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Robert E Verner Contracting

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Dear Patricia, ID# *** The *** and I have been working amicably together to resolve this issueWe have parts in to finish heating aspect and will be installing them by the end of this weekThen we start the process of trying to work with the Concrete Supplier that brought us a bad load of
concrete that is a totally different color than the first load they sent us! All of us at Robert EVerner General Contracting are working to resolve this matter and make our customer satisfied with the end result

September 23, 2015   Dear [redacted] I am writing this in response to Complaint # [redacted], by [redacted]. Mr.[redacted] indicates he took my text as “I Quit.” This is just not true. He went to the Lower Burrell Police and filed a complaint against me. So that evening we spoke, I was told I was on a recorded line. I was being SCREAMED AT, by two females in the background, one claiming to be their neighbor the other being [redacted] then went outside to talk to me privately and civil. We then scheduled to meet at HIS HOME, I still have it on my calendar in my phone, on Wednesday July 29, 2015, at 10:30am, to discuss working this all out, and how to proceed with finishing the project. The next day I got a Text on July 24, 2015, at 4:56 pm, Saying and I quote, “Bob, after talking to my attorney about the situation and a possible continuous of services, he advised me to avoid any communication with you and all future communications should be made through him. My Attorney’s name is [redacted], phone number [redacted].” I was trying to make every effort to “Acknowledge my customer’s concerns.” “These are the Facts.” and “ I can take no actions to resolve this because they have the whole area taped off, “No Tresspassing”, and I have not heard from their attorney.” They again have stolen from me. They are in possession of my $599.00 Dewalt 12” Miter Saw. They have somehow forgotten to mention that! I was unaware of any building code violations until several weeks after this all took place, and Mr. S[redacted] did tell me the inspector approved block and framing!!!!” I also have a Sub-Contractor who works for me. His name is [redacted]. He told me the [redacted]’s Contacted him to finish their job and he declined, and told them in no uncertain terms to “NOT HAVE [redacted] FINISH THAT PROJECT!!!” [redacted], and [redacted] are the the whole reason this all happened. Now, my reputation has been smeared, because of the faulty work performed by [redacted], and by [redacted] who went on Facebook and Called me a “[redacted].” That is all I have to say regarding this matter. I have been a loyal member of the for 16 years. That is over 700 Projects. That is a lot of satisfied customer’s and extremely hard to maintain an A+ Rating. I have not gotten to where I am today by Quitting Jobs. I have represented myself professionally, as well as my Membership, and am very proud of both!!!     Sincerely,       Robert E. V[redacted]

Dear [redacted],What I said to [redacted] was, “We are uncomfortable because of the THEFT, which he left out in his response, and other circumstances (His relationship with [redacted] that put the project so far behind in the first place!!!) who actually committed the THEFT!!! He said I spoke to him ONCE about talking to subs and staying off the work site. This is JUST NOT TRUE!!! I told him a half a dozen times at least!!! He was a HUGE part of why this project was going so slow. Then I said, “We want to MEET with an Attorney, regarding our rights, and the theft, and I asked him not to contact me personally until we did so. WELL THAT DAY HE WENT TO THE POLICE, and told them “We Quit”, which was NOT TRUE!!!! He did not even give us a chance to do our due diligence regarding this matter.” Then WE SPOKE the next evening and set up a meeting to be held, AT HIS HOME, at 10:30am on Wednesday July 29, 2015, which I still have scheduled in my phone and actually showed the Lower Burrell Police. Does this sound like a guy who wants to quit?! I think not. I wanted to work things out until his wife went on FACEBOOK and called me a “[redacted]”, and there were people even offering to “Find me and Kick my [redacted], and started a smear campaign against me. That was July 22, 2015. Then on July 24th at 4:56pm I got a text, which I still have, Saying, “After talking to my attorney about the situation and a possible continuous of service he advised me to avoid all communication with you and all future communications should go through him. He then gave me his attorney’s name and number, without having our designated meeting to TRY AND GET PROJECT GOING AGAIN!!!! I texted him back, Tell him to call me then. I have never received a call from this gentleman. Again, I gave him and his the OPPORTUNITY to work things out with me and they declined. Finally I was told by MR. [redacted] that the inspections were done, and we could begin our work!!!! I will not pay him his money back. He had several chances to work this out with me and he did not. He says that I am “Desperate”. This is Ludicrous. I have (4) FOUR projects going on right now, ALL with very positive results and very HAPPY CUSTOMER’S!!! I have been an accredited member with the going on 16 years with an A+ Rating. You do not do that by being a Quitter!!!Robert E. V[redacted], Owner

Review: Robert Varner replaced my roof in the fall of 2015. The workmen worked an average of three hours a day when they showed up at all. This was a roof on a mobile home and took about 40 days. I kept a timeline. The roof line is not straight and the roof is now leaking. I have repeatedly tried to contact him and left messages everyday for more than a week. He has not contacted me. I have been waiting about 6 weeks for a call back.Desired Settlement: Roof leak repaired in a timely fashion.

Robert [redacted] does not pay his employees he owes numerous employees thousands of dollars in wages he has walked off of numerous jobs in the past 3 months all while he continues to take down payments for jobs that he doesn't even start he uses that money to try and finish other jobs he has started and allowing his employees and not having materials to finish jobs he purchases season tickets for the Steelers for himself

Terrible contractor. After his work my roof leaked and needed additional repairs which took months. Later the repair needed even further fixes. Except Bob never returned phone calls. Looking for someone else now to fix the mistakes.

Review: We met Mr. Verner last March at the [redacted]. We then hired him to put on a new roof, add a peak, and put in a new driveway with a heating element and paid him a third down ($9,354.00) on March 29th to start the projects. He was very confident that he could do a great job and raved about his roofing and concrete guys and made us feel very comfortable that he was a man of his word and would do the job right the first time. He then completed our roofing project in a timely manner. He came on April 25th and collected another $5,000 to begin the driveway project, which he said would be in about two weeks because the weather had got him behind. Two weeks turned into 5 months. After many calls and texts, his crew showed up on October 8th (collected another $5,000 payment for supplies) and tore the driveway out. We explained to them that our township did not allow overnight street parking so we needed him to make sure the project stayed on schedule. It was 3 weeks before anyone showed up again. Finally, the first week of November they came and poured the first section of concrete. We were to get bitter temperatures the following week so they had to rush to get the second pour in, which was the one with the heating element. After the pour, Mr. Verner asked for his final payment. We told him we did not want to make the final payment until we had the heating element hooked up ( which he didn't tell us until the day of the pour that you have to wait 30 days before hooking the element up) The concrete was not even dry yet from the second pour, but we agreed to give him all but the final $1000 (which was a payment of $4,000) and he needed to send us in writing (which he did) that he would return December 5th to hook up the heat. After the concrete dried, we could see what horrible workmanship it was. Unfinished edges, humps and scrapes in the concrete, and also the concrete was a different color from the first pour two days earlier. We sent Mr. Verner a letter with pictures of the job. He emailed back and said that he agreed it looked bad and that he didn't want to put his name on the project. He said he was going to contact the concrete company and then come back and tear out the second pour and re-do it properly. Of course by this point we are into the dead of winter. We asked him again 3 weeks ago to hook up the heat until he can correct the concrete in the spring. He was supposed to be here on Friday, January 23rd to hook up the heating element. We waited here and at 11:30am we got a call from his worker saying he was going to pick up a breaker and be here shortly. He never showed up. That evening we received a message from Mr. Verner saying they needed to special order a breaker and it would be rush delivered to our house on the 28th. This is a heating element that was put in on November 5th and supposed to be hooked up on December 5th, yet he didn't even have a breaker ordered. He also mentioned that he would need to watch a video first to install the product. This is all things that a professional company would have had in place ahead of time. At this point, we emailed him and requested the $21,000 back that we have given him to do this job which he clearly has not completed and was done so poorly with no end in sight. This project should not have been drug on this long and we have now spent half of winter with no heating element, although we have spent $21,000. Mr. Verner has never responded to our request. The breakers showed up at our house last Friday and we contacted Mr. Verner to let him know they are here, but have gotten no reponse from him, from either notification. A concrete project from a professional company such as Mr. Verner's company should not have taken this long, been unfinished and completed so poorly completed. We feel as though we have given Mr. Verner the benefit of the doubt far too long that he is competent in completing our project properly.Desired Settlement: At this point, since it is becoming very obvious that Mr. Verner cannot properly pour a driveway or complete the project by putting in the heating element, we would like our money back for the driveway project which was $21,000, so that we can hire a concrete company to come and tear out the driveway and properly put in a new driveway with heating element.



Dear Patricia, ID# [redacted] The [redacted] and I have been working amicably together to resolve this issue. We have parts in to finish heating aspect and will be installing them by the end of this week. Then we start the process of trying to work with the Concrete Supplier that brought us a bad load of concrete that is a totally different color than the first load they sent us! All of us at Robert E. Verner General Contracting are working to resolve this matter and make our customer satisfied with the end result.

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