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On December 19th I called Rowley Fuel to be delivered to my house. They told me they would get to me and that was the end of the call. They came to my house on Dec. 23rd when it was very warm out and the driveway was somewhat soft - compared to any prior days that week. The driver destroyed my driveway in several locations and some make it unable to drive on that area for cars now, without bottoming out their cars. I took photos that same day when I got home and called the office to see what they planned to do. The [redacted] told me he needed to talk to the driver and would get back to me. I waited and heard nothing for 3 weeks. My boyfriend called them from my cell phone and the [redacted] told him he had not spoke to the driver yet but planned to get in touch with me soon. The [redacted] sent me a bill that says "Please be advised that we will no longer deliver to this account. You call for oil then blame us for your driveway. We risked our trucks more than once on your driveway, you should be thankful not complaining." I asked them to fix my driveway where they caused the damage - since they destroyed a lot of my driveway. What can I do? I am a [redacted] and try hard to show my kids right from wrong - what Rowley Fuel is doing is very wrong.Product_Or_Service: Oil -but driveway was destroyedAccount_Number: XXXXXDesired SettlementI would like my driveway fixed and I would like to continue having Rowley for my oil delivers, but if I cannot have them in the future - I would like my driveway fixed by them paying for the repairs. I have been told businesses carry insurance for the damages they create - so I would like to see that done.Business Response Our records indicate the complaintant called for oil Friday Dec 20th, we went the next business day Monday the 23rd. The complaint states the driveway was somewhat soft why didnt she let us know this, she has in the past notified us to hold up until she plows and sands the driveway. This particular driveway is at about a 30 degree grade aprox. 120 yards straight up hill. You can not see the landing at the top from route [redacted] the [redacted] road. In an oil truck you can only access the top by backing up due to 1)To turn around you would have to drive on the lawn 2)If you don't make the hill you will slide down backwards across rt [redacted] into wetland area. I was told Tuesday Dec 24th that the complaintant wanted me to fix her driveway. After the Christmas Holidays I wrote her a letter and mailed it with the end of month statements, the complaintant did not wait 3 weeks for a response. Complaintant became a customer after pleading with us to deliver oil because quote "other compainies stop at the bottom of the driveway and leave". After my first encounter with this driveway (hill) I made it perfectly clear to the complaintant that I would only deliver when the driveway was plowed and sanded she was only then to call for oil. Obviously "somewhat soft meant nothing to the complaintant". We are a small company with two very responsible drivers, we have been in this family business for 62 years and never had a complaint. As the owner and driver of the Oil Company for the past 32 years I feel that it was the complaintants responsibility to inform me that the top of the driveway (hill) was somewhat soft and I would have made the decision not to deliver oil that day. I do not feel that I am responsible to repair this driveway and due to the complaintant slandering my good business reputation on Social Media I strongly feel I am going to sever this business relatinship with this complaintant. Please for further reference google the complaintants driveway from route [redacted]Final Consumer Response (The consumer indicated he/she DID NOT accept the response from the business.)I called several days before the oil was delivered and the owner knows what the shape of the driveway would be in based on the weather- that is why he is a professional in the business he is in.I called several days before the very warm day and he picked to deliver on that day. Normally they check the driveway - the driver knew he was having trouble and destroying my driveway and yet continued instead of waiting a day or two for the driveway to be harder - it was not that short the day they came - but for the weight of their truck it must have been.I did not receive a letter till the date I posted from the Oil Company. They waited months - not a few days. I called twice to complain about the driveway and to see what they were going to do to fix it. I expect the driveway to be fixed - it is un-passable right now to all CARS and it was not before they destroyed my driveway.I have photos from the same day they destroyed my driveway. I have over 20 different shots as well of the driveway from the truck tire marks.Final Business Response It was interesting to read the complaintants response. There are many inconsistancies it amazes me. Complaintant called for oil on Dec 20th it was delivered on Monday Dec 23rd. On that very sameday I also delivered to 18 houses in [redacted] of those 18 I backed into 12 tarred driveways-no problems or complaints. I've been driving the oil truck since 1973 and never to my knowledge have I been reported to the I did not ruin the complaintants driveway and keep going. The fact is her driveway has been a disater for quite sometime. I spoke with the previous owner who had the driveway installed and he said it was an inferior job from day 1. I asked if I could quote him and said yes. He also stated the first winter he was getting frost heaves. He called the contrator, told him it was an inferior job that water is getting under the tar somewhere. The contrator agreed to repair the driveway but, kept postponing and the house ld. That was 12 yrs ago. It is my firm belief that the complaintant is stuck with a driveway where the tar looks like a jigsaw puzzle and thinks she found a way to get it repaired. Remember, "someone told me conpanies have isurance" is what she stated. I did not ruin the driveway that was already ruined. Complaintants can continue to bad mouth my business on the social media, I don't care, my reputation speaks for itself. My Final Offer to complaintant is I will NOT repair the driveway.[redacted]

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