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Revenue Recovery Corporation

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Revenue Recovery has added a debt to my account they stated that was owed since 2010. This is not true. All debts are paid in full and I have proof.I received a letter from Revenue Recovery Corporation on December 23rd of 2015 sting that I owe $3400.00. I called and left them a message on the same day stating that this must be a mistake and that I don't owe this debt. No one ever called me back. I called again after the New Year and stayed on hold for at least 45 minutes. No one every came to the phone. I called again today (2/9/2016) and finally spoke with someone. They advised me that this debt has been open since 2010. However, I have paid Revenue Recovery on several occasions THOUSANDS of dollars since this time. During that time, it seemed like every 6 months they were calling me stating that I owed thousands because I had a baby. during those times, I did think I owed so I gave in and paid them hundreds of dollars per month for years until the debts were completely paid in full. I received paid in full letters which I have copies of. I do not owe this debt they state I owe. Why would they wait 6 or 7 years to try to get money from me for a debt I had no idea about for this entire time? This debt never showed on my credit report like all of the other debts did. It just popped up all of a sudden 6 or 7 years later! Additionally, my number has not changed in 9 years. I never received a call or anything saying I owed this debt. I feel like they are just trying to get extra money from me because they know I'm a good payer.Desired SettlementTo completely remove the debt from my account and restore to a zero balance.

My payment was made in full to [redacted]. XXXXX.(XXX) XXX-XXXX ext.[redacted]My payment was made in full to [redacted]. I made the payment in full to [redacted], the employee who excepted payment was [redacted]. Email: [redacted] I received a receipt and have sent it to RRC. RRC continues to report this to the 3 major credit bureaus. This item (Account Number XXXXXXXXXX / $330.00) is (inaccurate or incomplete) because payment was made to [redacted] directly. I am requesting that the item be deleted to correct the information being reported to the bureaus. Enclosed are copies of the supporting documentation, such as payment records, and emails. Please re-investigate this reporting matter and delete the disputed item as soon as possible.Desired SettlementPlease re-investigate this reporting matter and delete the disputed item as soon as possible.Business Response Mr. [redacted],, thank you for your inquiry with Revenue Recovery Corporation, I will try to assist you. Our client [redacted] placed an account in our office on [redacted] for service rendered on [redacted]. The patient and guarantor is listed as [redacted]. On [redacted] our client indicated the account was settled for the amount of $230.00 and an adjustment of $100.00. Since the account has been paid, Revenue Recovery Corporation has appropriately updated the information provided to the three (3) major credit reporting agencies as Paid in Full. As a courtesy, we will request a deletion from your credit. If you have additional concerns please contact Revenue Recovery Corporation at XXX-XXX-XXXX. Thank you.

I want a collection removed from my credit report. An account was in collections that RRC sent to Llyod and Mcdaniel in Louisville Ky. I have since paid this off satisfying the account. Lloyd and Mcdaniel have advised me that all payments where sent in. Since then the account is still listed on my credit report but with a reduced balance. I have contacted them to find out what is wrong and they advise they (RRC) have not received the full payment.Desired SettlementI want the collection removed from my credit report. RRC have been contacted and are not willing to help. They keep telling me to contact Lloyd and Mcdaniel which I have and everything is finalized on their end.

Reported two collections accounts for the same amount from the same original creditor.Revenue Recovery Corporation has opened two separate collections accounts on [redacted] and [redacted] for the exact same amount and from the same company. The first account was opened on July 23, 2010 and the second on September 24, 2010 for the amount of $190.00 each. I have never received notification of being placed within collections from either the collections agency or the supposed creditor to whom I supposedly owe two separate payments of $190.00. Desired Settlementremoval of both collections accounts from all credit bureau's. Business Response Mr. [redacted], thank you for your inquiry, I will try to assist you with your complaint. The two accounts you have referenced are from two different dates on service. The first has a date of service 04/10/2010 and the second 6/12/2010. For each account you were mailed an initial 30 day validation notice one on 7/25/2010 and the other 9/26/2010. These were mailed to [redacted] Road [redacted], PA [redacted]2-3024. If you require additional assistance please contact Revenue Recovery Corporation at 865-971-1300. Your accounts will be marked as disputed with the Credit Reporting Agencies.

This company is sending me collection notices, but I do not recognize this charge and do not have it listed as an adverse account on my credit report.This company called me on 11/7/14 and demanded that I give them identifying information (name, birthdate, etc.) before they would tell me why they were calling. I hung up the phone instead. Today (11/12/14) I received a collection notice from them regarding a balance of $282.71. I do not recognize this balance, and when I checked my credit report, this was not listed as an adverse/overdue account. I believe that this collection notice is fake. Desired SettlementI want the company to stop contacting me. Business Response Contact Name and Title: [redacted] Compliance OffContact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email:[redacted]@rrcinc.comMs.[redacted], I have investigated your complaint and hopefully my response will help you with your concerns. Revenue Recovery Corp. is regulated by many governmental agencies in which 1 of the many rules is to ALWAYS verify that we are talking to the correct person through their date of birth, last 4 digits of their social security number or even their address we have on file. The reason this is necessary is to protect any and all consumers from giving out their personal information to an unauthorized party, we apologize if you took offense to our questions but it had to be done.I will be glad to personally assist you if you are the[redacted] that resides or did reside on 14th street. Please call me at [redacted]Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)This company did not address any of my concerns. I do not recognize the amount that they are attempting to bill me for, and the bill is not listed as an adverse account on my credit report (a bill that a company sends to collection is always listed as an adverse account on your credit report). Final Business Response Ms.[redacted], As previously addressed in our statement above we cannot and will not release any information to you until we can verify that you are the correct person We only report over due accounts to the Credit Bureau with our clients permission to do so, several of our clients prefer us NOT to report to the Credit Bureau.I don't mind at all to help you but you will have to do you part and call me so we can resolve these issues.

they have called my house 4 times in the past 2 days,they are calling for my dad who does not know how to report them so I am dealing with it for himas I said, they have called my house 4 times in the past 2 days, wont say who they are, wont give any info out and are only saying that my dad owes something and the rest is confidential, I myself have health problems that are being aggervated because of them acting the way they are when they call, and I only came here to get them to stop, so please help me make them stopDesired Settlementi just want them to leave me and my step dad alone and to never call or bother us in any way againBusiness Response Mr.[redacted], Thank you for your inquiry and I will try to assist you however due to the privacy laws I cannot release any information to you with out your step dads verbal or written permission. Please have him to call us at his convenience.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)what they are supposedly trying to collect, my dad has it setup were they take the money he owes to the undisclosed party from an undisclosed source, I ask that they do not bother us again, as that is all we want, I ask that they respect this decision and never call again, as this is the only requested action that we want, as it is my step dad does not currently live here so they have no reason to be calling my house, and if they continue calling around for him I will consider this harrasment, my father is in his 50's and does not know much on how to use a computer so I am the only one who can make a complaint as it seems the only way to do this these days is through the computer. so I will say it one more time, please do not call my house ever again.Final Business Response Mr. [redacted], I have taken your phone number out of our computer data system and we will not be generating anymore calls to this number.

Company has made several calls to family members in California to try and collect a debt yet they will not tell me or try to reason with me Dear I have always been a responsible person to pay my bills recently this company started contacting my family in California and giving info on my so called debt to the point that when I call they will not give me any more info since they spoke with my dad who is only [redacted] I am [redacted] I don't have any debts to my understanding and my name should not be getting mixed up with someone else only because I have a common name I use my middle name or initial for all my business that way there is no confusion Please help me to get the company off my back as they are not only damaging my credit but limiting my credit worthiness Desired SettlementI want the company to properly take action to correct their mistake Business Response Contact Name and Title:[redacted] Contact Phone: 865-971-3856Contact Email:[redacted]@rrcinc.comMr.[redacted], I have reviewed your complaint and I will try to assist you. The problem we face even now is that all the accounts are listed under[redacted] and without the middle initial or middle name. Please furnish us with your date of birth so we may protect your privacy due to several same names are listed in the California area.Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)Last four of my Social ate[redacted] Date of birth September 1st [redacted]Final Business Response Mr.[redacted], I have reviewed your dispute on the account and notation of your call on 12/3/2014. The account has been marked as disputed with the credit reporting agencies. As a courtesy we will send in a deletion request as well. If you require additional assistance please contact Revenue Recovery Corporation at 800.[redacted]

placed collection on my credit report that was not mineThey placed a collection on my credit report that belonged to my son that has the same name .I contacted the company that the debt was owed to and they said they did not have my social security number I contacted the collection agency and they said that was where they got it so I called the company again and they had me talk to a supervisor and she confirmed they did not have my ssn so some how the collection agency found my ssn and put it on my report I don't feel this should even be legal thank you for any assistance you can give in this matter. Desired Settlementrepair of credit reportBusiness Response Mr. [redacted], Thank you for your inquiry. I have investigated your claim and find the following.1-We did not list your social security number or date of birth when we listed this account with all three major credit bureau agencies.2-We are assuming that since you share the same address with another person the credit bureau listed this under your name by mistake.3-We have contacted E-oscar who is in charge of any updates to all 3 major credit bureau updates/deletions. We have directed them to withdraw this account from your social security number. They have acknowledged our request by assigning a receipt, AUDIT CONTROL NUMBER XXXXXXXX.E-Oscar has assured us that this item will be updated on your records to withdrawn/deleted within the next 72 business hours. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

On my credit report was a bill to [redacted] radiology and I paid them in full in September 2014. The were unaware of any such collection.rev recovery corp put a collection on my credit report for 141.00, I paid the bill in full back in sept of 2014.[redacted] Radiology does not even use this company as their collection agency and I believe they have wrongly collected a debt that I did not even have. They refuse to help me resolve this and have not removed any of it from my credit report. I have called, wrote letters and nothing has been resolved. My money has not been refunded.The supervisor at [redacted] phone is 800-550-7861 ext.3300Desired SettlementI paid them 141.00 dollars that I did not owe. The bill was paid in full directly to [redacted] Radiology back in sept 2014. I have paid this bill twice and expect a refund. Business Response Contact Name and Title:[redacted]Contact Phone: [redacted]Contact Email:[redacted]@rrcinc.comMs. [redacted], We do not collect for [redacted] Radiology, the account you may be speaking about is from [redacted] RADIOLOGISTS for the date of service of 1-14-2013, this appears to be a balance after your insurance company had paid their share of the bill for you..the current balance on this account is $140.35Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I Paid this bill last month by credit card, all of the collections with this Revenue Recovery Corp were settled last month.Final Business Response Ms. [redacted] I will attempt to call you next week at the number provided. As we have replied [redacted] Radiology is not our client. If you need assistance we can be reached at 800[redacted] Thank you

Violation of fair debt collection lawsThis company sent a letter in care of my employer. My name was in such small print and so close to the barcode so as not to be noticable. It was opened and read by multiple people in multiple departments before reaching my desk two weeks later. By that time word had spread like wildfire through my office. I don't dispute the debt, in fact I will be paying it this week. My complaint is that this was the first correspondence received by me. I contacted the company first and they deny sending the letter.Desired SettlementI am paying the debt and would like a correction to my credit report.

This business is calling leaving messages for a 12 year old childThis company has not sent one letter that is detailing why they are calling, instead they chose to call and leave a message for a 12 year old child [redacted]. As if she has a job to pay whatever this is regarding. Desired SettlementFor the company to explain why they are calling and for them to address the adults and not the child. Provide in writing what they want.Business Response Ms. [redacted] thank you for your inquiry, I will try and assist you. Please provide the phone number that you are referring to, so we can investigate your claim and remove the number if it exist in our database. Thanks you. Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)In my complaint the name if the child was given. I do believe that you can research this without me giving my phone number. I still have the voicemail that was left.Final Business Response Dear [redacted], we have removed any phone numbers associated with the information that you provided, please be advised without knowing the exact phone number you are referring we are unable to search to see if it is located on other accounts within our system not associated with the information you provided. Please contact Revenue Recovery Corporation it you require additional assistance.

Harassment from Revenue Recovery Corp. Account #XX-XXXXXXXXXOn 8/14/2014 I was involved in a work related injury. This injury was treated at [redacted]. They were notified at time of service that it was a work injury and later given the workers comp claim number, XXXXXXXXXX, however they billed me instead. I made several calls and was promised that they would not send to collections and would correct the billing. They sent to collections anyway. This collection agency refuses to comply with Georgia state law and continues to harass me for collections of a bill that is the responsibility of the State of Georgia workers compensation agency, funded by my company through workers compensation taxes. Desired SettlementThis company must cease and stop harassment as well as remove negative credit collections and repair credit history.Business Response Mr. [redacted], thank you for your inquiry, I will try and assist you. Our client [redacted] placed an account with our office on 3/10/15 for services rendered to [redacted] on 8/14/14. On 3/11/15 our initial notice was mailed informing you of your rights under the FDCPA. On 3/17/15, you called in and informed us that this account should be billed to workers compensation. On 3/1815, you called in and stated our client would pull the account back and attempt to bill this account with your company's workman compensation insurance provider. On 3/23/15 our client requested for the account to be returned. Revenue Recovery Corporation, has made no attempts to collect this debt after being returned to our client on 3/23/15.

I had received a phone call from Revenue Recovery stating that I had an account with them that was unsettled but the funny thing is I was currently paying on that account with another company. I had paid a total of $535.92 & was scheduled to make my last payment on 1-14-15. Revune Recovery went out of their way & gave this account back over to the company that I was origianly paying. All this company is doing is trying to do their job of trying to collect debts that have been sold to them by other merchants. Thank you Mr. Robert M[redacted]....GOD BLESS!!!

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Address: 6207 Summer Ave, Memphis, Tennessee, United States, 38134-5875


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