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Two weeks ago I submitted my resume to apply for a job and within a week I was invited for an interview last week on Thursday. An hour after the interview Ii was invited for a second interview for the next day.
Now I just received a phone call that I have the job!
Thanks again to Resumes Etc. could not have done it without their help.!

My husband was an Aerospace Engineer for over 20 years and was suddenly let go. He tried to do his own resume and apply for positions and had no luck. He ended up with depression because he felt that he was useless and that no one wanted him. We then contacted Resumes Etc and met with Fred and Chris. Fred boosted John's morale by telling him that he was highly marketable, but that he was not packaged right on paper. He reinvented John and when my husband read the resume, he actually cried. Then Fred coached him on interview skills, and to make a long store short, he landed a great job and no longer needs his medications, he was reborn. We would recommend Resumes Etc. to anyone who needs to be reinvented.

Avoid this company. Complete waste of $$$. I had to rewrite the resume and cover letters. Would never recommend this place to anyone!!!!

Review: I contacted Resume Etc. to do my resume. I spoke with [redacted] gave him my job information and Credit card info. Though I did not authorize him to charge my card at that time. Charged my card $398 for a resume before he even started to write it or I looked at it. He charged the card right after we hung up. On his website he offers a satisfaction gurantee and revisions. He sent me the resume on 1/15 but charged my card 2 days prior on 1/13 the day we spoke so before I could review. I also never recieved or signed an invoice. I trusted that he was a professional writer as his website and he stated. I found it odd that resume was getting negative feedback from employers when I paid $398 for it. I contacted [redacted] as he states satisfaction and this was not $398 worth, and asked for a revsion and changes worthy of the $398. He declined and in a few words said it was my loaylty to my company and not his product. I advised him this was unprofessional and asked him to call me to work this out. He never called. I then did my research and learned he has a history of this and has had 2 cases in small claims in ct alone he has lost for this very action. After no response I contacted my credit card company and requested a chargeback and currently fighting with him through them as he thinks because he just emailed me something that makes it a sale. He did not give me the product I paid for, I had to pay another professional to do what he didnt. He basically took my card number over the phone and charged me even before he did the job or I saw the product. I expect a refund at this point since he will not contact me or fix it. If not I will go to court as others didDesired Settlement: I want a full refund at this point



Mr [redacted] received our resume and cover letter and responded with an email that he was satisfied and that no changes were needed.We have the email if you wish to review it.He then waited 2 months and said that he applied to 60 jobs and rec'd 3 interviews,which is a 5% response rate,far above the average of 1%,but wants a full refund.We can't even put into words the level of dishonesty associated with this customer.First he claims he reviewed the resumes and did not need any changes,then says he used it for 60 days with an above average response and then wants a refund.I don't know any any business owner can respond to this level of dishonest other than to offer any revisions he may feel will help,and I emailed him with that offer and he has not responded.It appears that this client wants to walk into a car dealership, use a vehicle for 60 days and then demand a complete refund. My offer to make any revisions he would like at no cost is still available to him,however,I would like him to email the requested changes so that we have a record.[redacted],Resumes Etc



We never ever ever,promise that someone will get results right away.In fact,in this clients case we told him that because he was in a specialized industry trying to transition,that it would be difficult.He rec'd 3 interviews out of 60 applications which is 5% far exceeding the average.It may well be that his interviews skills are poor.It is not up to me to close the deal,just get him interviews and we succeeded.Our website has no reference whatsoever to guarantees concerning interviews and that is deliberate.[redacted],Resume etc



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

When I hear that our country is in decline and that we no longer have values, I have a tendency to agree. Then every once in a while my faith is restored. I needed a resume to return to work and support my family as a single parent. I wasn't even sure what I could do. I was referred by friends to Resume Etc. I met with Fred who conducted a detailed review of my background and guided me towards a great career option. Because of my limited resources, he charged me half the usual price. I landed a great job and offered to pay him the difference and he told me to put it into savings. My faith has been restored.

I have been researching resume services for several weeks and realized that most are off shore call centers with boiler plate resumes or small businesses that will edit and re-type a resume. I am a Corporate CFO and m wife is an IT Vice President. When we spoke with most of these resume services, they didn't have a clue abut what we really do. Then a friend told me about Resumes Etc. When we spoke with Fred and Chris, these guys gave us a lecture on our roles. What an incredible knowledge base, I was shocked to discover there is a Resume Service with real talent, experience, knowledge and credentials, and their work is impeccable. If you want a true partner who is so much more than just a glorified typing service, I seriously recommend Resumes Etc.

Review: I contacted Resume Etc. to redo my current resume. My credit card was charged for $298.00.

Upon review of my resume I noticed that my education section was not correct. I contacted them and asked them to please fix this, and it was corrected. I then was reading the other sections of the resume and found additional errors, and I asked for these additional errors to be fixed. This is supposed to be a professional job, and I found many errors, and have asked them to fix the errors, but when they fixed the additional errors, the original resume with the education error came back. At this point it is going on to the third day. I became frustrated and called the office. The secretary was very obnoxious and I asked to speak with someone in charge. [redacted] came on the line and said I will put what you had in your original resume that you have forwarded to me. I responded that if that is the case, then why do I have to pay you to use my own words. He then called me a "[redacted]", I said, wow you are very professional and he hung up the phone while I was speaking.

This is not how you conduct a business in my opinion. If the information is incoherent and seemed to have been copied from a website's job posting, then as a customer I have the right to question his intelligence. I am very furious that I've lost three valuable days with this company trying to get a professional resume and then to hear that my original wording would be used. This is not acceptable. .



The client submitted a resume and cover letter for update.Right from the start,when she received her first draft,she demanded a refund.we stated that we would make revisions.each time she emailed a revision we included her comments and she would add more revisions and again demand a refund.we did 4 revisions exactly as she requested and with each revision we emailed,she wanted a refund.She obviously is trying to scam us and get a free resume.we can provide you with each email she sent and show how each set of comments were incorporated into her resume and she is entitled to one more final revision at no cost.have her email the the final set of revisions she would like to see.we will email the revision to her and the so that the can see that we are providing the client exactly what she wants.

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