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RENU Property Management

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• Sep 14, 2023

Shady company-DO NOT RENT FROM THEM!
Last year we decided to move from NH to Fl and were unable to look at rental homes due to the distance, so we decided to look online. We found a home that we were not able to see in person. Upon arrival, we immediately see the unruly and overgrown front and back yard. We then go inside the home only to find it absolutely disgusting along with damaged appliances, walls, vanities, shower/tub, and floors. We contacted the property manager to let them know of the unruly yard/ damages and we had to fight for them to send somebody out to make the yard somewhat decent. We completed our move-in inspection report and listed everything wrong with the home and emailed it to the rental company. 1 year later, we move out as we purchased a home. We finally get our security deposit back and they took $1,549.50 out of our $2,100.00 deposit stating that we had damaged the home. All of the items listed on the "move-out" inspection report were all of the items we listed on the "move in" inspection report when we originally moved in. I have been disputing all of this with a lady named Karina and we got another $585.00 back. I am still in contact with her disputing the charges. DO NOT use these people! They are shady and take advantage of people!

• Sep 01, 2023

RENU deserves zero stars. I have experienced their horrible customer service and can honestly attest that they do NOT care at all about their residents. The property leasing manager for the Tampa Bay area, Rachel Coleman, has been an extremely rude, unprofessional, inconsiderate person. Renu will stick you with a bill on housing issues anytime they get any opportunity to do so. The signed lease is only good as long as it benefits the leasing agent, as soon as you ask about things like a final walk through upon move out, they say that portion of the lease is not valid. They try and blame you for problems that happen at the property that are not accurately the tenant’s fault. We had a plumbing issue with our kitchen sink not draining; after putting in a request through their portal, they contracted a local plumber to come out and instructed plumber prior to coming and inspecting issue to do a full drain cleaning. That plumber showed up to my house with a pre-rented machine ($500), no water hoses to run machine (they borrowed mine), no gas in machine, no gas can to put gas in said machine (they used mine as well as all the gas in my can), no extension cords to run their snake machine (guess who's they used). The "techs" cleaned 2 drains at the property after cleaning the first drain he said the line was clear and there is no more blockage, but they were instructed to do all lines to prevent any future problems. 2 months later I get a bill for $1300 for the drain cleaning including the $500 rental of a machine they had no clue they would have needed before showing up as they had not even looked at the job yet, and a small clog in the sink did not require. They only rented the machine because they were instructed to do a full drain cleaning per mgmt. co. Renu added this charge to my tenant account, and although we communicated with the company via email ( more than once and with responses) that we were not in agreement with the charge, the rent I paid for the month was automatically taken and applied to the plumbing charge first and the remainder went towards my rent which caused my rent to be late so they then charged me a late fee as well as threat of eviction. They claimed the blockage was due to grease, now never have we ever for any reason intentionally dumped any amount of grease down any drain in my house. I have always saved left over jars for this exact reason. ALL my left-over grease from cooking goes into jars to be placed in proper disposal. (I.E. NOT A DRAIN THAT WOULD GET CLOGGED) It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out how that could/would cause a problem. They also raised our rent 1-200 after each 1-year lease gave us no reason or say in the matter. Even more so they ignored all emails and phone calls prior to resigning lease to the point of being forced to resign without any explanation as deadline was up to sign, DO NOT RENT FROM THIS company. RUN don’t walk the other way as fast as possible.

• Aug 04, 2023

Run in the opposite direction
This by far has been the worst rental experience of my adult life. From day 1 it was a horrific experience but moving from one state to another we were out of options when we decided to rent a property sight unseen. Filled out all paperwork online paid deposit online and drove over 10 hours to drop off the first load and the agent went on vacation without leaving key code to get in front door. No one answered emergency number. Ended up renting a storage just so we could leave items and not drive them 10 hours back to another state. Promised a 2 day credit but was only given a 1 day credit for their mistake (beginning of the lies and deceit). Finally moved in and it was one issue after the next. Could not use the bathroom in the master bath for 2 weeks because of a water leak that took them that long to repair. No credit issued for not being able to use that restroom. Washer/dryer hook ups in garage were old and were paid to have them fixed ourselves because we knew they would not respond. Heater went out during super bowl weekend and maintenance called but wanted to wait until after game was over to even come out to take a look. My partner is not one for waiting so again we got it fixed and no credit for this either. Finally electrical socket messed up/burned out and once again we fixed out of our pocket. The one time we do request and get assistance to fix refrigerator water filter etc. we get hit with a $250 bill due at time of rent. Lived in property a full year without being charged for rental insurance because we sent and filed a copy of our own rental insurance online but as soon as we renewed lease they started charging us for rental insurance even though new policy was uploaded to website. I can go on and on and on about the horrific customer service or should I say lack of customer service but this is too long to continue so I finish up by saying ...RUN IN THE OPPOSITE DIRECTION and save yourself the headache and increase in your blood pressure.

• Oct 04, 2022

Bait and switch, shoddy repairs from top to bottom, slow to address issues.
This company is an absolute NIGHTMARE to deal with and it starts the moment you look at their website. If you try to online chat, you don't get a human... just a bot that bounces you from canned response to canned response.

If you try to CALL, you WILL wait for a loooooooong time. When you FINALLY do get a human, you'll be disconnected quickly so you have to repeat the process.
If you're desperate enough to rent from them... god help you.
If you need any kind of repair, it WILL take WEEKS. Possibly MONTHS.
If it's urgent... that takes at least 48 hours.
They are scammers... THROUGH and THROUGH.
They will bait and switch available properties while gladly taking your money.
They use the cheapest materials known to man. They use UNSKILLED labor to "fix things." These fixes aren't fixes. They're temporary patches. IF they would just fix it right the first time, they'd save themselves a s*** ton of money. For real.
Check the windows, the ceilings, the plumbing, the electric outlets, doors.
Don't say you weren't warned.
They do this in every region, too.

• Sep 28, 2022

Charged a double deposit and told move in date can’t be changed yet and still the move in date has to pushed back because the rent fee was not paid but wasn’t even due yet tried calling and texting and no response but was told that if I don’t pay extra fees I can’t get my deposit back as if people have money laying around to waste they are full of BS DO NOT RENT FROM THEM IN KANSAS CITY

• Sep 01, 2023

or anywhere!

Worst company ever to deal with!
Given a 2nd chance I would never rent from this company! Has been nothing but grief! Impossible to get in touch with. Property Mgt agent NEVER returns calls have had issues with our rent money being put towards unexplained costs rather than one will explain. Cannot get anyone to call back to address emergency maintenance issues. No one EVER answers the phone or emails. Cannot find any point of contact that will talk to us...finally reached someone and they gave us a bogus extension that doesn't even work. As soon as possible we're out of here! Need a corporate HQs number to talk with someone!

• Oct 04, 2022

renu corporate won't help one little bit. Where do you think the offices learn this nonsense?
From corporate. They are deliberately scamming people and need to be investigated for bait and switch and fraud.

Renu Realty Management Scam
The company being Ran under renu realty management is commiting Fraud and has homes listed that it doesn't intend to ever rent they are scamming consumers out application fees they are taking multiple applications in the dozen count on propertys then fabricates reason of denial too steal the application fees they are obtaining mass amounts of personal information and bank account access to possibly sell on the dark web there needs to be an investigation into this scam and the perpetrators needs too be locked up they are outright robbing the consumer


Worst Property Mgmt Company Imaginable
*** CONTACT INFO BELOW for those having trouble getting in touch***

The question on here: How could RENU Property Management Texas improve?

Answer: Literally do everything opposite of what all of their current business practices are. They mislead and stall and do not care and are a bigger waste of time than any company I have ever worked with in ANY industry.

I saw a home for rent and within 13 minutes of RENU posting it and then after much effort to get a number to a real person, was told the various conflicting and misleading things from representatives at the company listed in the timeline below over the span of 11 business days:

-I applied on Wednesday (within one hour of when it is posted)
-That Friday I was told we were 1 of 2 pending applications, but it is not their policy to say if we were first despite them claiming to adhere to a first come first serve policy.
-The following week I was given NO updates only standard word tracks stating they have up to 10 business days and can provide no additional information other than our application was currently showing as “being processed”.
-The next Monday (8 business days after submitting application) I was told it could take longer than 10 business days and was still showing as “processing”.
-That Wednesday (on the 10th business day) I was told “allllll of the other applications before us were denied so now we were on line one”, meaning we were not the top applicant, and would be looked at next and would hear if approved in 2-3 business days tops (despite the *ridiculous* wait, I was happy about this because I knew the application we submitted showed proof all criteria was met)
-Then Thursday (the next day and 11th business day) we received a text from Kathy saying our application wasn’t even processed Bc they were flooded with applications. When my boyfriend replied to the text requesting a call back regarding all of the above he was told he would and did not. He called back 1-2 times more and was never able to speak with Kathy or anyone helpful despite leaving a message for her.

For those trying to get ahold of them feel free to bug them using the contact information below—

Customer Service (to actually talk to a person):
1-281-638-8818 Ext. 444
(It will seem like extension code didn’t work, but just follow prompts and you will get to speak to an albeit incompetent person

Kathy: 1-936-657-4015 ; [email protected]
Sara: 1-470-579-5347 ext. 101 ; [email protected]

• Oct 04, 2022

this is sooooo typical of them. They're just awful!

We have issued the refund, inquired about reversing the credit report inquiry and told the customer this has been doneWe realize the customer was upset about not getting this homeHowever, this was due to circumstances ENTIRELY out of our controlWe realize the home was marketed for a very brief window in time prior to us learning about the owners intentions to sell this propertyWebsite syndication does not happen in real timeTherefore, this consumer saw an add during a small window of timeWe don't know what else to tell this customer other that we'd like to help her potentially find another property.She states that we only have four listingsHowever, we have listings coming online frequently as tenant move out of homes and they become available againWe've made every attempt to help this person and at this point I don't think anything will make her happyRegards,*** *** ***

• Oct 04, 2022

Ha. Everyone that works for Renu is a liar. They do this to everyone...
Do you know how hard it is to get through on their phone lines?
It's almost impossible. God forbid you actually WORK.

This customer stated she contacted someone via phoneAfter searching the phone records there is no conversation pertaining to this complaintFurthermore, this tenant applied online and expressly agreed to paying the $fee and consented to a credit check per applicable law.The property she was
interested in is being sold and we didn't learn of this decision by our Client until after she applied for the propertyAs such, we are not in control of the unfortunate outcome that this customer describes.I have mailed a check for $to refund this customers application feeI also left a message with *** credit bureau to see if the inquiry can be removed.We told this customer she is per-approved for similar units in our inventory because she completed the application processEven though we have similar units, she rejected our offer to find her another suitable property.We apologized to this customer for ANY inconvenience.Kind Regards,*** ** *** ***

First of all, I spoke with [redacted] and now he's saying there is no record of the phone call which is a lie. She is the one who told me that the maintenance staff listed the house in error so they could put the lock box on it and gain access to the home for repairs. She told me there was still a lot to be done on the home. Now he is saying the house is being sold by the owner. This is my first time hearing this story. [redacted] also told me during our conversation that she had to wait until Friday when her boss returned to get permission to give me the refund. That was the first and last time I spoke with her. The next phone call is where I left the message. Had she issued my refund promptly I would have never had to make the second phone call to her where I left a voicemail following up with her about my refund because I never heard back from anyone at the company!
Their response states, "As such, we are not in control of the unfortunate outcome that this customer describes". I'm not in control of THEIR mistake either. Why should I have to pay for their mistake?!
They stated I'm pre-approved and they offered to "find" me another similar listing. [redacted] never checked my rental reference so I'm not sure how I was preapproved conveniently after requesting my money back! Also, I never refused as he stated. I asked [redacted] when would they be listing more homes? I also asked him will the homes be overpriced? He never has a definite answer to any of my questions. Did they really expect me to wait around for 90 days to see if by chance they list a home that suits my needs?! Seriously? As I stated in my complaint I applied to that SPECIFIC property. I have no interest in getting pre-approved to a company "just in case". RPM is not even one of the larger management companies in Milwaukee. At the time they had a total of 3 listings. None of which were similar to the house listed in error. Today they have a grand total of 5 listings. None of which are even single families! NOTHING similar to the single family listed in error!
He stated they apologized to me for the inconvenience. I'm not sure when that was because [redacted] called me AFTER they received my complaint and said she wanted to verify where to send my refund and said she would send it out that day. That was the end of the conversation.
The listing was an error which is no big deal. All I wanted was my money refunded! It shouldn't even had to come down to a formal complaint to get results!

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