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Ron's Precision Automotive

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There are two Service Stations one in front of another, [redacted] in the back and in front Ron's Automotive. I had an inspection of my car at [redacted] and received a rejection sticker from them. I did the repairs which cost $100 for a Tie Rod, $300 for two new tires and a small fee to patch a whole in the bottom of the car. My husband took the car first and I was bring it back to [redacted] I thought I was at [redacted] as I saw the sign but I ended up in Rons place instead. He asked for paperwork for the inspection rejection information. I had to search the car and found the paperwork and headed for the office. After 2 minutes the man returned to the office and said," I have bad news for you, you are at the wrong station but I did your car and now you owe me 35 dollars". I felt very taken, my husband is a disabled vet. and we are on Chapter 115. We do not have an extra 35 dollars because he wanted to take my money. Why did he not say you are at the wrong place? After crying for awhile I called back to speak to the owner. The secretary said the owner just had surgery and could not talk to me. Within five miinutes my phone rang and a man that is suppose to be the owner(whom I am sure was the man that took my 35 bucs)tells me it is not his place to remind me where I took my car. So I told him I was calling the Registry of Motor Vehicles to complain and he said go ahead the number is on the back. Very unprofessional response. I had to count quaters to pay for the reinspection. I am feeling used and taken. My husband also called and they said,"bring it on".Order_Number: sticker#XXXXXXXXXAccount_Number: STXXXXXX [redacted]Desired SettlementI should be able to get my money back for not doing business in good faith. He knew I was in the wrong place.October 21, 2014[redacted]6 [redacted] XXXXXAttn: [redacted]Re: Case # XXXXXX (XX-XX-XX)Dear [redacted],I am responding to the above referenced complaint. There are some correct facts in this statement; and as you probably know from experience, there is some incorrect, and some omitted information. I will give you our side. This is [redacted], Ron's wife. I was here at the time of the inspection.The two service stations are located rather close. Ours is right on Rte. 202, Pages is down a short road off Rte. 202, Conti Drive, behind us. Pages sign is a much larger sign than ours. They have a second sign on Conti Drive, with two arrows clearly pointing down that road to their shop. The road itself also has large painted markings with arrows pointing down the street to Pages (photos enclosed).We did get the paperwork from Ms. [redacted]. As with all re-inspections, we only check the paperwork to find out what the vehicle was rejected for, and then re-inspect just those items. AFTER we go through that part of the re-inspection the RMV computer tells us whether to charge or not charge for the inspection sticker. If it is charged, theyautomatically take that fee out of our checking account. When we saw that we had been charged, we rechecked and saw that the original inspection was done at Pages.The RMV pamphlet all inspection stations hand out with any failed vehicle inspections clearly states the vehicle must be brought back to the original station to get a "free retest" (pamphlet enclosed). I cannot speak for Pages, but we also tell that verbally to customers when their vehicle does not pass. We get a lot of people here for re-inspections who, for various reasons, do not WANT to go back to the place they got the original inspections done. They opt to pay for another inspection elsewhere. We do what the customer asks for.I take great exception to the sentence "We do not have an extra $35 because he wanted to take nry money." We do NOT do business like that now, and never have in the 27 years we've been in business. In actuality, we get nothing to re-inspect a car and we make less on a paid inspection than if we had kept working on regular repairs. Ms. [redacted] mentioned the "crying". I see she did NOT mention the string of four letter words that went along with that crying. She also did NOT mention throwing the money at me.When she left, I called Ron at home to explain what happened. He said he would call the RMV to see what they advised us to do. The RMV told us we did nothing wrong and it is the customer's responsibility to be where they are supposed to be. When Ms. [redacted] called back here, demanding to speak to the owner, I told her he was out recovering from major surgery. She was adamant, so I took her number and told her I would call Ron at home to have him return her call. She can check her caller ID to see the phone number is not Ron's Precision Automotive's phone number. She is 100% WRONG saying that it was our employee who returned her call.Ron explained to her that she could call the RNIV help line, and that the number is listed on her paperwork (it is the same number that we called). If that is unprofessional, I don't know how to be more professional. He also told her about people coming here for re-inspections that do not want to go back to the original inspection stations.Mr. [redacted] called the shop back some time later, and started yelling at me about proper business procedures, and threatening a lawsuit, filing complaints, suing for tripledamages and court costs and carrying on and on about how it will cost me so much more if he doesn't get his $35 back. He would NOT listen to anything I tried to say, and I finally did tell him "I'm sorry you feel like that, but do what you feel you have to do." I did NOT say "Bring it on" as they stated.I understand, and am sorry they are on disability. I thank him for his service to our country. [redacted] has been out of work here for over a year due to several major surgeries. We know financial hardship as well. We respectfully decline their request for a refund.Sincerely,

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Description: Auto Repair & Service, Auto Repair - Maintenance, Auto Inspection Stations

Address: 380 Washington St, Brighton, Massachusetts, United States, 02135


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