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User Reviewer13436424 time Feb 10, 2019

We met with the owners about concerns regarding the black belt testThe owner bullied and yelled at us, terminating our contract after ten minutes
monthsOver 35,training minutesPromoting ATA at our Cub Scout pack meetingWe received a small referral checkWe fulfilled our contractual obligation, paying over $6000, as of January 5th, The only time we approach Mr******* with concerns, it takes the owner, Mr*********, who is not known to our kids, or us, minutes to kick us out of his office and cancel our membership
We sent an email on Tuesday, February 8th, to Mr*******We did not hear from ATA until Monday, February 15th, as it was testing weekWe received a phone call at 5:from Mr*******, telling us that there was a scheduled meeting at 6:
When we explained that we did not have child care on such short notice, they provided an alternative of 7:00am on Saturday, and our boys wouldn't be allowed to attend class the entire weekWe had no

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User Reviewer12577490 time Feb 07, 2019

May 16, 2016RE: Case: ********, ********* AccountAttention: Mr******* *******I have thoroughly reviewed the second complaint
response from the *********s and have provided our response below. Primary Components
of Complaint: The *********s’ e-mailClaims of duplicityClaims of not seeing multi-attacker testing scenarioText Message CommentEmotional State of *********sMy e-mail correspondenceMr****son’s e-mail correspondenceThe financial recompense dollar valueTranscription of the recording of our dialogThe
*********s’ e-mail: The *********s’ e-mail claims that my e-mail
alluded to they’re no longer being members before we even met to discuss the
issues. I did not allude to they’re no
longer being members, I questioned whether this was the right place for their
family. But their own e-mail states “We do have
some serious concerns that need to be addressed prior to us continuing to
allow our children to train at ATA”
. Since these concerns were not resolved, which
was the reason I canceled the agreement after our meeting, why have they
objected to the contract being canceled? This is contradictory. Claims of Duplicity: The
definition of duplicity is “Speaking or acting in two different ways towards
different people concerning the same manner”. The word use does not
fit and is not relevantWhat the *********s seem to be saying is that
complaining got them thrown out. If you
listen to the recording, it was not the complaints, which I can be heard
painstakingly working through, but their antagonism and eventually the failure
to reach any resolution to the complaints. This is very clear in the recording. Claims of
not seeing multi-attacker testing scenario: I cannot attest to what the
*********s have seenI can only state that this is a very common practice in
our studio. Text
Message Comment: Mr********* asked me to pray for a court
case involving his children and another neighbor. That’s a pretty personal request that has no
bearing on martial arts business. He
obviously approached me about a deeply personal concern that was so important
he wanted prayer. It also demonstrates a
level trust in me personallyHis comment that there was no personal relationship
outside of the topic of martial arts is obviously false. The text he wrote speaks for itself. Emotional
State of *********s: The recording cannot convey the visual cues of reluctance to shake my hand, finger pointing, etc.The recording of the meeting clearly shows the *********s refused to leave over a minute period, arguing as I repeatedly asked them to leave.Claims that Mrs********* received the brunt of any anger are a distortion.She became argumentative and received repeated rebuttals.Her refusal to stop insulting me was ultimately the reason for being asked to leave in the first place.My e-mail
Correspondence: My e-mail shows that we recognized this
family does not accept the program and that for this reason should not continue
in our program. It is validated by their
conduct during the subsequent meeting. Mr
****son’s e-mail Correspondence: Clearly an error was made in Mr****son’s
attempt to contact the *********s via e-mail. It is periphery to the
issues and deserves no further response. The
Financial Recompense Dollar Value: The *********s’ attempt to correct my first
response by referring to the check amount of $300.00, as less than $400.00, but
they did not read my response closely, as I described the total $amount
as $in refunded fees, and $in waived tuition fees. Furthermore, in claiming the financial
recompense was not in good faith it should be noted that the waived fees were
provided before the test, so this must have been in good faith. The contractual agreement which the *********s
signed states “Moneys are Non-Refundable” above the section titled Federal Disclosure, and therefore, no refunds are owed. Any request for financial reimbursement due
to the *********s’ decision to join another school is outside the scope of our
membership agreement and has no merit. The Transcription
of the Recording: The *********s use a transcription to convey
the recording they made of our discussion, but there are omissions and errors
of content, as well as commentaries inserted which skew the reader’s perception
of the meeting, and is therefore another example of misrepresenting the
encounter. A few examples are listed
below and are easily verified:Omission: One exampleTranscriptions
states: “We used to make a bigger deal about it and
we kind of learned it’s a case by case”Omission: Right
after the above statement the transcription omits: “We just don’t so I want you to understand” Errors: One ExampleTranscription
States: “Sometimes people are upset like you are
upset and the last thing they want is to hear from us. I want to apologize…..” (This
is incorrect)Actual
Dialog States: “Sometimes people are upset like you are
upset and the last thing they want is to hear from usI won’t apologize, but I don’t think we need to commit to connect because
people respond differently”Yelling and
Raised Voice: There were references to yelling and raising
my voice that were incorrect. The
conversation became emotionally charged when the *********s were asked
repeatedly to leave and refused. I
raised my voice in frustration but I did not yell at them. This was a passionate discussion but there
was no bullying. There are numerous other inaccuracies that a
careful reading and comparison exposes. I will summarize the discussion below, and at
the end of this document I have provide a highlighted paraphrased summary with
time stamps for quick verification. In summary, the meeting portion of the
recording lasts minutes, and classes can be heard just outside the office. There is a two and a half minute period
starting near the middle of the recording (16:to 19:17) where I take offense
at Mr*********’s eye rolling and laughter in response to my explanation of
our practices. At this time Mrs
********* repeatedly accuses me of not listening. I explain that I find this insulting and ask
her not to say it again. She continues
to repeat the remark and after repeated warnings that I will end the meeting if
she does it again, she repeats the remark. I end the meeting and cancel their contract. The *********s then become upset and for the
next two and a half minutes they refuse to leave and continue to argue. I can be heard telling them to leave or hit
the reset to start over. The *********s stand in the open doorway from
17:to 19:07, refusing to leave, threatening legal action, asking “is this
any way to treat a lady,” and arguing. They
made these remarks for effect as other customers were nearby and became aware
of the situationThis disrupts classes and draws a lot of attention from the
students and parents, particularly the large group which routinely stands in
the entry way. This demonstrates very
clearly what I wrote in my first response, that the *********s refused to leave
when asked and disrupted our studio environment. Even after being disruptive, I continued to
offer them a chance to resume the meeting. This lasts for about minutes, and after numerous invitations to try
to resume the meeting or leave, they finally sat down again. After we sat down again, Mr********* immediately
became antagonistic, telling me that I think I am above reproach. I remind him that we agreed to start over,
and he then agrees and everyone calms down. We spend another minutes in discussion as I
attempt to document and address each complaint. Most of their complaints pertain to the specific area of martial arts
technique instruction, which due to their lack of training, the *********s repeatedly
fail to understand. At time stamp 31:I explain to **** *********
that I am reasonably confident that he and I can reach an understanding, but that
I do not believe his wife and I can based on her retraction from dialog after
we all agreed to resume the meeting. Instead of taking ownership for repeatedly accusing me of not listening,
she says, “Everything that came out of my mouth upset you, so I kept my
mouth shut.” I make a very genuine attempt to work through
this and remind her that we all agreed to hit the reset, but in response ****
states that this comes across condescending and is very disrespectful to his
wife. I express surprise and state that
I would not have guessed that. I clearly explain that I am not comfortable
continuing in the relationship, and **** asserts that as a business
relationship it does not matter, they want to continue. I disagree and express that this does matter
to usI then explain that the meeting needs to adjourn,
and that I do not think it will be beneficial to continue. The meeting ends on a very amicable note and
the *********s leave the office. They
loitered in the lobby for several minutes before leaving, and we did not
object. Conclusion: The
recording of the meeting demonstrates that the *********s will not accept any
explanation given to their list of complaints. The fact that we could make no progress in coming to an agreement, on
even one of their points of contention, demonstrates that this is an untenable
relationship. We are confident an
unbiased listener would come to the same conclusion. Certain portions of martial arts business
operations are defined by the business owner and are a matter of
judgement. The fact that no explanation
given for any of the complaints was acceptable to the *********s, and that many
were referred to as condescending, makes it very clear that the relationship
cannot continue without ongoing duress. There
is no common ground. The recording of the meeting also demonstrates
that the *********s refused to comply with repeated requests to leave and were
disruptive to our business. In
combination with the tension that exists due to the failure to come to any
agreement, their disruption of our business would be very likely to repeat
itself. We are not willing to give them
a second opportunity to be disruptive. Finally, the Rosemount ATA entered into a
contractual agreement with the ********* family which contains clauses for cancellation. Under the section titled Promissory Note it states “I
understand the school may cancel my membership at any time and for any reason.” After a
great deal of effort to resolve their complaints, I exercised this option when
the *********s acted antagonistic and repeatedly made comments they had been
told were insulting. I offered to renew
the discussion even after they had
been disruptive and refused to leave, which demonstrates a great deal of
patience and good faith effort to satisfy their complaint. To help the reader assess the degree of
falsehoods and errors I have provided a table listing their complaints, and
proof of error. This demonstrates a 92%
error rate of claims and statements. In the end, they were inconsolable, leaving me
no choice but to terminate the membership agreement as allowed by the terms of
the contract. In their own e-mail they
even stated “We do have some serious concerns that need to
be addressed prior to us continuing to allow our children to train at ATA.” Since
these concerns were not resolved, after much effort on both parties, we should
be in mutual agreement that they do not continue. This is the reason I canceled the
agreement. We exercised the cancellation
clause in the contract, which is our prerogative, and there is no further
action or response warranted. This whole
complaint is unfounded and should be dismissed. Sincerely Mr******* *********FounderRosemount
ATA Black Belt Academy ***** ********* *** Rosemount, MN 55068 Phone: ***** ********

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User Reviewer12288338 time Jan 25, 2019

March 19, 2016RE: Case: ********, ********* AccountAttention: Mr******** *****I have thoroughly reviewed the complaint filed
by the *********** and I have found it to be incorrect in several areas, a
partial accounting of various statements and events, and void of certain
details. I feel it is necessary to first
present the context of this customer complaint as part of my response, and then
follow this with a list of the *********** complaints, stated in brief bullet
points, with the Rosemount ATA’s official response to each. Context: During
the Febbelt test we held testing events on Monday through Thursday of testing
week, testing over students. Out of over
students, five students received what we call a no-change. A no-Change is a status that indicates the
student’s performance did not merit a new belt rank. Like any real test, not everybody passes in
some instances, and it is not uncommon, and in fact statistically probable for
one or more students to receive a no-change out of such a large testing
group. Whenever someone receives a no-change we
present a life skill lesson to the entire testing group, stating that this is
not a failure, but a temporary set-back that will allow the student to
demonstrate perseverance. Interestingly
none of the parents of the other students who received a no-change expressed
any objection or complaint. After the
belt test we received a harsh e-mail from the ********** that was very critical
of our program and revealed numerous inaccuracies, misunderstandings and
assumptions. The ********** were very
angry and found many “faults” with the program for their son’s no-change. We were perplexed by this because the
********** had been in our program for months, they have seen other
no-changes and the same testing format, yet they had never expressed any concerns about any testing activities or procedures until their son received
the Black Belt test no-change. I had long felt that I had a very good
relationship with Mr*********, and I have a series of text messages on my
phone which he sent me asking for prayer and thanking me for support about a
court case he was involved in. The good
rapport and two years of no complaints made the sudden and emotional reaction from
the ********** very surprising to my wife, Mr*******, and myself. The *********** claim that the no-change was
not the reason for their dissatisfaction, citing a previous no-change as proof
that they understand and accept no-changes. What they failed to explain is that the previous no-change was a Colored
Belt test no-change, which is a one week set back, which allows the student to
return to class the following week and earn the belt, which they did previously. The recent no-change was a Black Belt test
no-change which requires another two months of training before the student can
re-test. This no-change is harder for
kids and some parents to accept. In my
early school owner training we discussed these types of situations with the ATA
corporate leadership, and an experienced Senior Master told us “I never
met a kid I couldn’t keep in my program but I’ve met a few parents”. I hope
it will become clear as I explain these events why the *********** fell into
that category. Bullied,
Yelled at, Terminated Contract after minutes: There is no truth to this account, and it uses
an emotional term of bullying without further explanation. To say they were bullied without describing
what specific conduct took place which would constitute bullying reveals this
as a shallow attempt to portray me in a negative light, and an attempt to
appeal to the Revdex.com on an emotional level. It is defaming to my reputation, for which my business was founded,
thrived on, and continues to depend on. We
advertise a character based program and it incorporates weekly character lessons
which I personally wrote and taught to students for many years. Attacking my character is not taken lightly. The legal system requires evidence to
substantiate such claims, to protect public figures from libel and slander and I
reserve the right to pursue damages if this accusation is perpetuated among my
client base or within the community. Yelled at,
Contract terminated after minutes: Neither I nor Mr******* ever yelled at the
********** at any time. The ********** were emotional and angry at the
onset. There was a reluctance to shake
my hand when I greeted them at the door in a smiling and friendly manner. After brief attempts to engage them in small-talk
they verbalized their complaints angrily and would not accept any explanations
of why we run the program that way we do. Tensions quickly ran high, and when I realized they were inconsolable I
informed them that this was not a healthy relationship, and that I did not see
how we could continue the business relationship. I told them I was cancelling the agreement as
allowed in the agreement, which they agreed to when they signed it. They objected to the cancelation but continued to
verbalize in an unreasonable tone and style of argument. The repeated response to our every attempt to
offer an explanation was “we are insulted” and “you are very condescending”. When
this became the automatic response to every effort to explain our program I
then adjourned the meeting and asked them to leave. They refused, so I asked them to leave again,
and several more times. They still
refused so I walked to the door, held it open, and told them they must
leave. I was ready to call the police
when they finally, and very slowly, got up, went to the doorway and then raised
their voices to draw attention from the other parents, disrupting the class in
session. Mrs********* threatened me
with “a
day in court”, and stood in
the door asking me loudly “is this was how you treat a lady” which makes no sense at all, since her
husband is not a lady and I treated them both the same. I offered to allow them to calm down and “hit the
reset button and try to talk again”. Mrs********* refused and wanted to stand in
the door and loudly carry on, but Mr********* coached her back into the room
where we tried to discuss the matter again. When I tried to explain our practices again the
immediate response from Mr********* was to remind me that I had insulted
him. I reminded him that we had all
agreed to his the reset button and he then calmed down. After talking with Mr********* for about
more minutes (Mrs********* was very sullen would not comment), I very
professionally and calmly said I did not think we could continue in this
membership arrangement. They objected
again, and although I still felt it was untenable, I wanted time to consider it
and discuss it with the Leadership team. They stood and left after standing in the entry speaking with other
customers for about minutes. Mr********* is not known to our kids: The ********** claim that I somehow made the
test harder as an unknown judge at
the testing table, and that I should not be there. The claim that the *********** boys do not
know me is false. They joined our
program during an introductory session with myself, and this is proven by my signature on their membership
agreement (see enclosed). I have also attended
most of the belt tests they have participated in, I am the school’s founder, my
pictures are posted on the walls and I am known to all. Their claim that the boys do not know me is
false, and reveals a penchant for exaggeration, much like the previous claim
stated above. Also please note that no
other parent has ever made such a claim or requested my absence from
testing. In fact people complain if I am not present at belt testing. I have an e-mail from a parent attending the
same belt test asking me to meet for consultation with their students to help
prepare them for high rank testing. I am
considered a martial arts authority and patriarch of our school. E-mail address confusion: There was an
incorrect e-mail address that auto-populated e-mail messages from myself and
Mr******* to the **********, so they did not receive our e mails seeking to
meet with them. When they did not reply
we became concerned so I asked Mr******* to call them because their harsh e-mail
concerned me and I did not want them at the studio again until we spoke. On this topic, early in the
meeting Mr********* was stern and used finger pointing at Mr*******, loudly
and angrily complaining that he had to verbally repeat his e-mail address three
times for Mr******* to get it correct over the phone. This angry demonstration immediately raised
my concerns that this meeting was not going to go well. It was an honest mistake, it created a delay
in communication, and is periphery to the real issues at hand. The objection that I directed
the meeting even though they e-mailed their message to Mr******* reveals that
they somehow fail to recognize that I and the founder and leader of the
Rosemount ATA. As the founder and
majority shareholder I have the authority and the responsibility to determine
how we respond to any situation The
*********** are unreasonable in attempting to dictate how we run our businessClaims their son was left bloodied by the test: Apparently their son was scratched by a
fingernail or somehow got blood on his uniform. None of us witnessed this and it was never brought to our attention at
the test. Sometimes someone might get a
bloody nose, and because we are teaching martial arts all families sign a
waiver acknowledging that they understand and accept the risks of learning
martial arts. We have an excellent
safety record and our insurance company will testify to that. That being said, Tae Kwon Do is a sport,
students have been injured in the past, and will be injured in the future, much
like on any football or hockey team training. Much of the rest of the
letter is a skewed representation of events surrounding the meeting. Regardless of who a 3rd party who
was not present at the time would side with, the letter serves perfectly to
reinforce what I observed in the meeting almost immediately. The ********** filed their first complaint,
over standard operating practices, two years after joining, but only after
their son received a long-term no-change. Their claim that their dissatisfaction is not about the no-change is not
even plausible. Consumers Desired ResolutionThe Monetary Value of the ********** Agreement: The *********** state that I had little to
gain from their membership financially because they had satisfied the agreement
by making the last payment of their agreement for pursuing two 1st Degree Black Belt training goals. This statement
is false. Many students renew at 1st Degree Black Belt to continue on to attain their 2nd Degree Black
Belt, and the high ranking students are required to purchase weapons and pay
higher training and testing fees. We strongly encourage
renewals through various sales promotional offers and it is a significant part
of our revenue stream. The ***********
would have spent several thousand dollars in pursuit of their 2nd Degree Black belts and Mr********* had informed my wife prior to the test
that he was going to renew the boys this fall, but this was omitted from his
complaint.Below is an itemized list of
all training fees for two Juniors to pursue 2nd Degree Black Belt.Value of two Black Belts Monthly Black Belt training
fees: $(x2) = $x months
= $3,500.00Registration Fees: $(x2) = $300.00Testing Fees: $(x2) = $1,180.00 Weapons weapons at $
each = $(x2) = $315.00Total Training Value: $5295.00In addition, it should also
be noted that prior to the FebBelt test we had waived the monthly tuition for
Febfor one child who would be past his paid-for training date by days by
the time of the test. We require
students be enrolled to test but made an exception for the **********. This demonstrates we do not simply value our
clients on the basis of the financial gain to ourselves, as the ***********
have stated. So once again the ***********
have made inaccurate assumption about the potential value their account due to their
lack of knowledge about the martial arts business. They omitted important details about our
generosity regarding the waived training fees, and in both instances used it to
again unfairly cast me in a negative light. This is a pattern that repeats itself over and over in their
complaint. Uniform and Equipment Cost: The **********
make claims that our uniforms are not ATA approved. This is false. All Tae Kwon Do uniforms are purchased
through the ATA approved WMA, World Martial Arts distributor. The real objection is more
likely that since we print our school name on our uniforms other ATA schools
will not accept them. It is a common
practice and our neighboring ATA schools have done the same thing, and we don’t
accept their uniforms either. Regarding the value of
uniforms, the Standard weight ATA approved uniforms that we sell retail for $25.00. Apparently the other school they joined
charged them considerably more for uniforms, and the agreement they signed with
that school is outside the scope of the agreement they signed when they joined
our school. ATA schools are
independently owned and operated and are granted the freedom to use the pricing
that they consider best for their business. This complaint is one more example of assumptions, inaccuracies and
misunderstandings by the ********** about martial arts schools. The same type of inaccuracies are repeated in
the claims about gear cost and gear requirements. The cost differences that the ********** have
just discovered has revealed that they were training at a more affordable ATA
center before signing an agreement with the other studio. More importantly, we have
been a licensed ATA studio in good standing with the corporate ATA, operating
in accordance with the ATA corporate license requirements since 2002. In Conclusion: When our
leadership met and reviewed the long list of complaints issued in the ***********
e-mail, and discussed the outcome from the meeting with the ***********, specifically
their disruptive conduct during the meeting, we unanimously voted to cancel their
agreement. The disruptive manner in
which they dealt with us convinced us that we needed to bar them from future
access to either business located in this facility, and we have the approval
from the property owner in support this decision. After meeting with the
*********** we then provided a $refund of the paying son’s last month’s tuition
(the other was already waived), and we refunded both boys testing fees totaling
$($- colored belt, $Black Belt test). So we provided a total of $in refunded
or waived fees without being asked, and without any obligation whatsoever. The refunds were provided as an act of good
faith that we had tried but were unable to satisfy their complaints. Refunding this sum of money clearly indicates
that a genuine concern for the customer exists, and for this reason we do not
believe it is fair or reasonable for anyone to take the position that our
business has not made every effort to resolve the *********** complaint. When you add up the refunds
and waived fees ($400.00), and factor the loss of the continuing training fees
($5295.00) for two Black Belt training and testing fees, you quickly realize
that we forfeited $in canceling their agreement. Ask yourself why? Why would we ever do this? The *********** cite that it was my pride,
but the only pride that comes into this decision is the pride I take in not
allowing people’s money to entitle them to act harshly towards our staff or
disrupt our business. Clearly we would never cancel
an agreement or bar a customer from the facility unless we felt a client was
disruptive to our business. And that is
exactly what has happened. The
*********** have made themselves “persona non grata” at the Rosemount ATA, but
even after all of their disruptive conduct they were still treated very well in
their exit, being granted large refunds not required or deserved Mr******** *****, I respectfully ask that you
please disregard the *********** complaint as unreasonable, unfounded, and
without merit. I am available to discuss
this with you, and after resolving any questions that you may have, I ask that
you cancel this complaint without further time or effort on our part.Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely Mr******* *********FounderRosemount
ATA Black Belt Academy ***** ********* *** Rosemount, MN 55068 Phone: (651) ********

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User Reviewer8687488

Mr. [redacted],We are shocked, and we are not shocked,
by Mr. [redacted]'s response.  1. "After the belt
test we received a harsh e-mail from the [redacted] that was very critical of
our program and revealed numerous inaccuracies, misunderstandings and
assumptions."Mr. [redacted] did not include the
"harsh email" aforementioned. I have attached this email along with
the responses that were not originally received, but later forwarded, due to
the inaccurate e-mail address. We framed our concerns to Mr. [redacted] to
demonstrate reflection, and, of course, there is a tone of familiarity. We know
Mr. [redacted]. Please take note the response from
Mr. [redacted] on 2/10/2016. This message alluded to us no longer being members
prior to us even meeting.    
" I have several concerns about your message, and to say I was
disappointed is an understatement.       I
have no concerns with Noah's response to the no change but I am very concerned
by your response. No-changes happen,
and sometimes repeatedly.  Your message reveals you are not accepting of
this practice. This
causes me to wonder if this is the right place for your family to train
because it could happen again."2. “We were perplexed by this because the
[redacted] had been in our program for 24 months, they have seen other
no-changes and the same testing format, yet they had never expressed any concerns about any
testing activities or procedures until their son received the Black Belt test
no-change.”This statement is duplicitous. While
Mr. [redacted] cites our lack of complaint in the past as a way to undermine our
current concerns, he also said, by sharing our concerns, it shows lack of
support for the program and justifies stripping us of our membership. If
anything, our lack of complaint in the past demonstrates that we are not
reactive.     The text messages Mr. [redacted]
included were from a situation I had shared with him, two years ago, about an issue
we were dealing with in the moment. There was never another situation where we
corresponded or spoke about personal matters. This has nothing to do with our
boys' training, and certainly does not mean that Mr. [redacted] knows me on a
personal basis. His response to our email also does not demonstrate any sort of
"relationship" with me. [redacted] mentioned, throughout his
response, that we were upset with the “no-change” because one of our sons was
testing for his black belt. I have attached a text message from my wife to
another ATA parent on the night of the test. At 6:55pm, our son had just
finished a humiliating sparring situation with three second-degree black belts,
one of whom is in 7th grade.
(Our son is in 4th grade.)
This was prior to any belt results and clearly demonstrates her main concern
from the beginning. The other parent’s response confirms this was a shocking
situation. [redacted] confirmed students do not test this way and do not train
this way. We, and other ATA parents, have never witnessed this before...in any
color or black belt test. Yet, [redacted] mentioned it was meant to be
“exciting”. Watching a ten-year-old boy fighting against three much larger,
higher degree opponents with him as a sole target, in front of an audience, on
what should be an important night, without any training, is exciting for whom
exactly? When we tried to address our concern about this situation, Mr.
[redacted] interrupted us, several times, and continued to address the “no
change”. My wife tried to clarify that this was not about the
"no-change", but he refused to see it this way. We received no real
explanation beyond, “We know what we’re doing.”3. "Bullied,
Yelled at, Terminated Contract after 10 minutes: There is no truth to this
account, and it uses an emotional term of bullying without further explanation… The legal system
requires evidence to substantiate such claims, to protect public figures from
libel and slander and I reserve the right to pursue damages if this accusation
is perpetuated among my client base or within the community.”As you may be aware, Mr. Lewis:     "Under Minn. Stat.
§ 626A.02: It is legal for a person to record an oral or electronic
communication if that person is a party to the communication, or if one of the
parties has consented to the recording - so long as no criminal or tortious
intent accompanies the recording." When we received the phone call
instructing us to come in to discuss these issues within the hour, we knew that
we were entering into a potential "he said, she said" situation. If
Mr. [redacted] would like "evidence" then we will disclose the
recording made of the conversation, in which we are the "consenting
party", starting the moment we walked into the dojo until the moment we
left. (We have also attached a transcript of this recording.) This will provide
"further explanation" for the "bullying, yelling, and
terminating contract after 10 minutes". Mr. [redacted] had been
condescending, and continually interrupted my wife and myself, but, at 16:00,
10 minutes and 28 seconds into the conversation, he escalated the situation by
yelling at us. The recording will also discredit Mr.
[redacted]'s claim, "The
[redacted] were emotional and angry at the onset.  There was a reluctance
to shake my hand when I greeted them at the door in a smiling and friendly
manner." I immediately shook Mr. [redacted]'s hand when it was extended.
Thereafter, you can hear Mr. [redacted] directing us to the seats in the office
as Mr. [redacted] was finishing a class.  It will also discredit any sort of
finger pointing from myself: there is no point where this would even make
sense. There was also no refusal to leave, we were in shock and trying to
process what was happening after he  stood up, yelled at us, opened the
door and made a scene for the dojo to see and hear.As I listen to the recording, it
continues to upset me the overwhelming discrepancy regarding Mr. [redacted]’s
treatment of my wife compared to myself. I was more assertive than my wife, but
she received the brunt of his anger.“ (Mrs. [redacted])…stood in the door
asking me loudly “is this was how you
treat a lady” which makes no sense at all, since her husband is not a lady
and I treated them both the same.”G: I cannot believe you are treating
us this way.S: It’s a two-way street. We are both
in shock. Trust me, we are both in shock.J: From a customer standpoint you
can’t even…we are the customer here…S: I know. I know. You’re not
listening. If you’re going to insult me.G: You’re not listening to us. We
didn’t even talk about the rest of the email (concerns)S: I gave you the option…G: Here’s the thing…what were my
other concerns?J: We want our children to finish
here. We want our children to finish here.S: Do you want the reset button? Listen.
Listen. Do you want the reset button?G: No.S: (To J) You’re taking the reset
button. Is she going to take the reset button? Answer this question…G: Listen. Answer my question. What
were my other concerns?S: (To J) She has to answer this
question, [redacted], or we are done. I’m not listening to her again. She has to
answer this question.G: Is this how you treat women?S: We are done. Now it’s the women
thing. You gotta go. I can’t deal with this. I’m not going to deal with this.Mr. [redacted] very clearly refused to
listen to my wife in the doorway, even telling me so, and talks to me about her
as though she were not a viable participant in the discussion. Nowhere in the conversation did I
"coach" my wife to sit down. Mr. [redacted], twice, after he yelled at
us, told us to sit down despite my wife expressing she was uncomfortable. After
the first time he told us to sit down, she told him, "no". Mr.
[redacted] told her to sit down again. Mr. [redacted] framed it so that if we did
not sit down, our membership was over, "Sit down or leave...your
choice". This
is another example of bullying. We had no power to move forward without obeying
him. It was never about “our choice”. If you look at [redacted]'s response
in the separate Revdex.com case listed for Rosemount ATA, you will notice striking
differences between how we were treated and how the other party, who had a
long-standing contract still to fulfill, was treated. "She would come into the office and
share many things that we did not ask or care to know. She sought to involve us
in every aspect of her life and imposed upon our time at the expense of other
clients who wanted to perform business transactions with us. We found this very
tiring but we were patient with her."”Any party which enters into a
legally binding contractual agreement presented by the Rosemount ATA has the
right to contest the agreement if we fail to meet the commitments we agree to.
Our responsibilities require that we provide martial arts training, in a
suitable facility, and with qualified instructors.”    When we attempted to contest that our
son was placed in a position, where he had not received training, admittedly by
Mr. [redacted], Mr. [redacted] was neither receptive nor patient.   You will also notice the
justification they provide for not responding to the other party in a timely
matter, yet our certified cancellation notice was dated the very next day,
which was a Tuesday."Our Response: We are an S Corp. and
we have a board of Stakeholders who convene on a weekly basis to manage the
corporation. These took place every Saturday morning at the time that [redacted] was
seeking relief. The board has one Saturday off every 8 weeks and we did not
elect to call a special session on [redacted]'s account. This required her to wait
one more week to get the board's disposition. - I could go point-by-point through Mr.
[redacted]'s response, but I will let the recording and transcript speak for
itself. Mr. [redacted]'s "character" is quite evident, and it shows
that he lied multiple times to the Revdex.com in his response. Please note that our
original response contains direct quotes from the conversation, including the
point where Mr. [redacted] is yelling at us. In the other Revdex.com complaint, Mr.
[redacted] also threatened legal action for "slander" due to being a
"public figure". This is confusing to us. How is he consider a public
figure when his "frequent travel" for another career is cause to not
respond to our original complaint in a timely manner? His "slander"
threat only highlights his narcissism. 4. "So we provided a total
of $400.00 in refunded or waived fees without being asked, and without any
obligation whatsoever."We have provided a copy of the check
we received, which is for $300.00, not $400.00 as Mr. [redacted] stated in his
response. Mr. [redacted] knowingly sent this money not out of goodwill, but
rather to avoid breach of contract. He would not be able to keep money for
services not provided: February's tuition and the belt test fees. (If a student
receives a "no-change", parents do not pay this fee again during the
next test cycle. This is a flat fee for that particular belt. Since our
membership was terminated, we would not be privy to this condition.)We have also attached the new
contract, which we had to sign for the new dojo (effective until 2/22/18 with a
90-day cancellation notice required), and the receipts for the new equipment,
which became necessary in order to continue our sons' training at any other location. Please
note: we are at the very end of their training. Because of this situation, and
needing to provide our sons' opportunity to complete what they started out to
achieve almost three years ago, we are now bound into another long-term
contract. The dojos that we met with all cited
that Rosemount ATA does not use approved ATA uniforms. We have attached a
picture of our former uniforms. (All three dojos, Eagan, Burnsville and
Lakeville, use the exact universally-approved ATA uniforms)http://www.ataleadershipmartialarts.com/ (video
shows uniform)http://gleisnersmartialarts.com/ (video)http://www.fusionminnesota.com/... /> lower left) Closing:Mr. Lewis, we choose our battles very
carefully, but, when our children are involved, we do not hesitate to advocate for
them when necessary: they are just beginning to comprehend that adults can
possess ulterior motives aside from whatever role they play in their lives.
Filing this complaint is step one. Mr. [redacted] and Mr. [redacted] play a role in
their business, and, by working with children, legally and culturally, there is
an added responsibility for the children's well-being.There is also an added level of
communication that needs to exist between themselves and the guardians of their
minor students. We have legal right to advocate for our children. It is not
always easy to have these conversations, as it does open the door to conflict,
but no good can come from not being willing to listen. There is a disturbing
contradiction to their response to our situation, and the fact that they
register themselves as a Revdex.com accredited business. If Mr. [redacted] had taken the time
to listen to our concerns rather than combat them, reflect rather than
interrupt, and respond with understanding rather than degrade us, it would have
likely ended amicably. Instead, even from his initial email response, he was
not open to us continuing as members. Sharing our concerns is not
"reason" to terminate a long-standing agreement, especially since our
child’s well-being was the primary concern. Also, we have been banned from a
property and another business that he does not own. Nowhere in the recording is
there justification for this decision or even "calling the police".
This is another point to our overall understanding of his motive: pride. We continue to hold ATA responsible
for a portion of the costs, $858, due to being forced to switch schools. We apologize for the inconvenience,
but, since the sound file is so large, we had to make split it into two files.
We will need to send two emails. Thank you for taking the time to review the
attached materials.Take care,[redacted]

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