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Rose Bar Lounge

1215 Connecticut Ave NW, Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20036-2606

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I paid for a section and table at Rose Bar for my 24th birthday. My friends and I were having a great time until I was dragged out of the club for no reason given by security. I have video and pictures of my injuries from this altercation. It was very traumatizing for me because I have never been put out of a club before, and as a second year law student who works very hard n the weekends to even buy a section this was not my desired outcome. I will outline the series of events that lead up to me being physically removed from the club without any of my belongings.

1. I misplaced my phone and believed I may have left it in the bathroom
2. I walk to the bathroom line and when I get to the front and tell the bathroom security attendant that I am looking for my phone so can I just check the stalls. (I have two of my friends with me)
3. the bathroom security either didn't hear my question or was just in general just very upset and rude to me. He said something to the affect of "I don't care what you have to do." and I responded, "whatever I am just looking for my phone"
4. I proceeded into the stall looked for my phone and saw it wasn't there. I left the stall assuming the phone was in my section.
5. so as I'm walking past the bathroom security attendant again I am approached by a female security guard who tells me II have to leave.
6. I ask why and for what I was then given no response.
7. I asked if I could get my purse phone and coat she said no
8. I ask why and she gave me no response.
9. from this point she physically put her hands on me push me, pick me up drop me, and push me down the stairs.
10. I ended up falling somewhere towards the middle of the stairs. (I have video as well)
11. Finally, outside I asked to speak the manager without my phone, coat, or purse.
11. the manager comes and I ask her why was I removed and she says an altercation transpired
12. I asked with who, when, and where and she said she was not sure.
13. I was never allowed back in the club nor was I given my money back.

The right backside of my head has been hurting and is swollen, my knee is scraped, and I have a scratch on my arm.

All of this because a bathroom attendant was very rude and wanted me kicked out for asking to look for my phone. This was very unprofessional and security did not do their job because they had no right to put their hands on me because I did nothing to them. Security escalated the situation and had no reason to not allow me to retrieve my things before dragging me out.I could have been more seriously injured. A friend of my sustained an ankle injury on the steps as well because she was trying to get the security guard off of me. I am a female and I was wearing a dress and heels there was no reason this should have escalated this way and I am embarrassed and traumatized by their unprofessionalism and disregard for my safety after I spent money to be there.

Rose Bar Lounge Response • Mar 11, 2020

From: Oscar G <***>Date: Tue, Mar 10, 2020 at 11:43 PMSubject: RE: Complaint ***; ***To: <***>Cc: Heidi B <***>***, Report*** had a table reservation on 2/28/2020. There was an incident with her losing her phone and removed from the building after a verbal altercation with a security guard that is employed by Rosebar. Here is an outline of what transpired that evening:

*** went to the bathroom to look for her phone. She asked the security by the bathroom if she could look in the bathroom for her device. He allowed her to check. Unsuccessful with finding it *** approached the VIP Section on the deck. She asked security in front of the section if she could check to see if her phone was in that area. They asked her if she had a table, she said yes but it was inside (main cabin.) Security told her that her phone would not be there since her table wasn’t in that area.Wristbands are required to access that part of the club.*** goes to talk to another security guard that was located by table 501, at the top of the stairs on the deck (close to the DJ booth). Proceeds to curse him out about locating her phone and how the other security would not let her in the section to look for it. He explained to her that a phone was not turned in, and if there is one turned in that we will let her know. She did not like that response and became even more irate and continued to scream and curse at him. He then requested a female security to assist. He removed her from the deck area, as it was a high traffic area and could not stay in that spot, and towards the bathroom where the female security met him. *** asked why she was being removed. Female security stated she did not know. She was instructed to escort her out and she was following directions. The female security repeatedly asked *** to step outside so that someone would be able to explain to her why she was being removed. *** refused to comply and became uncooperative and reluctant to leave. The female security then firmly directs her towards the exit. ***’s friends impeded security from during her job stating that *** did not do anything wrong. *** began to frail and swinging her arms, hitting the female security multiple times. Once *** got to the top of the stairs closest to the exit, our head of security assisted with the female security with removing the guest. ***, still not cooperating, hits the head of security and as well as the female security. She loses her balance on the stairs and slips. The MPD officer was asked to assist with our security as they continued to struggle with getting *** to comply with walking outside. The MPD officers meets our security with *** on the middle of the stairs and removes *** from the building. Once *** was removed from the building, she proceeded to yell at the front door manager about losing her phone and being kicked out. The front door manager explains to her that we will try to locate her phone and retrieve the rest of her items from her table. The front door manager goes upstairs to see if the phone had been located. The phone was found and turned into one of the floor manager. The floor manager met the front door manager to give him the phone. He then takes the phone to ***. *** continued to berate the front door manager about why she was removed from the building, who she got into an altercation with, and how she wanted to be let back in to finish drinking the bottles of alcohol that she had purchased. She also demanded to speak with a manager. The front door manager told her that he was the manager and she refused to speak to him anymore and demanded to speak to someone else. The floor manager came outside to speak with ***. The floor manager explained to *** friends that there was a verbal altercation with the security guard that was at the top of the stairs on the deck. When she was asked to step outside she refused to cooperate so they would not be let back in. They inquired about receiving the money back on the table. They were told they were not able to get a refund for the table as they were removed from the building. The gentlemen that spoke on the behalf of *** stated that she was intoxicated and not in the best condition to speak for herself. Although he was against *** speaking to the manager, *** wanted to ask for herself as to why she was removed. The floor manager explained to her that she got into a verbal altercation with security and being escorted out is the protocol with any confrontation. Security was trying to escort her out that way they could address why she was being removed but she did not want to listen or comply. *** expressed how she was extremely embarrassed about being kicked out and was still baffled on how things escalated so quickly. What we are requested: Any receipts of purchase from the night in question that she made with her card or with cash. If she does not have those, the last 4 digits of the credit card that she used for those purchases so that it can be looked up in the computer system.

Kind regards,-- Oscar G General ManagerRosebar1215 Connecticut Ave NWWashington DC ***@rosebarlounge.comW: F: M:

Customer Response • Mar 13, 2020

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]

I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.



I am attaching evidence of the payments I made to Rosebar. *** a promoter for the bar approached me about paying for a section and I paid him my deposit directly. So attached is my cash app sent to him and screenshot of the bank activity, the conversation we had, and the *** that was then created. Next onnce at Rosebar my card was charged and additional 150.00 and that is a screenshot attachment from my bank. I am also sending the last 4 digits of my debit card so you can verify the 150.00 payment at Rosebar. Card number ***.

If you need more evidence of the money paid to *** let me know but I secured the section through paying him an employee of Rosebar.

I had reservations for a table at this bar and was told up to 10 guest were able to get in for free. Around 12:30am more of my guest came and told me that they could not get in for free after 11pm. This was not listed on the contract. When I contacted Alexandra T about this issue on Sunday, July 15th she has not yet called me nor responded and it is now July 17th. This was unprofessional and unfair to my guest being as though the club made money from me and my guest when they was suppose to get in for free.

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