered, Our manager personally will be at this home once it arrives to install the screen door to make sure all the parts are doing what they are suppose to be doing.

We do apologize for the delay in this matter, but this will be handled to the consumers satisfaction.


Patricia S

Customer Response • Apr 30, 2018

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Initial Frustration; Ultimate Satisfaction

I ordered a Polaris door and sidelights from RBA of WNY at the end of 2017 and it was installed in March/April of 2018.

The first sales call was great but we didn't purchase anything until the 2nd sales call when a bigger discount was provided.

When the door and side lights were installed, they were the wrong color and the privacy rating was MUCH less than what I was told it would be. I was EXTREMELY frustrated. In addition, the door itself was warped and there was condensation in between the panes of glass.

RBA of WNY was responsive to my complaints and eventually I ended up with EXACTLY what I wanted and am so happy with my purchase.

If I had purchased the door elsewhere, from a company that subcontracted the installation, I doubt I would have gotten the problem resolved (sales would have tried to blame the installers and vice versa). Everyone in the RBA organization was responsive, prompt, and understanding. While mine wasn't a big job for them, they made me feel as important as if I was their #1 client.

My wife and I purchased a nearly 100-year old home in July 2017 primarily because we loved many of the original details. While we loved the original windows, many did not work and we wanted to have them replaced. After doing some research, we eventually contacted Renewal by Andersen and had a salesperson come to our house in August 2017. Throughout the two-hour plus sales pitch, the salesperson stressed Andersen's quality, customer service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. After being told that we only could receive a certain discount if we ordered that night, we agreed to order 11 custom windows from Renewal by Andersen (and thereafter added two more) for a total cost of $30,000. We were promised installation in October 2017, well before winter set in for us in Buffalo, NY.
Only weeks before our installation was to occur, we received a call from Renewal by Anderson explaining that there had been manufacturing errors with our windows and that our installation would have to be delayed by a month until November 2017. Realizing that the month delay would take us to Thanksgiving, the installation was delayed until December 2017. As the installation date approached, we again were contacted b Renewal by Andersen to explain that yet more manufacturing errors had occurred. We were pressured to proceed with the December 2017 date as scheduled and told that the defective windows should be installed and then replaced at a separate service call. We reluctantly agreed, as we were eager to have the new windows installed before the holidays and before winter set in.
Renewal by Anderson proceeded to install the windows in December 2017. In addition to installing the defective windows we advised would be installed, Andersen also installed a window with cracked glass. Very unsatisfied, we contacted Renewal by Andersen. All we received was another in what would be a long line of hollow apologies and an explanation that the issue would have to be fixed at yet another service call. As also would be a familiar response, we were told that there was "nothing else" Renewal by Andersen could do. In addition to the cracked glass, the installation team was not provided with the required molding to place around two picture windows we had ordered. Renewal by Andersen yet again offered a hollow apology and looked to schedule another service call.
After receiving further excuses about manufacturing errors and other delays, we scheduled service to remedy all issues in January 2018. These issues included three defective windows and installing molding that was not provided to the installation team when they came to install the windows. Things only continued to get worse as we were informed days before the service call that there were more manufacturing errors and delays and that all items could not be addressed at the January 2018 service call. Instead of splitting up one service call into two service calls as pressured to do by Renewal by Andersen, we asked Renewal by Andersen to complete everything at one service call so that my wife and I did not have to take off any additional time from work. This service call was scheduled for March 12, 2018.
I will note that my wife and I both are professionals with busy schedules and cannot easily take time off of work. Renewal by Andersen, however, did not seem to care and insisted that all work had to take place between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. This was in spite of the fact that my wife and I both had taken full days off of work for the original December 2017 install and the January 2018 service call that never happened. Feeling we had no other option, my wife and I each took off March 12, 2018 for what we hoped would be the final service call. We sadly were wrong.
The installer showed up on March 12, 2018 with windows that looked worse than the windows they were to replace and was not provided with the correct amount of molding to complete the molding around our picture windows. The installer was able to convince us that some of the windows that were installed were the best possible result and we accepted that. What we did not accept, however, was the replacement window that was installed with chips and scratches. We again voiced our disapproval to Renewal by Anderson and again received a hollow apology and again were told, "there is nothing we can do." Yet another service call was scheduled for the following week to address the still outstanding issues.
At this service call, the installer was able to fix the chipped and scratched window but proceeded to install molding that had noticeable gaps on the corners. Renewal by Andersen's solution? Yet another service call scheduled for March 24, 2018. After receiving absolutely no help from our local service office, we decided to reach out to Renewal by Andersen's Corporate Office. Not surprisingly, its "customer service" line was an answering machine. A message left on March 12, 2018 still has not been returned. We also called Andersen (the parent company of Renewal by Andersen) on March 16, 2018 in an effort to speak to an actual person. While a couple individuals from scheduling were willing to speak with us, feigned concern, and promised a response, we have not received a call back from them either.
Our nightmare finally ended on March 24, 2018 when the installer finally completed the molding around our second picture window. As noted in this review, Renewal by Anderson was glad to accept our $30,000, but was not glad to address any of our issues, which really were its own issues with poor quality and poor customer service. We received only hollow apologies and consistently were told that there was "nothing" Renewal by Andersen could do. We also received no follow-up from customer service after expressing our dissatisfaction and concerns on multiple occasions. This seven-month ordeal resulted in my wife and I each taking multiple days off of work to accommodated Renewal by Andersen because they did nothing to accommodate us. We do not feel that any other homeowner should have to go through this experience and strongly would recommend any company other than Renewal by Andersen.

An Anderson Window employee solicited door-to-door in my neighborhood. Despite being told we were not interested my fiancee gave them her contact information because she wanted them to leave. They have since called us 6 times over the last 6 months despite being g told each time that we were not interested in speaking with them. We have asked to be removed from their contact list and this has not occurred.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Mar 05, 2018

It would never be RBA's intention to create a situation with a consumer that makes them unhappy. This consumer and all their information has been deleted from our data base.

Once a consumer signs up, the ISC department will attempt to find out what they had initially signed up for. Many consumers are not interested at the specific time that we call, and ask for a call back in the future. Once a consumer expresses that this may not be something they are looking to do in the future or present time, our procedure is to immediately remove them from our data base. We do apologize for the delay in this happening.

RBA appreciates your feed back, and will utilize this information to help make us better at responding to the consumers needs and time frame.


Patricia S

Tell us why here...

I put Renewal by Andersen windows into my rental unit and could not be happier. The quality of the window and installation is superior to any window company I’ve ever seen. Excellent process from start to finish.

I made the unfortunate mistake of speaking with this contractor at the local home show 2 years ago. This has led to cold call salesmen showing up 3 different times unannounced on my front porch and peering into my house invading my privacy.
Then the telephone calls, at least 300 times they have called my house. On multiple occasions I have stated "please put me on your do not call list" This has not worked in that Renewal by Anderson just flat out is unresponsive to my requests.
I have blocked 9 different phone numbers from them and they keep calling. The constant badgering is harassment,

Renewal by Anderson is supposed to have a very high customer satisfaction and that is the farthing thing from the truth.
I had several high end window manufacturers come by and I went with this company as it is a strong Midwest company and produces some high end products.
What I got was shotty installation and very poor customer service.
Unfortunately I have nothing good to say about this company.
I had several windows and doors replaced.
The windows are fine.
The doors on the other hand what a fiasco.
Basically I threw out thousands of dollars.
There was no improvement in temperature of the mud room that the sales person specifically said there would be.
The fire door to the garage never closed properly and is several thousand dollars more than competitors.
Given the high costs I would have believed that this product would be far superior to others.
Currently I can see light through cracks in the door and cold air passes through the door.
After three trials of repairs each time something new was wrong.
First the door wouldn't close without shoulder checking the door.
Then they returned and the door would close but the lock was impossible to bolt.
Then they returned again to fix this and the lock would bolt only with shouldering the door forcefully and the handle latch would never latch and our alarm went off several times when my wife would forget to lock the door after putting our children in the car.
At this point either they need to replace the entire door and redo it or refund me my money and give me back the door that closed and locked properly.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response • Jan 16, 2018

To whom it may concern:

Our records indicate that a service was completed on 7/5/17. This was signed off by the consumer, I have attached the service sign off sheet.

In addition to that we made a follow-up call on and left a message on 7/7/17 at 11:48am. We have not heard back from these folks.

We are committed to resolve any issues, they need to contact us and we will resolve this situation.


Patricia S

Tonight at 5:30pm, an Andersen sales rep was going through the Jefferson Estates tract in Henrietta ringing doorbell and knocking on doors trying to sell replacement Andersen windows. Neither I nor other neighbors, called or requested a sales rep. The individual, who had Andersen literature, did not share his name, had no identifying information and showed no evidence of a Town of Henrietta peddler & solicitation license or a special permit as required by Town code 192-4. The individual came on to private property and was aggressive in attempting to sell windows. I also had a similar experience with an Andersen agent in Brighton.

Your company should be aware of Town codes that prohibit unwanted solicitations and comply with town requirements for licenses and special permits. Further since you are responsible for the training and supervision of your agents that you send out in neighbors to knock on doors at night, I assume your agents were doing what they have been instructed to do. The Andersen brand is now associated with aggressive sales tactics and intruding on homeowners property and time.

Based on my two negative experiences with Andersen, I could never recommend or use Andersen and will notify our homeowners association and Town of your agents inappropriate behavior and failure to secure a peddler/ solicitor licenses and special permits.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response

To Whom it may concern:

Attached is a picture of the young man that was knocking on doors on Dover rd. Renewal By Andersen has invested in new technology that tracks the outside marketers at all times. We know the exact addresses in which they had visited, the time of day etc... They are dressed in Renewal by Andersen clothing, with badges(as seen in the picture). We are permitted in the town of Henrietta, Pittsford, Brighton, and many other towns.

The young man is among other employees who are not selling anything. They are canvassing the area to set possible appointment's for individuals who wish to set up an appointment for a sales representative to visit them. This is a service we have provided for many years, and we actually get many compliments on the training and professionalism of these young people, many of whom this is their first job and experience with the public. It gives them confidence and the ability to achieve recognition among their piers. Renewal By Andersen spends a lot of time and effort developing these young people

Feed-back from the consumer is essential and RBA does appreciate all the feed-back we receive.

It is not our intention to ever upset a homeowner. The advantage of the new technology also give us the ability to flag your property and note not to be disturbed in the future.


Patricia S

Received incorrect information at time of sale.
Was scammed due to being told by your representative ( Jim Z ) that we would have an "Interest Free"loan.
The Sales Agreement we signed had no indication that we would subsequently be charged a Variable Rate Interest Loan.
We neither received, nor signed any other paperwork related to the sale of the windows.
All bills that we have received have included charges for Interest.
This was a Fraudulent sale.
We were never told there would be another Financial Institution involved in the purchase of our windows, or there would be additional charges.

Renewal By Anderson of WNY Response

To whom it may concern:

It is our goal to meet the requirements and wishes of all our consumers. If they want assistance in financing, we bring out a third party credit application, and also have the consumer sign a finance request form indicating which program best suits their needs, and the requested monthly payment that is affordable. In this case the bank had requested to speak with the consumer to get additional information for verification they required. Once that was done, the bank sent rba notification of their approval.

Our installation team brought out the documents directly from the bank(bank name on all forms), and this consumer signed and initialed to the requested program. All in black and white.

RBA has all these documents on file and scanned. We can furnish copies of all the paper work signed by this consumer.

They had requested a program that yielded a monthly payment of $30.00 plus or minus $4.00.

The program they had received was FIXED RATE of 9.99%apr with a monthly payment of $30.62

Please let the consumer know, they can contact me at any time, and I can review all this information with them.

Patricia S

Finance Manager

Please let me know if this is required, I can forward at any time.

Customer Response

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint. For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]


Customer Response

I have spoken with Patricia S of Renewal by Andersen and we have been able to resolve this issue.

Thank you for your assistance with this matter.

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