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Routes Car Rental USA

2144 Sullivan Rd, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30337-6502

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• Sep 11, 2021

This Companies Failures Caused a Dangerous and Costly Situation
Unbelievable and dangerous. This newer company is a product of what online, increasingly inaccessible businesses are failing to provide in products and services. The disconnect and impersonal service, which resulted in no service at all, put me in a very dangerous and very costly situation. I purchased a package from $42.00. I received a confirmation with details for both my round trip flight with a car rental scheduled for one day. In reviewing the details, all information appeared correct. My credit card showed funds pending. Thank God I took a photo of the confirmation. The company lied on two levels and changed the information on my credit card, emailed me different information after the fact to cover up their actions.
When I got off the plane, I realized I had to go 9 miles on a shuttle train at nearly midnight. I was directed to call their customer service. This was in the middle of Atlanta, GA. The location is not the safest place for a woman, anyone to wander around, and it took 30 mins. to reach customer service. When I inquired on how to reach their building, and gave my reservation information, the customer service rep. told me I could NOT rent a car!
That "Routes did not rent to residents in GA." I was not told that before they took my reservation, information online or wacked my cc. I did not find it on their website. I recorded all instructive messages on the phone answering system. They simply "required your round trip ticket information to qualify". I had that. I took the train back, all counters were closed by then, no transportation, and had to travel 120 miles. I was stranded. Their customer service desk could care less, and never answered the phone for me again. It cost me over $300.00 to take a taxi. Another 175.00 to rent a car to get back to the airport the next day. The stress, unsafe situation and loss of sleep for the 5 additional hours it took me to get to my destination, made me sick.
When I finally returned from my trip, I checked my credit card. The company charged me, but changed the name of the rental company. It said I got a car from Avis. THAT IS COMINGLING TWO SEPARATE CORPORATE ENTITIES! Take my advice, beware of this company. My bank is looking into their claims.

Very ghetto, not clear of what's expected, very slow at returning money placed on hold to you account and recharge you account unauthorized. I had to close out my bank card and get a new one because they were taking money.

• Sep 11, 2021

Class action law suit is in order looking at the statements here. They are thinking to steal their way to the top of the dung hill.

These ppl are horrible and a major robbery they keep giving me the run around about my refund and I never picked up a car from them

Rental car agency required $350 refundable deposit. The deposit was never returned, and the company doesn't answer their phones.
I rented a car from Routes Atlanta attracted to their agency because of their affordable price point. My confirmation number is: LRTPXXXXXX.

Worst experience ever! After a two (2) hour wait, I dealt with the most disgruntled and unprofessional booking agent. Eventually, I was informed that I had to put a $350 refundable deposit down to rent a car. When I received our first car, the service light was on. Therefore, we had to wait an additional 30 minutes for a "new" car, making us extremely late for prior engagements. We were then given a dirty car, and were told this was our only option. Being late, we did inspection ensuring all of this was detailed, and proceeded on our way.

When I returned the car and was informed I had to wait 7-10 days for the hold to be lifted. After waiting the standard amount of business days, and not receiving a refund, I contacted my bank. My bank told me to speak to Routes directly because they had not yet released the funds.

When I called Routes, the only working extension was for Customer Care. I spoke to a Customer Care Agent, named Leela at length. Leela tried to call the Atlanta office, over five (5) times. They. Did. Not. Answer. Once. I therefore had to email the customer service email, because I could not speak to any one at the office.

Desired Outcome

My confirmation number is: LRTPXXXXXX. I want a full refund for the car rental and for Routes to refund the $350 deposit they forced me to do right before getting the rental car.

• Sep 11, 2021

If you do not receive your refund, I suggest we begin a class action. I too was charged and they never even gave me a car. I had a reservation which they did not honor. But they kept the money. There are enough people on this site who claim they have had funds taken. These new companies hiding behind computers need to learn fast that stealing still has consequences.

This car rental agency overcharged me for a rental that I had reserved 02/14/2020 through 02/18/2020.
Vehicle rented 02/14/2020 through 02/18/2020 (Contract RA ATL-XXXXX). Price charged exceeded quoted price by more than $70.00. Among the overcharges was the Out of State usage fee. Fee stated on their website is $8.99 per day. I was charged $14.99 per day, a difference of $6.00 per day plus tax. I contacted the corporate offices and receive a pre-formatted email that told me to refer to my bill for an explanation of charges.

Desired Outcome

I expect to be refunded the amount of $24.00 plus applicable taxes.

Routes Car Rental USA Response • Mar 02, 2020

Hello Mr.,

I do apologize for the situation at hand. I would like to inform you that I have removed the entire out of state travel fee and have refunded the credit card used on file in the amount of $73.78. I have also sent an receipt to the email address provided upon pick up. Again, my apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.

Customer Response • Mar 04, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)

I had a negative experience with this company. I read that it is a new start-up in the U.S. and was feeling I could support this and get a fair price at the same time. I used the car rental services in Atlanta, GA between 27th and 29th of January 2020. I booked through their website on 26th and paid in full online. I received a confirmation with a breakdown. I used the car and returned it before the time in the rental agreement. Whole two weeks later I was charged an additional $171.31. I have no clue what this additional charge is for. No one has contacted me for this additional charge, nor I have received an email, any bill or phone call for it. I have not agreed to pay this additional charge. I have not used the car outside Georgia, I have not gone above the mileage limit. I have not returned the vehicle after the agreed time. After I requested it, I received an invoice stating a late fee of $20 (I was not late), extra mileage of $120 (I was not above the mileage limit) and incorrect credit to rate charge (compared to what I already paid). There is also a pre-adjustment category for $55 which means nothing to me. And this is just the start. First, I didn't get the car I booked. Next, I waited in line in their office for two hours without being able to sit. I was asked to pay for 3 days because I needed the car for 48 hours and plus 2 additional hours. However, due to the delay in their office in Atlanta, I ended having the car for less than 48 hours. I was given a car that was not cleaned, neither outside, nor inside. And at the end I was charged an extra $171.31. Customer service has no phone lines. Only an email to which I wrote several times without response. While I thought I am supporting a new company that is setting new standards in car rental, I ended up being ripped off a significant amount of money.

Multiple attempts have been made to obtain a refund for a rental not knowing that they do not honor rentals to local residents.
On 01/19/20, I booked a 2-day rental with Routes Car Rental. Prior to going to pick up the rental, I mistakenly went to the Atalanta Car Rental facility and was told that I needed to call Routes Car Rental for a shuttle pick-up, which I did several times. However, I was never successful with getting anyone on the line, but learned from their recording that they do not rent to locals. With that information, I was under the impression that they would not automatically process the payment that I reserved on Expedia, but they did for the $51.51 reservation total. I then attempted to call Routes several more times, but never did anyone ever answer the phone. After not being to reach Routes after multiple phone calls in 2 days, I contacted Expedia on the evening of 01/20/20 to file a complaint. They attempted to reach out to Routes Car Rental, but was unable to get anyone from Routes to respond to them regarding my inquiry. On 01/25/20, I drove to Routes facility to discuss my refund and was told I needed to submit an email to ***, which I did shortly after returning home. I received a receipt email from their Customer Service Team around 10:33 p.m. on 01/25/20 acknowledging that they did receive my email. Their email indicated that someone would be responding to my request within 3 business days. After not hearing anything, I again emailed Routes for an updated status on 02/01/20; 02/05/20 and again today - 02/08/20.

It is incredible to me that a business that advertises 24-7 hours of service, yet you are unable to speak with anyone on a phone - EVER. The individuals who I personally encountered in their trailer office left a lot to be desired with respect to dealing with professional customer service agents. The fact that I had to drive 30 minutes just to be told that I needed to submit an email was totally unnecessary, avoidable and absurd.

Desired Outcome

I would like my full refund of $51.51 credited back to the card of record.

Routes Car Rental USA Response • Feb 23, 2020

Hello ***,

On behalf of routes car rental I would like to apologize for any inconvenience that you may have faced while attempting to reach a member of our staff. However our terms and conditions are on every website we partner with. As a gesture of good faith, we will authorize this refund of $51.51. The general manager of the Atlanta location will be in contact with you by monday the latest and we will ensure the refunds is made to your account.

Company uses deceptive advertising.

On our Priceline receipt the company BOLDLY says Unlimited Mileage. However at the Routes office we were SURPRISED and SHOCKED to learn ( as did others customers) that Unlimited mileage was ONLY in the state of Georgia and that we would be charged 22 cents a mile for each mile outside of Georgia! They said this was written in the policy. This is the deception that several of us customers had fallen for. Their Booking page ad and receipt that a customer looks at BOLDLY said Unlimited Mileage, only to find out in the little fine print it only applies to miles IN Georgia. This was outrageous to discover and several of us complained and left the company without renting.

In sticking with the facts, I will say that my experience with this company was difficult and tiring. Upon arriving to a trailer at night in an unfamiliar part of town away from the airport, I stood in line for an hour and half waiting for a car. When I approached the counter, my scheduled car had already been promised to someone else. The company placed me in a different vehicle of smaller size; therefore, I was promised a credit for the difference in price. Upon returning the vehicle, I received an invoice showing this credit slated to return to my card, but after many weeks on the phone and emailing customer service and the local ATL facility, I have still not received my credit. I really thought this was a diamond in the rough and was excited to support an up-and-coming business; however, they are nowhere ready to support the tempo of ATL travel. I will never again use this facility or this company no matter the location. It is a shame that even though I have documentation to show what is owed to me, the company refuses to pay out and honor their obligations. Shame on you.

I did not receive the service advertised, however, the company took my money and has not refunded me.
I booked a reservation on January 19, 2020 for a rental vehicle. Upon arrival, I was told that Routes Car Rental does not rent to Georgia residents. I asked the attendant to cancel my reservation and refund my card, but I was told to contact Expedia. I contacted Expedia, Expedia provided a partial refund of the insurance fee I was charged but explained that they must contact Routes before issuing the rest. Routes does not answer the phone nor respond to email correspondence. I feel like a was taken advantage of. There is no reason why Routes or Expedia should be able to keep the price of a rental if I never received the rental.

Desired Outcome

I demand a full refund of the $111.42 taken from me. I did not receive the rental and they should not be able to keep my money.

Rental a car thru when I arrived to pick up car..I was told they did not rent to locals..only recieved $78 refund
I rented a car from on 12/15 I pre paid $152.36 for the car. I was given confirmation# LRTPXXXXXX. I went to routes car rentals on 12/16 to pick up the car, on arrival I was told they did not rent to locals. I call car was then told that routes car rental charges a $25 cancellation fee n I would recieve a refund 7 to 10 businees days minus $25. I informed then that I did not cancel nor did it state in the website that they did not rent to locals. I recived a refund of $78 on 12/25. I am having trouble getting a mamager on the phone n would like to know why did I pay $74 for a service I did not cancel or recieve. After futher research I realized that I am not alone and many people have been victimized

Desired Outcome

I want a full refund n that the website clearly state that this company does not rent to local.

Routes Car Rental USA Response • Jan 14, 2020

I am writing to provide more information on this case. In accordance with our company terms and conditions, we do not rent to local residents of the state of Georgia and any cancellation made within 48hrs of the pick up time and date will be subject to a cancellation fee of $25.00 or 1 time charge of customers rate, whichever is greater. In this case your rate was $78.38, which is the reason you were refunded $78.00 due to it being the difference from the prepaid amount and your rate. Our terms and conditions are sent to each website we are in business with. Also the terms and conditions are up for review on our website

Customer Response • Jan 15, 2020

(The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)
I do not accept this response from the company. I was sent an email that a $25 cancellation fee would be taken after I was denied the rental. I did not cancel this car. Now I was charge $78 for a service I did not recieve. I rented this car from n it did not state that they did not rent to locals. This is abuse of power and predatory to the public.

These people are thieves. Don't rent from them. My flight was from Houston to Atlanta and I booked the car rental before my flight and paid in full for 5 days. When I arrived to their lot first they asked for a $500 deposit which was not stated in the reservation online or the email I received to confirm the reservation. After that they asked for a proof of my insurance or I should buy their insurance at a rate of $39 per day for a basic insurance or $69 for a "better" insurance. I travel often and I have never been asked for a proof of my insurance, which I don't carry and they know most of the people don't carry in their trips. Is a scam to sell their insurance. I declined to take the car and even though I showed them that my reservation didn't mention anything about the deposit neither the insurance they refuse to return my payment.

Routes Car Rental USA Response • Nov 21, 2019

Good Afternoon,

We are sorry to hear that you feel this way. However, all of our terms and conditions are on our website and under terms and conditions for each online travel agency for review before making your selection. Please refer to our website at and click on the Atlanta location to view our 'Payments Policy" & "Insurance Policy" for further clarification.

Thank You,

Routes Car Rental

Customer Response • Nov 22, 2019

That is maybe stated in the website but it was not stated in the reservation.

please do NOT rent a car from this company; they are in 1950. They are punitive the process is cumbersome and suspicious. That is everyone is treated like as robber! Their policies are clear they try to strong arm the renter they try to intimidate the renter and they try to add on fees!!!


Worst experience. I got a car through ***. One day rental pick up 11:00 am - drop off 2:00. Summary of charges $43.54. Because I picked up at 10:15 am dropped off 1:20 they charged me $59.20 for an extra day. Supervisor was to call me he never did. Sent email to corporate they never contacted me. I called again Routes in GA spoke to someone not supervisor and he said do what you want to do that is the price you will have to pay. So instead of paying $43.54 (***) It is now costing me $145.91. What a rip off. Make sure you check with car company after you book with *** to make sure of the price first before renting. *** would not do anything for me either and I have been renting from them for over 20 years. Not anymore from either *** nor Routes Car Rental.

Routes Car Rental USA Response • Oct 28, 2019

Routes Car Rental
2144 Sullivan Rd,
College Park, GA 30337

Good Evening ***,

I do apologize for the inconvenience you faced upon returning your vehicle. It is not the way we do business here. I do however need more information pertaining to this matter in order to make the necessary changes to your account. The information needed is as follows:

Rental Agreement#: ATL -
First and Last Name:

Again, my apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused and I will be more than glad to return any funds that are due to you as soon as possible.

Thank You,
Routes Car Rental
2144 Sullivan Rd,
College Park, GA 30337

Customer Response • Nov 04, 2019

Rental #ATL-***, ***. Thank you for looking into this matter

Routes Car Rental USA Response • Nov 05, 2019

Good Afternoon,

Again, my apologies for the inconvenience you have faced. I looked into the rental agreement and it seems like due to the pick up being 47 mins earlier than that of which you booked. The system automatically adds on an additional day, at the rate of $59.20/xtra day which is what you booked with Priceline. Your rate was $22.40/day from the 19th of October at 11:00am to the 20th of October at 2:00pm, any additional time before or after those mentioned times would be at the additional daily rate of $59.20. However, when I looked into this I see it was just about a 40 minute difference. I have refunded a total of $91.83 to leave the total amount at $54.08 due to Supplemental Liability at $12.00/day that was used on the rental.

Customer Response • Nov 14, 2019

Routes Car Rental. Thank you so much for looking into the matter. Sorry I had to go to the to have this rectified. I try to go to the manager of the Atlanta office, but he never returned my call. And when calling the gentlemen said it is what it is and do what ever I wanted. As a company you need to reach out the the Atlanta branch and make sure this does not happen again. Any complaint should be looked into by that branch. Thank you again for doing this. I will not rent again from Routes Car Rental. Have a good day and a nice Thanksgiving.

The company has refused to supply the insurance company or me with the bill for repair, have not return my calls concerning the $500 which was held.

I rented a vehicle through Priceline for July 23, 2019 to be returned July 26,2019. We bought extra insurance through Allianz.
we were out for dinner on the July 25, parked the vehicle and on returning found the front passenger window shattered. The car rental company and the insurance was notified. the vehicle was returned the scheduled time on July 26 at which time $500.00 was withheld and has been billed to my credit card.
I have forwarded all the documents to the insurance except for the repair bill from the rental company. They have not return my repeated calls or request to email the bill to me so I can forward it to the insurance to complete the claim. After speaking to the insurance company on August 20, they are still waiting on the document.
The rental company basically have neglected to communicate with me about the $500.00 they took from my card, the repair bill or demand letter with the payee for the window which the insurance has requested and I now am forced to contact the credit card company to try and resolved this issue.
Every time I called the company I am told the manager will be given the message and he will contact me. the last time I was told that the manager is Mike Henson and he would be in touch. I believe my last phone conversation with the person answering the hone was Wednesday September 18.

Desired Outcome

I just want them to provide the document to the insurance company, resolved the matter and return my $500.00 without me taking all the unnecessary steps.

Routes Car Rental USA Response • Oct 01, 2019

Contact Name and Title: Michael ***
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***
I have called the customer and emailed her the breakdown of the damages. Customer is happy with the outcome.

I had never heard of Routes until July 2019, when my job relocated me to Atlanta, GA. I was very skeptical at first, because I had never heard of them and their rental counter was not located at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta Airport with the other rental companies. I called the number provided by Routes and the airport shuttle arrived at the airport within 5 minutes. Once at the rental counter I was assisted with obtaining my rental car by Routes staff Randall and Melissa, who were super helpful and friendly. Within minutes, I had a new 2019, rental vehicle and was out the door and on my way. Upon returning the vehicle I was met by the same friendly staff members who had me in and out and on my way back to the airport via the shuttle in a very timely manner. Thank you Randall and Melissa and the other Routes staff that assisted me at the Atlanta, GA Routes location.

I rented a car with Routes Car Rental Atlanta for 5 days; the customer service was okay but the car and price were excellent. Upon returning the car, I was scheduled to receive my deposit back within 3-4 business days however, I didn't receive it. I called my bank after 10 business days and they suggested talking to Routes because it hadn't been released on the merchant's end yet. I conferenced called to resolve the issue collectively however wasn't able to resolve the concern because Routes didn't have a specific code the bank needed to release my deposit back into my account. After calling back for an update all day, 6 times, Routes was still unable to obtain the code. Routes Atlanta gave me the wrong number to their Corporate office; stated the folks I was talking to earlier in the day "weren't around" so I looked online and I called Routes Corporate office to only be rudely talked to and redirected back to the Atlanta office. I spoke to the manager of the Atlanta office and states he is waiting for the corporate office to give him more information to resolve the issue with the bank.
Product_Or_Service: Car Rental
Order_Number: XXXXXXXX
Account_Number: 4RCRPDXXXXXXX

Desired Outcome

Refund I want a full refund. The customer service and lack of consideration is astonishing.

Routes Car Rental USA Response • Oct 28, 2019

Contact Name and Title: *** Assistant Manager
Contact Phone: XXXXXXXXXX
Contact Email: ***
Routes Car Rental
2144 *** Rd,
College Park, GA XXXXX

Dear Mr.,

This is *** here with Route Car Rental in Atlanta. I looked back at your contract and the refund has been released. $400.00 was released by Michael Hansen on 7/2/2019. The only charge we have pertaining to you is $96.00 which was prepaid through

Thank You,
Routes Car Rental
*** Rd,
College Park, GA XXXXX

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Address: 2144 Sullivan Rd, Atlanta, Georgia, United States, 30337-6502


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