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Rosenthal Gaithersburg Acura

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ID [redacted] Hi ***,This is a tough one In talking to all parties involved I was not able to determine that we did anything wrong The sales professional assured me he was respectful and tried to get the deal approved and provide the customer with good service The customer did put 10,miles or so on the car The car passed Maryland state inspection at the time of sale That being said, I asked her to bring the car in which she did and we sent it out to a Maryland Inspection center.they did the following:*The tires: Some cracking on outer and wear given the miles driven*Lights: They were scanned and cleared Road test was ok*alarm: Reset security prompt*Rear Auxiliary: replaced both front and rear auxiliary outlets.We did this work in hopes of going beyond and making the customer happy.We would request that you contact and close this complaint ThanksSincerely,John H***

We are in receipt of your letter We will gather all our information and action taken and get back to you as soon as we can.THANK YOU JOHN H***

[A default letter is provided here which indicates your acceptance of the business's response. If you wish, you may update it before sending it.]
I have reviewed the response made by the business in reference to complaint ID ***, and find that this resolution is satisfactory to me.
MrH*** has been very professional in resolving the issues of my complaint His genuine concern in correcting the issues shows how he cares about his customers; he is a true gentleman and his word is his bond.Thank you, MrH***, for your selfless acts and taking time out of your busy schedule to speak with me in getting the issues resolved You are an epitome of a true business manAnd Rome W*** too, the service advisor
*** ***

ID [redacted]Hi [redacted],This is a tough one.  In talking to all parties involved I was not able to determine that we did anything wrong.  The sales professional assured me he was respectful and tried to get the deal approved and provide the customer with good service.    The...

customer did put 10,000 miles  or so on the car.  The car passed Maryland state inspection at the time of sale.   That being said, I asked her to bring the car in which she did and we sent it out to a Maryland Inspection center.they did the following:*The tires:  Some cracking on outer and normal wear given the miles driven*Lights:  They were scanned and cleared.  Road test was ok*alarm:  Reset security prompt*Rear Auxiliary:   replaced both front and rear auxiliary outlets.We did this work in hopes of going beyond and making the customer happy.We would request that you contact and close this complaint.  ThanksSincerely,John H[redacted]

Hi [redacted],We are looking into this complaint and as soon as we can gather all the facts we will resolve this issue to the customers satisfaction.Thank you [redacted]John H[redacted]Manager Rosenthal Acura/Gaithersburg Mazda

We are in receipt of your letter.  We will gather all our information and action taken and get back to you as soon as we can.THANK YOU JOHN H[redacted]

Hi [redacted],We already made the check out and mailed it to the customer last week for...

the full amount.  We also called her a few time. I hope to hear from her, But in the chance that she dose not, will you kindly keep me infomred should you hear from her her request has beed completed. Thank you for your advance help.John H.

Hi:So at this point in time we have two versions of what occurred.   Aside the inconvenience claim,  we have the correct tax amount that needs to be corrected. once the tax amount is collected and the tags are in our position which is the fair and legal thing to do,  I will consider the inconvenience claim and request some assistance.  However it is imperative that we collect the legal tax amount due to the state of CO.   I believe we can come to some conclusion.Thanks John H.Rosenthal Acura.

[To assist us in bringing this matter to a close, you must give us a reason why you are rejecting the response. If no reason is received your...

complaint will be closed as Answered]
 Complaint: [redacted]
I am rejecting this response because: I still don't have a title to the car I purchased nearly three months ago. 
1) From the day we purchased the vehicle, we informed [redacted] that we would be registering the vehicle in Colorado, full stop. She took it upon herself to mislead us by saying she "did not think she could complete the registration process in Colorado" and "would call me the following day to let me know if it was possible to register in Colorado." When I called [redacted] back to discuss, she was not available and never called me back. She decided on her own to process the car as a DC sale, directly against our request. We made it very clear we were never going to register the car in DC, no matter what [redacted] wanted. The reason it is now three months later and I still don't have a title or registration is because instead of doing what we asked - registering the car in CO, something that should have been very easy to do - Rosenthal Acura decided to pursue their own convenience instead of what the customer paid for. 2) Outstanding tax issues are unrelated to this compliant and will be handled with due process. Regards,

Review: In June 2011 my dad and I traded off my 2003 Chevy Malibu for a 2006 Chevy Impala my dad cosigned with me. I purchased the extended warranty for the new Chevy Impala used car. In July 2011 my water pump went bad in my car and it had to be towed back to the dealership for repair. A few months later my Alternator went bad and again I had to get the car towed to the dealership for repair. when I received the repair ticket they also fixed my back brakes. Within time I had a change of spark plugs and oil changes, and power steering flush done to the car, In 2012 I received a recall notice from the Chevy Dealership stating the car needed to have the steering panel fixed. I took my car down there it was free of charge but the mechanic stated there were several holes in the valves and that it would roughly cost $1800 for repair. In October 2012 my transmission went out on the car, I had to fight with the warranty company because they stated I never flushed the transmission to the car, but with research they sold me the car at 90 plus thousand miles and I stated the transmission fluid should have been flushed upon inspection and before selling me the car. I also found out the car has never had a transmission flush. With Acura arguing with the warranty company they agreed to fix my transmission after a month of it sitting at the car dealership. On April 30th 2013 on my way home the transmission went out again on the car, exactly 6 month later prior to their 6 month or 6,000 miles warranty they issued on the used transmission. I called Acura spoke with the GM and he told me to get the car back to Acura. I told them the car only can drive in gear 2 or 3, they stated just get the car back here so we can help you. I got the car there, the GM and the salesman [redacted] put me in a loaner car. They asked me if I wanted trade out of the vehicle I stated Well yes, I deserve a reliable vehicle with everything that has happen in the pass 2yrs I feel like the car isn't reliable for me. I was asked to bring the loaner car back with in that week because they said no bank wouldn't finance me, my dad, or my mom. [redacted] , my sales person kept saying your parents have filed chpt 13 there is no bank that will help. I stated My dad not my mom filed that 7yrs ago, you sold me this car how did you not see that in June 2011. My mom and dad just purchased new vehicle within the last 2 yrs. Now I am stuck without a car, I still owe $6,000 and I feel like Acura should have kept there promise to trade me out of this vehicle, [redacted] and the GM stated "The car is no good". [redacted] my salesperson said" Within the 10yrs he has been there he has never seen a car with this many issues". My children and I had to drive the unsafe vehicle home that day. I do not have $3,000 to put in a car and on top of that I still have a $450 monthly car payment.Desired Settlement: No outcome has been settled they told me there was nothing they could do to help me, to take my car off their property




Review: I have been requesting the cancellation of a Extended Warranty Contract from a 2008 [redacted] vehicle which was purchased back in 2012. The cancellation of this contracted is requested to cancel the contract with the company so that the vehicle which is now a total loss can be removed from my credit.Desired Settlement: I would like to be able to obtain the cancellation paperwork for the Extended Warranty Contract and have this matter cancelled immediately. The request for this information has been going on for about 5 months or maybe longer and no response back.




Last Saturday, May 23rd, I brought my 2011 Acura into Rosenthal Acura located in Gaithersburg, Maryland for a B1 service check. E[redacted] M[redacted] has been my service manager whom I have dealt with many times before when I brought my car in for service. This last time I noticed money had been taken from my car and immediately called E[redacted] to report the theft. She assured me she would look into it and promised to call me back. I never heard from her again. I called Rosenthal several times this week and spoke to a woman named L[redacted] who also assured me she would have a man named H[redacted] call me about about this very serious and unfortunate incident. I never heard from H[redacted]. My last two calls to this service center were this afternoon where I was repeatedly placed on hold and cut off. I again spoke with L[redacted] twice today who promised me H[redacted] would be right with me. A reputable service center would have contacted me very soon after my theft report to either apologize or at least tell me they were looking into the matter. I saw the money in the change compartment just before giving E[redacted] the keys to my car but never thought anyone would have the nerve to steal something that was not theirs. I am very disappointed in this service center and will share my concerns about them through social media.

Review: I bought a new 2015 Acura [redacted] from Rosenthal Acura on August 24, 2014. At the time of sale, Rosenthal charged me a title tax of $187.00. Later on I found out the actual title tax is only $135.00. So, I contacted the sales representative, [redacted], twice by email on May 17 and May 19, asking about the discrepancy on tax charges. But he would not give me a straight answer. All he said was that he will talk to management and that this is the normal way of Rosenthal Acura' practices. I don't think this is justifiable behavior. Rosenthal Acura does not have the authority to impose extra tax on their customers. I think the excessive tax charge should be refund in full to me.Desired Settlement: I would like Rosenthal Acura management write a letter to me explain their company and employee's action. Thanks.



Review: On March 2, 2013, I purchased a new 2013 Acura RDX. Upon driving the RDX home the night of the purchase, noticed the ride felt “bumpy”, not smooth and heard loud “thumping” from the rear and the balance was off. A week after purchase asked dealer to examine the vehicle. Sales representative stated that nothing was wrong. Two weeks later took car back to dealer again complaining of same issue. On March 23, 2013, the Service Department evaluated the vehicle and within 15 minutes came back with the diagnosis that there was no shocks. The shocks had to be replaced. Apparently, this has never happened and the condition occurred at the factory. Rosenthal sold us a defective new RDX! Rosenthal sold us an unsafe vehicle! Rosenthal put me at risk, driving with a lack of shocks is extremely hazardous and dangerous. In the two weeks that I possessed the vehicle, road and weather conditions could have potentially seriously compromised me on the road. The lack of shocks reduces braking efficiency, causes skidding, lack of control when turning corners, unnecessary wear on suspensions components and imbalance could cause lack of control. I could have hit a bump or slid on wet payment which would have thrown the car off balance causing me to lose control of the vehicle. I asked to speak the General Manager. Instead a [redacted], Senior Sales Representative appeared and stated that he could help us. [redacted], short of saying, in my interpretation “Oh well or you paid for it, consequently it’s your problem to live with”, did not articulate an apology until after I informed him that I was going to contact the GM as well as Acura to notify them of the disservice. He stated that he would notify the GM of the situation. I did not receive a call from the GM. After I faxed and emailed a complaint that evening, we received an email from the GM stating it would be fixed. Of course, it would be fixed. There has been no follow-up call. The problem is "I paid $36,000 for a brand new car", not a "new" car which already needs repairs within two weeks of purchase! Definitely, this situation is not about the safety or satisfaction of the customer because Rosenthal Acura half-heartedly attempted an acceptable apology or offered assurances or any form of reparation, other than “we will fix it”!Desired Settlement: Rosenthal Acura's responsibility includes the General Manager and/or Owner making a simple phone call to first formally apologize for selling a defective and unsafe vehicle as well as the heartache and regret caused with this purchase experience. Secondly, offering either a replacement "new" vehicle, refund/rebate a sum of monies paid for the new vehicle, and/or complimentary extended warranty as an assurance that if there are any issues as a result of this issue.


Response: of Metro DC and Eastern PA

Review: My request to do an independent mechanic's pre-purchase inspection of the 2005 Honda Accord EX V6 that I was purchasing was approved. But, I also requested that whatever should be "fixed" as indicated by the mechanic's inspection would be fixed by Rosenthal Acura. The salesman (**. [redacted]) brought my request up to **. [redacted] (manager) and **. [redacted] initialed a "We Owe You" form to indicate his approval. But, after I signed the purchase papers, the manager authorized the fixing up of only one itemin the list of inspection results. Only the wheel alignment was authorized,but not the other items such as the adjustments of the brake fluid, the A/C coolant, the spark plugs & the power steering pump noise.So, I feel that was misled by sales tactics of this dealership.Desired Settlement: The "fixes" or adjustments that was promised by the manager and initialed by the manager should be done and delivered by the dealer.


Response: of Metro DC and Eastern PA

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