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Roloff Construction Inc.

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Complaint: [redacted]I am rejecting this response because: This information is not correct nor are we not in good standing with payments we are 100% up to date nor ever paid a late payment.We did however ask to verify if and when all the work was done as payment is made when 100% of the work is done as the contract say. This was not done they just wanted payment based on a pay schedule they made months before and I can share this in many emails asking if work was done and to verify which was not done so we could not confirm when or if the work for each section was complete. This would be what the owner is addressing when saying "work stoppage or late" which again we never had a stoppage nor paid a late fee,Instead of complying with this request to verify work being done with the owner MIke and Natalie just threatened us with work stoppage.
The way this outfit operates is by threats and only referring to pages of the contract for answers or disputes yet verbally their answers we different. We complained many many times about this PM or additional work Mike said he would do and now denies which demonstrates this business's integrity.The owner also admits the PM is new and shared we were getting a good deal  (20 minutes a week of time spent) yet all we have are dozens of emails with examples of how this person is failing and that we expect the basic level of service we paid for but then he replies with" he skims our emails" and says he is "ignoring our complaints" so even now we still cant always confirm when work is done only by the person the owner says is "New" Even his own employees say she makes many mistakes on this project and others as she is not hear to see the work. Our contract says we will have an onsite project manager yet I work from home and would see her for 10-30 minutes a week if at all. That is not the definition of project manager which has been our complaint.
In addition they grossly underbid the job during our 10 day inspection to buy our home and took 6k in design money only to tell us later when we owned the home they are off by 30k. What professional company that serves the people and knows there business is off by 30k which is over 35% original estimate. Of course we have emails to support this as well.
The issue with Roloff is they don't care they don't listen,they don't resolve problems once you question them or ask questions all professionalism goes out the window which I can also support through email. It would be an injustice to not have a complaint on the as this will only repeat for future customers.
I am not one to complain nor fill our reviews at 39 this is my 1st complaint but my experience with the co has been very negative and think its only right as a citizen of the community to let others know and file a complaint to the to help others not be in our situation when they spend their life savings with people of such minimum integrity (Mike R[redacted]).
Its also not agreeable nor good practice and an additional complaint that Roloff shared our client information such as contracts as we did not approve this material be shared and plays no relevance on the original complaint. Our original complaint is about service and how they handle themselves and communicate and how they strong arm you when you ask if work is done. Not about our personal information or payment schedule, this is a perfect example of their professionalism.

I'm not sure what you want the to do with your complaint.  As I mentioned before, your complaint is about a contract dispute.  The only solution is for us to finish the contract, which we are doing.  I have nothing else to tell you.

The reason for this complaint is a direct result of a contract dispute.  All of the payments that this client has made have been late.  They were 3 payments behind and we decided to stop work until the account became current.  Shortly after the stop work...

notice the client paid.  We are progressing smoothly and the project will be complete on 10/30/15.
I've attached a copy of the signed contract but did not include any change orders.  I expect this contract will be for internal use only and will kept private.
Our communication records show a substantial volume of emails between our entire team this includes myself, the Project Manager, Accounting department, Estimator, Lead Designer, and Office manager.
Project Managers fees were $2500.  I'm not sure how they have come up with $4000?

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Address: PO Box 12142, Portland, Oregon, United States, 97212-0142


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