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Robert Peters Construction, Inc.

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This letter is in response to your letter dated July 5th regarding complaints filed against us in the above Case ID.This home closed November 15, The fact that the customer moved in later as she states in her complaint has nothing to do with the quality of her new homeShe had some personal
matters that needed to be taken care of.As far as stating that I do not handle problems, that is NOT trueI handle any and all problems that are brought to my attention (and ones that I see that the customer may not see) on EVERY HOME I BUILDWhat I will NOT do is handle a problem in front of my clientWhen a customer shows me an issue that needs to be dealt with, I let them know what I can do to fix itIf I’m not sure how to correct, I call the appropriate party and find out how to resolve itI would never talk negatively about my sub-contractors or their employees when a client is presentIf I ran into quality that is not up to the quality standards I expect, I would most certainly not say so in the presence of a client or any of my sub-contractors for that matter.With that being said, let’s take the list of complaints one by one:TILE WORKI did not say I’ve seen better tiling jobsWhat I would have said is something along the lines of, “I see what you’re talking about and I will talk to the supplier and get it resolved”The client received compensation for her inconvenience and then everything was okay with herI have to say my Supplier went way beyond trying to make her happy, especially with the settlement she received.HEATING ISSUEThe heating contractor was there several times balancing the heating and cooling to get the rooms regulatedThe client was still not happy with the heating and cooling in the family room and before they could work on it further SHE elected to have a 3rd zone system installed for her family roomIn fact, the heating contractor installed the zone heating for $1,275.00; the cost for this would be $1,They gave her a great price in hopes of making her a happy customerApparently, that didn’t work as I received a letter in December from the Wisconsin Department of Safety and ProfessionalServices that cleared us of any wrong doing(See Exhibit A attached)She also reported the heating contractor to the Exhibit B)The closed the case and found no wrong doing.DOOR ISSUESAs far as the doors having veneer cracks, I was not aware of the problem until I received a letter from the client’s attorney date October 15, The issues with the doors had nothing to do with us.The manufacturer’s warranty is a one year warranty and they do not typically go beyond that warranty(See Exhibit C)In good faith, the door manufacturer did offer new doors (keep in mind that the home closed in 2013) which were denied by the client(See Exhibit D).SIDING ISSUEThis issue was an error on our partThe wrong siding was put on by mistakeOur Contract read CertainTeed Mainstreet and a Change Order was processed changing it to CertainTeed MonogramI did not make my siding contractor aware of this change and when the Mainstreet siding showed up that is what he installedMy siding supplier paid this Client a very large sum of money for this mistake; however, she neglected to point that out in her complaint.EXCAVATIONWhen we dig a basement, we leave all materials on siteBecause of the number of trees on the lot we ran out of room to store the dirt and had to have some trucked off site and brought back when we were ready for itWe could have placed the excess dirt between the trees, but that would have killed them.When bidding a home we give an Excavation Allowance which is merely a guestimate of what it will costWe could have passed all the excavation costs onto the customer, but because we wanted a happy customer; we paid $1,towards the overageJust another example of trying to make her happy and she’s not satisfied with it.DRIVEWAYWe have been accused of pouring the driveway in the rainWe did notThe driveway was poured and finished and then a late afternoon thunderstorm moved through the areaThere was some damage on the sidewalk to the porch due a roof valley above funneled all the water to one spotThe sidewalk was replacedI do not believe the customer mentioned that.In the spring of some concerns about the driveway were brought to our attention by the CustomerMy Concrete Contractor and I met with the Customer to remedy the problem and she was satisfied with the solutionEverything was goodI was told from a builder associate in June that the driveway was coming out at my Contractor’s expense and that a paver driveway is going to be installedThat doesn’t surprise me because she had a beautiful paver driveway at her previous home.RAILINGI have not heard anything about holes on the rail until I read it in the complaint we received from the far as the telling the Customer to stop calling me, that is correctI was losing sleepIt wasn’t due to taking care of the issues on her homeWe fix and make corrections on homes every dayNo home is built perfect and we understand that issues and corrections need to be madeWe pride ourselves on being there after the sale to take care of problems or issues that come up.I asked her to stop calling me due to the unbearable harassment to me and my sub-contractorsWe didn’t deserve the accusations made about us or to be treated like that and be continually belittled like thatI think you get the gist of it by reading the letter from the and the attached exhibits.WHAT THE CUSTOMER HEARD FROM SUB-CONTRACTORSI’m really curious to hear what She heard from my sub-contractorsWas it something like? “She is very fussy, be very very careful not to damage anything, go above & beyond to fix the issue and make sure she is happy when you leave.”CRACK IN THE CEILINGAs far as the ceiling crack being caused from the floors or “so called” missed beam that is not the caseWe have roof trussesRoof trusses are not supported by the interior wallsThey are supported by the exterior wallsPlaster cracks, unfortunately, are very common in ceilings and wallsThis is something that happens in many homes in one place or anotherSometimes it happens when we are on site building and sometimes it happens a year laterWhen it happens we fix themSometimes the crack occurs two or three timesCracks occur from expansion & contraction of the woodEvery piece of wood is expanding and contracting every day of the yearI don’t recall the crack she is referring too, but if it did, we fixed itIf it happened again, we would fix it again.FLOOR SWITCHING TO I JOISTWhen I switched the floor system from 2xto an I-Joist (at my expense-See Exhibit E) I did that to stiffen the floor and make the lower level easier to finish if she or a new owner would want to finish itIn her defense, she did not ask for this.The I-Joist floor has to be designed by engineers (See Exhibit F)The Engineer designs the beam, determines where it’s placed, the distance between and how much load it carriesIt never occurred to me to explain to the Customer that it was an engineered floor system and what the engineer designs we have to followBecause of the short floor spans, I knew the floor would be stiffer,stronger and less shrinkage would occurAnother example of the Customer getting something for nothing (again, she did not ask it); but she is still not happy.November 13, the City of Green Bay gave us a Certificate of Occupancy meaning the home was totally inspected and passed all codes(See Exhibit G).Our Customer called the City out again in to inspect the floor system and saw now problemThe City of Green Bay called to get additional information which I supplied to themThey reviewed the design, reports and concluded that the home meets all the requirements of WI State CodeCase was closed (See Exhibit H).SUMMARYMy parents started this company in I grew up in the business and started full time in I purchased the Company from my parents in and ran it as it was run by themThe biggest thing by father instilled in me was Customer Service during and especially after the home closedWe do whatever we can to make our clients happyThe majority of my work is repeat customersWe’ve built over homes in the Green Bay and surrounding areasWe are not naïve enough to say there aren’t a few unsatisfied customers, but I believe that the fact there are no complaints received by the on our Company that the majority of our customers had a pleasant building experience and love their homesOur reputation is extremely important to us.DESIRED OUTCOMEAs far as her desired outcome; she has the paperwork from the City and from Pro Build stating the home and engineered floor system meets codeIf she missed placed them or refuses to acknowledge them I can’t do anything about that; they are attached with this response.We apologize for the length of this response and once again thank you for giving us the opportunity to respond.Sincerely,ROBERT PETERS CONSTRUCTION INC
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID [redacted], and have determined that this does not resolve my complaint.  For your reference, details of the offer I reviewed appear below.
[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, we would like to know your view on the matter.]
 I truly have a response, most of them with documentation, that support my position for each of the items [redacted] cites above. He makes a lot of accusations that I refuse to respond to.[redacted] reports I have personal issues. It is my feeling we BOTH have personal issues and BOTH could have handled things differently. I left [redacted] a message on his cell phone asking that we set our differences aside and try to resolve this situation. I truly want to make this house my home.

This letter is in response to the’s letter dated July 29, 2016 stating you received our response to the complaint against us and that the has determined we addressed the issues within the complaint and closed the case.  Apparently, the Customer has responded and did not feel her complaint has been resolved. The Customer states that things could have been handled differently.  Things could not have been handled differently.  I cannot handle issues I know nothing about.  Other than the Customer’s issues with the doors, I was not made aware of the other issues she had until the letter we received by the To address her new complaints; things can be interrupted differently when written on paper as far as the meaning and/or tone of what is being said.  When I referenced the customer has “personal issues”; I was referring to issues she was facing with her father who was diagnosed with cancer. The Customer did reach out and we talked four different times between Monday, July 25th and Friday, July 29th.  We made arrangements for me and my wife (who is also my business partner) to go to her home on Monday, August 1st at 9:00 a.m. and go over the issues. The Customer called back and said she did not want to meet with me and my wife.  So the Customer and I agreed to make arrangements for my plasterer and myself to go to the house and take care of the cracks she mentioned.  At that time she was going to show me the other issues.  On Sunday, July 31st I received the following email:   From:  (Customer’s Name) Sent:   Sunday, July 31, 2016 11:27 AM To:      [redacted] Thank you for verifying my home is structurally sound. After our conversation on Friday, I have decided I will take care of the issues we discussed myself (porch rail, repair of the crack in ceiling and doors opening/closing on my own). Paula Because the is not able to post the Exhibits from our original response; I would like to once again urge anyone interested in the Exhibit to contact our office. We are happy to send the entire response along with the Exhibits.   You can contact us at: Robert Peters Construction, Inc. at or call our office at 920-965-2005. I have been buildings homes for over 35 years and have always prided myself in making sure our customers are satisfied with the quality of their new home and customer service received from our company.  The Customer has a beautiful home and I hope she realizes this at some point and takes the time to enjoy it.

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