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Route 23 Honda

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My salesman David Yoon is excellent and I would recommend him to all for their car needs

My experience with Honda Route 23 was outstanding to excellent. My salesman was extremely professional, cooperative and all around helpful and courteous. He worked diligently in negotiating the right leasing arrangements. The salesman and manager that I had dealing with were professional in all aspects of the deal. I would recommend this salesman and dealership to all for their car needs

Review: Be careful dealing with [redacted] the General Manager. I picked up my car from service and [redacted] walked out to confront me about the complaints I had regarding the manner of which his dealership handled my situation. Not only was he condescending to me , but very unprofessional ,after I expressed my disappointment, I walked back to my car and noticed a crack on my hubcap where the car was repaired.. I looked on my service report no damage was found when they took my car in. So to confirm my disappoint I pointed out the obvious ,which was the sloppy service performed,and he began to lash out at me in front of his staff. His whole staff. Ive never been so humiliated in my whole life. Then he refused to fix it and threw all kinds of obscenities at me like " your to cheap to buy the extended warranty" I told him I wasnt offered it. $615 later he tells me my wheel bearing issue is not covered under warranty. I only had the car for 8 months. I paid reluctantly, but [redacted] treated me less of a human being telling [redacted](service advisor) to get me the "F" out of here. Why? Because I was argumentative? And thought it was not right to talk to a customer that way? He should be removed. He gives Honda a bad name. Be careful of [redacted], hes a very angry man. Fearful of his beahavior, I just drove away, and my hub cap still cracked by his technicians repair to my wheel bearings and [redacted] stated hes not fixing it.. Im humiliated by [redacted]..Poor leadership at this dealership?Desired Settlement: Refund and repair of cracked hub cap caused by technicians.

Review: I took in my 2006 Honda Civic Ex for upper control arms replacement as per letter I rec'd from Honda (Extended warranty due to class action lawsuit). When I took in my car to Honda 23 they could not fix it properly so they told to come back since they wanted another tech to adjust it after upper control arms have been installed. I came back 4 days later as I was told that my lower rear control arm was damaged (they would have easily noticed it from get go if true but damage was done while Honda 23 techs worked on my car). Luckily I took before pictures because the letter from Honda stated that unusual wear and tear on inner tires will be partially refunded, etc. (and pictures revealed that tires inner wear was bad but rear control arms good) ... I was shocked to see that the Honda Service dept. actually damaged my lower rear control arm so I refused to pick up my car until they fixed it and assistant manager [redacted] saw my pics and agreed and give me a loaner. Over almost 3 weeks and not a single person took a look at my car when [redacted] (Honda 23 Service manager) called and asked me what the problem was.. .are they serious? I emailed before and after pics to [redacted] and he would touch base with various mechanics with different contradicting conclusions on how it happened and the actual mechanic that worked on it was not available. Clueless [redacted] would call me back and try to come up with "Twilight Zone" explanations on how lower rear control arm could have been damaged or looks different if not on lift, etc (He forgot that he was not present when initial mechanic compared my car to another car with good lower arm control while both were on lifts, keeping in mind that Honda 23 mechanic had no clue I took before pics). But of course [redacted] mentions he is not pointing finger at anyone but indirectly not taking responsibility for the service dept.’s error. I informed him to take responsibility and have service dept fix what they damaged while they tried to adjust the arm controls. Issue is pending and I don't want to have my car sit in Route 23 for another several weeks. I'm very upset and disappointed at the incompetent and dishonest service dept. of Route 23 Honda.Desired Settlement: I would like Honda 23 service dept. to actually replace what they damaged (lower rear control arm) in fact to replace both lower rear control arms to at the same time so there is no imbalance in car. They wasted my time with no courtesy phone call for approx one month leading up to Clueless [redacted] to call and ask me what's going on?? when he could have spoke to assistant manager [redacted] for full explanation. I'm very upset and this is the second time Route 23 Honda Service dept. has tried to deceive me, the first during an oil change (they tried to pressure me to buy breaks on the spot stating the breaks were at a dangerous level when afterwards I was told by a friend mechanic that my breaks were good for at least 6 months to a year). I should have learned my lesson from the first Honda 23 Service dept. deception but I was a forgiving person. Fool me once shame on you, Fool me twice yes shame on me. Lesson learned.



As you are aware, you dropped your vehicle off on 8/21/13 at 5:38pm and was contacted by our Service department when it was completed on 8/26/2013. You have had possession of our loaner vehicle since and have refused to return it and take possession of your vehicle.

1) We accommodated you by giving you a loaner vehicle.

2) You have improperly slandered our dealership name by stating that our technician damaged your vehicle while in for service.

3) You threatened our dealership’s reputation by posting negative online reviews and stated that you made an appointment with attorney, Mr. [redacted].

4) You did not disclose to our staff that prior to bring your vehicle in for service, your vehicle was involved in 3 motor vehicle accidents (2 in which the right rear of the vehicle was impacted). That is the reason and cause that your vehicle cannot be aligned.

5) The vehicle’s right rear tire was clearly worn more than the left rear tire which proves that the problem existed prior to bringing the vehicle in on 8/21/13.

6) Damage did not occur to your vehicle while in Route 23 Honda’s possession, but through your own actions and omissions.

Route 23 did not cause damage to the vehicle and should not have to make any repairs based upon false accusations.



I am rejecting this response because:

let me clarify some of the issues below because Honda 23 obviously got their facts backwards. For the record:

1. I initially was given a honda accord loaner which I was called to bring back several days later when my car was supposed to be done but when I showed up, the service manager informed me that the tech did not complete job and will have another tech look at it in the morning, so he let me hold on the new honda accord loaner. That same night, I also went to my car and took some of my tools from trunk and was on my way (the mechanic never mentioned anything about rear right lower arm control problems). Then Honda called me a second time time and I showed up, returned new honda accord, and spoke to Assistant manager [redacted] after Service manager (dont remember her name) took me to have mechanic show me damage on my right rear lower arm control. I was upset when he showed me how the damaged lower rear control arm had "not a straight line" as I wrote in below emails. What you forget is that prior to bringing my car in the pictures I took revealed straight line which I showed both pics the same night to Assistant manager [redacted] and he was professional and understanding and gave me the honda odyessy loaner until my car gets fixed... then I never heard from anyone for weeks until clueless [redacted] called and asked "what's going on'? ... I was never given a courtesy update call and before hearing from clueless [redacted] , I had the understanding that [redacted] was going to resolve the issue & my car was being worked on. Nobody from Honda requested I return the Odyssey. So take it easy with your baseless threats.

2. mike murphy forgot that the inside tire unusual tear was due to a class action lawsuit letter of extended warranty I rec'd from corporate Honda which my car qualified for (confirmed by honda service rep Anthony). It had nothing to do with the auto accidents since none of the accidents impacted wheel and body shop already inspected frame and alignment fine and only fixed body work. Besides I rotated my tires as recommended. All your assumptions are off. It's irrelevant to disclose since car's body was fixed by COMPETENT certified shop.

3. It's sad that Honda 23 will go as far as assuming that minor accidents (...being parking lot / to driveway mishap) can cause damage to the lower right arm control because if you look at the before picture, there is no damage to lower right arm control and the damage happened while the car was being serviced but only mike murphy and [redacted] are both in denial and will use any excuse or silly theory to deny responsibility. If minor accidents cause problems in honda civic's lower arm control then honda is building the world's most fragile car besides the body shops stated the frame was good at the time afte accidents. Just saying lets be logical here.

Review: On 7/3/15, I visited Route 23 Honda in Pompton Plains for a scheduled repair on my 2010 Honda Civic. The dealership discovered the passenger side engine mount needs to be replaced. I told the receptionist about a clicking noise which was coming from the driver side, and specifically told him that this clicking noise was checked by my Son's mechanic and it was confirmed that it is from the inner tie rod. After Honda technician checked my car, I was informed by the receptionist that the inner tie rod is just fine, and this noise is coming from the driver side engine mount. I reiterated to him the car was checked by a mechanic and he confirmed that it is the inner tie rod. Receptions confirmed that it is the driver's engine mount and it is not on stock and I will have to come on a different day. I made the appointment for 7-10-15. The driver'e side engine mount was changed and the clicking noise remained the same, unresolved. I talked to a service manager same day and he did not resolve my issue. I further requested from the service manager to give the engine mount, especially the car was repaired at the end of the day, approximately 45 minutes before my call. He told me it is in the garbage now and he can not retrieve it. I asked him that I need to talk with the service department manager. He connected me to her line, and left a message on 7/10/15. Did not get my call answered back. I called again on 7-13-15 and left her a message. Did not answer my call back. I called the service department and left for her a message with one of her employees with my phone number to call me, and still she did not call me back.Desired Settlement: I would like to have this dealership to refund the charges for the driver's side engine mount, as it turned out to be a faulty repair, and assign a competent technician to diagnose and repair the clicking noise on my vehicle.

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Description: Auto Dealers - New Cars

Address: 700 Route 23, Pompton Plns, New Jersey, United States, 07444-1422


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