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Ridge Top Exteriors

4706 N Thatcher Ave, Tampa, Florida, United States, 33614-6936

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As an employee its by far the best company I've ever worked for and we take the words CUSTOMER SERVICE to another level We guarantee to go above and beyond your expectations. Thank you Ridgetop Exteriors for granting me and my family this awesome opportunity and if you consider Ridgetop Exteriors for your home improvement project you will have the fastest easiest and most wonderful experience from beginning to end because CUSTOMER SERVICE IS OUR #1 GOAL. Thank you all for taking the time to read this review and God bless.

OOn july 25, 2016 I hired Ridgetop to replace an aluminum roof in my golfcart room. At that time they were doing aluminum roofs. There paperwork states that their work is warrantied for 7 years. In 2018 the roof started leaking. I spoke with Tanner and he has come out at least 6 or 7 times. The last time he cane he had a crew of about 7 people. I had 5 men standing on my roof. They patched or rather put a BANDAID on my roof. Two days later, it rained and now I have more leaks than before. He sent his crew out last week and they said they can fix it but they would have to clear it with *** C. Manager. I still have not heard from anyone. I have sent several videos showing them how it rains in my golfcart room. I sent Tanner a message this weekend again, still no one has contacted me. I am so frustrated cause it rains every and I have to mop up the floor. I messaged Tanner and told him I would like my money back so I can get someone that knows what they are doing. Still no response. Very very upset with this company. I have referred them to friends and I regret doing that.all I want is my roof fixed or my money back.

Desired Outcome

Ii want my roof repaired or my money vack. We are in hurricane season till November and we get torrential rains. Im afraid ill start getting mold.

Ridge Top Exteriors Response time Aug 15, 2019

Even though this roof installation is past our labor warranty by almost a year, Ridge Top Exteriors is still going to do the necessary fixes to try and resolve the leak on the metal pan roof. We are not running from this issue and we haven't even mentioned to the home owner that her warranty is up. Weather the past 2 weeks has not been in our favor but we feel confident that we will have her wrapped up by the end of next week.

Customer Response time Aug 15, 2019

The manager of Ridgetop called me as soon as he saw my complaint to the asked me what he can do for me so that I can give the company a positive update on on my the I told him, either return my money and I can get someone else to fix it and/or JUST FIX MY ROOF.He did send someone out to look at my roof. The gentleman did come and saw exactly what the problem was. He told me that he didnt have the materials at that time but he was going to talk to his manager and would fix the roof. He told me he was very busy but would come the next Monday. On aug 14th, I called the gentleman that came to my house and left a voicemail. Unfortunately no one from Ridgetop has taken the time to get back to me. I understand that we have had a lot of rain, but that does not give them an excuse to not get in touch with me and at least let me know what the status is. With all the rain, my golfcart room is saturated. I'm am very upset with the way Ridgetop has done business with me.

Ridge Top Exteriors Response time Aug 21, 2019

The weather the past 2-3 weeks was terrible but we were able to do the repair this past Monday. I'm sure all will be well as James our installer is very very good. Sorry for the delay and inconvenience and call me if you need something else. Thanks

Customer Response time Aug 27, 2019

Update on the roof. Ridgetop sent a gentleman named james that actually found more than one problem on the roof. Im happy to say that james did a great job abd so far I have not had any leaks. Thanks to ridgetop for getting the roof finally corrected. I truly appreciate it.

Contractors started job-can't get them to complete work.
Contractor started job on the 6/6/2019-they worked 3 hours and left my property in a mess. Came back on Friday 6/6/2019 after calling and texting Dave (project manager) numerous times. On 6/8/2019 one young man showed up on Saturday worked maybe three hours and left-I have siding hanging from the back of my house and the front of the house still needs to be removed along with my screened in porch that has siding be removed. I believe this company is stringing me along-I believe they have other jobs going on at the same time. The contract states work will be completed in 6 to 8 days, at the rate they are going-it will take forever to complete. I want them on the job site until the necessary items are taken care of . They have also bent my shed door taking off the siding and well as bending one of my downspouts. I live in a community with an association and we can't have a job that is not completed in a reasonable length of time. My husband and I have had to clean up the screws they left on the ground while tearing off the siding.

Desired Outcome

I want them on the job site until they complete my job-I don't want to hear excuses.

Ridge Top Exteriors Response time Jun 11, 2019

We understand ***'s position in getting her project done in a timely manor. Ridge Top's first concern is getting the job done correctly, safely and also in a timely manner. We also want to get her job completed and we are not using our workers on other projects while doing hers. These past few days, weather and some other circumstances has not allowed us to put full days of work in. The extreme heat and abnormal rain amounts have moved more to our normal summer weather patterns and the building department passing *** "dry in" inspection, we feel very confident that the rest of the week will have leaps and bounds of progression.

Customer Response time Jun 11, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
One excuse after another you work and live in Florida you have to expect the weather will hot and rainy this time of year I certainly will not recommend Ridge Top Exteriors to my neighbors. I will keep informed of whether the job is completed in a timely manner and to my satisfaction.

Customer Response time Jul 02, 2019

My complaint with Ridge Top Exteriors has been resolved-contract was completed within a reasonable time frame. Contractor that worked on the house did a excellent job on the installation of my vinyl siding.

fraudulent paperwork by Chris H. including contract and notice of commencement and loan paperwork and also fraudulent building inspections
SALESMAN FROM COMPANY Chris H. falsified several documents during roof job at my residence and falsified loan paperwork including notice of commencement,SALESMAN FROM COMPANY Chris H. falsified several documents during roof job at my residence and falsified loan paperwork including notice of commencement, contract to do said work and others,he then tried to take added funds thru other falsified docs. no inspections were done until after several complaints to building dept, at which time the final which was only one done failed on 2,21,19.I have spoken to larry who assured me things would be corrected and after waiting two weeks and a visit later I was told to come to office which was at different location. it was a waste of 3 hours of my time and I was told by Brian the office manager tough, sue them.I have so many things against them I can provide all docu contract to do said work and others,he then tried to take added funds thru other falsified docs. no inspections were done until after several complaints to building dept, at which time the final which was only one done failed on 2,21,19.I have spoken to larry who assured me things would be corrected and after waiting two weeks and a visit later I was told to come to office which was at different location. it was a waste of 3 hours of my time and I was told by Brian the office manager tough, sue them.I have so many things against them I can provide all documentation that is needed.also fake inspection reports

Desired Outcome

want false loan paid in full, want roof replaced that is faulty, want mold mitigation addressed, want apology for lack of respect and taking advantage of injured spouse

Ridge Top Exteriors Response time Mar 21, 2019

's roof was installed in 2017 and now all of a sudden he reaches out to us with these accusations. We take every situation serious and we did our due diligent research with his Finance Company and also spoke to the local law Detective. The results from the Finance Company and the Detective where determined that we did nothing wrong and all proper procedures where followed. We did however miss calling in the final inspection and steps are being taken now to get the final inspection with the building department to close out the permit. Regardless of ***'s accusations, his home still has a workmanship warranty with us and a manufacturers warranty on the products he purchased.

Customer Response time Mar 22, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)

I spent over 12,328 dollars on a new roof that had no issues only replaced due to the age no prior problem after I purchased my home since they replaced my roof I have had them attempt to repair thr leak on three different occasions I have told that the smell of mold and mildew is coming threw that part of my home making feel sick and not able to breath properly I ended up sick and in the hospital my roof is as of today not fixed correctly properly roof on a little over 6 months old and I have lost merchandise that I had stored in that area that but didnt make a complaint about that
Product_Or_Service: A new Roof
Order_Number: TAM-XXXXXX
Account_Number: TAM-XXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Repair I feel i had no prior issues and for my health inconvenience and loss of material items there should be some type of refund i have been extremely patient and understanding and cant understand why it takes 4 attempts to get this right i just want to be made whole before this disaster started i want them to pay for a specialist to rid my house of mold from all the water damage i feel that would be only fair for something i paid over 12,000 dollars for

Ridge Top Exteriors Response time Feb 14, 2019

's roof has a very tricky connection that involves a valley, a wall and a gutter. This roof design is not the best for shedding water away from problem areas. We feel we have solved this problem with additional valley/wall flashing work and are currently awaiting a response to do a water test to ensure the problem is solved.

Customer Response time Feb 18, 2019

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
For a person to spend this amount of money on a toof and to lose items that I did not complain about and too have my home tested which it was discovered that the moisture level was extremely high in that part of the home I started smelling mold and mildew and got very ill and ended up hosplitalized I asked that they have an expert come and rid it free of mold I dont think thats a lot to ask for considering all I have been through loss of items house has a moldy smell due to thier shotty work they should have known as professionals all that was needed from the beginning a very bad way to treat a customer who paid so much no apology no rebate no assure that my home is free of mold from a problem they caused I dont trust them to have an expert check it I would like to call one myself and they should take care of it if thier is a problem

Customer Response time Mar 07, 2019

Final Consumer Response /(2050, 13, 2019/03/07) */

We had roof replaced 1 year ago, we now have leaks. Company states that it is due to lack or bad flashing. They want us to pay for part of repairs.
After the heavy rains we have had in our area in the last 2 weeks, leaks and damage to our drywall have begun to emerge. We have called the company several times, we have spoken to Tanner L. and Brian C. Tanner has come out and explained that we have a leak due to no flashing and he simply caulked and said it was a band aid but that they don't do stucco and and flashing would need to be put under the stucco. If we hired someone to do the stucco, they would install the flashing and roof shingles. We have expressed that all of that should have been seen and we, the homeowners should have been notified at the time the work was done and the cost of the extra work would have been added to the original cost and thus included in that payment. After speaking with Brian, he had his best roofer come out to check the work. He also agreed that we need flashing but they refuse to do the complete job and repair it unless we pay for the stucco work. Installing the flashing is part of the roofing job, whatever that entails.

Desired Outcome

I would like for Ridge Top to complete the job. Install the flashing, including cutting back the stucco and finishing the stucco, so that our house is protected from the rain. In essence finish the job they were hired to do.

Ridge Top Exteriors Response time Jun 07, 2018

Mr. B. first informed us of this leak last week and we immediately responded and had 2 different people inspect for the cause of the leak. The problem is not with the roof we installed but with the flashing behind his stucco on the side wall of his house. We were not contracted to do any siding work but in an effort of good faith we offered to come out and remedy the problem for free but not to do any of the siding stucco repairs. Currently, we have this repair scheduled for Friday, June 8th 2018 and are awaiting a response from Mr. B. to confirm we are doing the repairs on Friday.

Customer Response time Jun 08, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
My issue with this company is that they claim 100 % satisfaction. Flashing is something that a professional (that's what they claim to be) should have been dealt with at the time of replacing our roof. Redoing our roof was not for mere aesthetics, but to protect our home from water damage. If there was no flashing and further work needed to be done, then at the time the roof was being replaced, that is the time the stucco issue should bave been dealt with. Now we have damage in our home. In our contract from Ridge Top it claims a 7 year craftmanship warranty. This guarantees that the completed job would be watertight or the issue would be resolved at no cost to the customer. See the attached pictures. Does the roof look like a professional job? And the water damage and leaks we have experienced is further evidence that our roof is not water tight. Ridge Top has breached the warranty. I am seeking for them to correct the entire problem including the stucco and we need them to pay for the damages that has happend in our home. There is no way this passed the supposed Inspection. We never did a walkthrough with Ridge Top upon the completion of the Job. The fact that they have offered to fix the flashing for free shows that it is something they should have done initially, due to their negligence we have spent over 2 weeks dealing with leaks and have unknown water damages in our home, not to mention numerous phone calls to Ridge Top.

Ridge Top was hired to repair the roof at *** and work fell extremely short of standard expectations.
On August 26th 2017, Ridge Top was hired to complete two roof replacement.

The first time the estimator came out he informed me that the decking on the roof had grain running in the wrong direction, he said there was rot and the wood needed to be replaced on the small end unit, and the trailer roof would need to be coated. This was the work that needed to be done, I agreed and hired the company. A month later, a crew finally came back to start the work they were hired for. The crew that came out put the decking on the addition at 2pm they knocked on my door and stated they were finished.I asked them about the small end unit and they said they knew nothing about that. Shortly thereafter, I went to the property and saw that the grain was still running the "wrong way", the used my boards for replacements, the gate was not closed, the garbage was left in front of the property. There were gaps between sheets of plywood and gaps up to three inches where it was supposed to seal and meet with the trailer. At that point, I called my estimator, Dustin, (the one I first met with) to inform him of my displeasure of service, he said he would investigate and another person, Ramon, came out to my house to resolve the issue. I had to call to remind Dustin of the issue and then finally, the end unit was repaired and again I stated I was not satisfied with the job done on the main addition. At that point, Eddie, Ramon, and Dustin returned to my property to review the work. I showed them the areas where many dozens of nails had missed the rafters, along with all of the other issues I mentioned previously. I also had them put the railroad ties back around my flower bed that the crew had removed and ran over with their truck. I informed them that the soffit had never been put back up, they assured me they would resolve these issues. They did not. ***, another worker, came over and coated the metal roof, their solution to the gaps between the decking and the trailer was to cut pieces of two by four and nail them in between the rafters. I contacted the owner and told him of this fiasco and poor quality of work and customer service, he was unsympathetic and sent another employee, Chris came out and I showed him all of the problems. He did nothing to resolve the issues, and in fact, stated that the job was well done and complete. I am at a loss for words and displeased to say the least. I have taken many photos as has their team. I cannot believe that when a roof is put on and there are gaps where you can see daylight that this is a job well done. Please help.

Desired Outcome

I would like a quality replacement of the roof on the large addition. The trailer coating is satisfactory as is the work done on the small end unit.

Ridge Top Exteriors Response

We have gone far and above the contract for Ms. to satisfy her. However, when we began her job, we realized the trusses were in desperate need of repair. We repaired them as a customer service courtesy at no charge to Ms.. We also put in soffit panels, again without a charge to Ms.. We have tried several times to set an appointment with Ms. to confront her issues and she has canceled these appointments. The latest appointment with the owner of our company was canceled 11/28/17. We simply cannot address any disputes she might have without first looking at the conflicts. We have over a thousand happy customers who appreciate the work we do in transforming their homes. If Ms. would like to have the owner of the company come and look at her project, he would be happy to do so in order to provide a solution for her.

Customer Response

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
The response is simply filled with lies.Nothing has been done far and beyond! I just want a safe and quality job done on the addition. There is a 1-3 inch gap where the trailer and addition abut, you can see daylight, the panels on the decking do not meet. A reputable company would not try to pass this off as a quality job. A couple trusses had some damage to the very ends, nothing was "desperate". Dustin had photographed all of this when he came out to give me the estimate so, realization was from day one. When the roofing and decking were removed John, from the 1st crew you sent out, said they were all fine except one when I caught him cutting a 2x8 from my supplies to make a sister board. I complained to Ramon that they should not be using my supplies. I had new vinyl siding and soffit put on the trailer before you started the job because the county had serve me with a code violation. I went to court in June to be cleared of this and the inspector presented photos of the new siding and soffit to the court and I was cleared. The court allowed me to keep the wood pile as I explained the renovation is not complete. You seem to be confused because I told John he could take down any soffit he thought necessary if the trusses needed replaced. None of that was necessary though since when the decking was taken down the trusses proved to be in good condition (per our call when you conferenced Ramon and had him send you the photos of the job). Perhaps due to the language barrier with John, he thought he was supposed to take all the soffit. I only requested you put back what was taken down anything else the soffit crew you sent out did was by your request, not mine. I have taken time off work to meet with Dustin. I have taken time off work to meet with Ramon. I have taken time off work to meet with Eddie. I have taken time off work to meet with Chris. How many of your foremen need to come out and inspect the job? It's obvious something isn't right and they keep trying to pass it off. The 1st time you and I tried to meet you were unavailable on Monday and I was unavailable on Thursday. The second time was for me to make payment after an inspector signed off on the job. We found out Hillsborough County does not inspect trailers and you became aggressive about the payment. It is a terrible job on the large addition, no one from your group denied that and it is not what I contracted for, so I texted you to say we will reschedule our meeting for payment when this is resolved. At that point you became irate and said you were putting a lien on my property. If four of your foremen came out and saw the job and took pictures, why do you have to come out to do the same thing? If you deem this inconvenience absolutely necessary I will take more time off work but, must have a minimum of 48 hours notice. If you would prefer, I will pay you for the coating that was done by the Richard and the 3rd crew that was sent out and I will hire a different company to replaced the large addition so we can end this nightmare.

P.S. Also including photos of crew that removed the railroad ties surrounding my flower bed of Mexican petunias and then ran over them to pick up debris.

Ridge Top Exteriors Response time Jan 16, 2018

We have turned this over to our attorney. We regret that we had to go that route.

Customer Response time Jan 22, 2018

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I also regret we must go this route but, it appears the courts' intervention is necessary.

Excellent experience. Great customer service. Very happy with my new roof. I had the best experience especially with my Sales Agent Nelly G. she is very knowledgeable, patient and caring.

very fast, professional and did a constant clean up . a nice job

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