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River Valley Power & Sport

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River Valley Power & Sport Reviews (5) I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted] , and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me

See attached on purchase agreement and repair ticket resolving requested items prior to delivery Boat was sold as is Prior to delivery the boat went thru a pre-delivery inspectionThe tachometer was looked at to ensure it was operational The trailer wheel bearings were repacked to ensure safe road use (this was noted at time of trainspection to be completed) The gear lube was changed (as it was noted dirty at time of trainspection) Finally, the boat was detailed for delivery.On a year old boat, we followed thru on a procedure for preparing the unit for sale/delivery.We stand by the internal repairs made on the boat prior to delivery and the contract that both the customer and dealership signed indicating the boat was as is with no stated, written or implied warranty.Regards, Mike [redacted] - General ManagerRiver Valley Power & Sport

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/07/07) */ MR [redacted] BROUGHT HIS SEA DOO IN FOR A SPRING RUNUPTHIS CONSISTS OF INSTALL, CHARGE AND TEST BATTERY; GREASE THE TRAILER AND CHECK LIGHTS; GREASE THE DRIVE COUPLER; REPLACE SPARK PLUGS IF NEEDED AND TEST RUN ON OUR FLUSH KIT WE MADE NOTE ON THE REPAIR THAT THE MOTOR WAS MAKING A LOUD KNOCKTHIS IS NOT THAT UNCOMMON A YEAR OLD STROKE WATERCRAFT THE CUSTOMER MADE ASKED WHY A COMPRESSION TEST WAS NOT COMPLETEDTHIS IS NOT STANDARD PROCEDURE FOR A SPRING RUN-UP THE FACT THAT THE MOTOR WENT OUT 1/HOUR RUN TIME AFTER IT WAS RAN AT RIVER VALLEY WAS COMPLETED COINCIDENTALWE CAN ONLY EVALUATE A MACHINE FOR ITS ACTUAL PROBLEMS OCCURRINGTHERE WAS NO WAY TO KNOW THAT THIS MACHINE WOULD HAVE ENGINE FAILURE SHORTLY AFTER LEAVING OUR REPAIR FACILITYOUR SPRING RUNUP WAS NOT THE CAUSE OF THE ENGINE THE ENGINE FAILURE OCCURRED DUE TO THE FACT THAT THIS MACHINE WAS A YEAR OLD STROKE PERSONAL WATERCRAFTAT YEARS, THIS MACHINE ACTUALLY EXCEEDED THE AVERAGE LIFE OF A STROKE PWC UNDERSTANDABLY, THE CUSTOMER IS DISAPPOINTED THAT A MACHINE HE PURCHASED HAD MAJOR ENGINE FAILURE SHORTLY AFTER PURCHASEHOWEVER, RIVER VALLEY'S SPRING RUNUP WAS NOT THE CAUSE OF THIS FAILUREADDITIONALLY, A COMPRESSION TEST DURING SPRING RUNUP WOULD NOT HAVE PREVENTED THE ENGINE FAILURE THANK YOU, MIKE [redacted] - GENERAL MANAGER Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/07/17) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) I brought in my Sea Doo for an upholstery install and, as the attached receipt states, a "GENERAL CHECK OVER, MAKE SURE WHEN IT GETS IN THE DRINK FOR THE 1ST TIME IT RUNS BEAUTIFULLY, CALL WITH AN ESTIMATE IF ANY WORK NEEDS TO BE DONE." I understand Mr [redacted] 's leading response; however, the receipt sets the record straight regarding what was promised by River ValleyAdditionally, the receipt states that the unit was brought in for a "SERVICE/TUNE UP," not a "SPRING RUNUP" as Mr [redacted] states aboveIn making these claims, Mr [redacted] has affirmed my claim that River Valley promises one thing, then delivers another River Valley did make a note "STARTED ENGINEMAKES LOUD KNOCKING NOISE A LOW RPMSREMOVED REAR GUARD AND GREASED DRIVE COUPLER, PLUGS WERE JUST REPLACED." However, to tie in with what was a promised above (CALL WITH AN ESTIMATE IF ANY WORK NEEDS TO BE DONE), I was never contacted with any estimated repairsInstead, River Valley released the jet ski back to mePer the receipt, this indicated that I could assume the jet ski "RUNS BEAUTIFULLY" as that was what was promised in the receipt I understand if River Valley does not feel it necessary to run a compression test as part of their SPRING RUN-UP; however, I was charged for a "SERVICE/TUNE UP," which I would expect to include everything necessary to ensure River Valley could deliver on what they promised: "MAKE SURE WHEN IT GETS IN THE DRINK FOR THE 1ST TIME IT RUNS BEAUTIFULLY." River Valley was absolutely clear of my intentions with the jet ski and understood that I just purchased it on Craigslist and that I needed it to be thoroughly looked over for ANY defectI affirmed this intent over multiple phone calls with the shopI also made it very clear that if they did find anything, they should call me immediately and I could pay for the repairs as long as it was already at the shopThis is a call that I never receivedSo, per the receipt, I could safely assume that there was no additional service needed and that it was ready to use After the jet ski broke down, I brought it in for a second opinion at [redacted] Sales in Inver Grove HeightsThey were able to identify that the motor was completely blown and would need to be replacedWhen I asked them the question "was this preventable?" they responded with a very simple "Yes, this is not something that just happens." As we continued to talk, they started to wonder what River Valley did as an inspection on the jet ski as this would have been easily identified and then could be repaired before I got the jet ski backIn fact, the knocking in the engine was an indicator of this issueHowever, per the receipt, all River Valley did to remedy this was "REMOVED REAR GUARD AND GREASED DRIVE COUPLER." I understand that it was the second (rear) cylinder that eventually wentSo, I can only assume that it was either laziness, or negligence, that caused them to either not notice something was wrong, or make it worse by removing the rear guardIn fact, if this was not properly reinstalled, this could have been the actual cause of the engine failure Although River Valley claims that the engine failure occurred as the machine was years old, it had been rebuilt several times and was meticulously cared for by its previous ownerTo the previous owner, this was a sort of collector item that he really enjoyed, so when it went, he had it rebuiltSo, much like a Corvette, the jet ski had exceeded its life because someone took the time to maintain it and keep it runningRiver Valley admits to this excellent care on the receipt when they state "PLUGS WERE JUST REPLACED"This is something that likely happened with the last rebuild, which I understand happened less than engine hours ago I understand that Mr [redacted] is looking out for the best interests of River Valley - this is his job and the fiduciary responsibility of any agent of a businessHowever, I believe I have made a compelling argument that there was either gross negligence on the part of River Valley, or that fraud was committed as no consumer should pay for something that is not possible in the first placeIf this jet ski was beyond repair, they should have never offered to bring it in for a SERVICE/TUNE UP (not a "SPRING RUNUP" as Mr [redacted] continues to mislead)However, I am not an unreasonable personI am more than willing to mediate damages and come to a mutually agreeable solution to this issue with River ValleyI look forward to their response Best regards, [redacted] Final Business Response / [redacted] (4000, 9, 2015/07/21) */ While we empathize with Mr [redacted] 's situation, it is impossible to claim our dealership liable for his engine failureOn a year old machine that per the customer has had several motor rebuilds, it is not surprising that the motor failed eventuallyOur factory trained technician notated the engine noise during his evaluation of the machineAs we stated prior, it is not uncommon for these machines to make substantial noise during operation as their engines wear over timeRegardless, our evaluation of the machine did not cause the engine failure Thank you, Mike [redacted] - General Manager

RE: customer service issues & sale of boat - [redacted] This is in response to ***'s issues as stated to the on 3/ We are a retailer of a wide array of marine products (pontoons, general recreation boats, fishing boats, jet boats, personal watercraft and larger cruisers) We attempt to do our best to match the needs of our customers to their budget, type of use, area of use, etc We attempted to match up Ms [redacted] to what she requested accordingly Per the product specialist, it was actually recommended by her friends to get a small jet boat for "first time boater use." The boat that she purchased is a top selling model and Yamaha boats in general represent the #selling class in 19, and ft categories A SXwould certainly be classified by many as a great starter boat The product specialist did provide on water instruction on two occasions for about an hour each attempting to give the customer solid orientation to the product.Ms [redacted] did reach out recently looking to trade her boat or sell it back We would be interested in either option but not at the numbers she is requesting We will gladly work with Ms [redacted] on a solution to buy her boat back, sell her boat for her or trade the boat in for something else All of these options would be on the table but at a reasonable dollar amount.After giving her what we feel would be reasonable trade value on a different product, she was upset at those numbers Ms [redacted] did not want to speak to management after those numbers were presented We will gladly discuss options again but at a reasonable dollar amountRegards, Mike [redacted] Director of Operations###-###-####

Initial Business Response / [redacted] (1000, 5, 2015/09/22) */ Mr [redacted] 's trade difference was for a negative $1,less any applicable taxes, fees (license or other)It is standard procedure for the salesperson to quote a trade differenceNo salesperson is authorized to quote a total out the door figure as these figures vary based upon the tax and license situation with each dealAs a dealership that does not charge separate freight, setup, handling or documentation fees, we do have a singular $dealer services fee that covers all of the aboveThis was a unique situation where the customer actually received funds back from the trade equityHowever, our fee structure is the same regardless Initial Consumer Rebuttal / [redacted] (3000, 7, 2015/09/23) */ (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.) Salesman said the check I would receive back would be for $There was NO I repeat NO mention of any applicable fees taken out of that $If you have a problem with your salesman's tactics take it out with him and not your customer! He specifically said the check would be for $Remember it well because he used the term "cut you a check for $1400" People don't use that terminology that oftenThis does nothing to address the fact that I received a demo unit and not the unit I had made the offer onI specifically made an offer on a different unit via there new inventory on their websiteThis is CLASSIC Bait and SwitchI have since talked to another Polaris dealer who assured me this is NOT all dealer policy and is done by certain large shady dealersTheir words not mineIf they do not want to honor their verbal agreement that is their choice

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