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Robert A. Plantz & Associates, LLC

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Initial Business Response /* (1000, 5, 2015/10/20) */
Contact Name and Title: Attorney Robert APlantz
Contact Phone: XXX-XXX-XXXX
Contact Email: ***
Dear Sir/Madam,
Please accept this communication as a response to the consumer complaint under case no: XXXXXXXXFirst and
foremost, in more than years of practicing law, this would be the first and only consumer complaint that my office has ever receivedWhen this particular consumer hired this law firm, she signed a page written Attorney Employment Agreement, which we would be more than happy to send to you for further review and considerationWe are also prepared to send to you a full and accurate copy of the entire case file here at our office, which is extensive and the complete billing historyWe conducted a considerable amount of legal work on behalf of this particular consumer, including the filing of her case and paying the filing fee for herWe went above and beyond the call of duty for this particular consumer and we are very surprised that she has filed a complaint with your office
After spending a substantial amount of time meeting with the client and preparing her paperwork to file the divorce case, formal hearings were scheduled with the Court, which the consumer ultimately requested to have continued and "put on hold." It has now become clear to this law firm that the consumer and her husband were trying to work out their marriage and this particular consumer was very emotional and "high stress" during the pendency of the caseI was really surprised that she became confrontational with her law firmIt has always been the policy of this law firm to provide the best possible legal service to all clients and to keep every client as happy as possible, even during the troubling times of a divorce caseI continue to believe that we accomplished these same goals with this particular consumerIn the end, this consumer decided to dismiss her case outright, which we helped her do and we ultimately filed a final stipulation and order to dismiss, which was signed by the Judge on July 1, Thereafter, even though our written Attorney Employment Agreement spells out the parameters within which a client may be entitled to any type of refund, we went ahead and sent to client on September 29, 2015, a detailed letter and a partial refund of any monies which remained of her retainer fee and which was not used up in time and expenseMoreover, we refunded to client more than double what she would otherwise have been entitled to receiveThis consumer filed her complaint on October 6, and, again, we sent to her our letter just about one (1) week prior on September 29, We believe that our letter and this consumer's complaint "crossed in the mail." We are confident that, had this consumer received our letter and the refund prior to filing the complaint, the complaint never would have been filed in the first placeWe remain open and willing to continue discussions with this particular consumer and we will do everything in our power to keep an excellent rating with the Revdex.comShould anyone have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us and, again, we would like to send to the Bureau the full case file on this matter outlining all work performed and billing incurred
Initial Consumer Rebuttal /* (2000, 7, 2015/10/23) */
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I find it rather comical that the terms "Above and beyond the call of duty", "Substantial time meeting with the client", and "Surprised that she became confrontational with her law firm" were used to describe this case in any way shape or formIf meeting once for minutes was substantial, wow, just wowI'm speechlessAnd surprised I became confrontational? Going months and months without any form of communication and it's unreasonable for me to demand a response and then it's considered confrontational?
Here is where the problem escalated to meI wrote him repeatedly over a period of months asking for an update on the refund process and was left with no responseThat is when I became overly frustratedA simple "we are still processing" or "we are behind and it will be returned eventually.." Anything would have calmed my nerves but complete and utter disrespect by the silence of the attorney prompted me to contact the Revdex.comI too have every email that has been sent to the firm and every response that has or has not been receivedI do not agree that this law firm was diligent in their handling of my caseI also do use the word neglectful in describing this law firm because that is exactly what I encountered
With all being said and done, he is correct in his statement that he feels his refund of ($300) crossed in the mail with the filing of this case with the Revdex.comHad I received any kind of correspondence since APRIL, I would not have filed once I received my refundApril 23, was the email that included the sentence "I am getting your refund processed." Then silence ensued and a mystery envelope is delivered to me nearly months later(After it was returned to the attorney because it had been sent to the wrong addressI received a call from the office asking me to supply the correct address, in which I did in repeated emails.) This contained my $refund and an itemization of the monies usedI laughed out loud at the itemization of the refund and the claim to have doubled my refund from what I was entitled to receive$worth of charges for "email exchange" when that was my number one complaint! RidiculousAs well as a $"letter to client regarding refund" chargeHow about sending all of the filing paperwork to the WRONG address repeatedly? Nobody in the office noticed that? During our "substantial time meeting" I, the client, supplied addresses for both me and my husbandYet all of the filing paperwork, motions to continue final hearing, and other letters were send to my mothers address with my husbands name on them, my residence during the timeI find that to be a pretty big mistake that was repeatedly made
Whatever the case may be, I received a refund, a teeny tiny refund, and I am glad to wash my hands of this terrible situationI do not feel that that refund was issued in the amount it should have been, but like I said, I just want this awful situation to be put behind meThank you

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