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Roof Diagnostics, Inc.

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I contracted with NRG IN 2014 for leasing of residential solar panels and had a Spring 2015 installation. Thus far, I've had no significant complaints here in Queens, NY. In Dec 2016, I received a refund check from my utility company which almost matched that which I put out annually in leasing fees. Their sign remained on my front lawn for nearly a year before I removed it.
Several months ago, a neighbor had his put up by the same company NRG. Offhand I these appalling cases I'm reading about refer solely to Roof Diagnostics or[RD]. I quickly review my paperwork which also indicates RD, now I am very concerned because of seeing the current devastation power of Hurricane Irma. To my knowledge, my panel installation is supposed to be covered to withstand a Cat 2 hurricane. Fortunately, I am in New York and the destruction is just moving into south Florida, however, hurricanes can be unpredictable in their whirlwind capacity for movement. I was to inquire about how, if possible, could there be any reinforcement for more stability on these 17 leased panels.
I might suggest to those who have contractural concerns with RD to contact NRG Home Solar P.O. Box 121122, Houston, TX 75312-1122. That is the updated address for billing from the original the correspondence that appears on the NRG letterhead indicating Houston, TX. Also, try to reach LeVas A. Johnson, Director of Customer Relations at NRG Energy 1-855-674-7652. There's also [email protected]. Provide your customer Account ID and express your position. Now I too, have to do the same to find out about the validity of the RD warranty/contract. A last resort is to contact your state's Office of the Attorney General with a complaint lodged against RD with copies of all your supporting documentation, dates, calls, contacts. Hopefully, all who have been damaged have had some satisfactory resolve by the time this is printed this Sept 10, 2017

Review: In February 2014 Roof Diagnostic signed a contract to provide free labor for a flat roof for my home. We were to pay for materials. The contract arose after multiple problems under the warranty with Roof Diagnostics for the roofing previously installed and still (to this date) under warranty. The installation of the new roof was to commence April 1. Several Days before that Roof Diagnostics informed me that they were no longer doing roofing. I responded that they still had both the warranty obligations and the contractual obligations and asked who would perform the work. I got no response to repeated inquiries.Desired Settlement: Roof Diagnostics returned the deposit but they owe us the value of the labor they contracted to perform. Because they have not met their warranty obligations or their contractual obligations, I have had to contract with another company for a new roof at $36,000. I am seeking $32,100 from Roof Diagnostics, which is the difference between the amount I was to pay for the materials to Roof Diagnostics (3900) and the amount I am obligated to pay under the new contract because Roof Diagnostics will not honor its contract or its previous warranty.

We are seeking a cash payment for breach of contract (there was no such choice under "desired settlement")

Review: This company used high pressure sales, false/misleading information & scare tactics to get me o sign up for the installation & lease of solar panels on my roof in the Spring of 2013. Since the moment of dealing with this company, I have had nothing but problems with service, billing & repair issues. It is a total SCAM! I had to pay thousands out of pocket to get trees removed (at their request) so that panels would work better & they do not. rIn the first 2 months, the equipment failed & my electric bill SKYROCKETED. The supplier company, [redacted], is out of [redacted] & they have no adequate customer service, no website & you cannot get a live person to help. I am now paying almost DOUBLE for electricity than I was in 2012 before this, as I get a bill from both [redacted] & [redacted]. I contacted Roof Diagnostics to fix the faulty panels right away. It was impossible to get a representative to help, repeated calls were not returned for days on end. Finally after many weeks & endless messages, they came to reconnect the system. However, they said it was not their problem to credit me for the electric bill, which was their fault it was so high. [redacted] cannot help because their meter is functioning & it is the solar system that is faulty. Roof Diagnostics claims that their KWH price is cheaper (it is NOT) & if you lock it in for 20 years, you can avoid rate hikes from public utility companies. This is complete LIES, [redacted] price has decreased since 2012, but [redacted]s rate goes up 2.9% every year. Roof Diagnostics straight out lies to customers about their supplier's rates. Last month, my [redacted] was $200 & [redacted] was $275, which clearly indicates the system malfunctioned AGAIN! This company changed names to [redacted] Solar now & has new phone numbers, I called this morning & no one called me back as usual.Desired Settlement: This company will claim I signed a 20 yr contract, but it is not signed it is VERBAL & phone automated. I am 66 and it is completely & utterly RIDICULOUS that I would commit to a 20 year contract for anything at this point in my life. I know their response to you will be useless and I will never be compensated. The owner of Roof Diagnostics, [redacted], was indicted on fraud & theft charges in 2013. He is the exact individual who came to my house & sold me this nonsense, and now he is on TV advertising his new company [redacted] solar! I am appalled that he has gotten away with scamming customers in numerous states, stealing from his employees, & defrauding insurance companies. This is PUBLIC information that was well-publicized! I want these panels removed IMMEDIATELY and my roof repaired, reimbursement for my electric bills & he cost of the tree removal. I am a disabled military veteran & deserve better treatment. Otherwise I will sue for damages & file a criminal complaint ASAP!

Review: A contract for solar panels was signed in Aug 2013, it is now April 2014. Most of the panels are still in my driveway, impeding cars, workers, and other issues. I have made several calls to customer service, but have not received any return calls.Desired Settlement: see above

Review: Roof Diagnostics, Inc. (RDI) installed a new roof on a section of our house in August, 2013. RDI provided a warranty that said the replaced roof will not leak for 15 years. Shortly after the roof was installed, it started leaking. An employee of RDI attempted to fix the leak a few weeks after the initial installation. In April, 2014, the same section of roof continued to leak. When we contacted RDI about the problem again, [redacted], Head of Install, confirmed that a representative from his company would come out to our house the next day to fix the problem. We have an email from him that documents this. Then, later on the same day, Mr. [redacted] sent us a follow up email stating that RDI is part of another company now so they will NOT fix the leak. We don't feel this is acceptable because we had a contract with RDI to repair our roof and they clearly didn't honor their end of the contract because it still leaks. We basically flushed our money down the toilet when we paid RDI. Now, we are forced to hire and pay another roofer to do the job that we contracted RDI to complete. We don't think RDI should be able to hide under the disguise of another company when they are obviously still conducting business.Desired Settlement: We expect Roof Diagnostics to fulfill their obligation under the warranty and fix the roof leak as required by our contract with them.

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Description: Roofing Contractors, Contractors - Solar Energy

Address: 2333 Highway 34, Wall, New Jersey, United States, 08736


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