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Review: Our unfortunate stay began when Revel would not uphold the [redacted] we had purchased for our stay. We were advised there had been an advertising error with [redacted]. Our hotel room had not been cleaned, and the second evening of our stay, three young women attempted to assault us by approaching us and using various profanities. Security did not respond to our complaint appropriately, nor were the young women spoken to. Revel was contacted by myself and my boyfriend on over nine (9) separate occasions before we were offered a free night's stay. When we redeemed the free night's stay, which we were advised to do so prior to the hotel being sold, the hotel staff was unfriendly, to say the least. We returned to our room that evening to find two chocolates on the bed, that had been unwrapped, one chocolate bitten into. Our bottle of wine was missing, and there was food that had been splashed over our ice bucked, which consisted of eggs and smelled horrendous. We were, also, charged for drinks that were never purchased, by the pool. We were overcharged by almost $60.00. The hotel, also, attempted to charge us for the room ! When my boyfriend addressed the charges, the Front Desk associate would not withdraw the drinks, stating only that we were "lucky" that we received even the free night. We were told that the hotel managers were aware of when we were coming back for our free night's stay and we were being watched closely, because the Regional Manager found no validity to our complaints. Our complaints were never even followed up on. We were given NO explanation as to why one manager never followed up, why security never responded to our complaint, and the guest service has been beyond repulsive. I feel we were humiliated upon our return to Revel.Desired Settlement: We are requesting reimbursement for the initial purchase of our [redacted], in the amount of $388.40. We feel this is fair for the following reason(s): (1) Our original [redacted] was not upheld, (2) We paid for services unrendered, (3) Our hotel room was not clean, which is a health issue, (4) Security provided no apology or explanation, (5) [redacted] (the 1st manager to have filed our complaint) never filed the complaint nor made the Regional Manager, [redacted], aware of our situation. In fact, both [redacted] and a second manager, [redacted], confirmed this fact. There was NEVER an explanation as to why the complaint had not been filed. (6) When we stayed with Revel for a second time, we were charged for services that were not our own, our room was tampered with, and we were advised by the Front Desk that we were being closely watched. This has been an ongoing, harassing situation, and the time that it has taken from our personal lives to address these issues have been enormous.

Review: I am filing this complaint on behalf (name redacted, please contact for name) regarding her stay at Revel Resorts on 11/9-11/10/2013.

I stayed at Revel on November 9th to the 10th 2013. I was here for my bachelorette party that my friends threw for me and I had over 15 women staying at Revel Resorts. There was only one GLARING problem. She was running late and did not have time to check into Revel until after our nightly activities. She called Revel's front desk at 8pm, and twice afterwards to ensure that her handicap accessible room (she is in a wheelchair and has been her whole life) will be ready and available. The front desk people claimed that everything will be fine and her room will be ready. She and my 2 friends came to the front desk around midnight and were told there were no rooms, a room they had was not clean AND MOST IMPORTANT they had 0 handicap accessible rooms, and she would have to make do with a regular room. This means she could not shower, and she would have difficulty using the toilet. This was room 331.

I am ashamed that such a new resort would have such poor management, when [redacted] performed her due diligence in contacting your resort that she would have a room. She had booked this room in August, not last minute. Yes she got a small discount and so your front desk person only offered her another 50.00 off the bill, because "she got the room cheaper anyway." I take this very seriously this poor management and customer service. I would have loved to say that my weekend was perfect and that I would recommend this hotel to everyone I know. I cannot say that due to the unsatisfactory treatment towards (name redacted, please contact for name).



The complaint was resolved to the guest's satisfaction.



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I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.


Review: My friends and I stayed at Revel from 3/23 to 3/24. We booked a spa package with [redacted] that is in the Revel. I checked in, the front desk asked for a credit card for incidentals. I explained that when I check out, I would be paying cash. The front desk said that would not be a problem, as long as I paid the bill, nothing would go on the card. I gave them my credit/debit card. Since my friends and I had a package deal, everything we did had to be charged to the room in order to get the credit that came with the Spa package. We checked out at 12:00 p.m. on Monday, March 24th, paid the whole bill in cash. While driving home, I was checking my email and saw that Revel debited the money from my account at 1:03 am on 3/24 for $929.00, which was the Spa bill without tax and gratuity. I never gave my card to the spa. I called Revel, immediately. After spending 2 hours on the phone, it was explained to me that they "Revel" did not know why this happened. They could not reverse the debit and credit my account. I had to give Revel a fax number to my bank, so a letter could be faxed, stating that the money should be released to my account. I was originally told that it would take up to 24 hours for the credit to happen. My account has not been credited. My husband called Revel, he was told that [redacted] (a manager) would get back to him. [redacted] did not, my husband called again and spoke to [redacted] My husband explained the whole thing again. [redacted] told my husband that it might take up to 10 to 14 days for the money to be returned to my account. This was how Revel dealt with debit cards. When I NEVER told this or given a paper to sign off of about this. If I had been advised about this, I would have given Revel a different card. During this time, Revel debited another $54.33. I had to call back and have addressed also. I am now missing almost $1000 from my bank account. Money that I need to pay bills. Not being told about the policy and waiting for almost 2 weeks for this problem to be rectified is unacceptableDesired Settlement: I want my money back immediately. The policy also needs to be changed. The consumer needs to know what will happen if a debit/credit card is used. It should be written and if possible stated when someone checks in. I was not notified at all. I did not know about this policy until Tuesday at 6:30 pm, after my husband dealt with this problem again.



The complaint was resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

Review: I received a flyer to stay at the revel hotel for dates August 14- 19 - I called on Monday, July 7th and spoke with a representative who the code was still valid but it did not include the dates listed on the flyer. The flyer states to use the code [redacted] for date August 14 -19. I tried to book the $69 dollar rate for August 15th and was told the code was only for sunday - Thursday. I explained it was false advertising and was told "well our marketing department made a mistake". If they made a mistake I should have the $69 dollar price honored and was told that there was nothing that they could do! Later on, I followed up with an email which they did not respond to initially. I sent a followup email requesting a response stating that I would be going to the and they responded the rate was no longer availiable. I am extremely upset and disappointed in the lack of professionalism of the revel resorts.Desired Settlement: I should be given the rate of $69 as it was availiable on Monday, July 7th when I initially called and teh flyer clearly states the dates. I would like the rate of $69 on August 15th. I have the flyer that I can attach. Thank you.

Review: During the month of August the Revel Casino advertised "Gamblers Wanted, You Can't Lose", everything you play will be given back. The fine print was, they would return the amount you played in the form of free play, divided by 20 weeks. However, the part they left out of the advertising and their website was what they considered a week to be. The website shows your free play available from 10/11-10/16, your next free play to begin on 10/16-10/23, the next free play to begin on 10/23-10/30, etc. It leads you to believe that on the 16th and 23rd there is an overlap of two weeks.

On the 16th, I played my free play and was going to return on the 18th to play the following week. When I logged on to the Revel website to view my funds it showed a zero balance. I called the customer service, she kept me on hold for extended period of time; then stated that one gaming period ends at 6am, and then the next one begins. I explained that the website does not state that and the representative who told me about the promotion in August never stated that. The representative told me to come to the casino and discuss the situation in person. I told her that it was fraudulant and I would not come to the casino to discuss rules they make up as they go along. Their representative was argumentative and wanted to pass me to another representative because she said, clearly I was not able to understand what she was telling me:Desired Settlement: I would like to have a refund for my entire Can't Lose amount $1500. I will not continue to patronize a casino that has such fraudulent practices and arrogant/incompetent customer service.

My players club card [redacted]



Complaint was resolved to the customer's satisfaction. Letter sent November 1, 2013.

Sent on: 11/1/2013 11:52:41 AM



Review: [redacted]

I am rejecting this response because:

We haven't got our money back.


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