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Rock C.G. of South Florida

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Rock C.G. of South Florida Reviews (28)

Jul 06, 2020

Amazing Men at Porter Group
I was behind with my house, I thought what am I going to do I cant loose what I have back to the bank, then I came across the Porter Group, Matt and Michael are amazing and very genuine men to work with, I did everything they asked and their quick response and diligence gave me a Modification. I am so happy I worked with this Company and I cannot rate them at 20 stars but in my heart that is where they are at with me, please know I have a very difficult Servicer to deal with. I highly recommend Matt and Michael to get the job done in a very professional manner, these are the fine men to get it right.
Thank you so much for all that was done for me and my home.
God Bless
Nora Hruska

Jun 25, 2020

Chris & Terry F
We are continuely thankful For Matt & Mike V helping us through the whole process of our modification. They have been there to insure us, notify us of each step of the modification and continue to help us till we reach the completion of the modification. The Porter Group I believe was sent to us because of prayers and God blessed us very much.
We were blessed so much!

Great Job
Working with Matthew and his team through this stressful was a huge help. They were very informative and helpful through the whole process. I would highly recommend them.

Apr 15, 2020

Very Thankful!
We were in a very difficult position with foreclosure on the horizon. We sent in a questionnaire to get help and we got several responses back, but one response stood out over all the other responses. It was Porter Group and when I talked to Matt he assured me that they could and would help us resolve our problem. After giving the green light to Matt, Matt brought Mike in to be the contact person and they worked very hard for us. We are very thankful for the work Matt & Mike did on our behalf thru the whole process. If you need help with your mortgage you are in good hands with the Porter Group! Terry L Fields
Very Thankful!

Nov 19, 2019

If you are behind on your mortgage and need help The Porter Group is the place they helped me sooo much and I am very very grateful for them. I was told that they were a scam by a dear friend of mine but my heart and my gut said go for it and so I did they saved my home lowered my payments and basically saved my life. I can't say thank you enough even if you think you can't be helped try anyway I'm absolutely positive that they can help anybody!

Do you want it done right the first time? Do you want to get what you deserve in this crazy government and modification movement? Go with The Porter GroupI was called by [redacted] out of the blue and he just asked for a chance to review my situation He came back with a positive so I checked him out with his "testimonials"Well, everyone praised what they had achieved with the Porter GroupI can only say that I am so glad that I did this leg work so I could made a knowledgeable decision to go with themRight to the point - - - if you need a modification and you want it done right use The Porter GroupHonest, right on and totally reliable I plan to refer all my friends and family in their direction God Bless

Matt and his team could not have been any betterWe trusted Porter Group with our lives, credit and our house Porter Group team was always there for us and made us feel like we are doing the right thing Not only did Porter Group get us a good deal on out 1st, they found ways to even lower our 2ed too! God bless Porter Group LLC

Nov 11, 2019

Extremely happy with the service I received from the start to the finish. I actually paid 2 other companies who did nothing for me . Was very nervous to do it a 3rd time, but they made me feel comfortable with the entire process and how it was guaranteed. I took their word they would deliver and boy did they do everything they said they would do. Not only did they save my house from upcoming sale date, they got my payment reduced and my ex-husbands name off the mortgage to appease the courts. You guys rock!

I recommend the Porter Group for anyone who is considering a mortgage modification to lower their payments, or save their homeI have been trying to get a meaningful reduction in my mortgage since I was able to get a $reduction in my mortgage from Bank Of America back in but this was only because Bank Of America was forced to offer some mods to certain customers by the Department Of Justice because of a law suit filed against them [redacted] and Mike V were extremely efficient in handling my case and I could not believe how quickly my Modification request was pushed through the system and approved for a Tier Mortgage Mod Trial PeriodIt only took about a month and a half to get approved for a Trial Payment Period I am also extremely satisfied with amount that my mortgage payment was reduced, somewhere between $and $monthlyThis includes mortgage,taxes, insurance and hoa dues Finialy I would like to mention that [redacted] and Mike v made me feel pretty good about my chances for getting an approval from the start, since they researched my file with SLS to verify hat there were no flags that would indicate potential issue that might come up to prevent getting an approval Awesome results !!! [redacted]

Nov 09, 2019

This is a terrific company and they did did an outstanding job saving our home. They made us feel very comfortable about signing up and sent us a few dozen references. We spoke to several of them before starting and new right away we going with them. We would highly recommend them to anybody that is on the verge of losing their home or who just cant catch up on missed payments. Thanks for saving our house!

Nov 09, 2019

If you are considering not hiring these gentleman, please think about it agin! I was very skeptical to say the least but I just felt like they could help meSo many people said to me they are just a scam you can't trust any of these people, well guess what, I stuck with them and they got me the modification when they were foreclosing on meThey kept me calm when I would call them freaking out on them, and explain to me just hang in there we will get this doneIt took a year but was worth every dime I paid them! Please call them if you are about to lose your home like me! They will fight and get you that modification! Very happy customer of them right nowThey did every thing they said they would do

Nov 09, 2019

My Husband and I would like to give a Thumps Up to Porter Group LLC We had been struggling with our Mortgage Company for the last year or so and really thought we would lose our Home Til we spoke to Porter Group They helped us get our Mortgage lowered and we can Breath again :) Thank you so Much Guys Great Job

Just a note to let you know how happy I was with Porter Group's representation of me during my remodification I would recommend to anyone needing such a service They made a very difficult process much easier

Nov 07, 2019

If you are struggling and following behind on your mortgage payment like I was, then this is the best company to turn for help. I personally tried half down times on my own directly with Rushmore and only got approved for a short sale each time. I was convinced by a coworker who used Matthew and told me to give them a shot. I thought I would just be wasting my time and more money trying to save this home I have been in for over 15 years. It was not easy and they required lots of paperwork and some stuff I had to keep updating monthly but they kept reassuring me the end result will be worth it. They were sooooo correct I was indeed approved and got a surprising affordable payment for the next 40 years and at a fixed rate to boot. Thanks again and I have already told several coworkers in similar situations as me.

I'm extremely happy with the support this company provided me over the last months It takes patience to get the results you desire...but if you can stick with them and follow the instructions they provide, your results will be what you are needing They really understand the industry they work with, and are current on the dynamics of each of the mortgage lenders and their practices Well worth the effort and time!

Nov 04, 2019

Let me start off by saying that I have not been paid in anyway or compensated in anyway to write this review!
This is all true facts relating to my professional and personal dealings with Matt and the Porter Group! My name is Betty Duffy and I am from bay county Florida , Panama City, Fl. , to be exact!
I have given them ,Matt/ The Porter Group , a 5 star rating, but if I could , I would give them a 10 star rating , as they deserve all ten stars!
I have a story to tell that is almost unbelievable. The outcome is good , but only because of Matt and the Porter Group .
Matt saved my home from foreclosure three times , in the past 15 yrs. I have a long , successful history with Matt and the Porter Group!
I know you are saying “ how could this happen to one family ,” and I want to explain this , as
I give all the credit to God first and to Matt second ! I know this is how Matt would want this , because he is a very religious , God loving man !
Matt is the most knowledgeable person in this business ! He is the BEST and I am living proof ! Not only is he knowledgeable , but his morals, understanding , professionalism and his general caring about his clients put him over the TOP! You could NEVER find a more honest , upright person / company to handle your problem!
Now to my story!
My life started out very normal with a wonderful husband and a six year old son.
Our life style was very comfortable .and my husband worked for Medtronic and actually implanted one of the first defibrillators in the US.
That all changed one day with a pain in his face , which turned out to be singles in his eye ! A young , healthy man! He never drove again and never worked again, after that day! My life as I knew it was over !
The medical bills were outrageous , along with the medications! The drs were trying everything to help , but with no success! We traveled to many states to seek help ! Expenses were over the top !
Our home went into foreclosure ! This was something I knew nothing about! I had never been faced with anything like this before !
I was so scared and no where to go! It was when the economy was so bad and there was not any help! I was afraid to answer the door , I did not answer the phone and was so afraid to go to the mail box ! I stayed in the house most of the time ! It was scary and very Embarrassing !
I knew I needed a modification , but how do you trust that ! Modification companies were taking peoples money and not doing anything ! People were left as they were before ! No modification , money gone and still in foreclosure ! The mortgage companies told a big story ! They would give you a modification, but that never came through !’
Always an excuse !
You never had the correct paperwork in or your timeline had run out. Just like NOW, why would the mortgage companies do a modification for you ? It is easier to foreclose , take the house back and resale! More money for them ! All about Money!
I knew my situation was very bad !
One night the phone rang and a voice told me to answer ! I kept saying NO but finally the voice took over ! Thank you God! I answered ! It was Matt ! I was scared , did not believe him , did not trust him , at first , but I had no other choice! This was my only choice ! Matt was wonderful!’ He was honest about everything and I began to trust him! It worked out perfect ! He got me an outstanding modification that I could afford and I was able to keep my house ! Life was great!
Things were good financially, until my husband passed away. Not only was I dealing with all the grief , but my financial situation had again changed ! I went back into foreclosure! I knew I was in big trouble , as I had not honored my modification terms! I could not get another modification and could not pay my pass amount due!
Again the phone rang one night and I picked it up , as I had done before . It was a nice lady on the phone asking me about my situation!
I explained how I had not honored my modification and she explained she was from the Porter Group and they could help !
Again I was being helped by Matt and God
Again it was very successful , Matt was able to get me a second modification .
, even better than the first ! It was amazing and I was so thankful and blessed ! Life was wonderful, my financial status was good and I moved on with my life ! I was able to keep my house !
Now for the third modification!
October 10, 2018 I was in the middle of the hurricane Michael ! It hit bay county and my home was covered in trees ! It was a total loss ! I lost my home , job and my financial well being had again changed for the third time! I was in foreclosure !
This time I called Matt and he was very honest with me ! He felt it was not going to work out this time ! I respected his opinion , but I had faith in God and Matt ! I knew if anyone could do this he could !
Thank God I was correct ! Matt brought me through to another modification and saved my home once again!
If you are in trouble with your home as I was , you could never do better ! Matt is the BEST and will work for YOU to keep your home !
It is work giving him a try ! If your home can be saved ,it will be ! They do not give up!
I wish the best for all of you , as I have been there ! There is help ! You will find it with Matt and the Porter Group!
Betty Duffy

I am sooooooo happy that you guys called me when I was packing up my house and losing all faith in finding helpI had been trying to get a modification for almost years and kept getting rejected for various reasonsI did not understand how you would do something different then I could, but boy was I wrongI spoke to about 5-of your past clients before I started and that was all I needed to give you a chanceNot only did I get a modification from the Porter Group, but my payment came out better then they even thoughtI went from $down a monthAs a single widow this is one less thing I have to worry about and can easy afford this mortgage going forwardI don't know how you did and so quick but bless your loving heartsYou may feel free to use me as a reference and I will do whatever I can to send people your wayThanks for saving my home for me and the grandkids! [redacted]

Oct 30, 2019

These guys are absolutely amazing they saved our home and was there for any questions that we had they always responded promptly and are very straight forward and professionalI would recommend them to anyone [redacted]

Oct 27, 2019

We have tried for more than years to get refinanced or a modification on our mortgage and have spent many thousands of dollars to no avail until now After talking with Mattew I was truly convinced that they would be able assist is with this journey once again We will now be saving 41% on our payments thanks to the Porter Group! We thank God for putting them in our path to success and wish them many more years of success in helping other families!!

These guys at The Porter Group go above and beyond their call of duty to help people get through this loan modification mess Where others have tried and failed, they perform and my case is a testament - While I too have performed in getting through this, it's important that you get a good partner who knows how to take the ball and run with it The Porter Group is that partner and I'm now working through the final stages so that my family can move forward in a positive direction These things can be worked out for all involved - a lot of common sense principles apply and the Porter Group knows how to mediate that fact I highly recommend The Porter Group

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