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Review: In December, 2012, I purchased a timeshare at [redacted], in [redacted]. I agreed to transfer my [redacted] timeshare, [redacted], as part of the negotiation. I received the paperwork from Resort Connections in a letter dated December 18, 2012, directing me to send my information to Resort Connections and a check in the amount of $474. I also included the requested additional $25 because I did not have a copy of my deed. I did send you all of the forms, including the executed Limited Power of Attorney, plus the check # 1152 in the amount of $499. I was also told I had to pay the maintenance fee for 2013 to [redacted] for you to process the transfer, which I did.

In October, 2013, I received communication from [redacted] informing me that the exchange (paid for service) was not made through Resort Connections, and I was still the owner of the [redacted] timeshare, and I was liable for the 2014 maintenance fee is the amount of around $675. My logic in purchasing the [redacted] timeshare was to get rid of the annually escalating maintenance fees at [redacted], and I am planning my retirement and did not want that expense.

After I received the notification from [redacted], I could not find my paperwork for your company and just recently did so. [redacted] could not provide me with your information when I asked.

This feels like a scam to me. Unsuspecting timeshare owners send you payment for service in ‘good faith’ and then 10 months later we learn the transaction has not been completed. AND, we are not even notified by the company, but by the new resort that we negotiated with. I have seen ads on various media sources advertising services to take over these timeshare weeks, and I was always skeptical. However, because an actual resort was providing the information, I thought it would be reputable. Unfortunately, my skepticism was reinforced. I still believe this is an effort to get money for promised services, and then Resort Connections does not really provide the service, just collects the monies.

I am still the owner of the [redacted] week. I am still paying the maintenance fees.Desired Settlement: I am requesting that Resort Connections pay me in a Cashier's Check the $499 fee that I paid and all paperwork that I provided.

I have sent an email to the email addresses provide with a delivery confirmation request. However I have not received confirmation nor notn-delivery.

Review: I contracted with Resort Connections so they could eliminate (transfer) a timeshare that I had with [redacted] Vacation Resorts. They began this process then stopped halfway through. I was then contacted by another timeshare transfer company, [redacted], who stated that they were going to continue with my transfer that Resort Connections started. [redacted] found out that the name on my deed, in the court where the timeshare is located, is Resort Connections. This is because Resort Connections began the process of the transfer then everything stopped. Now, [redacted], that was going to take this transfer over from Resort Connections, cannot continue to transfer my [redacted] timeshare because my deed, at the court level, is not in my name. [redacted] will continue to complete my transfer only if I can get my name back on the deed at the court level.Desired Settlement: I would like to have my name placed back on my deed for my [redacted] Vacation [redacted], located in Daytona Beach, FL. That way, [redacted] will be able to complete my [redacted] Timeshare transfer.

Review: My husband and I bought property at [redacted] on March 14,2012. In addition to cash we traded in our [redacted] time share property as part of the transaction. I was directed by the salesman to contact Resort Connections to complete the title transfer process. During this sales transaction I was given a Resort Connection Trade in Program Fax number and Acknowledgement Form. The trade in value was stated on the Acknowledgement form to be $12,000. On June 1, 2012 Resort Connections cashed my $874 check to process the title transfer. I also Fed EX all of the required paperwork, including the original title and a notarized document that gave our power of attorney to Resort Connections to transfer the [redacted] title. HOWEVER the TITLE IS STILL IN OUR NAME! I am now receiving collection calls from [redacted] for 2013 maintenance fees and late fees that total $1016.00. In an email on Sept 26, 2012 [redacted] at Resort Connections stated that we" should not receive maintenance fee notices since the title was being transferred". But if we did to "...please forward that to us immediately, so we may take care of that." On May 22, 2013 at 11:30am I called Resort Connections to let them know I was receiving maintenance fee notices from [redacted] said she was going to "check with accounting and get back to me after lunch." I haven't heard from anyone at Resort Connections since. Since May 30th I have sent numerous emails and left weekly phone messages - none have been returned. I am now receiving late fee notices and collection calls from [redacted] also states that no one from Resort Connections has contacted them regarding a title transfer.Desired Settlement: I am asking Resort Connections to 1) communicate with me, 2) let me know the current status of the title transfer, 3) complete the transfer asap and 4) contact [redacted] collections/accounting immediately concerning this matter.

Review: In March 2012 we Federal Expressed a check for $874 for Resort Connections to perform a title transfer on a timeshare property. Resort Connections cashed this check within days of receipt. After repeated attempts to contact Resort Connections by phone, letter and email to which no one responded, nineteen months later we have logically determined that this service is never going to be completed. On Oct 1, 2014 we contracted another company to complete this same service.Desired Settlement: It is illegal for a company to collect money for services not rendered. Thus we are requesting a refund in the amount of $874 that Resort Connections took but did not deliver on.

Review: September 2012 Resort Connections were to handle the Deed Transfer from [redacted] Resort over to them. They kept sending documents to [redacted] that were incorrectly completed or they were not properly recorded at Court House. Been waiting since July 2013 to find out status as to why they will not advise status on documents yet again sent back to them were going to be corrected. They stated on telephone call that it was [redacted] who were not doing their job properly. Did not believe that. Been over one year now and no further forward, but paid $299 transfer fee and $399 handling fee in 2012Desired Settlement: Would like the transfer to be completed, but do not hold much hope on that happening, so would like a refund and any of the documents we sent them returned to us

Review: As part of a Timeshare purchase I committed to transferring my Time Share at [redacted] Resorts in Sedona, Arizona, which is known as [redacted] Membership. I paid a $399 non-refundable processing fee plus $325 resort transfer associated fee to Resort Connections with the understanding that they would take care of the transfer. I also signed a Limited Power of Attorney and filled out all forms as required and faxed them as required to Resort Connections on February 2,2013. In July of 2013 I began emailing and calling Resort Connections after many of these attempts I have not been contacted by the company. I have checked and I am still the owner of the [redacted] Property for which my 2014 maintenance fees will soon be due.Desired Settlement: I want Resorts Connections to complete the transfer before my 2014 maintenance fees are due as agreed and paid for.

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